Grim Dawn Lost Treasures Mod

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  • Add new models and textures for weapons.
  • New crafting recipes, legendaries weapons, new monsters dropping those recipes /reagents/weapons.
  • Weapons will give new skills or have procs.
  • Models and texture are from other people that must be credited (see below).


  • Chaoseater : Not yet
  • Dawnbreaker : Cast a wider phantasmal blades on critical attack.
  • Chillrend : Cast a spell like Olexa flash freeze on critical attack.
  • Sword of Aeons : Summon 3 animated swords of Aeons as pets with blink weapon attacks.


Mjolnir : Cast hammers than can cast 2 projectile on hit farther away, and another even farther away.

2-Handed Weapons

Blade of Olympus : not yet


Book of Eden : conflagration channeled beam with piercing and instant rotation.

1-Handed Axes

Gorehowl : not yet.


New cosmetic Wings is a component for amulet.You can choose to toggle the wings on/off.

Mod Details

  • Treasure Guardians
  • Crafting Recipes

  • These creatures keep their precious loot with their life!
  • There are 20 diffrent treasures guardians, who are modified heros with nemesis stats.
  • They only drop the crafting recipes to improves treasures items (10% chance).
  • After discovering a ONE-SHOT chest, the next time you go to this place instead of having nothing, you will always encounter a treasure guardian on Ultimate difficulty.
  • There are 20 one-shot chest locations.
  • Each time you kill a treasure guardian you have a low chance to summon an Ultimate treasure guardian that can drop treasure items and the wings materia.
  • The chance to spawn an ultimate treasure guardian increase the more you kill treasure guardians in the SAME game session.
  • You start at 2% chance and then gain a bonus:
    • 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,18,23,34,48,73,98
    • After 15 kills you have 2 + 23 = 25% chance to spawn one.
    • After 19 kills you have 2 + 98 = 100% chance to spawn one.
  • Ultimate treasure guardians can not spawn more than 3 times per game session.
  • This is done to avoid players farming the easiest /fastest one-shot chest location only and then exiting the game to reload this treasure guardian.

Here is the chart:


  • Recipes from the Treasures guardians might allow you to enhance the normal version of the Lost Treasure weapon.
  • Normal version dropped by Ultimate treasure guardians can NOT have affixes.
  • The recipe allows to “enhance” the normal version and give it beween 1 and 2 affixes.






  • Extract the archive and and copy the directory to Grim Dawn mods folder.
  • Start the game and select custom campaign: Lost Treasures


Nearly everything.
I might merge this mod with Omega later but for now I want Omega to be a light mod.
It will be open source
If you use this mod you need to tell in the credits the author of the 3D models.


Lost Treasures 0.35
New sword droppable ingame.I have the permission from the original modder to port it to Grim Dawn only when he updates his mod on nexus.So I made the sword and you can drop it ingame but it has the Chillrend model for now.I hope the mod will be updated in the coming months (and I hope the new model will be as beautiful as it is now).

Gives a frozen orb skill-like :Cast a rotating frozen orb with 100% pierce chance that lauch ice spikes on a 360° radius on each enemy impact.

Improved Chillrend to make it in line with it’s lore :
“Chillrend can freeze even the most powerful foes.Nothing can withstand it’s chill.” => It can freeze boss (for a short duration)!

Increased each 1 handed sword drop chance to a little less than 1% (maybe it’s too much ?).
You can see the frozen orb here:

Of course if the expansion allows modders to make a TRUE frozen orb (cast the spikes every X ms instead of on impact), I will change the skill
Lost Treasures 0.32
Greatly reduced script size to 3,72 ko.
This may reduce the memory used by the game but I don’t know why the engine is working that way or/and if it will be patched later.
Minor changes to LT items and skills.
Increased spawn bonus in this order:
4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,18,23,34,48,73,98,100 (above that it’s always 100)
Lost Treasures v 0.23
Treasure guardians now spawn red void whirlwind each 3 seconds around them (max 6).
Changed some Lost treasures skills.

All 6 pieces of Tyrael armor can drop from Ultimate guardian, 6 pieces set bonus added (and a little better bonus with the El’Druin that count as a 7th piece).Rigging redone and acceptable when all pieces are worn by a female character (But still needs adjusting to make it fit 100%).
It won’t look great with other gear.

Added recipe to add affixes to El’Druin sword like all other Lost treasures weapons.
Made bitmaps for all new items.
Ek’Druin skill is a falling swords : Summons copies of El’Druin that falls from the sky and explode on impact on a 2.8 meters radius for 2 seconds.
Don’t be misleaded it does “weapon damage” and apply effects like bleeding BUT it’s NOT “main hand damage” or “off-hand damage” like other “weapon” skills.So unfortunately it doesn’t apply attack damage converted to life or reduced resistance from your weapons (that’s why I build a life leech inside the skill).Unfortunately it’s seems this skill can’t have base “main hand damage” (except if i made a devotion-like effect attached to it but I wanted the player to be able to link other devotion effect to this skill).

El’Druin now gives a 100% increased damage against undead.

Treasure guardians now spawn red void whirlwind each 3 seconds around them (max 6).
Changed some Lost treasures skills.

Increased wings drop rate to 1%.

Changed Mjolnir skill: Casts 2 orbiting hammers for 15 seconds.Each one can spawn 2-4 more hammers on hit farther away.

Increased Treasure Guardians Life by 50%, OA,DA, all natural resistance now set at 50% (most of them were 0% or 25% before)
Increase Ultimate Treasure guardian Offensive and Defensive ability by 20%.Increases it’s natural resistances from 85% to 90%.
Increase droprate of Lost tresures items.

Wings materia has now a 0.5% chance to drop from Ultimate treasure Guardian.
Wings materia can only be applied to medal (it was amulet and medal before)
One Treasure guardian renamed : Treasure Guardian: Intesius – Kathanious’s follower

Chaoseater weapon model (meshe) and texture working in game



Chaoseater :…a28e0576182451 by Mostafa Rashad under CC 4.0
Sword of Aeons : model by Jeizar’s
Magic Book of Eden by luisservin89 is licensed under CC Attribution
Mjolnir by essimoon…1250ef1b202d91 under CC 4.0
Chillrend model by Crazylion from the nexus forums.Deviantartpage
Dawnbreaker also from Crazylion mod on nexus.
Gorehowl also from Crazylion mod on nexus.
Wings of Mercy by SketchCode™ Nihal is licensed under CC Attribution And Blizzard / overwatch
Blade of Olympus from volvaga0 on


If you like this mod please help the developer by reporting bugs, making suggestions, criticism or by telling anything you have in mind:

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