Diablo II: Lord of Destruction D2SE Mod Manager

  1. What This Mod Is About
  2. Installation
  3. Installed Files and Directory Structure
  4. Uninstallation
  5. D2SE Modplugins
  6. Installation of D2SE Modplugins
  7. Modders Section
    1. Why Should I Use D2SE Modmanager As a Modder?
    2. How Does This Magic Work?
    3. The D2SE_SETUP.ini – The Heart of the System!
  8. Mod Creator
  9. Source
  10. Disclaimer

What This Mod Is About

D2SE generally is an own modsystem which was originally developed by Seltsamuel for Snej Mod. It lets you easily manager Diablo 2 mods and switch to any version of Diablo II patches easily. I saw many advantages for all players and modders, so I decided to reconfigure the whole system in a way that every Diablo2 Mod can benefit from.

D2SE consists of two main components:

  1. The Modmanager, which is interesting for players as well as for modders
  2. The Code Modsystem which is mainly meant to be used by modders

This part mostly is about the Modmanager, which is released. The Codesystem will follow when it will be finished. I devided this instruction to get a better overview for players and modders.

Firstly the features which are interesting for both sides:

  • The D2SE Modmanager allows you to use the Diablo2 versions 1.07 1.08 1.09b 1.09d 1.10f 1.11b 1.12a 1.13c AND nearly every Mod which is based on one of these D2 versions in parallel. The D2 versions (almost 13MB) are already included in the basic installation of D2SE (from now on called “CORES”) and therefore are guaranteed clean and identical bases for all mods and players. The mods are NOT included and have to be installed seperately. This will be explained in the appropriate topic where the downloads are. There wont be ANY copied or changed files while switching between a mod or D2 version. Also, the mods don’t have to bring ANY unmodified files – just the basically modded ones, which makes a distribution simple and way more smaller. No more unnecessary files in your mod – you can concentrate on the basics now.
  • D2SE supports the following Modsystems: PlugY 9.0 (Cores 1.09b-1.12a), d2mod.dll (Core 1.10f only!), nefex.dll (Core 1.11b only!), D2Extra.dll (Cores it was created for) and – for sure – the D2SE Codesystem plus the D2SEUtility.dll (all supported Cores!) which will be released before the Codesystem. D2SE allows you to load modified D2 .dll’s directly from the modfolder. All .dll’s which do not exist in this folder will be loaded from the clean core folder of the specific version – fully automated. Additionally, Plugy can be enabled or disabled individually (for each mod which allows it) at the graphical user interface of D2SE via checkbox.
  • D2SE gives an own “save” folder to each mod and Core for all savefiles which are located IN the mod/Core folder. This also applies to the Plugy shared stash and all logs and screenshots. A clear slogan: Everything which belongs to a mod is IN the specific mod folder – nowhere else!
  • D2SE defends all D2 Cores and mods from DEP (Data Execution Prevention) and fixes an issue with the AERO Windowsinterface of Win7 and Vista (counting numbers in one edge of the screen). So AERO can stay turned on! As a bonus, the ability to start multiple instances of Diablo2 to be able to mule in SP/MP is allowed. (But only the first instance is able to connect to a realmserver! Snej-players already know this feature) You just have to start D2SE.exe another time – as often as you want!
  • D2SE does NOT need a CD in your drive (applies to every mod and version) and informs you about problems with your installation (red/green CD symbol) by clicking on the CD symbol.
  • The choice between mods and core versions at the graphical user interface (GUI) is very comfortable. There you can make your settings, which are REMEMBERED by D2SE seperately and INDIVIDUALLY for each mod and core version. D2SE also REMEMBERS the mod/core version which you chose the last time, so you can simply press your “ENTER” key or click the “Start D2” button when you opened D2SE to run the mod/core version you ran at last – with the specific settings you made. If you want to start a mod quick, without changing your settings, simply doubleclick the banner of the mod you want to play. The D2Vidtst and the Glide-init are selectable directly so you can configure the graphic settings. You can adjust all important settings DIRECTLY.
  • D2SE offers free adjustable buttons to every mod. Those CAN link to “Readme” “About” “Homepage” “Forum” and “Configure Mod”. In addition, every mod can load up to 3 own .mpq files (which you can name by yourself) and with a higher priority than patch_d2. you can even deactivate loading patch_d2.mpq – more details in the instructions for modders.
  • D2SE sets the correct Realmserver as Gateway for all mods which have realmsupport. It also changes the realmport to the right one AND correctly selects the realm of the specific mod in the charselection screen … automatic. No more fiddling about regfiles or regeditors and no more forgetting to choose the right realm. ^^
  • D2SE soon will be able to update itself and every mod which supports this feature by a simple click via AUTOUPDATER.

