Grim Dawn GDReforge Mod

  1. What This Mod Is About
  2. Compatibility
  3. How It Works?
  4. Changelog
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What This Mod Is About

Have shitloads of iron and don’t know what to do with it? Got a crappy Legendary drop and wish you could reroll its stats?

Look no further than GDReforge!

This mod works on Grim Dawn


Fully compatible with any mod.

How It Works?

  1. An item is granted by completing the game on Ultimate difficulty (turning in the Loghorrean quest), spawning a smith holding recipes for reforging every Legendary item in the game.
  2. Each recipe requires 105,000 Iron Bits as well as the item you intend to reforge.
  3. It produces one roll of the item.


Talking to Infernus (reforge cost is now 105k Iron)

Before Reforging

After Reforging


Current Mod Version: v0.6.0
Last Updated: 12/21/2016 – 12:33PM

  • Updated to include the new Legendary equipment.
  • Changed how one acquires the reforging smith.
  • Changed how much it costs to reforge (125k -> 105k).


Extract the folder contained within FreeTheEnvironment.7z to your Grim Dawn/mods/ folder, creating that folder if it does not exist.

Credits and Disclaimer

Mod Creator

This mod is entirely open-sourced. Use it as you will, edit it as you see fit, but do please give me some credit 🙂 Thanks.


If you like this mod please help the developer by reporting bugs, making suggestions, criticism or by telling anything you have in mind:


Attention! This mod is currently in active development. Though i always work to serve you the most update version of the mod, sometimes i could fall behind. Before downloading files please check the official development thread above if the mod has a more up-to-date version.

Download “GDReforge” GDReforge_0.6.0.7z – Downloaded 32 times – 77 KB


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