Mount & Blade: Warband Brytenwalda Reworked Total Conversion Mod

What This Mod Is About

Brythenwalda is one of the best total conversion mods made Mount & Blade: Warband which brings you to the Dark Ages Britannia with 31 Historical Kingdoms -all specific to the year 636- and more than 200 historical characters to interact with. Look below to the features section for vast features.

Brythenwalda: Reworked builds on all the great work done by the Brytenwalda team and seeks to keep the spirit and focus of their efforts alive. It includes all elements of Brytenwalda 1.41 with a large number of content and tweak revisions and only a small number of script revisions. I adds onto 1.41 new scripts by TML from 2013. It includes all the graphical enhancements of Brytenwalda Repolished 1.05 at the permission of Brujoloco. Look below for the goals and features of Brythenwalda: Reworked below.


Dark Ages in the British Isles were a fascinating, dismal time of constant wars, in which people fought for survival. A dark age with a deep blend of cultures. The 6th and 7th centuries were a time when invaders (Saxons, Angles and Jutes) tried hard to forge their destiny in a new world with the steel of their swords, shields and spears. The ancient peoples tried to resist, while they saw their kingdoms defeated and conquered by the “barbarians”, and sorrowfully saw how their beloved world slowly disappeared off the face of the earth. But other people must not be left unmentioned, like the Picts, who have always inspired great interest. Or to the west, another island as complex as Britain: Ireland in which many people were fighting for a piece of land, their clans, livestock and supremacy. In short, it is a world we know little about, yet a magnet for history lovers: a time of war and great deeds, where few kings (almost none) died in their beds.

Current Version

Brythenwalda: Reworked 26

Brythenwalda Features

  • General
  • Map
  • World
  • Factions
  • Scenes
  • Objects
  • Music and Sound
  • War System
  • Battles
  • Recruit System, Looting and Prisoners
  • Lords
  • Companions

  • New system of character creation.
  • New quests
  • New textures
  • Cultural stores – depending on the culture you visit you will find different products in the stores.
  • Improved faces for NPCs and, new faces for women, men, and especially, new face for picts!
  • Talk to village elder and Guild Master in menu.You can speak Guild Master in Town Menus
  • New (and most Warband) bandits and mercenaries.
  • Extra renown for winning the tournament.
  • Make people love you, hate you, or fear you with a new system of improved relations with villages.
  • Listen to the songs of the bards.
  • New Pictures
  • Improved Dialogs
  • Dramatically increasing the cost of unit upkeep.
  • Troop tree in game – (see: camp menu > take an action > Troop tree).
  • Improved dialogs.
  • Add new menus in reports (Factions relations, lords relations…)

  • A detailed map of the British Isles (including the countries we know as England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland now), with meticulous recreation of the coasts, rivers, forests and mountains.
  • A map almost twice the size of Native.
  • More than 40 cities, over 75 castles and 200 villages to explore, conquer and plunder. All with historical names.
  • New Icons for forts and villages.

  • 31 Historical Kingdoms, all specific to the year 636. A huge world to explore: With Kings, lords, ladies, bards, priests and many other characters.
  • More than 200 historical characters to interact with, their behaviors defined according to what we know of them. Meet the Brytenwalda Oswald, his brother, Oswiu, which will give life to future Northumbria. The pious Annan, who saw his brothers die in bloody wars with Mierce; talk to the beautiful Hild, be before Santa; the widow of Edwin, and Aethelburh; the warlike King. Penda, the murderer of kings; the Bishop Binarus; Talk to King of Powys, Eluan, or the legendary Nowy Hen among others.
  • Nearly 50 extra “common” npcs like clerics, bards, quastuosas, spies, shepherds.
  • Names npcs are in Old English, Welsh, and Irish.
  • Bounty system – you can ask the tavernkeepers for wanted lists and become a famous bounty hunter!
  • Hunting system – you can hunt deers and boars in the woods of Britannia and Ireland.
  • Ship Travel – You can buy a ship at a Shipyard town and you can travel out to sea.
  • Expanded dialog system kit

