Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Diablo UI Mod

This mod will changed the UI to a new one that resembles the Diablo III UI for Titan Quest Anniversary Edition.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition TQ Collector Tool

TQ Collector is a tool to help track what items you have obtained and give hints about where to find the ones you haven't. This newest version of TQ Collector works on Titan Quest, Immortal Throne and Titan Quest:…

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition ShopMi Mod

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This mod allows dedicated shopping for most popular green items including: Monster Infrequents from TQ Monster Infrequents from IT Weapons and Staffs Amulets and Rings

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Asylums Mod

A mod which completely changes all the classes the player can choose. All masteries are redesigned with some form of sustainability and a unique flavor to each to give each path some originality.

Titan Quest How to Create a Mod Guide

Enter the world of Titan Quest modding! Start from basics and create your first Titan Quest mod.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Itemus Mod

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Itemus is a custom items map where you can find: All the unique items of classic Titan Quest and Immortal Throne. This includes the bonus sets (like "Santa's garb") and the commercial sets. The rare weapons as found in the…

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Bleed and Vitality Resistance Fix

This is the database.arz with fixed Bleed & Vitality Resistances. They are reverted back to TQ:IT values.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition No Limits Mod

Some people were sad when the new TQ updates put limits on certain exploitable stats, most of all "zero spell cooldown" and "100% dodge everything" mechanics. This mod removes them again, so you can keep abusing respective character builds…

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Undead Heroes Mod

Did you always want to play a heroine who looks like a fashion model? Or a hero who looks like a rock star?Well now you can.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Arachnos Attack Mod

Play as eight-armed and dangerous icky spider! Convert any of your existing characters back and forth! Hand-picked animations and attuned timings for unchanged gameplay. Eight different skins to choose from (sold by vendors). Adjusted or morphed armor and equipment…
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