Grim Dawn Grimarillion Compilation Mod

  1. What This Mod Is About
  2. Differences Between Grimarillion and the Individual Mods
  3. Stash/Recipes and Transferring of Existing Toons
  4. Changelog
  5. Installation
  6. Mod Creator and Credits
  7. Thanks
  8. Source
  9. Bug Reports
  10. Donations

What This Mod Is About

Grimarillion is the union of Cornucopia, Grim Quest, Zenith, Grimmest and Autopickup (also known as the “People are Lazy” mod).


What this means precisely is that we start with Cornucopia, which includes a myriad of modifications of the base (aka vanilla) game. Adds in the additional Masteries from Grim Quest (Titan Quest/Soulvizier Masteries) and Zenith (a future, stand-alone complete game modification). Then we also add in the enhanced spawns from Grimmest and the ability to Autopickup components and crafting materials (PeopleAreLazy). Together, we have a small collection of mods all integrated into a single mod. Each individual mod is 99.99% preserved. All save games made in Grimarillion should remain future compatible. If you want to play Cornucopia + Grimmest, you can play Grimarillion. If you want to play GrimQuest + Grimmest, you can play Grimarillion. If you want to play Zenith + Grimmest, you can play Grimarillion. You do not need all these mods separately. Just download and play Grimarillion, and we will keep this union-mod updated as the individual pieces get released.

Note: Grimmest has settled on an XP / 2 reward as opposed to a previous XP / 4.

Differences Between Grimarillion and the Individual Mods

At this point in time, Grimarillion might be a bit more advanced than the individual mods. Specifically, Grim Quest in Grimarillion has been given a lot of attention by Asylum to buff early skill power (needed due to Grimmest) and get all the art and assets done so that Grimarillion could release with minimal bugs. I am sure he plans to put these changes back into Grim Quest in some way, but if you played Titan Quest masteries before, you should check them out again.

In addition, instead of making a new Grimmer, we decided to nerf Grimmest in the early areas. I tried to hit every proxy pool before the village with level limits so that a new toon can start out in Grimmer or Grimmest and have time to acquire the skills and gear needed to face the challenge ahead. Someday, when I sleep again and can face building another mod, I will put these changes into Grimmest v0.8. But for now, if you fear Grimmest, take a chance, it should be far easier to get some levels and gear to make your toon better prepared for the challenges ahead. Also, if you did not know this, Grimmer is the “Normal” setting and Grimmest is “Veteran”, so you can start in Normal/Grimmer if you want to tone down the spawns a bit throughout the first play through.

Stash/Recipes and Transferring of Existing Toons

This mod has forwards compatibility but was never designed to be backwards compatible. If you try to force it and get somewhere, then so be it. If you fail, I do not really want to hear about it. Let go of your horde of gear, let go of your level 85 toons, and be ready to be happy again when you see a recipe drop. THIS MOD IS INTENDED TO BE ENJOYED WITH A NEW TOON. With Grimmest, you will not only find everything again, but you will find it over and over again. Just pick one up if you need it, otherwise sell it or leave it on the ground. You will find it again and it is (IMO) much more fun to find it off a corpse than in your stash/mules/stash-manager-program-of-choice. If you disagree, then that is your choice, I can only proffer the recommendation.

Taken from mamba’s post:

  • Copy the transfer file to the mod’s stash dir
  • Open the copy in GD Stash (the dir the stash is in is shown in the drop-down list)
  • Select the mod for the stash (drop-down list between the selected stash and the displayed content)
  • Save the change

I believe changing the mod of a stash will automatically move the stash into the proper dir (if no such stash exists yet), otherwise you get an error message (as it exists already), haven’t done this in a while however… the above method will always work, as you first overwrite the mod’s stash if it exists already 😉


v029 Changelog:
GrimQuest 1.4.3
Grimmest: gradually removing limit 4/5/+ instances. Notable encounters to test: Kaylis Ka, Vizier Inixil, Venarius, tons of others were modified but changes should be overall subtle.

v028 Changelog:
Put back amulet, ring, medal qualifiers for components as in Cornucopia, retained spear, staff qualifiers from Grim Quest. Fixed bug in HellBane Ammo so that it now actually includes amulet and medal as intended. Added Staff qualifier to anno-type materia (I mean hell, if they work in a medal/ring/amulet, why not a Staff too).

