Mount & Blade – Europe 1805 II War of the Third Coalition Total Conversion Mod

What This Mod Is About

Europe 1805 II is a gigantic mod for Mount & Blade (not Warband) that converts the game to Napoleonic era in the year of 1805. It offers improved graphics, models and a lot of gameplay features. From investing in towns, enterprises, houses, shares to building defensive structures, formations, combat abilities bringing a total of 379 new features to the game!


“The year is 1805. Realising that Britain will keep on supporting coalitions against France, Napoleon decides to tackle the problem at the root. Now Emperor he has brought together his Grande Armée in Boulogne, ready to set sail for England any time. But by crowning himself emperor Napoleon has provoked Russia and Austria, who are preparing to march on Paris from the east. It is in the summer of 1805 that you start. You just graduated from military academy and are ready to play a role in the upcoming conflict.”

Current Version


Features (A Total of 379!)


A full map of Europe with 21 playable nations

  • Kingdom of Denmark
  • Kingdom of Sweden
  • Electorate of Bavaria
  • French Empire
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain
  • Papal states
  • Kingdom of Portugal
  • Kingdoms Naples and Sicily
  • Kingdom of Spain
  • County of Nassau
  • Austrian Empire
  • Serbian Revolutionary State
  • Electorate of Saxony
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Kingdom of Italy
  • Kingdom of Prussia
  • Dutchy of Wuerttemberg
  • Electorate of Hesse-kassel
  • Batavian Republic
  • Russian Empire
  • Prince-Bishopric of Montenegro
  • Revolutionary State: Duchy of Warsaw
  • Revolutionary State: Kingdom of France
  • Revolutionary State: Irish Republic
  • Revolutionary State: Republic of Venice
  • Revolutionary State: Republic of Russia
  • Revolutionary State: Spanish Kingdom under Ferdinand VII

Historical clothes

  • About 128 uniforms
  • Cardinal & Pope habits
  • 15 civil cloths
  • 2 priest & 1 bishop & 1 monk habits
  • 1 surgeon cloth
  • 1 Officer & 1 cavalry gloves set
  • 2 baskers
  • 8 bearskins
  • 13 bicornes
  • 3 caps
  • 2 coifs
  • 5 colbacks
  • 2 czapka’s
  • 3 forage caps
  • 10 helmets
  • 1 janissary hat
  • 2 kippah’s (cardinal & pope)
  • 2 mitre’s
  • 17 shako’s
  • 4 slouchs
  • 5 tarletons
  • 1 top hat
  • 4 turbans
  • 13 boots
  • 4 Ottoman shoe’s
  • 4 shoe’s
  • 1 sandal

About 240 historical officers

  • All names are from officers in command during 1805.
  • As much as possible they command the type of unit they commanded in real life.
  • Over 111 officers have unique, historically correct faces!

16 different historical horse breeds

  • Don
  • Hunter
  • Arabian
  • Hanoverian
  • Lipizzaner
  • Holsteiner
  • Percheron

Unique lootable items

  • Wellies, Napoleon’s boots or uniform, Murat’s uniform, Marengo, Holy Cross, artefacts, etc..

Graphical Enhancement

  • Almost every texture ingame has been improved
  • Better water texture
  • More quality

Random events

  • Messages to give the feeling of the era

New music & sounds

  • 18th century music
  • Better sounds

Coronation scene

  • In 1805, Napoleon crowned himself to King of Italy in the Cathedral of Milan
  • Cathedral scene is almost an exact copy
  • Archbishop & Napoleon & Dragoons & people
  • Archbishop & Napoleon speaking
  • Music & bells

Barracks replaced the arena

  • 2 freshly new barrack scenes
  • Pistol with one bullet instead of bow
  • Fight with szabla’s and 18th century weapons

Bois de Justice
“La Veuve – The Widow & Bois de Justice – Timbers of Justice, both names for a machine, effective and deadly . . .

It’s the time of Revolutions. It’s the time after the Terror of Robespierre. It’s the time of justice by timbers!”

  • Working guillotine (with falling blade & bloody head)
  • New quest (guillotine included)
  • Executioner dialoque
  • Possible to grant clemency either loose renown
  • Random event like ‘Join the tournament’, but now ‘Attend the public execution’.
  • Random events has priest talk included

Camp menu options

  • Disable / enable options at camp menu (drowning, messages, …)
  • Progressions and overview of current progress

New Face Textures (Thanks to Aquil)

  • New faces for men
  • New faces for women

Rumor of the Road & Date Specific Events

  • 13 weekly Rumors of the Road – to get the feeling of that time
  • 11 monthly date specific events. Follow the news and watch how fast Napoleon defeated the Austrian Empire. From the march to Ulm to the Peace of Pressburg and further

Practice training field overhaul

  • Shoot with musket, musketoon or rifle
  • No reloading
  • Smoke and accuracy still stay

Complete overhaul of companions

  • Added: Bjorne (as credit to founder of AoB series)
  • Added: Berthout (as credit to founder of E1805, companion with story about Dutch Republic)
  • Added: Jacob (faithful monk)
  • Added: Ferdinand (with adjusted dialogue, he’s from the House of Habsburg)
  • Added: Joseph Fouche (Police Man)
  • And 11 other companions with unique dialoques!
  • Completely redo of armor and weapons

Map icon textures overhaul

  • No more ancient native icons
  • Towns & castles replaced
  • Player & people have new textures

Several improvements

  • Speak with village elder from menu
  • Deathcam (free camera after death)
  • Increased map travelling speed
  • Decreased chance of companions leaving from 30% to 15%
  • 30% chance of companions leaving due to complaints now
  • Changed currency from Denar to Franc
  • Gambling. Flip a coin with the tavern keeper
  • Amount of townwalkers adjustable
      I have increased the number of townwalkers and added some option to the camp munu, so you can choose between: (amount per spawn point)

    • Set amount of townwalkers to 1 (M&B default)
    • Set amount of townwalkers to 3 (very low)
    • Set amount of townwalkers to 6 (low)
    • Set amount of townwalkers to 12 (E1805 default)
    • Set amount of townwalkers to 18 (high)
  • New proficiency: firearms
  • Cattle will follow you instead of running from you
  • Added little flags to town icon on the world map, so it’s easier for the player to find his houses / enterprise back.
  • Kill horses to get some food
    • You can slaughter horses to get 5 edible meat pieces!
    • You will need at least 2 healthy troops and your party may become wounded by panicked horses.
    • The higher your riding skill level, the lesser chance of becoming wounded.
  • Added a lot of new troops with new uniforms (carabiniers, Royal Marines, Chosen Men, …)
  • Most shako’s have hair included now
  • Added more help & tutorials
  • Almost no native names any more
  • Completely redo of every image in game.
  • Cartridges are now visible when carrying.
  • Most melee weapons have scabbards now and the scabbards are looking more 18th century now.
  • Completely overhaul of all dialogues & text to give a lesser Native feeling.
  • 109 hints added!


