Grim Dawn Eternal Mod

  1. What This Mod Is About
  2. Features
  3. General Information and Tips
  4. Chests
  5. Devotion Shrines
  6. Difficulty
  7. Checkpoints
  8. Challenging the Gods
  9. Ascending
  10. Merged Version – Merged Eternal GoodCornStasher
  11. Changelog
  12. Installation
  13. Credits and Disclaimer
  14. Source

What This Mod Is About

Eternal mod is a map where you fight the waves of monsters. Each next wave contains stronger monsters and will be more difficult to defeat.


  • Fight classic Grim Dawn monsters and bosses along with new ones
  • Earn chests for the hero kills
  • Earn Devotion Shrines for the waves completed
  • Earn one-shot chest reward after a boss kill
  • After a boss kill you are rewarded with a skill point and an inventory bag
  • Defeat all the waves to be able to use one-shot chests and Devotion Shrines again.
  • Unlimited character progression

General Information and Tips

  • You spawn at the safe location near a cultist camp that has all the vital NPCs for your needs.
  • Use Summoning Stone to start fighting the wave. You will not be able to leave the room until you defeat all the monsters or die.
  • If you died you will need to use a Cleansing Sphere to start again from the wave 1 or from the last checkpoint if you have it unlocked.
  • Number of waves is 45. At the last wave you will have 7 one-shot chests and 22 Devotion Shrine uses in total.


After a hero or a boss monster dies, the chest will be spawned near the Summoning Stone. It will not despawn until you start a new wave.

If you forgot to use one-shot boss chest or used it, the chest will not spawn until you clear all waves. A hero monster chest will be spawned instead. Hero monster chests are always spawning after a hero kill.

Devotion Shrines

Each even numbered wave will spawn a Devotion Shrine. If you forgot to use one, you may go back by using a checkpoint and clear the wave again. Shrines are one-shot but you will be able to use them again after you use a Time Warp. Devotion shrine may also award you with a skill or an attribute point.


This mod is designed for the new characters and provides fair difficulty. You may die on the initial stages until you get decent equipment.

Difficulty will be increased later.


You may change the wave you will summon next (can not be cancelled). It functions like a checkpoint. After you use a Time Warp, all checkpoints are earsed.

Challenging the Gods

The Gods have awoken! Challenge the Lower Pantheon and Pantheon after defeating the final wave.

  • Each of the Gods represents a unique boss monster. Most of them will not need any minions to destroy you.
  • Godly forgery: For each Pantheon defeated you are now able to obtain one item of tremendous power (crafted via anvil)
  • Godly items will disappear if you carry them into the other world without merging database properly.

Gods content is designed mainly for non-hardcore top build high level (85) characters with aguments and legendaries.


After defeating Wave 45 you will have ability to use Ascension instead of Time Warp. Purpose is exactly the same, to earse all checkpoints and start from the wave 1 but enemy creatures will become much stronger.
Current Ascention limit: 1

Recommended only for characters who defeated Pantheon Gods.

Merged Version – Merged Eternal GoodCornStasher

EternalGoodCornStasher (Merged with a Cornucopia v0.3.2 mod by Ceno, Good-looking MOD by Grim Dawg and Stasher v4 mod by rorschachrev)

Special thanks to the mods creators.


Version 0.980 [12/29/2016]
– Ancient Heart price increased
– Blood of Ch’thon price increased
– Tainted Brain price increased
– Cornucopia updated to v0.3.2 (Merged)
– Wave rewards adjusted
– Champion spawn chance increased
– Champion spawn amount increased
– Wave enemies amount increased

Version 0.977 [7/29/2016]
– Fury General fixed
– Cornucopia updated to 3.1 (Merged)

Version 0.976 [6/11/2016]
– Gods death crash fix (Eventually…)
– Cornucopia updated (Merged)

Version 0.975 [6/10/2016]
– Gods death crash fix
– Various +skills fixes in merged version

Version 0.974 [6/8/2016]
– Ascension fix
– Door fix

Version 0.973 [6/7/2016]
– Spawn fix

Version 0.972 [6/7/2016]
– Zaul Kahn’s crystal summon fix
– Haruns spells fix
– Pantheon items are available!
– Ascension added after defeating wave 45
– Ascention will greatly increase game difficulty until you decide to descend
– Current Ascension limit: 1

Version 0.971 [6/6/2016]
– Sabrina revamp
– Door fix
– Pantheon is now available! (yet no godly items for the Pantheon)
– Gods resistances are bumped up, now they are fairly strong

Version 0.970 [6/5/2016]
– Godly items overhaul: Now every item gives a unique godly skill.

Version 0.969 [6/5/2016]
– Gods death fix
– Gods resistances fix

Version 0.968 [6/5/2016]
– Starting character fix
– Aria, Lady Devourer fixed
– Launcher update

Version 0.967 [6/3/2016]
– Multiplayer faction fix
– Godly forgery: For each Pantheon defeated you are now able to obtain one item of tremendous power (crafted via anvil)*
*Godly weapons will disappear if you carry them into other world without merging database properly.

