Sacred 2 Diablo 2 Fallen Mod


Diablo 2 Fallen is a mega mod created by Flix that brings all 7 Diablo 2 classes, new items, new monsters and bosses, new music to the Sacred 2 and much more. Look at the features section and respective class parts for more details.


  • 7 completely overhauled character classes with brand new combat arts, runes, skills and voices
  • The worlds of Ancaria and Sanctuary merged – the lore of both games has been combined
  • 6 new deities with new divine gifts, god statues, and quests (see list below)
  • Dozens of new enemy designs, creature overhauls, plus new hero monsters and bosses (read about them in the D2F Creatures Thread)
  • New Diablo-inspired user interface, loading screens, fx, and shrines (read about them HERE)
  • Complete soundtrack and sound effects revamp (look to the Downloads section for D2F Music Pack)
  • Gems, jewels, and charms integrated into gameplay
  • New items: Necromancer Shrunken Heads, Amazon Trophies, Throwing Axes, Magic Wands, and more!
  • Overhaul and rebalance for old item designs and modifiers
  • Read about all items, old and new, in the D2F Items Thread
  • Better quest rewards for bosses and chain quests – find more uniques and special items through questing!
  • Optional feature: Inferno Edition difficulty patch for extreme challenge. Read it below.
  • Elite Mounts project custom version integrated into mod.
  • Custom integration of Survival Mod. Fight more powerful and aggressive enemies – with better XP & rewards!
  • Custom version of Wardust’s Serious Textures built in – No need for separate download
  • Item Mod 1.2a and Reduced Fog Mod integrated
  • Rewrites for character class quests (in progress, Druid quest is partially complete)
  • Mercenaries. Hire past heroes from Sacred 1 to join you in your battles! (on hold)
  • New Diablo-related quests (in progress)

Inferno Edition

Starting with the upcoming release, all future version of Diablo 2 Fallen will come with an optional “Inferno Patch” that can be installed on top of the main mod to drastically increase difficulty.

I tried (and am still trying ) to balance the main D2F mod for the best possible mix of challenge and fun. However, many players want to push their characters to the absolute limits. The Inferno patch is for them.


  • Critical hit damage increased from 1.2 to 2.0 times damage.
  • 20% increase of T-Energy damage against the player.
  • Chance for T-Energy to mutate enemies increased to 75%.
  • Enemy aggro range tripled.
  • Aggro range for white (much lower level than player) enemies doubled.
  • Boss aggro range increased by about 10%.
  • No more damage downscaling for NPC’s (they will inflict full damage on each other).
  • Range for clearing the fog of war on the map is tripled (results in more enemies, and remember they will see you sooner).
  • Cooldown for healing potions is doubled.
  • Potions have much lower durations
  • Slightly lower chance to get runes.
  • Enemies gain greater weapon and spell damage from attributes (2x).
  • Overall intensity of enemies increased by 75%.
  • Enemy weapon damage, spell damage, and armor significantly increased (from about 40% on Easy to over 300% on Hell difficulty).

Many of these features also exist in the standard D2F mod (the Survival Mod is essentially integrated with D2F), but with less extreme values than Inferno. So with or without the Inferno patch, the overall difficulty is still greater than vanilla Sacred 2.

If you play with the Inferno patch, it’s recommended to start in Easy difficulty. Walking around with no armor in Normal difficulty can get you killed by single critical hit, even in the starting areas.



  • Mod Compatibility
  • Before Installation
  • Instructions For New Users
  • Instructions For Previous Users
  • How to Disable Fight Music and Screen Shake in Options.txt
  • How to Use Diablo 2 Fallen with Elite Texture Pack
  • Inferno Edition Installation
Diablo 2 Fallen is a huge mod and has very little compatibility with other Sacred 2 mods. However, it includes several popular mods built in, with no need for separate download. Custom versions of the following mods are integrated into D2F:

  • Download is about 900MB, unpacked it’s around 1GB, so you will need at least that much free HD space.
  • This mod requires the latest version of the Community Patch (1.50) to be installed beforehand.
  • My recommendation is not to have any other mods installed if you’re going to play D2F. None. This is a huge mod and compatibility is very limited. Item Mod 1.2a Hotfix is already included, and custom versions of the Survival Mod, Serious Textures mod, Reduced Fog, and Elite Mounts are also integrated.
  • Music is not included. The Music Pack is a separate download available in the Downloads section. There is a small new music patch as of Nov. 27 2016.
  • Read this post for how to use D2F with the official Elite Texture Pack.
  • My recommendation is to set “commentary” to OFF. The characters will still speak at certain times (inventory full, accept/reject/solve quest, find unique, etc.), and all of those instances have been replaced with D2 character voices. If you don’t turn commentary off you will hear a weird mix of vanilla and D2F character voices.
  • The fonts needed for the interface are located in the “pak/fonts” directory of the mod. They are three .ttf files. Double click them to install them on your system.

