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What This Mod Is About

“The Engineers of the imperial army were a highly educated group of men and women responsible for immense war machines and other efficient means of destruction. They rarely saw any front-line action before the grim dawn, but are nonetheless capable of unleashing contraptions on the fly to destroy their enemies. Engineers tend to prefer firearms, but some brash individuals have devised methods to augment their own fists.”

This mod brings a brand new mastery to the Grim Dawn called The Engineer. This mastery is designed to be like a slightly more constructive version of the demolitionist. It directly caters to ranged and unarmed playstyles, but the summons and related abilities will benefit any class. All of the summons are stationary, which makes for some very interesting gameplay. It’s tons of fun, try it out! Custom models exist for all three summons, all made by me.

The Skills


The top half has ranged skills, the bottom half has unarmed skills. There is a default attack skill line for both ranged and unarmed (they’re in the middle.) The three summons are not weapon specific, and are near the very top and very bottom.

The main theme of the class revolves around Energy. Energy is important because the two main summons have a large summon limit and are very expensive to summon. You can build up an area to be extremely powerful, assuming you have the energy.

Skill Demonstrations

Sentry Gun: Your main summon, and the first one in the tree. You’ll be able to throw many of these onto the battlefield at one time.

Flamer Turret: Your secondary summon, much more expensive but much better for large groups, assuming they aren’t fire-resistant.

Safe Space Generator: Can be summoned for a period of time followed by a short cooldown. It’s pretty good at keeping your enemies away.
♪ Bully proof windows, troll safe doors, nothing but kindness in here ♪

There are a few other skills of course, but the summons are the cool part.










1.7 – Crossover Skill Balance

Flipped mastery button. Darn exporter gave it to me upside down in the first place.
Occultist Crossover: Cut damage
Demo Crossover: Less fragments, less attack rate.
Soldier Crossover: Less explosion radius, slightly less attack rate.
Nightblade Crossover: Hopefully actually invincible now, big OA boost so it actually hits, lower fuse.

1.6 – Crossover Skills!

Crossover skills! Attempted balance, probably failed miserably as usual. Enjoy.
Flamer range starts a little lower.
Flamer damage nerf.
Small rework of Turf Turner.
Overpowered Oscillators currently affects EVERYTHING while active. Added -Cast Speed to offset as intended.
Updated Ignoring Safety Labels to also revert the new Cast Speed change.
Excruciating Exhaust was a bit underwhelming. Boosted the fire damage a bunch since it’s a burst skill anyway.
Pet skills now VISIBLY scale with pet bonuses.
Removed little icon under the exclusive skill. Doesn’t need to be there.
HOTFIX A: boosted energy requirements of crossover skills to intended levels. Oops.

1.5 – No Fun Allowed

Power Palms now works with flat bonus damage and such. Preserving the scaling was extremely awkward, but I don’t think I broke anything.
Flamer’s range now scales, and does slightly less damage.
Imitate Sentry’s %OA is now less nuclear.
Safe space scaling has been changed. Starts with lower damage, Scales higher, cooldown has been increased slightly.
Increased CD of Turf Turner.
Ignoring Safety Labels health drain has been changed a bit. Harder to out-regen it, but still probably possible.
Rework of Hands-Free skill. Again.
Invasive Internal Improvements has had its regen cut a bit.

1.4 – Polish polish

-999% Energy Regen on imitate skills. Should be no way to out-regen them now.
Nerfed spirit on Exclusive skill. Another oops, byproduct of increasing the skill max level last patch and not accounting for the change.
Cooldown for Exclusive skill turret proc.
Messed with exclusive skill leech retaliation. Don’t see this stat very often in the main game so I honestly have no idea what I’m doing with it.
Re-buff of sentries to some degree. Attempting to ensure high levels scale well enough.
Nerfed flamer a bit. +pet fire damage from devotions and such make it a bit too absolutely ridiculous. Increased range to make up for that a little.

1.3 – More balance, less stupid.

A few changes to skill descriptions and such.
Increased energy drain on sentry imitation.
1/3 Safe Space innate cast speed bonus. Less ridiculous.
Exclusive skill rebalance. Less sentries allowed out at a time, less likely to spawn, and now scale with skill level properly.
Exclusive skill also makes you less invincible. My bad.
Sentry rebalance. Nerfed but arguably still extremely powerful.

1.2 – An Ultimate Skill and Balance

Rebalance of Turf Turner. Now less nuclear.
Removal of random %Trauma bonus from Pyro Punch. Silly leftover.
An ultimate skill! Not as cool as I wanted it to be, but some things are unfortunately hard-coded.
Rebalance of Focus Finder. Again.

1.1 – General Fixes

Small buff to Incendiary Implement.
Reasonably sweeping changes to Focus Finder.
Modified Iconic Imitation skills to be less exploitable with high energy regen. No fun allowed.
Complete re-work of Hands-Free Hyper-Gadgetry. It’s now a short buff with a cooldown.

1.0 – Release


Extract the archive in to the Grim Dawn\mods folder.

Mod Creator and Credits


Thanks to Zephyri and Sergey Kykhylov for the great art, which was slightly modified for this image.


If you like this mod please help the developer by reporting bugs, making suggestions, criticism or by telling anything you have in mind:

The entire source for this mastery is up on GitHub, here, it includes links to old versions under the “Releases” tab if you need them. Feel free to check it out, might help people who are new to mastery modding figure out some common issues by looking at my commits. Makes it easy for people to merge this mod into their own, too. Also nice just in case I disappear forever and someone wants to take over development. I doubt that will happen, but who knows.


Attention! This mod is currently in active development. Though i always work to serve you the most update version of the mod, sometimes i could fall behind. Before downloading files please check the official development thread above if the mod has a more up-to-date version.

Download “Engineer Mastery” Engineer_Mastery_1.7.7z – Downloaded 48 times – 8 MB


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