You just have to keep this in mind:

  • If you want to play all vanilla versions or mods in SP/MP (TCP) mode or on a private realm -> start D2SE.exe
  • If you want to play legal and unmodified in the official -> start the common Game.exe

You can update your D2 installation at anytime, even if D2SE does NOT know and therefore does not support this patch. This neither disturbs D2SE, nor any of the mods you can start via D2SE. D2SE makes its mods completely independent of Blizzard’s Patchmania and allows you secure playing in the despite you can play mods. But then you have to start Blizzard’s Game.exe!!


  • Extract the archive and run the setup.
  • Setup program will automatically detect your D2 installation path. If it is wrong, browse and select the correct path.
  • Launch D2SE Mod Manager application.

Installed Files and Directory Structure

Here I made a short overview about the installed files, their meanings and the filestructure beyond, so that you know what the installer actually did.

MYD2 stands for the own D2 directory in this overview. In my case, this was D:\Diablo II.

Directory or FileExplanation
MYD2\D2SEThis is the D2SE systemfolder.
It contains all important maincomponents.
Generally it is imperative to: KEEP AWAY!!
MYD2\D2SE\CORESThe clean D2 versions with all their .dll and patch_d2.mpq
files are located here. Each version has its own folder
and every single folder contains a SAVE directory for the
savefiles. (in case of someone plays a vanilla version)
Except from the the save folder you should: KEEP AWAY!
MYD2\D2SE\UTEMPThis folder is used by the Autoupdater to download
and extract files from the internet. KEEP AWAY!!
MYD2\D2SE\X_optional_XThis folder is interesting because some optional files
which you maybe want to use are located there. At the moment,
there are only some .mpq files called “Stubfiles”.
These are .mpq files which are almost empty and which you can
use to overwrite the original .mpq’s in the D2 mainfolder.
(which are named the same) Well you have to abstain from
music and videos then, but you are saving several hundred
MB of your diskspace
MYD2\D2SE\7zr.exeThis file belongs to 7zip, a file packer / unpacker. It is used
by the autoupdater to unzip the updates. KEEP AWAY!
MYD2\D2SE\Standard_Realm.regIf you ever have problems while quitting D2SE and the
original D2 realmgateways were not restored, you can reset it
via doubleclicking this .reg file. This shouldnt be ever necessary,
but i better prevent the case 😉
MYD2\MODSThis folder is empty after the installation.
HERE you can extract your modplugins – each mod in its own folder.
This is the place where modders can let off steam.
MYD2\PlugYThis is the basic installation of Plugy 9.0 – here also applies:
KEEP AWAY! All mods which use Plugy share these files.
The modified Plugy files have to be IN the single modfolders, DON’T MODIFY ANYTHING!!!
See Yohanns Plugy 9.0 for further informations, I save listing the details here ^^


The following 6 files are the ONLY ones, which D2SE installs directly into the D2 folder. No original files will be overwritten and the original installation stays untouched. None of the D2SE modplugins modifies anything outside of the own pluginfolder – this is the basic requirement of all D2SE modplugins!!!