  • Be sure you have installed the Community Patch:
  • Also you will need Jone Soft Generic Mod Enabler(GME). Download it from here:
  • GME should be installed in the base installation folder for Sacred 2.
  • Run GME once and it will make a folder called “MODS” there. (or just create a folder in your Sacred 2 install called “MODS”)
  • Extract the contents of the Diablo 2 Fallen archive file into the “MODS” folder. There should be two folders: “Diablo 2 Fallen Beta 7” and “D2F Inferno Patch”.
  • If using the D2F music pack, extract its contents (“music” folder) into the “pak” folder of the mod. So the structure will look like: [Diablo 2 Fallen Beta 7/pak/music].
  • Run the GME and enable Diablo 2 Fallen Beta 8. It may take a moment to install. The GME will back up your clean files and will allow to you to easily enable/disable the mod as you wish.
  • (Optional)”Inferno Edition” patch should be enabled after enabling the main mod. Disable it before disabling the main mod.
  • The fonts needed for the interface are located in the “pak/fonts” directory of the mod. They are three .ttf files. Double click them to install them on your system.
  • Play with new characters only.

  • Disable the old version of D2F with the GME (important!)
  • Remove the old D2F folder from your “MODS” folder.
  • Place the new “Diablo 2 Fallen Beta 8” folder into the “MODS” folder. Enable as usual.
  • (Optional) “Inferno Edition” patch should be enabled after enabling the main mod. Disable it before disabling the main mod.
  • BACK UP YOUR OLD CHARACTERS! You can continue playing with characters started under previous versions of D2F, but new characters are recommended, especially for Druids.

  • Be sure to Show Hidden Files and Folders
  • Location of Options.txt:
    • (Windows 7/Vista) C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2
    • (Windows XP) C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2
  • Search for the line “volume_group02” and change the value to 0
  • Search for the line “cameraShake” and change the value to 0

Just FYI the elite textures don’t work with my mod Diablo 2 Fallen. Well, they work, they just override most of the ones from my mod. The Community Patch also replaced a number of “normal” maps (these are textures that give the illusion of bumps and depth), presumably for bug-fixing purposes – these changes would also seem to be overridden by installing the elite textures.

It’s just a load order problem. The game loads – in numerical order, so files with the same name that appear earlier get overwritten by their counterparts in later numbers.

I fiddled around with them and got them to play nice together. I was pleased with the results.

The do-it-yourself instructions are this:

  • Install CM Patch and Diablo 2 Fallen, and Elite Textures
  • Inside the game’s “pak” folder, make copies of,, and and rename them to,, and
  • Back up the old graphics25-27 zip files, and then overwrite them (they contain nothing but dummy files)
  • Open up each of these three zip files and copy everything from the “mq” folders into the “hq” folders (you’ll have to make an hq folder for graphics26).
  • After doing this you can delete the mq folders and everything else inside these three zip files except for the hq folders
  • You can uninstall the patch/mod the normal ways but you should probably then replace the old graphics25-27 files

By doing this you are telling the game to load the CM Patch, Item Mod, and D2F textures after the Elite Textures, but also keeping them in compressed folders and eliminating some of the redundancy of having the same textures in both the “mq” and “hq” folders.

Simpy install the main D2F mod as usual (with the Generic Mod Enabler), then install the Inferno Edition on top of it in the same way. Uninstall in reverse order.


Character Classes

The AmazonThe AssassinThe BarbarianThe Druid

The NecromancerThe PaladinThe Sorceress

New Gods

Rathma – The First NecromancerPhilios – The First PaladinHelgrotha – The First Amazon

Fiacla-Géar – The First Druid  Esu –  The First SorceressBul-Kathos – The First Barbarian

New Monsters

Old enemies have been redesigned, and all kinds of new enemies will appear across the map.  Look out for the new bosses and “super-unique” elite enemies that will have special abilities.  Read about all the enemies in the Diablo 2 Fallen Creatures Thread.

