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Nydiamar mod brings a detailed world with new locations, working riftgates with a custom map, new enemies roaming the world of Nydiamar, hubs where you can consider a build, buy equipment, new fun items and test your build on…

Quality of Life

This mod brings: 5000 Maximum Item Stack Size, No Item Drop Restrictions, No Transferstash Restrictions, Disables Warning Sounds and Retaliation Fix.

Make Retaliation Great Again

This mod makes retaliation works for ranged attacks too.


Have shitloads of iron and don't know what to do with it? Got a crappy Legendary drop and wish you could reroll its stats? Look no further than GDReforge!

No Environmental Damage

This mod disables the damage you can do to the environment.

Item Assistant

GD Item Assistant is a tool to help you manage your inventory,filter them by +damage/resist/stats and provides infinite inventory size!


Eternal mod is a map where you fight the waves of monsters. Each next wave contains stronger monsters and will be more difficult to defeat.

Sound of the Dawn Music Pack

This mod adds additional 35 minutes of Epic/Electronic/Sad/Orchestral lore friendly music to the original content.

Diablo III Classes

This mod brings Monk, Wizard, Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor classes from Diablo 3 to the Grim Dawn. Extract the archive and copy the “Diablo III” folder to the “Grim Dawn\mods” folder. Forum Thread Grimer Other Credits Witch Doctor’s…

Insanity: Infinite

A total gameplay conversion of Grim Dawn. This mod will be nothing like your traditional ARPG, and the entire thing is an attempt at innovation. And is heavily inspired by MedianXL mod for Diablo 2.
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