Historical weapons

  • 14 muskets
  • 7 rifles
  • 6 carbines
  • 16 pistols
  • 8 sabres
  • 6 heavy cavalry swords
  • 6 small swords
  • 2 matchlocks
  • 1 arquebus
  • 1 blunderbus

More than 110 different historical troop types

  • Line Infantry
  • Grenadiers
  • Light Infantry (Finish Marksmen, Portuguese Cacadores, Prussian Jaegers, French Voltigeurs,…)
  • Light Cavalry (British Light Dragoons, Hungarian Hussars, French Horse Chasseurs, Polish Uhlans, Cossacks, …)
  • Heavy Cavalry (Sicilian Dragoons, Austrian Kurassiers, British Heavy Dragoons, French Cuirassiers, …)
  • Special troops (Queen Annes 7th Hussars, Wallon Guard, …)
  • Regional Troops (British Highlanders, Tyrolean Jaegers, Kalmucks, …)
  • Mercenaries (Irish Line Infantry, Swiss Jaegers, Hessian Hussars, …)
  • Historical Rebels (Klepths, Irish peasants, Dervishes, …)

No longer do all parties have the same troop composition. There are several options

  • Mixed army
  • Only Infantry
  • Only Grenadiers/Elite infantry
  • Only Light Cavalry
  • Only Heavy cavalry
  • Only regional troops

Formations (foxyman)

  • Line, square or wedges formations
  • Choose officer to command a regiment
  • No longer only charges. If you attack an enemy, they stay
  • Enemy AI is smart and tries to charge you from behind


  • Duel lords or companions
  • Duel with pistols, small swords, dagger and rapier, sabres or sabres on horseback

A brand new war/peace system

  • When the game starts diplomatic relations are as they where on August 5th, 1805. What happens afterwards, nobody knows
  • Countries are either part of the Third Coalition against France, a French Ally or Neutral
  • French Vassal states will always stay allied with France but all other states can join or leave the coalition/France’s allies. They can even change sides
  • It’s not all about France, other states, often neutral ones, can have totally unrelated conflicts
  • New all-in-one menu. No longer 110 different messages, informing you about war or peace

New system of recruiting

  • Join a country, go to the warrant officer in towns and ask for troops
  • If you do run out of troops you can always recruit from villages, but be aware that you will have to pay for their equipment too

Complete redo of whole armies of every country

  • Improved quality
  • Improved LODs (performance)
  • Lesser polygons (performance)

White bullet

  • Bullet is white now with some blur to improve accuracy and visibility
  • MINIMOD available to change this back to black

Camp entrenchment

  • Option in camp menu to build fortifications
  • Defend in fortified area (tower, farm, …)
  • Toggleable drowning

Improved siege warfare

  • Better textures
  • Troops get stuck lesser times


  • Your government can build a statue in honour of you in a random town of your faction
  • The statue type depends on your renown (wood, stone, marble & bronze)
  • The statue is visible when walking on the boulevard


  • Medals are gainable by joining a faction
  • France, Austria, Russia, England & Montenegro have different medals. Other nations have Prussian-like medals
  • 10 different medals per faction
  • A total of 54 unique medals
  • Medals are gettable by increasing your player honour
  • You can increase your player honour by completing quests (not native honor, not renown)
  • Every medal is different and historically accurate
  • Every medal has it’s own name (e.g. Legion d’Honneur 2nd Class or Royal Hungarian Order of St. Stefan)

Standards & drums

  • Unique battle standards for every nation
  • Drummers
  • You can get these men by hiring regiments/batallions

Bring Death & Terror
“Do you want to scare your enemies? Do you want them to give up when they set eyes on you before battle? Loot their villages. Kill their people. And make sure you will plunder and raze everything. Then they will be scattered if they only hear your name!”

  • Looting system has been changed
  • You can set fire on every structure you want. (except for structures you can’t build/upgrade)
  • Get a melee weapon or a firearm or some stones and damage the structure by thrust attack. After some attacks you will get a message that it has been destroyed and the structure disappears
  • Some structures like the statue can be easily destroyed. Other like walls do need 15 attacks
  • There is no auto-loot anymore. You will have to fight the peasants. If you have a few troops, you will have to fight two times. First to eliminate all resistance, then to plunder and raze. But the peasants won’t give up quickly, so expect a lot of blood!
  • The more stuff you damage the more profit (in money)!
  • Your troops can set fire on buildings too, so if you do not want to destroy everything make sure your army won’t use firearms.

Star Forts
“Imagine… to attack a star fort. A fort with bastions, ravelins, traversés and many other structures. All have been built with one target, namely to resist an enemy. Image to climb a ladder at a bastion, you will be shot as soon as the defenders take their firearms and start shooting on you from another bastion. It’s doesn’t matter where you stand. You will always see people at different spots aiming for you.
Are you the one who can raise a large army to conquer the star forts of Europe? Are you the one who keeps enemies wavering when they see you?”

  • 7 new and unique forts. From a easy attackable stockade to a grand citadel
  • Nose out why bastions were used and how they annoyed the attackers

Added new troops or unique uniforms for these troops in version II

The Arise of the French Imperial Dragoons

“The dragoon regiments of the line distinguished themselves in the German Campaign of 1805, and so Napoleon decided (in a decree of April 15, 1806) to reorganize the cavalry of the Guard and create within it a regiment of dragoons (Regiment de Dragons de la Garde Impériale), made up of three squadrons, headed by 60 officers personally selected by Napoleon. The first squadron was to have 296 men, and be made up of “vélites”, whilst the other two were regular squadrons of 476 horsemen. To complete this new unit, each of the 30 dragoon regiments of the line provided 12 men, each of whom had done 10 years of service, and the brigadier, chasseur, and dragoon line regiments provided the sous-officiers. This regiment quickly became known as the Régiment de dragons de l’Impératrice (the Empress’ Dragoons) in tribute to their patroness, Joséphine de Beauharnais, and up until its last member died, the Regiment marked the anniversary of her death.

The unit’s numbers rose to 1269 in 1807 with the addition of two new squadrons, and on December 9, 1813 it was attached to the Guard’s 3rd regiment of éclaireurs. The dragoons’ uniform and weaponry was the same as those of the Guard’s mounted grenadiers, only in green rather than blue, and (in place of the bonnet à poil) a copper helmet with a hanging mane in the Neo-Greek Minerve style, and a red plume.”

  • Imperial Dragoon
  • General


  • Cuirassier


  • General
  • Moscow Musketeer
  • Hussar
  • Dragoon

The Swedish Army

“De hafva aldrig wikit eller för sin egen dehl tappadt”
They have never retreated or by their own actions lost.

  • Dragoon


  • Norwegianskier
  • Grenadier
  • Dragoon


  • Dragoon

Battlefield Combat Abilities Script
Thanks Chel,62230.0.html

  • Dynamic combat through combat abilities like
  • Rage – Get extra power
  • Focus – Get increased weapon proficiencies
  • Sprint – Run for your life!
  • Whistle for horse – Call your horse, the higher the more horses come!
  • First aid – Recover!
  • Inspire Troops – Rally your troops!
  • Morale Shock – Unleash a fearsome cry to terrify weaker opponents!
  • Taunt – Get your enemy’s attention to you, instead of to your troops.
  • Defensive Structure – Consume sandbags to create coverage!
  • Get help by pressing N key
  • Duration & power of abilities depends on your game skills.
  • Some abilities costs some experience.

Tournaments are back!

  • Fight with sabres, swords, pistols and daggers!
  • Possible to set higher bets now!

Additional Battlefield Add-ons

  • Medicines heal 10% of your health per second, but after 5 uses, they will be consumed.