Skill Trees


D2F features the same familiar 6 attributes. Same names, same functions. However, there are changes, both cosmetic and mechanical.

Visually, there are new icons, and better tooltips with more information (for example, what weapon types are affected by that attribute).

Mechanically, I was able to increase the effect that attributes have on weapon damage. I know with Ice & Blood, many players stopped using attributes to boost weapon damage, because they had been nerfed so severely that there was little point to them.

I’ve doubled the effect of attributes on weapon damage, and increased the effect of Intelligence on spell damage by about 25%. This should add more value to attribute points, gear, and also Combat Arts that boost attributes.

Horse Combat Arts

Leap now has a scaling 50% chance to break roots, and will slow movement speed of enemies at the starting location.

Charge now buffs the rider with defense, damage mitigation, and light healing during the charge. The charge damage also scales better and can hurl enemies away.

Rear Up now has better damage scaling and can hurl enemies away. It also now has a scaling 40% chance for bleeding damage.

I’m still looking into resolving the old bug that prevents Run Speed % bonuses on horses from functioning.


These are the new combo icons. No real changes to how combos function.

Strategies and Tips

  • Debuffs - Part 1
  • Debuffs - Part 2
  • Debuffs - Part 3
  • List of New Quest Rewards
  • List of New Bosses & Superuniques
  • Map of New Bosses & Superuniques
  • Visual Guide to Unique Weapons
  • Note about Party Buffs
  • Druid Shapeshifting Guide
This is a guide to the enemy spells that can debuff you.  In this case this means abilities that can literally deactivate your permanent buffs. There are five enemy spells in Diablo 2 Fallen that can remove your permanent buffs.  They all have a 50% chance to remove a buff, with the exception of the debuff trap, which has a 100% chance, and Expulse Magic, which depends on your character level vs. the enemy’s level.  They are only used by elite, superunique, or boss class enemies. Debuff Trap “boss_auge_traps_killbuffs” This trap is only used by the Abishai of Dissension.  Like all the Abishai’s traps, this trap is not static but seeks you out, so be sure to not let it get under your feet.  It causes no damage.  See its appearance here (it’s the white trap). Ice Chain Lightning “enemy_gen_chainlightning” This is the infamous chain lightning used by the elite Christmas Island Furies and the White Griffin boss.  It is also used by the following enemies in D2F:

  • Heirophants (the elite Zakarum mages)
  • Icehawk Riftwing (superunique fury)
  • The Harpy Queen (boss)
  • The Fury Broodmother (boss)
  • Mephisto (boss)

Hansi also uses it, but of course he is your ally.  It causes ice and physical damage. Remember that since it’s a chain lightning attack, it can bounce to your friends and minions (85% chance).  This also means even if the enemy targets your allies instead of you, it can still bounce to you and deactivate your buffs. Black Curse “enemy_verderbensfluch” I made this enemy spell just for the mod. It has a weakening effect (lowers your attributes), reduces your physical armor, and penalizes your attack speed.  It can also deactivate your buffs.  It causes no damage.  It is used by:

  • Elite Jungle Fiends (flying demons)
  • High Priest Hessus (elite high elf priest, Barbarian class quest)
  • Registrar (elite high elf, Necromancer class quest)
  • Witch Doctor Endugu (superunique)
  • Achmel the Cursed (superunique)
  • Ancient Kaa the Soulless (superunique)
  • Father Dagon (boss, Shadow path only)

Lower Resist “enemy_loweresist” This curse is only used by two enemies: Nihlathak the Necromancer, in the Blood Forest and the demon boss Baal (both coming in v0.4).  It increases your sensitivity to poison, magic, fire and ice damage types and can deactivate your buffs.  It also causes light poison DOT. Expulse Magic “enemy_area_bannkreis” This CA works a little differently than the others, because of its “spell-banishing potential” property that is dependant on the enemy’s level vs. your character level.  You can read more about the mechanics of the spell in the Wiki’s Expulse Magic Guide.   Enemies high above your own level will likely remove your buffs with Expulse Magic, while enemies at your level or lower will have a hard time doing so.  The enemies that can use Expulse Magic are:

  • Haenir (Thraconian boss)
  • Walther (Yeti Mage boss)
  • The Guardian (Yeti Chieftain boss)
  • Sinister Prince (Mummy boss in the Swamp)

Resisting Being De-Buffed These are the areas where you need to be on high alert to make sure you don’t lose your buffs: Northland, SouthEastern Tyr Lysia, Ciria Delith (Jungle), Northern Dyr Lain, Last half of Cursed Forest.

