Sacred 2 Elite Textures Pack

Official Sacred 2 Elite Textures Pack.

Sacred 2 Przemba’s Visual Mods

This mod brings some visual changes to the game like: New health & exp bars, Alt party avatars (from Sacred 2 home page), New skin for Seraph (new lips, gray face tattoo, new sacred tattoos (arm and leg) and…

Sacred 2 Nude Mod

Sacred 2 Nude Mod makes the Dryad, Seraphim, and High Elf nude when their armor is removed.

Sacred 2 Wardust’s Serious Textures and Spells Mod

Wardust's Serious Textures is a major overhaul to the textures of Sacred 2's environment (landscapes, buildings, etc.), characters (player's armor and base skin, NPC's and monsters, etc.), the interface, spell effects, and more. This mod tones down the…