Fixed bug where Grimmest heroes dropped non-Autopickup materia and crafting items.

Added in all monsters in hopes that Ravna will now work.

Capped at 3 Lutra, Anoxis, and some others…(yeah, real specific)
Moosilauke and Ilgorr will now RNG spawn 1 or 2 on death.
Deathspawns for Aetherial Abominations and Obelisks are now RNG 1-3 on death. As are others, just not really sure what the names of the spawns are.

Reverted the Direni deathspawn to a single NPC. (yeah, mass-modding records is bad)

Corpsefiends now come in RNG 3-5.

Changed Warden death from Mesmer to Beholdan and Kyzogg death from Mesmer to Bane’Zal. (death proxies are very limited and not like the other proxies)

Enabled spear/staff for all relevant enchants. (Thanks Kathanious for pointing this out. Sadly, was unable to use the records you provided as I never know what other mods have already modded these records. They were all in my sources already, so I suspect something did).

Changelog v027:

Should have all of Grim Quest 1.4.2 now.
Reduced various spawns in Grimmest including quest ghosts in Arkovian Undercity and the Aetherial Obelisks (I think I got all the Obelisks, not sure on that though).
Found lootable scrap/dynamite that was missing Autopickup.
Removed emeralds from corpse.

Changelog v0.2.6:
See GrimQuest v1.4.2

Changelog v0.2.5:
Removed the attempt at Ravna onDeathSpawns.
Fixed a bug with the Amalgamation encounter.
Toned down the spawning of Aetherial wisps on death of certain enemies.

Changelog v024:
Updated Cornucopia to v0.3.2J (Sharpshooter’s Bolt Rifle and Aether Ray fixes)
Updated GrimQuest to v1.4.1 (Crystal Ring, TQPrefixes, and IcreFire Pike)
Modified granted skills to enable spears and Staffs
Completely redid autopickup. But you will not notice the differences playing. Eventually, this will work as intended, for now, pick up all components or relog often to avoid the bug/exploit.
Changed Balros and Hagra to scale to player level.
FAILED – Fixed for translations the changes to WakingToMisery quest.
Modified the Nicholas Balthazar, Halion/pet rat, Boris, Pusquil, Grundlepith, Milton, Amalgamation and Ravna encounters. (this last one really needs to be tested as it is likely borked (again)).

On the TODO list:

I had to revert the attempted fix for translators as the main quest got bugged…I cannot find the record for Jarvis I guess or figure out how he links into Waking To Misery…
Fix the Staff wielding enemies freeze bug
Figure out if there is some rouge Scrap record out there that is not hooked into Autopickup properly
Get Glory changes
Take bridge corpse out of debug mode (emeralds)

Changes in v0.2.3:
Updated to the new Grim Quest 1.4. THIS IS A MAJOR Grim Quest update. Specc out of all skills in TQ masteries BEFORE YOU UPDATE.

Changes in v0.2.2:
Updated Cornucopia to v0.3.2I. Besides that, well, I put the camera pitch back to default, that should prevent the loot labels from disappearing. There are some WIP Grimmest changes going on, you might find some of them “rough” atm. And there is a myriad of attempted component fixes, but that is being covered in another thread.
Anyway, v023 with a Grim Quest update should follow shortly, but if you were waiting for the Corn Update, here ya go.

Changes in v0.2.1:
Changes have been made that may (or may not) fix the component issue. Not sure about existing components, but if you just sell the ones that bug, you should not encounter drops from this version to bug. Fingers crossed.
Still did not put Necrotic back to red in mastery selection. It is red somewhere…but not where I wanted it red.
Did some major adjustments to act 2 Grimmest pools. Should be more manageable for first-time through.
Slight nerf on food and bacon drops.