If you find yourself having trouble recasting your buffs in combat, consider fighting on your special mount.  Many casting animations in D2F are significantly faster when mounted than when on foot.  Having a mount will also provide an extra buffer in case you are fatally wounded, because the mount will die first, saving you and giving you extra time to heal or teleport. Willpower and Spell Resistance don’t help against having your buffs deactivated.  The best way to resist having your buffs stripped is to stack as much Chance to Block/Reflect Combat Arts as possible.  This modifier appears on tons of gear, like armor, shields and the CM Patch Sigils.  Socketing Sorceress runes from the Lightning Spells aspect will also boost your chance to block spells. Some buffs will also provide you with Chance to Block/Reflect Combat Arts:


  • Thorns (can reflect spells if bronze mod “Witch Hunter” is taken)
  • Holy Shield (can block spells if gold mod “Ward” is taken)


  • Iron Maiden (can reflect spells if bronze mod “Spellshield” is taken)


  • Energy Shield (can reflect spells if bronze and/or gold mod(s) “Spellshield” is taken)


  • Iron Skin (can block spells if bronze mod “Ward” is taken)


  • Cyclone Armor (can block spells by default, can be increased by silver mod “Ward”)

Divine Gift: Salvation.  Helgrotha’s divine gift has a very high chance to reflect enemy spells. The exception here is enemies that use Expulse Magic, against which Block/Reflect Spells is no good. There are two ways to deal with this.  One is to simply move out of the area of effect.  The second is to use Philios’s divine gift Redemption.  It is hundreds of times more powerful than the Expulse Magic used by enemies, so it will always win and banish the enemy’s circle.  Redemption is also an excellent way to protect against the other de-buffing spells, as it has a very high Block Chance: Combat Arts property for those few spells that aren’t banished. Turning the tables: Removing Enemy Buffs Four of the characters have combat arts which can strip enemies of their buffs.  This can be a tremendous advantage, as enemies are generally much better buffed in D2F.  These combat arts all have a 100% chance to debuff enemies (unless they are blocked/reflected/banished). Paladin:

  • Fist of the Heavens (requires gold mod “Neutralize”)
  • Conviction (requires gold mod “Nullify”)


  • Lower Resist (requires gold mod “Dispel”)
  • Skeletal Mage (can cast blue lightning strike if the gold mod “Master Conjurer” is taken)


  • Grim Ward


  • Mind Blast (requires gold mod “Vitiate”)
  • Fire Blast (requires gold mod “Disable”)

Divine Gift: Redemption (Light Path characters only).  As a gigantic super-powered Expulse Magic circle, Philios’s divine gift will deactivate the buffs of any enemy caught within it.

This guide focuses on debuffs as described on the “Debuff as a magic effect” Wiki Page.  These are the enemy spells and attacks that weaken or hinder your powers in some way. They may or may not cause damage.  Burning, Poisoning, Open Wounds, and Damage over Time will not be discussed here because they only cause damage. Likewise player combat arts and god spells will not be listed because their debuff properties are easily visible in their tooltips.

I inserted Wiki links and pics where appropriate for further reading.

Weaken “Weaken” is the secondary damage effect which lowers your attributes.  It has a chance to trigger from any magic damage, whether inflicted by spells or weapons.  However, these two magic spells have a bonus 30% chance to Weaken:

  • “enemy_magieball” – this the generic purple magic blob that enemies shoot at you
  • “enemy_electricity_shock” – this is the narrow lightning cone used by willowisps and dozens of other enemies in D2F

The modifier “Opponent’s Chance to Weaken – X%” will protect from these effects.  Magic armor and damage mitigation will lessen the effect by reducing the initial damage.

Some enemy attacks have a guaranteed attribute penalty as well.  These can’t be defended from by the above modifiers.  The severity and duration of the penalty are dependant on the spell and the enemy’s level.