Extend your victory a little bit

  • After the battle, if you were victorious, you may decide what to do with the prisoners. Your choices can change your money, prestige or your relation with the enemy’s faction.
  • Take Prisoner – you can either recruit them or sell them as slaves
  • Execute – prestige boost, but means faction relation penalty as well
  • Ransom – earn money immediately. It’s around 40 Francs per person
  • Release – do you have a noble heart? Or do you want to increase the relations a bit?
  • Let them go with only underwear left – do you really hate your enemies so much? You can punish them now! But beware, this gives a prestige and relation penalty.

Extend your victory a lot more

  • After you conquered a town you have some options
  • Liberate – give the town back to the original faction and increase prestige and relations.
  • Peacefully occupy – receive some prestige.
  • Loot it – kill 1/3 of the total population in order to get money!
  • Keep a victory march – march past the Arc while your soldiers follow you

Experience the Revolutions at Close Quarters

  • 6 Great Powers have a monthly chance of facing a revolution.
  • Duchy of Warsaw
  • Kingdom of France
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Republic of Venice
  • Republic of Russia
  • Republic of Spain
  • You can talk with the revolution leader and join them, but beware, there are no officers. On the other hand the leader has around 200/300 troops. Enough to terrify the surrounding area!
  • Recruiting troops is still possible. You can recruit the troops of the faction the revolution started in.

Item Restrictions

  • From now you may only wear items if you belong to the right class or have the right rank.

Increase in Rank!

  • More than 8 ranks are awaiting for you. (from Corporal to Marshall)
  • Your rank depends on your renown
  • If you became faction leader and lost all your land, you may return in service as general!
  • Each rank with corresponding wage (300 x rank lvl) which the player gains before payment to troops

New and Realistic Smoke
Have you guys ever read books about the time of gunpowder? About the battles which took place on battlefields with a lot of smoke? So much smoke you can only see the enemy’s standards, instead of their men? So much smoke you need to wait until the wind blows them out of the field? Then you can finally say one word: CHARGE!!

  • Smoke is much bigger and many soldiers with a musket can obstruct your view.
  • You will need to wait before the wind blows all smoke out of the field before you can aim.
  • Smike is white now, not grey any more!
  • Performance is improved! I’ve removed 50 particles.

Tavern Mercenaries

  • Hire the amount you want
  • Hire 5, 10 or 20 mercenaries


New Napoleonic scenes

  • New 18/19th century poor/average houses
  • Native texture have been replaced with HD textures
  • Accurate siege building components (traverse, bartizan, bastion, ravelin, …)
  • Siege a up to 7 different fortresses or storm the barricades of a town
  • New townhall and offices

Hunting system

  • No bugs (bug is fixed)
  • Two animals (deer & bear)
  • Get profits with flesh

Dynamic payment for resting in towns/castles

  • Payment has been raisen, because you should sleep in your own house
  • Payment = 25 + random number between 0 and 25

Improved town

  • New house props
  • Better visibility between rich and poor
  • New scenes
  • Town center scenes are dynamic (lampposts/prosperity)
  • Dynamic weather (fog, rain; different strength)
  • Castle scene (with transparent windows and sun glows)

Dynamic streets
“Always wanted to see more than static town scenes? Always wanted to see some change when you’ve improved the prosperity of your town? Or some moving stuff? Or larger towns? Now it’s possible!”

  • The more prosperity your town has, the better the streets look
  • 5 different views (from poor to rich)
  • Window shutters move by fan sometimes
  • Scene-linking; if you walk into some street you won’t be blocked by an exit-barrier, but you will be directed to another scene
  • Streets signs to show you the right direction

Grand Quest of Hagia Sophia added

  • Huge interior
  • Climbing & walking in catacombs
  • Reward includes champion horses, money and a large amount of influence points.

Companion minimods

  • Joseph Fouché
  • Johnny Five Ace


Dynamic housing system

  • Different houses (bad/average)
  • Rent houses
  • Buy houses
  • Rent out houses (profitable)
  • Estate agent for advice
  • 18th/19th century-like interiors
  • 18th/19th century-like furniture
  • Toggleable fireplace
  • Play piano and improve your skill (the higher your skills, the more lords like you)
  • Sleep in your own bed (also possible via town menu)
  • Your own chest! To store your gained medals and other stuff.
  • Signs with: ‘For sale’ and ‘Your home’ in every town
  • Signs can change when you rent/buy your home
  • Manage your house by pressing ‘F’ on door

Complex banking script

  • Building & interior
  • Banker
  • Borrow money (with interest)
  • Shares (Invest your money in different companies; riskful)
  • Exchange securities for silver
  • Government bonds

Invest in towns
Always wanted to earn money in a more honourful way? Now you can renovate/invest in buildings! You only need a lot of money;)!

  • Talk to the Mayor to invest in enterprises
  • About 9 different enterprises (chapel, hospital, brewery, mill, farm, …)
  • Different costs and profits
  • Profit per week is dynamic
  • Unique scene for each enterprise (from dark, cold mines to a beautiful chapel)


  • Duelling skill
  • Piano skill


  • Go work as woodcutter, hunter or soldier
  • Get a steady salary
  • Hunter: hunt for animals and sell them to the butcher
  • Woodcutter: dynamic, interesting work. (don’t make boss angry)
  • Soldier: loot and fight

Special people

  • There are about 7 special people to hire (Engineer, Priest, Officer, Surgeon)
  • They have different party skills (tactics, trade, surgery, engineer)
  • Each with a special story and outfit

Dynamic village management
“It’s time to use everything the M&B engine offers! It’s time to push the boundaries!”

  • 11 buildings are waiting for your order to be build (from a chapel, walls, a statue to barracks and watchtowers)
  • Every structure is visible ingame if you build it
  • Every building has various bonuses (native bonuses and E1805 bonuses like prestige)
  • If your weaponsmith has made enough weapons, you can equip volunteers with weapons, so there are no costs in gold to recruit them
  • Village stockpile with resources like (timber, stone, tools, weapons)
  • You can view the current stock by walking to a parchment, stuck on the wall. You will be leaded to a menu automatically
  • Village treasury
  • You can build structures with resources and gold for example:
    Farm, 80 stone, 80 wood, 20 tools, 20 000 Francs
  • Resources are produced by structures which are upgradable up to lvl 20 (stone quarry, lumberjack, weaponsmith)
  • Tax level can be set by player (from no tax to extreme). Choose to be dreadful or chivalrous to your people!
  • The higher the taxation, the lower the production
  • Every village has buildings which have been build already. So conquering Brighton instead of Leicester because Brighton has barracks can make your campaign very interesting and they build new structures during your game.

Social Classes!
Let’s make that sentence something worth!

  • The time of classes is back. In the beginning you belong to the Freemen, rank up and enter the nobility!
  • 10 classes in total! (freeman, serf, journeyman, peasant, labourer, citizen, bourgeoisie, gentry, aristocrat and nobility)
  • 8 titles to earn as nobleman! (Baron, Viscount, Earl, Marquess, Duke, Archduke, Grand Duke and Viceroy)
  • 8 special banners for every title you gain. Bear them proudly!
  • Social mobility is based on wealth. You need to work, rent/buy houses, set up enterprises, manage villages/castles/towns and gain prestige! If you upgrade, you will also get large amounts of xp.

Stagecoach travel

  • Travel as fast as possible to different towns (from Saint Petersburg, Toledo, Aberdeen to Constantinople and more)
  • The longer the distance, the more money you have to pay
  • Highwaymen! They are waiting for you in the bushes along the roads! When you travel through rough terrain, they strike and you have to defeat them… or loose
  • Talk to the coachman on the boulevard to travel with the stagecoach

Influence – Way to power!
Always wanted to gain influence? To control lords with money, gifts or just persuasion! And not only friendly lords, enemy lords too!
I’ve made that possible now! Only in Europe 1805!