Directory or FileExplanation
MYD2\D2SE.exeThis is the D2SE main program. To use D2SE simply start this exe.
MYD2\D2SE.iniThis is the D2SE ini file. D2SE remembers which mod was played lastly here.
MYD2\glide3x.dllThe mainfile of the Glidewrapper by Sven Labusch.
MYD2\glide-init.exeThe tool to be able to configure the glidewrapper. D2SE lets you start the glidewrapper straight from the GUI.
MYD2\glide-liesmich.txtDocumentation of the glidewrappers in german.
MYD2\glide-readme.txtDocumentation of the glidewrappers in english.


It’s pretty easy. Simply open the Windows Softwaremanager and uninstall the D2SE Modmanager. However there a 3 things you have to know:

  1. The glidewrapper and Plugy won’t be uninstalled then, because they may be of use later. If you want to remove them anyways, you have to delete them manually. Simply take a look at the file directory above.
  2. It may be that the D2SE directory incl. CORES-folder will not be deleted by the uninstallation. This means that you have one or several savefiles in your SAVE folders of the CORE folders. Backup them if you wanna keep them, or delete the whole D2SE folder manually.
  3. Once you installed at least one mod, the MODS folder will stay too. If you installed the modplugin via the installer, you have to uninstall it via the windows softwaremanager. The SAVE folder probably won’t be uninstalled as well. Generally you can uninstall any mod by deleting the specific directory in the MODS folder, but if you installed a mod via installer, this will leave a blind entry in the windows softwaremanager.

D2SE Modplugins

Download from the “Downloads” section below.

Installation of D2SE Modplugins

This are the instructions how to install or remove D2SE Modplugins.

  • Modplugins are mods that are modified for the player to be easy-playable using D2SE.
  • Modplugins do not change your basic D2 installation, so you can play on official bnet without worries (starting the usual game.exe).
  • Another important thing to know is, that with D2SE every modplugin has its own SAVE folder INSIDE the plugins folder for your savegames. Logs and Screenshots are saved there too. Modplugins do NOT use the usual SAVE folder inside your D2 folder.
  • Installing the modplugins is easy – you just have to to extract the files into mods-folder of your D2-installation (which was created by D2SE), thats it. After extracting the modplugins there will be an own folder for each mod inside of the mods-folder.

The best start is to control if the MODS folder inside your D2 folder really exists. If not please install D2SE Modmanager first.
All D2SE Modplugins are selfextracting 7-Zip files, so you need no special program to extract them.

  • Navigate on your workplace to the folder where you downloaded the Modplugin, the filename should end with _sfx.exe. Execute it by doubleclicking it.
  • Select the destination folder by clicking on the Button with the 3 points on it (Browse button).
  • Navigate to your D2-Installation and select the MODS folder inside your D2 Folder. Confirm this by clicking “OK”.
  • Check again if the correct folder is chosen and click on “EXTRACT”.
  • The installation will continue automaticallay – just wait till it’s finished. When finished the window disappears.
  • Now you can check the MODS folder for the existence of the Pluginfolder you just installed.
  • The next time you launch D2SE Modmanager your Mod will appear in the list and will be ready for action.

Modders Section

Why Should I Use D2SE Modmanager As a Modder?