  • “boss_fog_schwaechen” – a buff used only by the Mist of Miasma
  • “boss_fog_hurricane” – a storm cloud attack used by the Mist of Miasma, and harpy mages (Black Raptors)
  • “boss_scorpion_schmutzwolke” – a dirt spray attack used by the Garganthropod
  • “enemy_mutieren” – Primal Mutation, used by the Scaron, Thranak, Wyland Voidbringer, Daloriel the Depraved, and elite mechanical warriors in the Wastelands

Freezing and Movement Speed Penalty “Freeze” is the secondary damage effect which lowers your movement speed.  It has a chance to trigger from any ice damage, whether inflicted by spells or weapons.  Almost all enemy ice spells also have a guaranteed slowing effect as well (think of it as a trade-off for enjoying much higher run speed in this mod).  This means they can’t be defended against by “Opponent’s Chance to Freeze” or Ice armor and mitigation (these modifiers will defend against general freezing effects, just not the guaranteed slowing effects).  The severity and duration of the movement speed penalty are dependant on the spell and the enemy’s level.

One type of freezing attack to take note of is the Freezing Hard Hit.  It has a guaranteed slowing effect.  You can see its effects as a blue trail on the enemy’s weapon or claws when they go to hit you.

These are the spells that will slow your movement that aren’t ice-based:

  • “boss_scorpion_schmutzwolke” – the dirt spray used by the Garganthropod
  • “enemy_dragon_fly_pestball” – a large green poison ball/Area of Effect used by the Swamp Dragon
  • “enemy_quaelen” – Twisted Torment, used by Bog Demons, Father Dagon, Sinister Prince, Poison Lord, and elite Flying Eyes
  • “enemy_gedankenschlag” – Mind Strike, used by Scaron, the Evocator, the Banshee,  and elite Flying Skulls
  • “enemy_faecherblitz” – Levin Array, used by dozens of enemies, you’ll know it from the huge lightning cone. It also penalizes your attack speed.
  • “enemy_wirbelsprung” – Assailing Somersault, used by Izual

Attack/Cast Speed Penalty A variety of attacks can penalize your attack and casting speed.  This can be very frustrating, especially for weapon users.  Here are some examples:

  • “enemy_blind” – probably the most infamous, this is the black cloud that surrounds your head and slows your attacks.  Harpies and Olm in the swamp can use it.  Many bosses, superuniques, and T-Mutations use it as well.
  • “boss_auge_traps_blind” – one of the Abishai’s traps, with the same effect as the spell. Elite Du’Rach officers can use it as well in D2F.
  • “enemy_spider_net” – if you get webbed by a spider, you’re suffering an attack speed penalty as well
  • “enemy_verderbensfluch” – Black Curse, used by elite Fiends (flying demons), Father Dagon, Ancient Kaa the Soulless, the Sinister Prince, and Witch Doctor Endugu

Attack Rating Penalty While not particularly devastating, this debuff can be annoying when paired with other debuffs, like speed penalties.

  • “enemy_blind” and “boss_auge_traps_blind” spells combine attack rating and attack speed penalties
  • “enemy_area_weaken” – this is a hazy blue nova attack, used by dozens of enemies, notably Hydras, Gorebelly Elders, The Harpy Queen,The Summoner, Troll Shamans, Mechanical Assassins, and many others.
  • “enemy_standarte” – Elite Undead Tribunes can raise an evil battle flag, that, aside from boosting enemy power, penalizes your attack rating

Armor/Resistance Penalty

There are a few different ways enemies can penalize your damage resistance, none of them particularly common.