  • Influence Points are points you can gain from lords, invest these points in return of AI actions!
      Get influence points by:

    • Bribing.
    • Donating money.
    • Buy a gift and give it (the better your trade skill, the lesser it costs)!
    • Persuading (most effective and increased skill = increased chance)!
    • Show your army to him (max. 2x á day)!
    • Let him know how much honour you have earned by quests (max. 2x á day)!
    • You get influence daily. Amount depends on your class. Spend your Influence Points to lords
    • Let lord follow player.
    • Let lord follow someone.
    • Increase your relation with lord.
    • Join faction – even if your current faction is at war.
    • Order him to raid an enemy village!
    • Order him to return to a town.
    • Use influence to let him attack a party.
    • Order him to siege a town!
  • Get so much influence you become nation’s Marshall!
  • Order lords of your faction and… foreign lords! They take more Influence Points to control. You can even control enemy lords if you want! But they take 3x standard amount of Influence Points to control! The only lords who cannot be influenced are faction leaders!

Become blacksmith!
“Forge swords, rapiers and firearms for the armies of Europe! Get yourself to the top by developing your skills and become insanely rich!”

  • Set up your own blacksmith for 2000 Francs
  • Develop your engineer skill and increase chance of succeeding
  • Craft melee weapons and firearms from wood and iron
  • Your crafted items are of the finest quality, so are the selling prices!
  • Buy expensive wood and iron or take a long search for cheap materials to get more profits!

Extended Town Management

  • Hire Commissioners! They help you with town management! (Commissioner of the Town, Commissioner of Finance, Commissioner of Architecture)
  • Manage your town by keeping happiness, growth high, while increasing prestige and filling your treasuries!
  • Change your own salary, from low to extremely high! But beware, high salary causes a penalty to happiness.
  • Set tax level. Are you an evil who creates extremely tax burdens or do you prefer 100% happiness in all of your towns?
  • Give feasts! Organize events to increase your prestige! It’s all about prestige!
  • Ask for key to the treasury room and admire your gold!
  • Build more than 15 structures! Every structure has different bonuses.
  • Advanced system of building – use keyboard arrows to leaf through the parchments and press enter to accept the building plan! If you got enough money, then the construction will start and the building plan gets a green stamp!
  • If you conquer a town – you will receive the keys of the town!
  • Dynamic Treasury Room – if the town’s treasury is empty, you will encounter a dark, cold room with empty chests. If the town is prosperous, you will be awarded with mountains of gold!

Kingdom Management

  • Choose your own banner
  • Choose faction name
  • Choose faction color
  • Choose faction leader name (Antipope, Emperor, Tsar, King, Prince, Sultan, Emir, Shah, Prince-Bishop)


Improved Trade Goods
Thanks to Lav for his wonderful script! He makes trading a lot better and funnier.

  • More than a dozen various item modifiers are enabled for trade goods and food items, directly affecting their prices and morale values.
  • As most modifiers noticeably increase item prices, average profit per inventory slot grows proportionally, turning trading into a very lucrative business.
  • Food morale values are also affected – stuff your inventory with exquisite foods to make your men happy! If you can afford the price of course. Very cheap food make you men unhappy.
  • Finally, there’s also a slight tweak to the “Deliver grain to village” quest. Trust me – if you bring those peasants large bags of grain instead of regular ones, they will be grateful!
  • Added new food & goods (3 types of wine, medicine, beer, fish, fruit, grapes, flax, wool cloth, raw silk, dyes, furniture and tea)!


Is this mod for Warband?
No it isn’t. It’s for Mount&Blade Native and it won’t be ported.

What’s release date for version III?
There are no plans for version III currently. And since Quintillius (Mod Developer) has no time to develop it, the best thing I can say is: you shouldn’t wait for it. There are still plans to release patches for fixes et cetera.

Where is the Guild Master?
Guild Master is replaced by Mayor and his location is on the boulevard, near the statue.

Is there a way to wear your medals?
Unfortunately no. Stick them in a chest.

Why is Madrid a fort? Shouldn’t it be a town?
That was Berthout’s plan. I think it’s a fort for the sake of balance.

How to forge weapons in my weaponsmith?
‘Talk’ with the fire.

Where is Moscow?
The town of Moscow doesn’t exist in this modification.

What happened to the Saint-Etiènne quest?
Has been removed. But you can still enter the church and search for some hidden chests!

My game crashes so… many times!
If it’s a CTD (Crash to Desktop, without error message) or something with ‘vertex buffer’ or a Runtime error, then lower your graphical settings. Any other error must be reported!

What’s the fastest way to earn money?
Participate in tournaments, then invest the money in houses / enterprises / shares.

How to invest in enterprises?
Talk with the Mayor on the boulevard, near the statue.

Is it possible to edit the troops and lords?
Of course! Download TroopEditor and edit them on yourself!

Is there any guide?
Here at the downloads section: Strategy Guide

What’s the amount of tax I get in my village per week?
No tax – 0 Francs
Very low – 4,150 Francs
Low – 8,300 Francs
Average – 12,450 Francs
High – 16,600 Francs
Very high – 20,750
Extreme – 24,900

How do I start the grand quest or enter the Hagia Sophia?
Talk to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Click the option: “You are the Sultan?” or something similar. After you agreed, go to the menu of the town and click: “Visit the Hagia Sophia”.



Easter Eggs

  • The Hagia Sophia contains hidden rooms below the floor. Enable edit mode and press alt + enter, then ctrl + e to open the editor and view these rooms.
  • The text on the triumphal arch contains

Issues Seems Like Bugs But Not

  • Bandits have drummers and flag bearers of European nations.
  • There is a weaponsmith on the boulevard. He is used to ‘lead’ the town walkers during their travel on the streets.
  • The spanish flag showed on the faction menu it historically inaccurate.
  • Street ‘barriers’ do not show names and the exit barrier is nearby.
  • Falling in a castle siege lets you retreat. You do not surrender.
  • Church door has no ‘Enter’ prompt. Just walk against the door at right-hand side.You won’t see text or a message, you will be automatically redirected. That’s all.
  • There are still mayors / guild masters. You can find them on the Map of the Town. Look on the boulevard picture, the mayor is in the center of it.
  • Some troops in game wear ‘invisible boots’. This is because the boots and uniform are one, not two different parts. And to prevent troops from wearing two set of boots, we made ‘invisible boots’.
  • It’s not possible to fix that Janissary Rebels appear in Denmark and Great Britain and Plundering Dervishes appear in Spain unfortunately.
  • There’s a Prussian cuirass, but the Prussian cuirassiers wear hussar uniforms.
  • It’s not possible to loot buildings outside the accessible area with melee weapons. Use firearms instead.
  • If you return to world map from a battle or another scene and you get a CTD, this is caused by your video card maximum. Try to lower your graphical settings.
  • All towns have same mayor. So no different quests.
  • On some tournaments, when you bet odds are 1 to 1 and you can´t make any profit. But this is native and is no bug.
  • Square formation doesn’t look like a square, but it does work.
  • Revolutionary nations use soldiers from the nation the revolution began.
  • Some weapons can only thrust, other only slash! This is Berthout’s work. More information
  • You cannot divide your troops on regiments in battles. You need to assign an officer to a regiment. Read Foxyman’s topic for more information about this.
  • Cavalry gloves clipping slightly with sleeves of Cavalry uniforms. If I edit the models I also remove the vertex animations and I cannot make them on myself yet.
  • Some troops are not recruitable. They are only gainable through getting experience.
  • Formations don’t work – They do! Press K at the beginning of the battle and everything shall work!
  • Executing bandit doesn’t increase your prestige
  • Generals send messages to enemies
  • Generals (Lords) appear to be asking me to send letters to factions they are at war with?
  • You can only retreat in your entrenchments, when some enemies are killed.


