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Titan Quest – Tamschi’s Titan Quest Tools

This archive brings you a lot of useful tools created by Tamschi for Titan Quest. Archive contents...

Titan Quest Lilith the Will of Demon Mod The Order of Blood Abbey Quest Walkthrough

“Order of Blood Abbey” is an optional quest in Lilith in Epic/Legendary only. It’s a hard one! Harder than almost everything else in Epic Lilith! Before you start, you should have the following items: Brooch of Eternal Alliance- You…

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition TQ Collector Tool

TQ Collector is a tool to help track what items you have obtained and give hints about where to find the ones you haven't. This newest version of TQ Collector works on Titan Quest, Immortal Throne and Titan Quest:…

Titan Quest How to Create a Mod Guide

Enter the world of Titan Quest modding! Start from basics and create your first Titan Quest mod.

Titan Quest BigBarsUI Mod

There are two ways to install this modified UI. A) The easy installation is to the normal custommaps folder in Documents~Immortal Throne folder. This will only allow you to use the UI with a character imported to a Custom Quest.…

Titan Quest User Interface Reskins(Immortal UI, Barbaric UI and Arctic UI)

TQIT_User_Interface_Reskins contains Barbaric UI, Arctic UI and Immortal UI for Titan Quest Immortal Throne. The mods does not contain any type of game fixes or additions. It's a replacement for the game's UI only. The UI mods is compatible with the…

Titan Quest Project X Mod

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Project X is a masteries mod, with many new skills, pets, effects, items and all that.
  • Alchemy:
  • Elemental:
  • Exploration:
  • Natural:
  • Sorcery:
  • Spiritual:
  • Tactics:
  • Warmongering:
  • The Unknown:

Titan Quest Clash of the Gods Mod

Clash of the Gods mod is a new mastery mod for Titanquest Immortal Throne. In this modification the 9 masteries, which are called Philosophies, are separated in 4 "good", 4 "evil" and one "neutral".
  • 9 new masteries, called "Philosophies"
  • Potions are…

Titan Quest Legion Of Champions Mod

If you have ever wanted to play the commander of a brutal horde in Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, this mod is for you! Summon a mighty army to defeat the forces of evil! Every mastery now has powerful minions…

Titan Quest – How to Install, Configure and Play Downloaded Maps and Mods

Titan Quest has 2 versions of mods, called SoftMods and HardMods. Before installing our mod let's look at the difference between Soft and Hard Mods. You should also look to Triple-Load trick to not lose your skill points before…
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