  • The Modmanager does the whole installation for you, including the support. Simply link to the Installinstructions of the common modplugins and you’re done. As a modder you can concentrate on what you should .. and that’s modding.
  • The Modmanager assures all players having the same patch and fileversions on which the mod is meant to be played. The installation is not an issue for the players anymore.
  • The mod (as a modplugin) is completely independant from the installed D2 version so you can mod the version which you like the most without having any harms or stressing your players with patches.
  • The mod as modplugin is like a closed island. All savegames, logs and screenshots are located IN the Modfolder.
  • The mod doesn’t have to care about anything outside the modfolder. On the other side, it’s not its pidgin. This is an absolutely important issue which necessarily has to be maintained. A modplugin only CONTAINS the mod directory, NOTHING else.
  • The modmanager allows you to control several version of a mod in parallel, f.e. the current realm version, the version you just gave to the betatester and the one you are currently working at. The amount of possible plugins D2SE can handle is nearly infinite and only limited by the RAM.
  • It offers the players a lot of comfort and they dont have to do anything for it.
  • You have the possibility to let your players update your mod by just clicking a button on the Modmanager. (as far as you / your mod supports it)
  • All modplugins are protected from several bugs and incompatibilities with vanilla versions. The Modmanager is under active development so every single plugin also benefits from all bugfixea in the future.
  • There is no CD needed anymore for any modplugin, no matter which version. The modplugins also profit by enhanced errorchecks of the modmanager as well as by tests of integrity in the future.
  • The modmanager allows you to load 3 own .mpq files without any effort. All .mpq files have a higher priority than the patch_d2.mpq. Also, you can simply disable the original patch_d2.mpq so that it will not be loaded anymore.

How Does This Magic Work?

That’s what you will wonder, how should the Modmanager know that my Mod is there even though I may not do anything out of the mod’s directory? The answer discloses a big secret: The “DS2SE_SETUP.ini” which has to be contained in every mods’ directory causes that the mod will be found and be listed as a valid modplug-in in the Modmanager. This ONE file is the Modmanager’s heart. By the way, it’s the only interesting one for the Modmanager. There will be taken and saved all settings and user-settings individually. During this manual, I will exactly discribe this file as well as link a “DEFAULT” D2SE_SETUP.ini containing all possible options. You should use the linked file as basis for your own mod. By the way, the D2SE_SETUP.ini really is well documented, too.

At first, however, a detailed description of the starting process of D2SE.exe:
Start the Modmanager calling up the D2SE.exe and it will scan the ./D2SE/CORES to identify which Vanillaversions are available. Only the purely unmodified Corefiles may be there. Except me, anybody has no right to be there. Simply adding the additonal cores DOES NOT WORK. The Modmanager can only detect the ones contained in the CODE, so for the support of more cores, updating the Modmanagerwill be necessary. After the cores are detected, D2SE scans the ./MODS directory and detects there all sub-directories containing aD2SE_SETUP.ini. These will be loaded and evaluated because, among other things, there will be determined which modbanner should be shown.

IMPORTANT! If a player starts a mod, the modmanager knows from the D2SE_SETUP.ini which D2 version is necessary and which modsystems have to be initialized.

The D2SE_SETUP.ini – The Heart of the System!

#This is for Modsystem compatibility only dont touch this!

#The User Checkboxes will be remembered here. All options can be altered inside GUI
#Renderer 0=DDraw 1=D3D 2=not functional(openGL) 3=glide/3dfx default=3
#WindowMode 0=Fullscreen 1=D2 inside Window (-w commandline) works only with glide+DDraw default=0

#NoSound 1=switch off sound (-ns commandline)

#Enables Creation of HC Chars when ModAllowHC=1 default=1

#Enable PlugY when ModAllowPlugY=1

#Enable MultiRes when ModAllowMultiRes=1

#Parameter for modding, only active when Modable=1
#Direct 1=use -direct commandline default=0
#Txt 1=use -txt commandline default=0

#Settings the Modder has to Set when using D2SE Modsystem it can be protected! Dont change anything here when its not your Mod and you want to play on Realm
#CoreEngine needed or included in this Mod all not included files will be taken from the Vanilla Folder of the Version!
#Supportet Cores are 1.07 1.08 1.09b 1.09d 1.10f 1.11b 1.12a 1.13c THIS MUST BE SET

#Modnames & Title 32 Chars each maximum
ModTitle=Diary of the Dark Wanderer

#Mod Versions 10 Chars each maximum

#Filename of a 250*60 Buttonimage in BMP format! keep the outer 1 pixel border black! used for Modselection

#Button to launch readme can be file or Webpage
#Button to launch Descriptionfile can be file or Webpage
#Button to reach Homepage can be file or Webpage
#Button to reach Forum/Board can be file or Webpage

#Allow the activation of -direct and -txt switch default=0

#Allows the Creation of HC Characters default=1

#1=Allow Singleplayer Multistart!