Report bugs in this thread:,246208.0.html

  • Flagbearers & Drummers do not walk together with their own regiment on the battlefield. (cause not found)
  • Villages, forts and towns after ‘Thessal’ aren’t in the list with locations. (unfixable since version I)
  • Medals not granted at the right time.
  • Another typo, this one in the city menu for down town at certain parts of the day. It is spelt access
  • Patrick Harper has “Transparent Boots” that crash my game whenever I go to look at his equipment. I had to let him go
  • I joined Coote Manning when he was fight Revolutionaries. At the end of the Battle Coote spoke to me using the Revolutionaries dialoge.
  • Here’s a little one – British Black watch have a Power throw of 2 and a power strike of 0. I think that was probably a mistake because they are right next to each other. Loving mod
  • I have to add to that that Bavarian Light Infantry seem to have “firearms” profiency of 200, while all regular infantry of all countries (including Bavaria) have 250 profiency, and all sharpshooters (and voltigeurs and riflemen etc.) have 300.
  • If you create a fortified encampment, and die in battle, you can’t retreat. If the enemy kills all of your troops you are stuck, there is no exit you have to CTRL ALT Delete and start again….I just learned that this is true for a normal camp as well.
  • There is an option window to retreat at the end of the battle, but it doesn’t work, you stay stuck on the encampment scene and can’t leave.
  • I didn’t explain well, I’ll try again. I make a fortified encampment. I kill many enemies, but then get shot. I try to retreat and there’s no way out. A tab does appear but it does not work. I’m forced to let my men finish the defense. If they win you can end the scene, but if they lose you are still trapped with cheering enemies. There is no way out of the scene. The tab does not work.
  • There is a bug with the fast travel mini mod. The fast travel works great but now you can’t loot villages or press them for supplies
  • After that, I continued playing and remembered that I had forgotten to configure the Formation Control Settings, so I went to the Camp menu and, when I clicked on the option the game crashed. I thought the crash could’ve been related to a graphic thing, and I lowered everything and used Directx7.. but the game crashed again when I tried to configure the Formations stuff again.
    Then I thought I should’ve started a new game [because of the Fast Travel mini-Mod], and so I did. This time I tried to configure the Formations before I even moved around the map, but CTD stroke again. I could enter any location without problem, set the amount of walking people too, but everytime I tried to change the Formation stuff, the game crashed over and over.
    [And, before this first CTD, I had created several characters to discover the skill points granted for selecting any background, and used cheats to hire some troops and experience the battles before I ever began a serious campaign. I had no trouble with these ‘pre-characters’ to configure the Formation Control Settings]
  • Random CTD.
    While fighting a bunch of deserters, French Grenadiers to specify, a “object_failed: arrow_prot” [or something like that ] froze the screen and then closed the game. I believe this is a random crash that could just happen anytime:,252331.0.html I dunno.
  • Podgorica belongs to Cetinje, but it seems it belongs to a Serbian lord.
  • Both Tyrolean Jagers are listed as veteran. I think that’s a typo. If not perhaps one could be elite. I think this might also be a mistake, to recruit a Tyrolean Jager is only 75 francs. They should probably be the most expensive units in the game. The air rifle, (and rightly so) cost 17000 francs in the game. They should be very expensive and expensive to maintain.
  • I was on my way home when suddenly my party was ambushed by a group of mad Looting Sailors!
    Oddly, I was given the following option before entering the fray:
  • Ermh, why are Berlin’s villages located in Ireland?
  • Capturing fort and liberate + asking for making it mine makes you spawn in Rome’s Tavern and not getting renown.
    It also makes you get stuck because relationship with enemies is high:,246208.msg6431185.html#msg6431185
  • With fast travel mini mod, coach doesn’t work.
  • Without fast travel mini mod, free EXP keeps kicking in during and after coach travel.
  • Weird battle Url
  • Am I the only one that gets the following lines whenever a Revolution starts?
    SCRIPT ERROR ON OPCODE 23: Invalid script Parameter ID: 2; LINE NO: 2: At script: give_center_to_lord
  • I just noticed there’s an upgrade for the French Voltigeurs: French Officer.
    The thing is that no matter how much XP the Voltigeur gets, I’m not able to upgrade the units to Officer. I also looked for ‘French Officer’ in the Europe 1805 – II board, but I couldn’t find anything about it.


Version 2.2

– Added extra dialogue line for village elder. Player can request for total amount of money his village is being taxed per week.
– Matthews has a forward facing bicorne now.
– Brittish Blackwatch have bearskins now.
– Companions have a firearms skill ranging from 50 to 120 now.
– Banker and estate agent have upper class clothing now.
– Amount of gold now visible on parchment on wall in villages.
– Players can recruit batallions & regiments of mercenary troops in Revolutionary States.
These troops are fairly cheap, for the sake of balance.
– Bavarian troops have now a hierarchy in skills.
– Bavarian troops have a decent upgrade tree now. Regulars can be upgraded to veterans or Light Infantry
– The common infantry bicorne increased in size.
– Tracking down merchant no longer dumps you in a random field. You enter a warehouse scene where you can silently kill that annoying merchant.
– Added last retreating scene for forts.
– Stats for flintlock pistol and rifle are switched.
– Mercenary Militiaman gets flintlock pistol, knife, middle class clothing.
– Rental contracts for houses will be cancelled when player cannot pay them.
– Extra minimod released. (companions: Joseph Fouché and Johnny Five Aces)

– Victory music doesn’t stop – march of the swedish cavalry.
– Language error: carrier instead of career.
– Missing currency in village elder management dialogues.
– Silver ingot texture no longer missing.
– Language error: No longer messy extra space in promotion screen.
– Language error: Cattle herd quests no longer shows ‘breasts’ instead of beasts.
– Podgorica is attached to Cetinje now.
– Language error: no longer resting in your bed, but at your bed!
– Jules got a lesson about engineering. So his engineer skill is alright now.
– Cheat mode no longer available.
– Jules & Blackadder are no longer womans.
– Factions never declare war on own coalition members from now on!
– Factions have hugely decreased chance to swap coalition.
– Player in service of the Papal States can recruit Italian/Sicilian recruits now.
– Language: several bandits have been renamed.
– Language error: No longer need to say vert, you can say ‘very well’ now!
– Language error: Duke of Wellington is the ‘D’uke now, instead of ‘d’uke!
– Language: No longer Mounted Archery, but Mounted Marksmanship!
– Transparant Feet item of Patrick Harper does not cause bugs.
– Fixed no texture:
– Fixed spawning at edge of scene while being in last retreating scene.
– Script making some forts and towns need belfries disabled. This should
remove the ‘not attacking’ bug.
– Fixed missing entry point (40) in fort map: ‘blockhouse’.
– Upgrading production structures like quarry and lumberjack removes gold now.
– Minimum of lvl 1 for production structures is removed.
– Bonusses and penalty’s at lumberjack are working properly now.
– Fixed bug where government bonds were only exchangeable after exact 28 days.
– Your income according to your rank is added to your income before you
pay your soldiers. This is also showed correctly when paying your troops.
– Napoleon’s bicorne no longer buyable.
– Recruiting Wuerttemberger troops no longer gets you veteran infantry only.
– Hessian veteran hussars no longer recruitable for 90 Francs and only gets you the common hussars instead.
– Swedish Marksman changed to Finnish Guard Sharpshooter at recruitment dialogues.
– Extra space in ‘British Royal Marines’ removed.
– British recruitment pool corrected. (getting light infantry instead of fusilier).
– Village parchment at wall in the stockpile only readable by village owner now.

