Grim Dawn Make Retaliation Great Again Mod

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What This Mod Is About

This mod makes retaliation works for ranged attacks too.

  • Everyone that played a retaliation build knows how frustrating and stupid it is to have retaliation only work on meele hits.
  • Most ranged monsters dont do any damage to you anyway, you only miss out on EXP if you cant kill them specially before hitting higher levels.
  • This modification changes the way retaliation works to be more like reflect. Retaliation now works with all hits except bombs or ground effects/certain hero spells.
  • If you are concerned about balance, dont. There is no diffrence except you get rid of those annoying archers and sometimes healers.
  • The clearspeed of retaliation builds is already bad enough in addition.
  • Since you dont actually get access to damage calculation with the offical mod tools to modify/change them. There is no other way as to modify these function directly with memory editing or function hooks. Thats the reason why this mod needs to be installed this way.

Note: This mod currently supports Grim Dawn version.


  • Due to the nature of this modification it is compatible with EVERY mod created for Grim Dawn.
  • Also compatible with The Cruicible!
  • Fully usable in multiplayer. People you play with do not need the mod.
  • You can just continue playing vanilla with people online even with this mod installed.

More Changes

If you are interested in more changes:


If you want to buy mod creator a beer feel free to do so here : Donate


  1. Download Quality of Life Installer
  2. Unpack and start GrimQOLInstaller.exe.
  3. Select/enter your Grim Dawn path (Steam/GOG).
  4. Select the features you are interested in. (Select “Retaliation Fix” and nothing else to only install Make Retaliation Great Again.)
  5. Press Install


Mod Creator


If you like this mod please help the developer by reporting bugs, making suggestions, criticism or by telling anything you have in mind:


Here you go:


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