  • JUTES: Centware
  • SAXON: Suth Seaxe, East Seaxna, Gewissae
  • ANGLES: East Engla, Mierce, Bernaccia, Lindisware
  • Briton ruled by Angles: Hwicce, Crafu
  • BRYTHONIC: Dumnonia, Glastenic, Ynys Manau, Pengwern, Goutodin, Rheged, Ceredigion, Powys, Gwynedd, Dyfed, Brycheiniog, Gwent, Alt Clut
  • GOIDELIC: Connaught, Dal Riata, Laigin, Desmumu, Ulaid, Ui Neill, Airgialla
  • PICTISH: Cait

  • You can enjoy breathtaking landscapes, towns and castles that will make you travel to another time. In an unknown world, where man forged himself, where the weak suffered the cruelty of the powerful, and your life depended on your ability to handle a sword or a spear.
  • Brytenwalda will offer new scenes of spectacular beauty. Wander around the ruins of a Broch, or get to know a Saxon town, or simply watch from the walls of a Briton fort, attentive to the arrival of enemy raiders.
  • New scene props

  • Dozens of new armor, weapons, clothes and new food.
  • Unique items.
  • Lots of textures for your shield, so it does not appear that all men are equal.
  • The elite of your men (and elite men of Lords) take your ensign painted on the shield. They are the cream of your armies.
  • Life is expensive, as it really was. You should forget to buy your sword and horse at the first opportunity, or to have a coat of mail quickly. You will need to save a lot scyllingas (currency of the time) for any luxury (although you can always win in the bloody battlefield).

  • Improved sound system, so you can feel more immersed in the raging battle
  • Music completely changed with new theme-fitting songs. In addition, you can request bards play medieval songs (music composed in medieval times and played on medieval instruments.)
  • Ambient sound system: we can hear, for example, the noise in a tavern, or crickets at night.

  • Size of armies more in line with the reality of 7th Century warfare.
  • Skirmish War – you can create skirmish units and send them to ambush the enemy, entertain them, or prepare the ground before the battle.
  • Reinforcements system – Towns and Castles can recruit from nearby villages to restore and maintain their garrison. While you siege a Town/Castle , you can attack recruiters and prevent them from bringing reinforcements to your enemy.
  • NPC troops/bandits can join the battles nearby.
  • It takes less time to plunder & raze a village.
  • You can be evil – you can attack castles and towns without provocation or warning. You can attracts bandits under your flag and create your evil army.
  • Camp Entrenchment – You can build, fortify and defend your camp.
  • Messaging system – you can hire messengers (the spy unit) and send them to Lords (right button mouse) for trade, a challenge to a duel, insults, even give gifts!
  • Supply Wagon – You can use it to store excess loot. Loot will automatically be added to the supply wagon after a battle. If you assign an NPC to command the supply wagon, you can send it to a town of your choice to sell any loot or prisoners you don’t want.
  • Changed the cost of recruiting/hiring/upgrade/wages troops.

  • Battle System features improved morale, training, historical weight of weapons, realistic speeds and many other things. It is more difficult to defeat the enemy now, you must think offensively, try win his flank…
  • Realistic Tactics system with: Scildweall (shieldwall), ranks, square, and Wedge formations.
  • Improved AI: Enemy armies meet your manoeuvers, when they defend, they seek the hills, and when they attack, their men will position themselves more effectively. Also, you can order your lords follow you and they won’t run off when they see enemy troops.
  • All units are new, with new troop trees for culture, equipped according to the age and their status.
  • Battle skills: You can use Battlecry (key U) and Warcry (key B) in battles. With these you can boost the morale of your men and terrorize your enemies.
  • Improved Auto-Calculation Battles: When simulating battles some troops get advantages. Mounted troops get bonuses on plain ground, infantry gains an advantage in woods while archers get a penalty. It is more difficult to kill elite troops.
  • Wound system: If you fall in a battle, you can be wounded. There are many different injuries, from the mild to those that make you lose skill points.
  • Enormous Battlefields (up to 4 times normal in some cases), so you can enjoy more of the battle and develop your tactics properly.
  • Bridge Battles: you and your troops will fight the enemy on a bridge if you were near a bridge on the world map.
  • Weapon breaking – your weapon can break in battle now!
  • Add Christian Cleric and pagans priest in battles.
  • Musician (horn) and bearers
  • Realism Causalities system.