Version 2.1

– Lucretia is a woman now.
– Companions dialogues fixed. I had to remove 2 companions due to game limits (Fouché & Johnny). They will be released as minimods later.
– Town information only updates when owning towns now.
– Joining sieges no longer drops you at the edge of the scene.
– Forging Brown Bess at weaponsmith has now correctly displayed cost of 2 iron.
– No more +0 or -0 morale for items.
– No more Sword Sisters, but Cavalry Maidens now.
– Invisible boots no longer gives error messages.
– Upgrading structures in your village now upgrades the structure you chose.
– Fixed dialogues regarding upgrading buildings in village.
– Changed names of Montenegrin vassals.
– Announcing events at towns is only possible if town treasury has sufficient money.
– Visiting your own fort no longer results in being thrown to the edge of the scene.
– Being vassal of a Revolutionary State now allows you to recruit soldiers.
– Greek revolutionaries now wear melee weapons.
– Refreshing town data per week no longer reports a script error.
– Prussian headwear replaced.

– Fixed some language errors in the guide
– Added extra text to village elder. So when you don’t have enough resources, he will tell you to walk to a parchment on the wall at the stockpile.
– Marshall of factions are now called: Chancellor.
– Horse Archery is now called Mounted Marksmanship
– Saxon Grenadiers wear bearskins now.
– New sounds

[Bugs & Crashes]
– Flagbearers & Drummers do not walk together with their own regiment on the battlefield.
– Possibility of lock ups and crashes leaving towns after travelling with stagecoach.
Quickfix: Visit the tavern and press ‘Esc’.

Version 2.0

– Name of companion ‘Alexander’ has been replaced with: ‘Ferdinand’.
– Companion dialogues of Andreas Hofer and Ferdinand have been swapped.
– Village walkers do not wear rich clothing any more.
– Denars showed as currency instead of Francs as currency.
– Attending execution at forts is not possible any more.
– Training peasants at villages doesn’t dump you and the NPC at the edge of the scene any more.
– Type error fixed in part 3, death of parents, word: dissaster.
– Only mercenaries do offer up mercenary recruitment dialogue from now on.
– Getting stuck in butcher scene fixed by adding working ‘exit’ to door.
– Fixed player wearing pilgrim suit instead of his own uniform during streets travel.
– Replaced scene where to fight when sneaked into the town and caught by suburb scene to prevent CTD’s
– Fixed quest bug. Grain remained in inventory after receiving reward.
– Towns in Montenegro should function like a normal town now.
– When asking the monk about different types of soldiers, the monks says: “I am curious” instead of the player himself.
– Player cannot ask to get salary or more salary from any woodcutter any more.
– No more shafts of sunlight in townhalls & churches at night.
– Talking with the monk about elite troops, he says “They shoot more accurate and deal more damage. It has been replaced with: “Their shot is more accurate and deal more damage”.
-Talking with the monk about rifles. “The last phrase is replaced with: “But they are much, much more accurate”. The “and” is unnecessary.
– Language error, woodcutter says you owe money, but in fact he does.
– Stetting & Greifswald are now Swedish instead of Danish settlement
– Streets aren’t accessible any more due to game freezes at noon or afternoon.
– Fixed a bug where player hires battalion / regiment and doesn’t get the right drummers / flagbearers.
– The banner of the faction is corrected in execution scenes.
– Execution scene also allows you to view your inventory now.
– Setting up blacksmiths no longer doesn’t take the 2000 Francs away.
– When you set up your own blacksmith, no longer do all icons in the world change to a town with blue flag.
– Berlin is no longer British.
– Mercenary Hessian Hussars wearing colbacks instead of czapka’s now.
– Almost all Bavarian troops wear Bavarian helmets now.
– Bavarian helmet stats replaced with and Wuerttemberger Helmet stats.
– Switching to broken muskets no longer costs time.
– “Build a siege tower” replaced by: “Start a heavy bombardment and dig in”.
– Replaced all musket sounds with old sounds, because of some bugs.
– Added missing musket sound to Double Barrel Carbine firearm.
– Fixed typing error: “Polish Uhla Uniform”.
– Polish Uhlan wear different czapka’s now instead of no headwear.
– Fixed drum mesh model referred to “drum” instead of “Drum”.
– Learned the Warrant’s Officer to use math. Now he offers reasonable prices.
– Removed Bavarian Pretender person.
– Bavarian Dragoons are now called: Bavarian Chevaux-Legers.
– Common Black bicorn added for infantry. No bicorn with sharp edges any more.
– Language error. Changed “brave” to “honest”.
– Removed needless space before player names in dialogues.
– No increased relations with bandit factions after releasing prisoners any more. To prevent friendly relationships.
– Added missing sandbags to siege maps, now it’s possible to create sandbags!
– Added missing entry points in level IV fort (earth) and corrected AI mesh a bit.
– Medals of Austria are working now.
– Fixed receiving rent every 3 hours instead of every week.
– No more paying for bought houses.
– Fixed bug where terrain of siege maps keeps randomizing.
– Fixed wrong placed AI mesh for fort II – Blockhouse. No more people walking against the barricade.
– Camp menu houses overview fixed and tested.
– Revolutionary drummers and standard bearers are mounted no more and bear right banners now.
– Fixed and tested hiring cavalry gets also some drummers of random nation.
– Fixed bug where dealing / destroying buildings doesn’t count as damage in the final calculation.
– Added spaces between formation commands. Like: “All Regimentscharge!!” to: “All Regiments charge!!”.
– Removed very bugged ambush after no paying borrowed money back
– Fixed morale drop when not paying pack borrowed money after 30 days. It’s -20 every 24 -hours instead of every hour now.
– Flags over town (house, enterprise) remove now if you end your rental contract. They are no longer permanent.
– Fixed wrong placed scene objects in the tavern of Constantinople
– Edited 65 taverns!! To replace the passage by an exit. No more wrong scenes, you’ll be directed to the town menu now.
– Fixed bug where only a part of looted buildings disappear.
– No more shiny battle standards.
– Rapiers in tournaments have been replaced with szabla’s. Main reasons are that it isn’t suitable for close combat and mounted troops cannot wield them.
– Language error: “sailer” instead of “sailor”.
– No more quivers or bows for Moscow Musketeers.
– Fixed banker dialogue on securities.
– Securities are no longer lootable by bandits when being held captive.
– Jean Jacques Pelet has been removed as Russian officer.
– Fixed missing textures/models of Sudi555.
– Fixed Ottoman standard bearers & drummers wearing hussar uniforms.
– Fixed fast horses appearing in shops. These horses are meant to cause speed of stagecoaches on map.
– Fixed name: “Blunderbus” instead of “Blunderbuss”.
– Fixed wrong medal mesh names for Russia.
– Fixed: “Rebel peasant” instead of “Peasant Rebel”.
– Replaced class of Serfs with class of Farm Hands.
– Forging weapons on the blacksmith no longer adds iron instead of removing iron.
– Getting Job Points by forging weapons now adds 5 points, instead of nothing.
– Prussian Infantry Uniform no longer bugged.
– English Blackwatch Uniform no longer bugged.
– No longer spawning in the suburb when encountering bandits in villages.
– Seventh companion has been removed (should never been existed) so no two Jules any more.
– Language error: when talking to revolutions; “leavingh”.
– Fixed insanely wrong placed cartridges model at the right side of the body. Only the 50 cartridges item is placed correct. This due to forgotten edits.
– No animal herds with drummer and standard bearers any more.
– No more spaces between words in coachman dialogue.
– Throwing out tenants in your average house long longer makes you owner of a poor house.
– Visiting streets in towns of revolutionary states no longer throws you to the edge of the scene. This also means revolutionary states should act like normal states.
– Missing town / fort soldiers for Montenegro added.
– Changed “Gregorio Garcde de la Cuesta” to “Gregorio Garcia de Cuesta”.
– Fixed Officer rank required instead of Sergeant-Major when shopping.
– Getting prestige by actions now does add prestige.
– Influence Points have increased instead of are increased now.
– Bandits attacking you in towns are no more bugged.
– Payment from government for rank now adds money.
– Fixed a bug where costs is equal to resources/gold doesn’t still allow you to build in villages.
– Fixed bug where random Standard Bearers / Drummers appear in party after creating regiments.
– Missing entry points added to forts.
– Corrected AI-mesh in all forts (Thanks to Captured Joe).

