The Witcher Dark Leather and Left Arm Chainmail Armor Mod

This mod brings a retextured chainmail dark armor, a boot plate, belts, eyes and the oyster clasp from the…


The Witcher Black Steel Ivory Mod

This mods retextures steel witcher and silver witcher swords.


The Witcher Permanent Bodies Mod

This mod tweaks the .utc files to make the dead corpses not disappear after fights.


The Witcher Medical Problems 1 and 2 Mod

Medical Problems is a new adventure for The Witcher with two chapters. Each chapter is playable separately and can…


Sacred 2 Elite Textures Pack

Official Sacred 2 Elite Textures Pack.


Sacred 2 New Lightsaber and Energy Weapon Sounds Mod

This mod changes to sound file of Lightsaber to be 24db lower in volume, so it is pretty much…


Sacred 2 Llama’s Community Patch Mod

This mod significantly overhauls most of the combat arts and modifications of the Temple Guardian and Dragon Mage.


Sacred 2 Przemba’s Visual Mods

This mod brings some visual changes to the game like: New health & exp bars, Alt party avatars (from…


Grim Dawn Insanity: Infinite

Insanity: Rift Walkers is a total conversion mod that introduces completely new mechanics to the skill system and how…


Grim Dawn Combat Overhaul Mod

Stronger Enemies, The amount of experience needed to level has been reduced, Devotion shrines are all battles, Removed player…


Grim Dawn Rest From the Battle Mod

Here you do not need to improve the hero or kill monsters. I want to make a map with…


Grim Dawn Diablo III Classes Mod

This mod brings Monk, Wizard, Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor classes from Diablo 3 to the Grim Dawn.


Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Eastern Sun Mod

Eastern Sun is one of the most popular and extensively developed mods for Diablo II. It adds new skills,…


Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Median XL: Ultimative Total Conversion Mod

Median XL: Ultimative is the most popular mod for Diablo II Lord of Destruction. It modifies the game by…


Diablo II: Lord of Destruction D2SE Mod Manager

D2SE generally is an own modsystem which was originally developed by Seltsamuel for Snej Mod. It lets you easily…


How to Install Median XL with D2SE, PlugY and D2MultiRes on Diablo II

This guide for Diablo II will show you how to install and run Median XL with D2SE, PlugY and…


Mount & Blade: Warband Struggle For The Domination Mod

Struggle For The Domination is about conflicts in Middle East, in second half of XII century.


Mount & Blade: Warband Prophesy of Pendor Total Conversion Mod

Prophesy of Pendor is a single-player, immersive total conversion mod for Mount & Blade: Warband. It takes you to…


Mount & Blade: Warband The Gathering Storm Mod

The Gathering Storm is a mod based on Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. It strives to capture the…


Mount & Blade: Warband: Europe In Flames Mod Series

Fight for God and your Realm! You must show heretics the Lord's strenght is your arm strenght. Fight at…


Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Saqqara Mod

This mod expands Egypt to the eight portals. The new area, which will be available for you to research,…


Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Anti-Arachno Mod

This mod will turn all the spiders in game to the turtles or centaurs!


Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Street Fighter Mastery Mod

The Street Fighter mod brings the classic skills of Ryu from Street Fighter series into Titan Quest.


Titan Quest Anniversary Edition No Limits Mod

Some people were sad when the new TQ updates put limits on certain exploitable stats, most of all "zero…


Torchlight 1 New Stashes and Telekineticist Mod

New Stashes and Telekineticist mod gives you three more stashes, including one by the transmuter so you don't have…

Torchlight 1 Additional Gem Availability Mod

This mod allows the Mimic treasure chest enemy and the gem seller to carry gems, skulls, and eyeballs whose…


Torchlight Emberfiend Mod

Emberfiend adds expanded areas around the town of Torchlight, companions, and a versatile crafting system. Expanded areas include 2…


Torchlight 1 SSS Texture Project Mod

SSS Torchlight Texture Project is total retexturing of Torchlight.