  • Reputation System: Limited party system based on your reputation. Your charisma and your leadership will help to attract men, but they will be at the mercy of your reputation. Higher reputation means more men will follow your flag.
  • If you conquer towns and castles, you may recruit more men and you can have a bigger army.
  • Recruiting from villages is now affected by persuasion.
  • The cost of the recruits will vary according to your relation to the village.
  • Each rank of persuasion increases the amount of supplies villagers bring out when you force them to give you supplies.
  • Each rank of looting increases amount of loot you get for raiding villages.
  • Each rank of looting increases the number of cattle you steal by 1
  • Prisoner management skill of the player reduces escape chances.
  • Ability to persuade prisoners to join you at the moment of capture.
  • You can set free or murder your prisioners.
  • The selling price of prisoners is according to their quality.
  • Active salt mine, you can visit and work in the mine or put your prisoners there to work for you.

  • Imprisoned lords escape far less often.
  • Relations with Lords change faster. You may fall in well with them, or they will hate you to death for any insult and betrayal that you make (although it seems small!)
  • You can give troops to ally Lords.
  • Ability to kill Lords permanently in-game if you have taken them prisioner.

  • An easy to read GUI to conveniently manage your companions.
  • Nearly 25 possible companions.
  • You can try to flirt with your companions – yes, now you can know them more intimately, but you have to earn their trust (You can try to flirt with others npcs also!)

The Goals and Vision

  • More Accommodating to Newcomers
  • Accomplish Things In a Shorter Period of Time
  • Make the Late Game Accessible
  • Immersive Realism
  • Simplicity
  • Transparency
  • Amplify the Effect of Acquired Skills and Traits
  • Encourage a Diversity of Strategies
  • Bring Quests Back Alive
  • Less Violence
  • Support for Submodders

To make Brytenwalda more accommodating to newcomers while keeping the intricate historical and political character of the submod alive. 1.41 and Repolished are intentionally realistic, meant to simulate the reality of struggling in the dark ages. It also gets boring quickly to some. The competition in payer attention from games is much higher than it was 4 years ago. Players expect to accomplish something in an open world like this within 7 days of playing.

To allow players to accomplish things in a shorter period of time. The time frame I have in mind is 1.1 game years to the founding of a kingdom on easy settings and a significant reduction for other settings. The majority of the script tweaks will make the game about 15% easier on settings. Money will be about 15% easier to make. You will need that and far more to successfully hold onto a kingdom.

Make the late game accessible. For me, the running one’s own kingdom is the most exciting part of this mod. However, doing this without cheating seems virtually impossible. Holding onto a kingdom established without more than 200,000 in savings and huge army was not possible in earlier versions. Many scripts have been altered to make things easier:

  • Good Lord conversion is easier with high persuasion skill and RTR
  • Adjusting “Campaign AI” has a major effect on the ability of enemy factions
  • Better returns on building investments
  • Lords are now fixed in character-type/renown. Spreadsheet with all their settings is possible.
  • Many other dynamics that will allow you to survive longer as a faction leader.

Older players may argue that this makes the game too easy. However:

Immersive Realism to me is ruined by using cheats. I would like all players to be able to play without being tempted to use cheats. As it stands, the game is too punishing and even boring for many experienced players. If players believe the mod has reduced the intrinsic cheating of the AI, they will be less likely to cheat.

Simplicity when possible. The scripts in the game are very complex and can overload the game causing stuttering. A number of quests failed regularly due to complex scripting. The most troublesome have been commented out, while others are streamlined or made to run at night. Also, item weight penalties are now based on a simple script rather than the arrangement of items in itemkinds.

Transparency. I have added clues in-game to help players make vital decisions. NPC morale and a few other factors appear in-game. Dialogs drop many more quest hints. Also, making decisions about buying and selling is a huge part of the game, so I standardized and published a list. I plan to publish clear guides to all the quests and other features in the near future.

Amplify the effect of acquired skills and traits (RTR, reputation) whenever possible in scripts. Currently, intelligence and charisma skills at high levels only have a minor impact on gameplay. It would be nice to see them make a difference in the game. Since player traits are so important to outcomes, wealthy players can accelerate trait acquisition. Special merchants and quests now feature items with significant bonuses to traits.

Encourage a diversity of strategies. Banditry or extended Freelancer were necessary shortcuts in earlier versions However, the path to success as a trader, enterprise developer, slaver, ransomer, book reader, warrior or warband leader are now easier. I want players to discover new paths to success and hear about it on the forum.