– White traces (musket ball with long white trace) have been blurred a bit.
– Player does not wear carry weapons during the coronation scene from now on.
– Changed Montenegro’s color by some light green.
– Monk saying: “And?” instead of “I am curious” from now on.
– In the barracks, the tournament master doesn’t wear smelly peasant clothing any more. From now on he has the right to wear a beautiful suit.
– Duke of Wellington has a new face.
– Russian Dragoons cannot be upgraded to Cossacks any more.
– British Rifles* are now called: Chosen Men.
– Revised a big part of the companions dialogue. Added some stuff and changed some stuff.
– Completely revised equipment of all companions.
– Town walkers can wear wear gloves now.
– Player has now 60 seconds to plunder and loot the village (in scene), before battle ends.
– Napoleon got a new bicorn.
– New sound for succeeding in quests.
– Removed test messages: “Is Fired” during stagecoach travel.
– Increased winning prize for tournaments from 200 to 750.
– Officer rank replaced by: Sergeant Major.
– Prussian Cuirassier wears Austrian Officer uniform now.
– * behind troop’s name has been replaced with: “Elite” or “Veteran”.
– Blunderbuss is now craftable in weaponsmiths.
– Finishing campaigns grants some job points now.
– Addition of both Napoleonic sword scabbards and new cartridge box model to PC and NPCs.
– More money for merchants and more variation between rich and poor merchants.
– Improved the British Light Dragoon Uniform.
– From now on you can visit forts mounted!

[New Features]
– New troop type: Carabiniers. Replaced “Dragoon*” of France and Batavia with Carabiniers. French Carabinier and Batavian Carabinier wear the mercenary lancer uniform. They all wear new Carabinier helmets.
– New helmet for Russian Dragoons
– New bicorn for infantry with hair.
– Almost all shako’s have hair included now.
– Added tutorial message to teach the player how to travel the streets when entering the downtown for the first time.
– Three new companions:
* Berthout (a Dutch gentleman, which fights for freedom and for stadtholder)
* Jacob the Monk (faithful person)
* Ferdinand (of the most ancient and puissant house of Habsburg)
– English Regular is now British Light Infantry and British Infantry is British Fusiliers now.
– Practise with muskets, rifles and musketoons on the training field! But beware the accuracy of every shot is still low.
– Added new sounds for yelling and replaced bullet hit sound.
– Textures of map icons (player, bandit, horses et cetera) have been improved
– Player gets money according to his rank (300 * rank level). Money will be added right before you pay your soldiers.
– New troop: British Royal Marines. They wear a freshly made new uniform!
– Two freshly new bicorns, one is a unique lootable item, the other is for generals.
– Villages can (re)build structures now!
– 111 faces have been edited by SeanBeansShako. So there are 111 lords which look like the real lords did now!
– “British Light Dragoon*” replaced by “Queen Annes 7th Hussars”.
– “Bavarian Regular*” replaced by “Bavarian Light Infantry”
– “Nassau Regular*” replaced by “Foreign Dutch Grenadier”
– “Spanish Regular*” replaced by “Walloon Guard”
– “Swedish Regular*” replaced by “Svea Lifeguard”
– “Saxon Regular*” replaced by “Saxon Grenadier”
– “Italian Regular*” replaced by “Italian Grenadier”
– Quest completed flute sound replaced by bugle sound.
– 4 new Ottoman boots
– 2 turbans replaced
– 5 new Ottoman uniforms
– Complete redo of every image in game.

[Bugs & Crashes]
– Flagbearers & Drummers do not walk together with their own regiment on the battlefield.


Note: Due to improved texture quality, set your texture detail to 30% to gain Native’s quality and stability!

  • Extract the archive and copy Europe 1805 [v2.2] directory into “…\Mount&Blade\Modules\” directory.
  • Optionally install the mini mods.
  • Play!

Black Bullet
Download and put it into “…\Mount&Blade\Modules\Europe 1805 [vx.xx]”

Smoke – Standard Quality
Download and put it into “…\Mount&Blade\Modules\Europe 1805 [vx.xx]”

Smoke – Low Quality
Download and put it into “…\Mount&Blade\Modules\Europe 1805 [vx.xx]”

Smoke – Medium Quality
Download and put it into “…\Mount&Blade\Modules\Europe 1805 [vx.xx]”

Smoke – High Quality
Download and put it into “…\Mount&Blade\Modules\Europe 1805 [vx.xx]”

Companion Minimods
Either use Joseph Fouché or Johnny Five Aces. Both is not possible. Download and put it into “…\Mount&Blade\Modules\Europe 1805 [v2.2]”

Fast Travel
Every time you visit a street scene, it’s added as option after clicking ‘Take a walk around the streets’.