Version 0.966 [6/3/2016]
– Essence of Skill removed from merchant
– Salazars Soverein Blade added to the merchant

Version 0.965 [6/3/2016]
– Aether Soul added to the Alchemist
– Elite/Ultimate rewards adjustments
– Devotion Shrines have a chance to award player with a skill or an attribute point, allowing unlimited progression
– Groble waves difficulty increased
– God loot fix

Version 0.964 [6/1/2016]
– New merchant with faction items (level 70+)
– New merchant also sells Spectral Longsword and Troll Bonecrusher
– Notification size increased (making it smaller will cause font distortion effects)

Version 0.963 [5/31/2016]
– Elite/Ultimate bug fixes
– Elite/Ultimate difficulty increased
– Monster spawn decreased
– Notification size decreased

Version 0.962 [5/31/2016]
– New notification style
– New clear time ranks (idea by Zaknafein)
– Clear time xp rebalanced
– Clear time record tracking (idea by Zaknafein)

Version 0.961 [5/31/2016]
– Alchemist also sells oils
– Enchanter moved
– Price adjustments
– Good-looking mod fix (merged only)

Version 0.96 [5/31/2016]
– Price adjustments
– Enchanter now sells aguments

Version 0.95 [5/31/2016]
– Alchemist rework (now also sells aguments)
– Ghost merchant rework
– Number of monsters in the wave greatly increased
– Hero spawn count increased

Version 0.9 [5/30/2016]
– Alchemist is back
– Boss waves now have separate reward timer
– Lower Pantheon of the Gods added

Version 0.893 [5/29/2016]
– Alchemist removed (temporary)

Version 0.892 [5/29/2016]
– Script optimization
– Wave 40-45 difficulty increased

Version 0.88 [5/29/2016]
– Imyron no longer sells materials
– New merchant with materials added
– Fixed last wave level

Version 0.85 [5/28/2016]
– Multi chest bug fixed on veteran difficulty
– Spawn random wave added
– More components added to the Imyron

Version 0.84 [5/28/2016]
– Kymon’s Chosen and Necromancers factions fix (will set you nemesis)
– 5 new waves added

Version 0.82 [5/27/2016]
– 5 new waves added

Version 0.8 [5/26/2016]
– Wave clear time display (idea by Zaknafein)
– Iron and experience rewards per wave based on clear time
– Tallinn moved closer to the entrance
– Potion costs increased
– Groble waves amount reduced to 5
– 5 new waves added

Version 0.74 [5/25/2016]
– Garminix regeneration aura nerf (levels 1,2,3)
– Gastris damage nerfed (levels 1,2,3)
– Terrain fix attempt
– Despawned via Cleansing Sphere bosses and heroes will spawn again
– Devotion Shrine moved

Version 0.7 [5/24/2016]
– 5 New waves added
– Various script fixes

Version 0.6 [5/24/2016]
– Enemy’s summons are properly despawned
– Lord Ak’lorash now sells various random blueprints (not only relics)
– Riftgate targeting removed
– Hero spawns variaty added
– New music layer

Version 0.5 [5/23/2016]
– Minor map changes
– Tallinn’s dialogue expanded
– Obsidian door fixed (jiaco thanks for the tip)
– Imyron moved closer to the enterance
– Imyron sells unlimited aether crystals
– Merrik ~ Swift XP Reward increased
– If you missed the shrine it will spawn again on the wave you missed it (no need to complete the final wave to reclaim it)
– Checkpoint tracking quest added (idea by Tallinn)
– Lighting is dark again

Version 0.4 [5/22/2016]
– Scale of the portal frame adjusted
– Initial spawns loot tables adjusted
– Summoning Stone moved
– Checkpoint alerts added
– NPC with tooltips added

Version 0.3 [5/22/2016]
– Cheaper potions
– Casual lighting

Version 0.2 [5/22/2016]
– Added dynamite and aether crystals to Imyron
– Cronley’s Gang Executioner charge ability revamped
– Cook added to the camp
– Checkpoints added (cleared after defeating the final wave)
– 10 new waves added
– Player recieves health/energy potions and iron bits at start

Version 0.1
– Initial release [5/21/2016]


Warning!: Characters will not be compatible with: Main Campaign and Classic Eternal (YOU WILL LOSE SKILLPOINTS AND CONSTELLATIONS)

  • You need to download installer only once. It will check for installer/mod updates at every launch.
  • During the installation process you will have two options:
  • After succesful installation launch Grim Dawn and select Eternal Mod in the Custom Maps.

Credits and Disclaimer

Mod Creator
Princess Luna

Mod is open source. You may do with it whatever you like, post anywhere and etc. Just do not forget to mention me or even link to original thread.


If you like this mod please help the developer by reporting bugs, making suggestions, criticism or by telling anything you have in mind:


Attention! This mod is currently in active development. Though i always work to serve you the most update version of the mod, sometimes i could fall behind. Before downloading files please check the official development thread above if the mod has a more up-to-date version.

Download “Grim Dawn Eternal” Grim_Dawn_Eternal.7z – Downloaded 21 times – 701 KB


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