Torchlight 1

Torchlight 1 Potions Stacksize Mod

Makes your hp/mp potions and identify/town portal scrolls maximum stack size to 200.

Torchlight 1 Seromsoeg’s Maze Mod

Seromsoeg'z Maze is a map that is an idea in progress. The map is made up of a large number of 7x7 chunks, that use 'Group weight' option to create a large number of chunk variations. The map was…

Torchlight 1 Underground Temple Mod

Recently an ancient temple was found in a nearly discovered cave. Many adventures have ventured there, few have return. The ones that do tell stories of hordes of spiders, many never seen before, zombies, and other creatures of the…

Torchlight 1 Epic Boss Maps Mod

Epic Boss Maps Mod is basically maps filled with boss monsters. You need to be level 20 or higher to play them. You can buy them from the merchant that sells maps in town. They are named Epic Bossmaps.…

Torchlight 1 Quiet Gem Mod

QuietGem replaces the existing gem find/move sound with a lower pitched, quieter one for those with sensitivity to high pitched sounds.

Torchlight 1 Monster Name Booster Mod

While playing through Torchlight, it started to bother me how the name pool for champion monsters was so slim. With this mod, I hope to solve that problem by adding: -200+ new name prefixes (up from 100~) -200+ new name suffixes…

Torchlight 1 Mine Booster Pack Mod

A Booster Pack for the 'Mine' tileset. Contains 1 map for each of the following areas...

Torchlight 1 Never Maps Mod

Adds a few more purchasable maps to the game. Replaced Icons for Maps except 20-??? which will just stays the same. Depending on map lvl they will have either a blue, orange or purple icon.

Torchlight 1 Forgotten Fortress of Rukom Mod

Forgotten Fortress of Rukom is a new map pack / dungeon using the Fortress tileset. The pack consist of 5 new chunks that will match the existing fortress chunks. They should come into play during random dungeons. The maps…

Torchlight 1 Yirkon’s Palace Mod

The Elemental Lord Yirkon is becoming stronger, are you brave enough to rid the lands of his Evil. Only the bravest can venture into his palace and finally his sanctuary to destroy Yirkon.
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