#ModSystems used
#Allowed with Core 1.11b: NEFEX
#Allowed with Core 1.10f: D2MOD
#Allowed with the Cores it was compiled for: D2Extra
#Allowed with all supportet Cores: D2SE
#for correct configuration and handling of nefex, d2mod and D2Extra refere to their readmes, ini files and documentation!
#for correct configuration and handling of D2SE refere to the documentation as soon as its available.
#not all features of each System can work together watch out for Collisions be warned!
#dont use any of their loadsystems D2SE will load the modsystems in a clean way for you!!!
#D2SE 1=load and init D2SE on startup
#Name of the D2SE Mod dll 32 Chars maximum
#D2SEUtility 1=use utility functions inside D2SEUtility.dll
#Nefex 1=load nefex at startup it does selfinitialization
#D2Mod 1=load and init D2Mod.dll at startup
#D2Extra 1=Use D2Extra on startup make sure you have the correct version for your D2 Core!

#PlugY 1=Allow PlugY make sure the installed Version supports the D2 Core! (1.09b 1.09d 1.10f 1.11b 1.12a)

#MultiRes 1=Allow Multires only allowed for 1.12a core

#MPQ Setup
#1=Patch_D2.mpq gets loaded 0=gets unloaded. Use 0 only when your own .mpq holds all content of patch_d2.mpq
#Names of up to 3 own MPQ Files in increasing priority. All of them are higher than patch_d2 #32 Chars each maximum

#Realm setup DONT EVER USE D2SE to connect to official BNet. Checksum will fail for sure!
#Only use the baseinstallation of D2 patched to newest Patch to play on BNet with starting game.exe !!!
#Im not responsible if you are stupid! make sure you have no type errors this cannot get verified automatic!
RealmGatewayName=D2 Maniacs


#Her you can enable/disable and configure Features of the D2SEUtility.dll comming soon

#Read this from your own code for your own features!

#dont touch this it must be at the end of file to check for corruptions

Mod Creator



If you like this mod please help the developer by reporting bugs, making suggestions, criticism or by telling anything you have in mind.


  • D2SE Modmanager is a part of the D2SE Modsystem copyright 2008 by Seltsamuel.
  • The Modsystem is for Diablo II and its expansion Lord of Destruction Copyright by Blizzard Entertainment.
    D2SE Modmanager contains only UNMODIFIED dlls and patchfiles from LOD that are freely downloadable at many places with permission of Blizzard. I do not claim any copyrights for them because its property of Blizzard Entertainment.
  • The Modmanager interface graphics are copyright by SamusAran.
  • This program is free software. I (Seltsamuel) grant permission to use, linkto and redistribute the ORIGINAL and UNMODIFIED Installer and its complete documentation inside this board without further notification according to the following TERMS:
    • You MUST own a valid license of Diablo II and LOD. I do not support any piracy.
      If you dont have the original you are not allowed to use D2SE and have to delete it immediately!
    • You are not allowed to do ANY modifications of the D2SE Modmanager, its freeware but this means not that it has no copyright.
      The purpose of the Modmanager is to give ONE similar platform to all modders and players – spreading modified versions and forks is against this spirit. If you want to enhance it or have ideas to improve it get in contact with me, D2SE in all parts is under continuing development.
    • You are not allowed to charge ANY money for D2SE Modmanager.
  • This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. This software is provided “AS IS”, and you, its user, assume all risks when using it.



Download “D2SE Mod Manager” D2SE_Modmanager_2.2.0.7z – Downloaded 87 times – 21 MB

D2SE Modplugins:


DDraw disabled GLIDE recommended!