Bring Quests back alive. Most quests have been improved to different degrees:

  • Beowulf Sword: Completely revamped with new side quest added
  • Arrians: New giver, more challenging, better outcome
  • King of Rheged: New dialog and outcome
  • Odin’s Cave: Bodyguards, new loot
  • Roman Baths: Tied to Hadrian Wall Quest, bodyguards, better loot
  • Hadrian Wall: You don’t need to conquer London. Dialog revamp.
  • Celtic “Sacrifice” Quest: Revamped, new rewards
  • Help Pyr the Elder: excellent items and scripting
  • Neko and Cantabrian warriors: debugged and dialog revamped

Less Violence: Some players and player parents object to all the bloodshed. All weapons but knives can now toggle to a blunt mode. A scripting project has been started to allow the “use blunts” command to cause most agents to use an alternate form of their weapon that is blunt. There is also a new line of blunt-only weapons.

BW141/Repolished were very difficult for submodders to work with. The biggest change is that the module_items and module_troops have been revamped to features names that are very similar to the names of items and troops seen in-game. This took an enromous amount of time and debugging. Additionally, I have translated as much as I could into source files and have published them on a regular basis. You can access sources files at I can easily support old and new submods with the new layout. Examples:

  • 100 Companion submod was recently added.
  • Itemkinds1 is much easier to search and directly edit in text. All itemkind classes share a common stub such as kni, seax, sword, shsword,ax,shield,helm,cap,mail,tunic, hammer for blunts, etc.



Bug Reporting


Brytenwalda Reworked

Mod Creator

Kalarhan, Somebody and Antonis
Scripting guidance.

Reliable, ongoing testing and graphics improvements.

Graphical and scene enhancements from Repolished

Redleg, Kraggrim, Produno
Significant contributions and guidance

Columbus, Trooper0077 and a few more I will add
Task help and testing

TML and Foffy
2014 module system upgrade

Major testing


The list of credits is long (The community around Mount & Blade is awesome. Without you, Brytenwalda not have been possible), may be I forgot someone, if you isnt here, send a pm to Idibil and you will be add.

On the other hand, we have asked all the permissions to authors who required it, someone may have changed his mind, if you’re here and you dont want to be, send pm to Idibil and you will be deleted and your work removed from Brytenwalda.

Thank you.


Team Members:

Obi Juan Kenobi




BerTolkien – French
Lord Arius – Spanish
Rusty warhorse – Chinese

Contributors Art:

Casper Art –
Stich74 and Hengwulf – some player banners.

FrisianDude, NoscopeGabe, Uhtred Ragnarson, Csatádi, eatme, MrExpendable, Gasket, Eктωρ, dowdpride.

Thanks to Kolba and Songs of Taliesin team (TheWitcher, Rathos, Pagan, Narf of Picklestink, Roland, bjorne, Somairle, Spongly, Andeg, Markus II and Recidivist) for allowing to we use their models and icons in Brytenwalda, and give us a space in them forum, help us as much as possible and more, them advise and they be here You are great!


Dudro – Creator of the original map on which was expanded and we built the world of Brytenwalda
Cozur – Polished map of Brytenwalda.


Tempered – Ranger Company and Camp Entrenchment, Messaging system, Challenge Lords to duels for honor and renown, Supply Wagon for the player, Peasant relations effect game play.
Waihti – scripting Diplomacy mod.
Hessuu – Recruiter Kit
Zaitenko y Lopez de Rojas – for Reinforcements System
Chel – Battle skills warcry and battlecry
Mordachai y Leprechaun – New, extended Prisoner Chat
Arch3r- Open Source: Terrain advantage
MartinF – Duel Kit
Geoffrey Ashe – Talk to village elder, Bandit bribery script, special patrols for player (with Somebody)
Rubik – troop tree system, the script to sell all prisoners and others, gambling item system. Restauration script, Better strategy AI on following and besieging for AI lords, improved loot system.
Jedediah Q – Companions Overview
Raowyn and Magelord – a lot of small scripts.
Chel and NCrawler – Wound system
Dunde – new system PJ Creator.
Arch3r -Bridge Battles
Highlander – Hunting system
Mirathei, Jubal, Lumos, James and Jik –shipyards, ship travel and battles.
Kt0 – Screen Territories
Keedo – Bounty quest, basic script seduce, salt mine script and prisioner work
Baron Conrad and Cruger – Weapon breaking
jrider – Expanded dialog system kit and some presentations
xenoargh –  realism casualties, Fancy Damage system and others.
Cimo –  rider damage script
MadVader –  deathcam
xenoargh and Sinisterius –  Shield Bash
Ruthven –  Sea Battles and basic idea for sea travel.
Sword of Damocles Team – Basic code for Random Events and Faith System.
laszers – towns recruitment.
Egbert – Battle Time Mod.
Glabrezu – manhunter: attack them or sell them prisoners.
Lazeras – Code: slavers, troops to companions, morale quality troops.
Albertus Magnus – Filpping coins with tavernkeepers
Abhuva and Treebeard – Reposition of Reinforcement Archers during Siege Fix.
Windyplains – Health Restore on Death.
Lumos – Basic Outpost.
Jinnai – Customizable Sparring Matches.
Ashmond – Improve dialogs with player’s wife.
Mercenary – Spear Bracing.
Papa Lazarou – Spear animation.
13exa – Port in Scenes.
Duh – Seafaring, Moneylenders and Landowners scripts.

