The Witcher

Installing Best Mods for the Witcher 1 Guide

In this guide I will show you how to play Witcher 1 with best graphics and without any bugs. When you completed this guide you will have the maximum Witcher experience.

The Witcher Cinematic SweetFX Preset

This is the best SweetFX I've found for the Witcher 1. It greatly enhances the graphics without making the game too colorful, too dark or too awkward.

The Witcher Greater Item Stacking Mod

This mod is similar in concept to Item Stacking and Equipment Slots Mod, but doesn't feel quite as much like a cheat. For one thing, this doesn't unlock slots prematurely. Also, it doesn't allow for nearly as…

The Witcher Right to the Throne Mod

Right to the Throne is a short adventure focused on smooth action. Dialogues are snappy and your choices of replies are fewer. The overall plot is being told by our actions.

The Witcher Deceits Mod

"Deceits", is the award-winning new adventure mod of the international Witcher Contest. In Deceits Geralt travels to Lan Exeter, summoned there by the Esterad Thyssen himself. Having crossed Kestre mountains, the witcher reaches a peacefull valley. where he is…

The Witcher Birth & Virgins Mod

Birth & Virgins is a new adventure mod for Witcher. It presents Geralt with a series of moral dilemmas; the mod is strong on story (and particularly on music) and will appeal to role-playing gamers. It's shorter on magic…

The Witcher Deception Mod

Deception is a new adventure mod for Witcher which gives players 2 hours of roleplay mystery thriller with light combat.

The Witcher Faster Movement Mod

This mod will enable the Witcher to move anywhere between 15%-25% faster than normal.

The Witcher No-Blur Blizzard Mod

This mod removes the blur effect from the Blizzard potion, but time still slows down, and Geralt is still faster than everything else.

The Witcher Han Gives Han (Not Berbercane) Bugfix Mod

There's a bug in The Witcher, such that Han plants have Han fibers in them the first time you go to any given Han plant, but if you want to pick Han fibers from that plant in the future,…
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