Download “Snej 6.0.06 Pre2 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Snej_6.0.06pre2_sfx.exe – Downloaded 17 times – 41 MB

Reign of Shadow (Updated -> check on their site:

Eastern Sun

Download “Eastern Sun R6E Community Patch 4.1N (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_ES R6E Com4.1N_sfx.exe – Downloaded 44 times – 78 MB

No Realmsupport only SP/MP

Download “Ancestral Recall 1.10 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Ancestral Recall_1.10_sfx.exe – Downloaded 12 times – 36 MB

Download “Aragor 4.0 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Aragor_4.0_sfx.exe – Downloaded 14 times – 52 MB

Download “Baldur's Gate 1.6 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_BaldursGate_1.6_sfx.exe – Downloaded 14 times – 7 MB

Download “Battle For Elements 1.5.1 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_BFE_1.51_sfx.exe – Downloaded 9 times – 107 MB

Download “Blackened Beta 3.5 Fix (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Blackened_Beta3.5fix_sfx.exe – Downloaded 7 times – 37 MB

Download “Blazing Fire 4.1F (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Blazing Fire_4.1F_sfx.exe – Downloaded 8 times – 34 MB

Download “Cryptforge 3a (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Cryptforge_3a_sfx.exe – Downloaded 7 times – 85 MB

Download “D2Dragz 1.1 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_d2dragz_1.1_sfx.exe – Downloaded 8 times – 25 MB

Download “Darkness Weaves 2 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Darkness Weaves_2_sfx.exe – Downloaded 7 times – 4 MB

Download “Doggy Mod 0.11b4 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_DoggyMod_0.11b4_sfx.exe – Downloaded 6 times – 47 MB

Download “Emc2 XMas Edition 1.0 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Emc2 XMas Edition_1.0_sfx.exe – Downloaded 6 times – 126 MB

Download “Emc2 1.1 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Emc2_1.1_sfx.exe – Downloaded 6 times – 118 MB

Download “Eastern Sun 3.00 R6D (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_ES_3.00R6D_sfx.exe – Downloaded 26 times – 76 MB

Download “Faith 2.00 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Faith_2.00_sfx.exe – Downloaded 9 times – 8 MB

Download “Friday Day Night Beta 1c (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Friday Night_Beta1c_sfx.exe – Downloaded 6 times – 160 MB

Download “Hades Underworld 2.9 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Hades Underworld_2.9_sfx.exe – Downloaded 14 times – 213 MB

Download “Immersion 1.05b104 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Immersion_1.05b104_sfx.exe – Downloaded 6 times – 55 MB

Download “Hell on Earth 2.9 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Hell_On_Earth_2.9_sfx.exe – Downloaded 8 times – 4 MB

Download “Johnnys Mod 1.16b (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Johnnys Mod_1.16b_sfx.exe – Downloaded 5 times – 170 MB

Download “Johnnys Mod 1.17A (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Johnnys Mod_1.17A_sfx.exe – Downloaded 5 times – 154 MB

Download “Johnnys Mod 1.20 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Johnnys Mod_1.20_sfx.exe – Downloaded 5 times – 90 MB

Download “Johnnys Mod 1.21 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Johnnys Mod_1.21_sfx.exe – Downloaded 5 times – 102 MB

Download “Johnnys Mod 1.22 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Johnnys Mod_1.22_sfx.exe – Downloaded 5 times – 102 MB

Download “Johnnys Mod 1.57 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Johnnys Mod_1.57_sfx.exe – Downloaded 7 times – 22 MB

Download “Kingdom of Tenai 1.13a (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_KingdomOfTenai_1.13a_sfx.exe – Downloaded 13 times – 98 MB

Download “Lament of Innocence 1.06a (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Lament_of_Innocence_1.06a_sfx.exe – Downloaded 6 times – 64 MB

Download “Legacy of the Horadrim 1.6a (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Legacy_of_the_Horadrim_1.6a_sfx.exe – Downloaded 4 times – 1 MB

Download “Median 2007 1.31 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Median2007_1.31_sfx.exe – Downloaded 5 times – 9 MB