Objetcs, banners, faces, armor, weapons:

Talak – modeling
Rath0s – modeling
ROB – modelling
Stoned Dude – modelling
Dejawolf – modelling
OSP Helmets pack Team (Luigi, Njiekovic, Ursca, Ubberdorc, Mirathei, Raz, The Pope, TRC, Dindi)
Faradon – modelling
Aladelta – modelling
Dain Ironfoot – modelling
Thick1988 – modeling
Sibylla – modelling and faces
Trongar – texture pack
Kapt Torbjorn, YellowMosquito, MarkQuinn and Ikaguia (and community) – new banners
Thel – Faces.
Runico – modelling.
SendMeSmile– new pony and some faces.
wanderer949 – new horses
neil_v – blood textures
CpJoker – Water textures
Yamabusi – modeler and texturer monk items.
Careless – art work escape screen.
Narf of Picklestink – scale armor and two leather over mail armor.
Saint John Knight – Special trees
Spak – model horses and any special item.
Jaymosuke, ThrottleKitty, Ren, Rosesims, Nouk, and Aligeth – new hairs.
WookieWarlord, Fredelios and Havoc – modelling items.
Llew – some gallic and roman items.
Pino – some items of his Pino’s Armors Pack.
Wei.Xiadi – some armors
DtheHun – Face and bear item
James (Jam) – some axes
Mackie – some items.
lucky lancer – textures.
-IYI-O-R-T- – Large man model.
Brego – Avar horse helm.
CounterPoint391 – Helmets models.
Gothic Knight – Helmets models.
Ealabor and Vympel – Stonehenge scene props.
Narf – some items of his OPS pack.
nemchenk – “Ethnic Troops” mini-mod.


ChaganArslan – some unique battlefields
Beauchamp – cave Odin scene
Nordous – ambush scenes and village scenes
Nastuir – 1 scene for caravan ambush and 1 scene for unique battlefields
Mendosa – 1 scene for unique battlefields
Openshaw – Expaned Horizons mod.

Music and Sounds:

Genial sound track of Adorno
Checkmaty – battle rounds
Zesus – Main theme

And these groups and persons for let we use them work:

Carlo Schiaroli (Paeninsula Italica BSO)
Taylor Hayward
zero-project (Autumn prelude and Irish wedding)
Christian Brassy (Cantigas)
Celtic Chill (Beyond The Mist )
Deiedra (Sean Ryan Polka (live in the pub))
william elmore (soul journey, river daughter  and here comes the rain )
DU Concert Band (Spring Concert ’08: Folk Wisdom)


Thorgrim – Thorgrim’s Map Editor.
Yoshiboy, mtarini, Highelf – OpenBRF.
Jik – thanks you for your guide.
CLAN DEL CUERVO – Recreation group have help we with historical advisors, weapons testing, and living this mod.


If you like this mod please help the developer by reporting bugs, making suggestions, criticism or by telling anything you have in mind.,340970.0.html

Brytenwalda Main Thread:,189.0.html


  1. Download the latest version of the mod and extract the archive.
  2. Download the latest patch and merge the folder with the Brytenwalda Reworked.
  3. Download the Brytenwalda Music, extract and then cut and paste “Music” folder into the mod folder at the same level as “Resources”.



Programmer from Maryland, USA. Only a game hobbyist for learning sake.

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