Grim Dawn People Are Lazy Mod

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  2. Recommended For Multiplayer
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What This Mod Is About

This mod will make your life easy. It will make components and crafting materials such as scrap, royal jelly etc (including dynamites thought only these that drop and are not already placed in the world as I felt like having to download the entire map for such a small change would be kinda pointless) autopickable just the way it works for potions / food.

Recommended For Multiplayer

You should play using instanced loot when using this mod as ninja looting otherwise might get an entirely new meaning 😛

Also you can not play this mod together with persons who do not have it activated, if you’re the host, other players will not see any components dropping anymore and the other way round the auto pickup won’t work.

For Modders

This is for modders who want to use this mod to combine it with their mods. Documentation on how the item pickup works exactly will follow later.

A small note containing who made the original mod will be appreciated.

Download the Source archive and extract it into your working folder as it is a pure working version.

Changelog Hotfix 2 Changelog
– Adjusted game files to match version hotfix 2
– Applied Crate’s onPickup trigger to fix an issue were player could duplicate components on the ground unlimited times
– Fixed an issue were certain vendors would sell strange blue yellow chess fields (special thanks to jiaco for pointing this out to me and providing some sample)


This will let you play in the custom game menu without kicking you back to the main menu.

Download the archive and unpack it into your mods folder which should be located by default in your game’s install directory which is by default in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn

If there is no “mods” folder yet, you need to create it by hand.

Mod Creator and Credits



If you like this mod please help the developer by reporting bugs, making suggestions, criticism or by telling anything you have in mind:


Download “People Are Lazy” People_Are_Lazy_1.0.0.7.h.2.7z – Downloaded 79 times – 393 KB

Download “People Are Lazy Source” People_Are_Lazy_Source_1.0.0.7.h.2.7z – Downloaded 26 times – 258 KB


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