Download and put it into “…\Mount&Blade\Modules\Europe 1805 [v2.2]”

Troop Tweaks 1.5 (By: Kendoman)
Download and put .txt files into “…\Mount&Blade\Modules\Europe 1805 [v2.2]”

Troop Tweaks Changelog

Troop changes
– Spanish dragoons: 1790 Pallasch
– Wuerttemberger Jaeger zu Pferd: light cavalry sabres ,more bullets +Horse Archery 2
– Wuerttemberger Jaeger zu Pferd Veteran: light cav sabres, more bullets +Horse Archery 3
– Brit Queen Anne’s Hussar: l x bullets, lvl 25, power Str.3, Riding 6, AGI 15, 2hd sword 250
– Bavarian Light infantry: Firearms 250
– Portuguese Dragoons: Swedish Officer Uniforms Horse Arch 2,
– Portuguese Dragoons veterans: Swedish Officer Uniforms Horse Arch 3 Firearms 250
– Russian Hussars: use shako …..done
– British light dragoons: Horse Arch 3 firearms 250
– British Rifle: Ath. 2, 1hd 100, pole arms 100 added: broken matchlock, broken brown bess
– British Chosen Men: Ath. 1, power str.1, pole arms 120 added: broken matchlock, broken brown bess-Highlander: Iron 1, power str. 1 ath. 2 AGI. 12
– Blackwatch: Iron 2, power str. 2, ath. 1, AGI. 10, Str. 17, Lvl 25, Polearm 250, Broken musket-
– Brit Heavy dragoon: Lvl 27, Down 2
– Scotts Grey: 2hd 220
– Danish Dragoon: Horse Arch 2
– French Voltiguer: Ath 2
– French Grenadier: Iron 3
– French Dragoon: Horse Arch 2
– French Carabineer: Horse Arch 3
– French Elite Hussar: Riding 6
– Finnish Marksman: Ath.2

Item changes
– Adjusted infantry sword thrust damage and shortend it.
– Improved blunt damage of broken matchlock
– Made piercing damage of broken Brown Bess equal to other muskets

Version 1.1
– Increased Briquet cut dam. slightly
– Increased Sailor sabre cut dam. slightly
– Fixed inf sword.
– Lengthened officers sword. slightly
– Reduced Baker accuracy by 1 point increased rate of fire. slightly

Version 1.2
-Changed strange short sword/Waza to Melee Broken Baker and gave to Riflemen
-changed Sailor sword to Cutlass slight damage adjustment
-Added Plunderable items to many troops
-Changed Strange two handed sword nodachi to Rifled Carbine
-Small adjustments to all companions
-Gave Patrick Harper different shoes (now no Crash)
-Improved starting clothes
-Gave Drummers Pathfinding skill of 2 (should increase troop speed)
-Gave peasant woman an upgrade line with new equipment: Camp Follower, Forager, Sergeants Wife, Officers Mistress
-Created 2 new troops Sappers and Veteran Sappers. They are an upgrade from Veteran Irish Infantry
-Change Coote Manninghams troops to Riflemen. He commanded the 95th

Version 1.3
-Changed Broken Baker to also have Horizontal swings
-Fixed Cutlass and Scimitar damage
-Reduced accuracy of Russian musket
-Adjusted price of Rifled Carbine to fit value
-Fixed Veteran Sapper armor
-Changed Boar spear to Spontoon (Only thrusting, longer and slightly better pierce than bayonette)
-Gave Polish Mercenary Lancers and Veterans Szabla and Tula
Big Change:
Created British Officer Unit and Grenadier Sergeant from guard and prison guard.
British Officer is an optional upgrade from Riflemen. Melee focus like in original game
Grenadier Sergeant is an optional upgrade from Grenadier. It’s a Melee unit with Spontoon
Changed Royal Marine to Grenadier Foot Guard. I love them
This really changes the look of game for British. Grenadier Foot Guard and Grenadier Sergeant have a Bearskin.
**I know the brits didn’t use them on campaign, but there is a reason artists always seem to use them. I don’t think it’s ignorance I think it’s because they look good.

Version 1.4
– I fixed the problems with the melee Baker,
– Added a little distance to the Rifled Carbine,
– Put Mathews uniform back to what it was,
– and took the Russia musket out of starting equipment, I was testing it and forgot I left it in…

Version 1.5
– Blackwatch Sergeant (Upgrade from Blackwatch)
– All Standard Bearers have an axe.
– Ulhans have historical weapons: lance, pistol, and polish sabre.
– Revolutionaries, woodsmen, sailors and bandits have more clothing choices.
– Grenadiers, Foot Guard, and Fusiliers all wear historical Shako.
– England, Prussia, France and Austria have an optional Officer upgrade.


Mod Founder

Quintillius – Mod Developer
Sudi555 – Models & Textures & Beta tester

Captured Joe – Research & Contributor & Beta tester
Agovic – Research & Beta tester
Davilesh – Musket sounds
SeanBeansShako – Beta tester & Enormous Contributions
Sekum – Beta tester
Tom Bubu – Research

Bjorne – Founder of AoB series & Contributing stuff
Venitius – Items & Add-ons
JDeNef13 – Items & Add-ons
Thufir – Items & Add-ons
Cruger – Scripts from Europe 1200
andeg – Map of Europe
Foxyman – Form Ranks kit
Martin – for the Duel kit
Lyx – (old) Random Events code
obywatel – Old map sheets textures
PsykoOps – Minimalistic Hud Crosshairs
Shredzorz – Some firearms
Mayhem – French Shakos;
Luigik – OSP weapons
RR_Raptor65k – OSP weapons
Jamesk – OSP weapons
The Popek – OSP weapons
Bismark – OSP weapons
wildhorse – OSP Horse Textures
Nikephoros – Dragoon Helmet
Renkoo – OSP Dutch houses
Chel – OSP Battlefield Add-ons
Tempered – OSP Camp Entrenchment
Lav – OSP Improved Trading
Albertus Magnus – OSP Gambling
Xenoargh – OSP Invest in Towns
Geoffrey Ashe – Talk to Village Elder
Highlander – Hunting (bugs fixed)
Zaro – Graphical Enhancement
MartinF – Deathcam
Aquil – OSP Face Textures
Johao – OSP Tavern & Street Props Set
Llew – OSP Firearms

Hall of Fame – Fans Who Contributed Heavily to the Mod

Légion d’Honneur – Grand Cross
Made original uniforms, hats and other stuff!

Contributed more than 110 faces, edited hundrerds of dialogue lines
and did some big research!

Captured Joe
Helped with dozens of scenes and did some big research!
Master of Art Drawing

Légion d’Honneur – 1st degree
Master of Art in making Minimods

Légion d’Honneur – 2nd degree
Master of Art in Drawing

Lengua Muerta
Master of Arts in Writing

Légion d’Honneur – 3rd degree
For information about Montenegro, bicorn hat and big research on medals.

Légion d’Honneur – 4th degree
Compiled a lot of text in topic ‘[Game] – Three-words-story’ and helped newbies to learn the game!


If you like this mod please help the developer by reporting bugs, making suggestions, criticism or by telling anything you have in mind.

The main Europe 1805 thread:,304.0.html


Download “Europe 1805 II War of the Third Coalition” Europe_1805_II_War_of_The_Third_Coalition_2.2.7z – Downloaded 7 times – 293 MB

Optional Mini Mod Downloads

Download “Black Bullet” Black_Bullet.7z – Downloaded 2 times – 18 KB

Download “Smoke Standard Quality” Smoke_Standard_Quality.7z – Downloaded 2 times – 2 KB

Download “Smoke Low Quality” Smoke_Low_Quality.7z – Downloaded 1 time – 2 KB

Download “Smoke Medium Quality” Smoke_Medium_Quality.7z – Downloaded 2 times – 2 KB

Download “Smoke High Quality” Smoke_High_Quality.7z – Downloaded 2 times – 2 KB

Download “Companion Minimods” Companion_Minimods.7z – Downloaded 1 time – 142 KB

Download “Fast Travel” Fast_Travel.7z – Downloaded 1 time – 232 KB

Download “Troop Tweaks” Troop_Tweaks_1.5.7z – Downloaded 2 times – 56 KB

Official Guide

Download “Europe 1805 II War of the Third Coalition Official Guide” Europe_1805_II_War_of_The_Third_Coalition_Mod_Official_Guide.pdf – Downloaded 4 times – 983 KB


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