Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Saqqara Mod

This mod expands Egypt to the eight portals. The new area, which will be available for you to research, called Saqqara. The Saqqara - an ancient necropolis, the Capital of the Old Kingdom - Memphis.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Legitimate Farming Mod

This mod lets you fight act-bosses with a high frequency/in large numbers simultaneously. Immediately after killing a generic monster of one in a few frequent monster types one of the act-bosses will be spawned. For example, any killed generic…

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Item Filter Mod

This mod is intended for use with Mass Boss mods and makes item filtering much more easier.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Anti-Arachno Mod

This mod will turn all the spiders in game to the turtles or centaurs!

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition The New Nightmare Mod

The New Nightmare is really a unique addition to the Titan Quest. The mod improves unusual world of the Titans, and makes it an RPG with Survival horror.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Mortal Kombat Mod

You are a shaolin warrior, who must win 10 straight victories at "Mortal Kombat" tournament, thereby not allow the outside world to capture the Earth world.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Prince of Persia: Arabian Night Mod

Prince Of Persia: Arabian Night - is a hardcore map with the interesting plot. It offers huge levels stuffed by the tricks, keys, elixirs, traps, buttons, levers and guards.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Saber Rider Mod

This mod lets you play as a rider on a tiger!

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Bloody Uber Diablo Xmax Compilation Mod

This mod merges Uber Mod, Xmax Mod, Diablo UI Mod and Blood Effects with the optional Floating Damage Text (not just the criticals, all damage), potions and scrolls stacking and other modifications.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Street Fighter Mastery Mod

The Street Fighter mod brings the classic skills of Ryu from Street Fighter series into Titan Quest.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Diablo UI Mod

This mod will changed the UI to a new one that resembles the Diablo III UI for Titan Quest Anniversary Edition.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition ShopMi Mod

This mod allows dedicated shopping for most popular green items including: Monster Infrequents from TQ Monster Infrequents from IT Weapons and Staffs Amulets and Rings

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Asylums Mod

A mod which completely changes all the classes the player can choose. All masteries are redesigned with some form of sustainability and a unique flavor to each to give each path some originality.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Itemus Mod

Itemus is a custom items map where you can find: All the unique items of classic Titan Quest and Immortal Throne. This includes the bonus sets (like "Santa's garb") and the commercial sets. The rare weapons as found in the…

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Bleed and Vitality Resistance Fix

This is the database.arz with fixed Bleed & Vitality Resistances. They are reverted back to TQ:IT values.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition No Limits Mod

Some people were sad when the new TQ updates put limits on certain exploitable stats, most of all "zero spell cooldown" and "100% dodge everything" mechanics. This mod removes them again, so you can keep abusing respective character builds…

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Undead Heroes Mod

Did you always want to play a heroine who looks like a fashion model? Or a hero who looks like a rock star?Well now you can.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Arachnos Attack Mod

Play as eight-armed and dangerous icky spider! Convert any of your existing characters back and forth! Hand-picked animations and attuned timings for unchanged gameplay. Eight different skins to choose from (sold by vendors). Adjusted or morphed armor and equipment…

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition The Gorgonizer Mod

Play as Gorgon Minion or fully fledged Medusa! Convert any of your existing characters back and forth! Custom animations and attuned timings for unrestricted gameplay. Seven different skins to choose from (sold by vendors). Adjusted armor and equipment to…

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Angry Pigs Mod

You can be such a pig. Yes, such a pig! :)This one was interesting because there were almost no animations, which now come from five different creatures. Also all the quality stuff you have come to expect by…
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