Welcome to the Kırmızı Perfect fellow gamer.

For years i have been troubled by not being able to find the mods i want, barely downloading the mods from some random site, not able to figure which mods i should install or not able to find clear instructions on how to install the mods. In Kırmızı Perfect you will find a complete list of game mods with clear instructions on how to install them, best mods to install, best way to install only bugfix patches or only graphic mods without changing the gameplay and also instructions on game changing mods too! You will also find various game guides about everything. I will try to write game reviews too. It will be a little different from classic game reviews i hope.

For games there will be no discrimination. It could be an indie game, a 20 year old classic, a newly released shiny game, a PS2 game, a DS game, a true PC game. For me there is no difference. Games are there for making us live to feel different adventures so every game achieves it in its own special way.

Kırmızı Perfect is place for gamers by gamers. Take a comfortable place in front of the fire with us and let’s begin our journey into the fantastic world of games.

About the Title

Kırmızı Perfect name dates back to our chilhood with arcade machines. The children playing there created their own jargon in gaming. When you beat someone without a scratch in fighthing games like Street Fighter you get “Perfect”, but if you managed to do it when you have only one-hit HP left then you would get “Kırmızı Perfect”. Kırmızı means “red” in Turkish. “Red Perfect”. Your HP bar is full of red and you get to win. Thus “Kırmızı Perfect” ^^

A standard Perfect.

Now that is a Kırmızı Perfect!

Special thanks to my friend snyzer for this great but nearly forgotten name! Now this name will continue to live.