Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition The Gorgonizer Mod

Play as Gorgon Minion or fully fledged Medusa! Convert any of your existing characters back and forth! Custom animations and attuned timings for unrestricted gameplay. Seven different skins to choose from (sold by vendors). Adjusted armor and equipment to…

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Angry Pigs Mod

You can be such a pig. Yes, such a pig! :)This one was interesting because there were almost no animations, which now come from five different creatures. Also all the quality stuff you have come to expect by…

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Gladiators – Gods of the Arena Mod

This map is dedicated to all players in PvP. You will be able to play it, not only online with other players, but also with Gladiators (mobs), which will fight against you, even after death, they will be able…

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Legion of Champions Mod

3 207
If you have ever wanted to play the commander of a brutal horde in Titan Quest, this mod is for you! Summon a mighty army to defeat the forces of evil! Every mastery now has powerful minions each with…

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition 6-Player-Difficulty Mod

36 154
6-Player-Difficulty mod allows you experiencing the difficulty and loot drop from a online-6-player game,while still staying in single player. This mod will spawn 300 percent more monsters during your playthrough. All the monster you encounter will have higher level. (I change…

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Item Database

3 758
Here is a wonderful online item database for Titan Quest Anniversary Edition: Thanks to Fonzy for such a great work!

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Paths Mod

6 1306
Paths mod replaces the default masteries, but it also changes monsters, bosses, items, combat and experience formulas and other mechanics. The changes are far too numerous...

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Masteries Mod

2 1027
This Mod replaces the Original 9 Masterys with 9 New Ones. You can chose from this 9: Alchemy, Bestiary, Construction, Archery, Vampirism, Sorcery, Mysticism, Close Combat, Chronosophy...

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Xmax Mod

1 1146
This mod will increase the amount of all monsters. If this interferes with a quest, such as statues coming to life, I recommend completing the quest without xmax, and then switching back to xmax.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition AllSkins Mod

3 1401
This Mod lets you Change your Character Skin for a new one. This Release includes at the moment the Skirtless and Skirt Version.
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