Download “Median 2008 1.57 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Median2008_1.57_sfx.exe – Downloaded 3 times – 33 MB

Download “MedianXL 2012 0.05 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_MedianXL_2012_v005_sfx.exe – Downloaded 10 times – 159 MB

Download “MiddleEarth 1.92 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_MiddleEarth_1.92_sfx.exe – Downloaded 4 times – 3 MB

Download “Myth 1.5.2 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Myth_1.5.2_sfx.exe – Downloaded 8 times – 223 MB

Download “Nezeramontias 1.09 New (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Nezeramontias_1.09new_sfx – Downloaded 6 times –

Download “Players 1-4-8 Mod 1.06 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_P1_4_8_v1.06_sfx.exe – Downloaded 7 times – 1 MB

Download “Pagan Heart 0.995b (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Pagan Heart_0.995b_sfx.exe – Downloaded 6 times – 185 MB

Download “Prime Evil 1.0 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Prime Evil_1.0_sfx.exe – Downloaded 5 times – 3 MB

Download “Rebirthe 0.051 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Rebirthe_0.051_sfx.exe – Downloaded 5 times – 22 MB

Download “Requiem of Sorrow 6.08 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_RequiemofSorrow_6.08_sfx.exe – Downloaded 4 times – 71 MB

Download “SnMX 2.B1 Alpha (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_SnMX_2.B1.Alpha_sfx.exe – Downloaded 7 times – 196 MB

Download “The Midlands 0.22c (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_The Midlands_0.22c_sfx.exe – Downloaded 4 times – 58 MB

Download “The Black Parade 1.0 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_TheBlackParade_1.0_sfx.exe – Downloaded 6 times – 166 MB

Download “The Fury Within 1.02 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_TheFuryWithin_1.02_sfx.exe – Downloaded 7 times – 21 MB

Download “The Hordes of Chaos Beta 8.1 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_THoC_Beta8.1_sfx.exe – Downloaded 9 times – 155 MB

Download “Ultimate 1.2 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Ultimate_1.2_sfx.exe – Downloaded 7 times – 26 MB

Download “Viva X-Files 1.08f (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Viva X-Files_1.08f_sfx.exe – Downloaded 4 times – 19 MB

Download “World of Chaos 0.4b (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_WorldofChaos_0.4b_sfx.exe – Downloaded 4 times – 41 MB

Download “You Gotta Be Kiddin Me 1.0 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_YGBKM_1.0_sfx.exe – Downloaded 6 times – 21 MB

Download “Zenith Affliction 1.0 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Zenith_Affliction_1.0_sfx.exe – Downloaded 5 times – 85 MB

Download “Zephyrus 2.0a (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Zephyrus_2.0a_sfx.exe – Downloaded 4 times – 105 MB

Download “Zephyrus 2.1 Beta (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Zephyrus_2.1BETA_sfx.exe – Downloaded 4 times – 137 MB

Download “Zy-El 4.3 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Zy-El_4.3_sfx.exe – Downloaded 7 times – 102 MB

Download “Zy-El 4.4c (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_Zy-El_4.4c_sfx.exe – Downloaded 10 times – 122 MB

SPECIAL PLUGINS for Mod development

Download “MyMod 1.0.0 (D2SE Modplugin)” D2SE_MyMod_1.0.0_sfx.exe – Downloaded 10 times – 856 KB

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Pinhan Pain
Founder of the Kırmızı Perfect. Old-school gamer. Arch Linux fan.

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2 Comments on "Diablo II: Lord of Destruction D2SE Mod Manager"

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amazing website! added to favorites!

The only thing I would wish is a way to download everything at once. You could add a torrent file with everything here( could save you the bandwidth also). I just came back to Diablo and I know more than half of these mods, clicking again and again is annoying.

Other than that, this is an amazing website! I will come back! Hope to see a Warcraft 3 version and others, at least highlighting some of the best maps the game has to offer