Grim Dawn Quality of Life Mod

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  1. What This Mod Is About
  2. Compatibility
  3. Known Issues
  4. For Old Grim Dawn Versions
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What This Mod Is About

  • No Item Drop Restrictions – Allows you to drop Soulbound, Untradeable Items
  • No Transferstash Restrictions – Soulbound, Untradeable, Quest Items all possible to be placed into the transfer stash.
  • No “Skill on Cooldown” Dialog, No “Insufficient Energy” Dialog, No “I cant do that” Dialog, No “Its locked” Dialog – Simply deactivates the sound player for those sounds, the text in the center of the screen is still shown.
  • 5000 Maximum Item Stack Size – Forces the maximum stack size of every stackable item to be 5000. Potions included.
  • Retaliation Fix – Makes ranged projectiles be affected by retaliation damage, check here for more


  • Due to the nature of this modification it is compatible with EVERY mod created for Grim Dawn.
  • Also compatible with The Cruicible!
  • Fully usable in multiplayer. People you play with do not need the mod.
  • You can just continue playing vanilla with people online even with this mod installed.

Known Issues

  • Quest Items can only be moved by mouse cursor and not by hotkey button into the transfer stash.
    (Right now unfixable due to the nature that function is loaded.)
  • Needs to be updated regulary becouse most updates in Grim Dawn replace/update the Game.dll

For Old Grim Dawn Versions

If you are running a older version of the game check this download FTP folder of the mod author.


If you want to buy mod creator a beer feel free to do so here : Donate


  1. Download Quality of Life Installer
  2. Unpack and start GrimQOLInstaller.exe.
  3. Select/enter your Grim Dawn path (Steam/GOG).
  4. Select the features you are interested in. (Select “Retaliation Fix” and nothing else to only install Make Retaliation Great Again.)
  5. Press Install


Mod Creator


If you like this mod please help the developer by reporting bugs, making suggestions, criticism or by telling anything you have in mind:


Here you go:

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