Changes in v0.2.0:
Zenith is again updated. Bacon is even better for you than initially thought. And played a bit in the classNames. tagNotFounds can be reported as bugs. errorNotFound means suggest to us here a class name. We have no ideas for it atm. Oh, yeah. And the animations from Zenith are now in place. With the exception of unarmed, everything should be as it should be if it is all correct. Which is in fact highly doubtful. If you are skilled enough to know when an animation is borked, please report the skill name, mastery, screenshot if possible. There were a lot of places for errors here.


Extract the .7z archive somewhere. This will normally result in the following subfolder structure:


Move or copy the grimarillion folder, without the _version, contained within to the ‘mods’ folder. Go ahead and create this folder first if it does not already exist in the installation directory for Grim Dawn.

For Steam the results should look like:

Steam/steamapps/common/Grim Dawn/mods/grimarillion/database
Steam/steamapps/common/Grim Dawn/mods/grimarillion/resources

When in game, and selecting from the Custom maps menu, if you do not see “grimarillion ~” then something is not right, no need to play until you see “grimarillion ~”.
* Slightly-tested version, less Grim, no -est. Just -y.

Mod Creator and Credits

Combined efforts of adoomgod, ASYLUM101, Ceno, Elfe and jiaco.

As of 11/21/2016, we have now brought Kathanious in to the project as well. He has long been a playtester and verbal advocate of Grimarillion. He has been there on discord involved in most of the modding discussions.

Project Cornucopia: The Unofficial Balancing Mod (Original Thread)

Grim Quest:
Grim Quest Titan Quest Masteries Mod (Original Thread)

Zenith Mod (Original Thread)

Grimmer and Grimmest Mod (Original Thread)

People are Lazy (Autopickup):
People are Lazy Mod (Autopickup Mod) (Original Thread)


First of all, I would like to thank my collaborators in this project. adoomgod, ASYLUM101, Ceno and Elfe have taught me a lot about the game and helped me at every step of the way to make this a reality and I am grateful not only for their participation, but also their willingness to teach me stuff (and I can be a total idiot at times, so their patience as well).

Second of all, I want to thank the playtesters. Depravities has given considerable amounts of testing time and feedback/bug reports that have enabled this to be released on time. In addition, Gibly as well as some viewers on Depravities channel (chrimzen_ and Vaalgard) who were willing to take a risk and play the unfinished version of the mod. Currently, ZokutaiZ has been helping testing of releases. Check out his twitch channel here:

Finally, thanks to mamba for his GDStash tool which can aid you in bringing your stash into this mod, even though, you should really start fresh. See below for details.


If you like this mod please help the developer by reporting bugs, making suggestions, criticism or by telling anything you have in mind:

Bug Reports

Project development has been a collaboration between the various modders in order to bring forth a unification mod that preserves each individual mod as much as technically possible. Bug reports and feedback for each mod should be reported in the original mod’s thread. Since all of the modders are a part of the Grimarillion Project, we will sort out if the problem lies in the original mod or is a result of the merge.

As any individual mod gets updated, we will release a new version of Grimarillion post-haste (aka bug testing) with the updates integrated.

Each current mastery has been assigned an immutable slot in the database so that starting now, your save data should remain stable with each future release (aka: “forward compatibility”).

As with any mod, you should make backups of anything you deem important before proceeding. This includes transfer/stash save data, which may be problematic and at this point in time, still WIP.


We do not expect them because we do this for our own enjoyment. Each modder may or may not have a paypal link on their individual mod’s thread. If you want to donate, feel free to check the above links for each modder.

For those that have donated, THANK YOU. I never knew how good it would feel until it happened.



Attention! This mod is currently in active development. Though i always work to serve you the most update version of the mod, sometimes i could fall behind. Before downloading files please check the official development thread above if the mod has a more up-to-date version.

Version v034 is ready, compatible with, with ONE EXCEPTION. If you have a DEMOLITIONIST toon, I would wait for Cornucopia updates in next version before playing it, there were changes there that need to be dealt with.

Download “Grimarillion” Grimarillion_0.3.5.7z – Downloaded 84 times – 131 MB


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