Sacred 2 Diablo 2 Fallen Mod

Diablo 2 Fallen is a mega mod created by Flix that brings all 7 Diablo 2 classes, new items, new monsters and bosses, new music to the Sacred 2 and much more. Look at the features section and respective…

Sacred 2 Elite Textures Pack

Official Sacred 2 Elite Textures Pack.

Sacred 2 Przemba’s Visual Mods

This mod brings some visual changes to the game like: New health & exp bars, Alt party avatars (from Sacred 2 home page), New skin for Seraph (new lips, gray face tattoo, new sacred tattoos (arm and leg) and…

Sacred 2 Nude Mod

Sacred 2 Nude Mod makes the Dryad, Seraphim, and High Elf nude when their armor is removed.

Sacred 2 Tiny Items Mod

The mod reduces the size of all the items in the inventory to 1x1.

Sacred 2 Boss Arena Mod

This mod will add a new NPC to the MP starter island near the arena. After talking to it, it will start a boss chain quest, which includes the following bosses in 4 waves, spawning each boss one after…

Sacred 2 Age of Heroes Mod

This mod aims to fill Ancaria with heroes (the 7 playable races/classes). So you are not alone anymore!

Sacred 2 Flix’s Music Mod

This mod brings new music to Sacred 2 and it is my personal collection of songs I use for playing Sacred 2. After playing Sacred 2 for a while, I got very tired of always hearing the same 30…

Sacred 2 Wardust’s Music Mod

This mod changes the original Sacred 2 music with new ones. It's the result of a very difficult internet search, and I think it's a very good alternative, making a new atmosphere to the game.

Sacred 2 New Lightsaber and Energy Weapon Sounds Mod

This mod changes to sound file of Lightsaber to be 24db lower in volume, so it is pretty much unnoticeable now above the ambient sounds. Good Lightsaber swing and hit sounds are still active. Mod also brings new energy…
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