  • “enemy_area_weaken” and “enemy_verderbensfluch” (black curse) both will penalize your Physical Armor for a time. It can’t reduce the value below zero.  Physical damage mitigation can still protect you.
  • “shelob_frosty_lair” is a special frost Area of Effect made for the CM boss Shelob.  It has a “lower armor” effect that is similar to the physical armor penalty, but it applies to all damage types.  Your armor can’t be reduced below zero, and damage mitigation will still protect you.
  • “enemy_icy_evanescence” acts just like the old Temple Guardian spell, in that it makes you more sensitive to ice damage.  This applies whether or not you have any ice armor, and it can pierce damage mitigatiion as well, making it serious business.  It’s only used by 3 enemies: The Ice Lord, the Fury Broodmother, and the Summoner.
  • “enemy_loweresist” – this is a rare curse that makes you more sensitive to ice, fire, poison and magic damage types.  It is only used by Baal and Nihlathak the necromancer.  Very dangerous.
  • A few spells have a rare property that inverts your physical armor.  So the more physical resistance you have, the more damage you take when you’re hit by these spells.  Damage Mitigation can still protect from it, but you’ll need more of it as you’ll be suffering more damage.  Kral’s Sonic Shriek has this property, as well as Shelob’s Frosty Lair, and Mind Strike, used by Scaron, the Evocator, the Banshee,  and elite Flying Skulls.

Root Root is a very irritating debuff, particularly for melee characters, because it keeps you from moving.  Luckily you can still use items, spells and ranged attacks, and if neccesary, teleport away.  Some enemies that can root you are: the Octagolamus, the Succubus, Diablo, Andariel, Swamp Olm, Skeleton Mages, Orc Shamans, Lizard Priests, Thorned Hulks, Blood Valkyrie Shamans, T-Mutations, Cult Shamans, and the Swamp Dragon.

Baal has his own special poison root attack with ethereal tendrils  It’s also used by Ismail Vilehand.  Web attacks used by spiders and Asmarael the Spider Queen effectively root you as well.  And don’t forget those pesky mechanical rooting traps.

The best way to directly resist this effect is to use the modifier “Block Chance: Root” or the more rare “Chance to Reflect: Root” (only available on the Paladin’s Charge and Helgrotha’s divine gift Salvation).

Resisting Debuffs Apart from the specific defensive modifiers listed above, there is 1 direct defense against all the debuffs listed above: the modifier “Detrimental Magic Effects -X%“.

It can be acquired in 3 different ways: As an item modifier, as a property of spells, and as the mastery bonus of the “Spell Resistance” skill.  However it is acquired, this modifier reduces debuff duration and the intensity of the effect.

Detrimental Magic Effects -X% can be found as a modification on these spells: Druid’s Cyclone Armor, Assassin’s Burst of Speed, Amazon’s Inner Sight, Barbarian’s Iron Skin, and the Paladin’s Prayer.

Another way to avoid these debuffs is to block or reflect the attack/spell that causes them in the first place.  All of the “block/reflect chance: close combat/projectiles/combat arts” modifiers are useful in this regard.  They can be found on a variety of items and spells.

The debuffs listed here are the leftover odds and ends, that have idiosyncratic effects and behaviors that are unlike other debuffs.  Notably, these are the debuffs that you can not protect yourself from with the “Detrimental Magic Effects -X%” modifier.

I inserted Wiki links where appropriate for pictures and further reading.

Stun Stun is a particularly dangerous debuff because it leaves the player completely incapacitated and helpless.  Stun always has a fixed duration: 3 seconds.  After being stunned, the player has a 4.5 second immunity to stun, which prevents “stun-lock” exploits (the same is true against enemies).

  • It’s a common debuff for bosses to use: General Terus and the Facetelleon are particularly dangerous as they have spells with 100% chance to stun.  The Nameless Guardians and the Octagolamus have spells with 50% chance to stun.
  • “enemy_electricity_shock” – is the narrow electric cone shock used by Willowisps and dozens of other enemies.  In D2F it has a 50% chance to stun you.
  • “enemy_area_stomp” – the “stomp” is a nova attack that has the same graphics as the Barbarian’s War Cry.  It’s used by large enemies: Minotaurs, Ogres, Trolls, Giants, Ents.  80% chance to stun.
  • “enemy_teleport” – enemies that can teleport have a 50% chance to stun you if you’re close by.  This includes Demon Gremlins, Flayer Shamans, Ice Elementals, Blood Dryad Shamans, Swamp Skeleton Mages, Ghost Mages, Mazzagon, and Icehawk Riftwing
  • “enemy_flammenwerfer” – enemies can now use Furious Emblazer, and stun you with it (10% chance).  It’s used by elite Fire Elementals, Witch Doctor Endugu, and Fire Tower traps.
  • “enemy_schockpulse” – elite mechanical guardians in the Wastelands can use Untouchable Force, which of course can stun you (10% chance).  Bremm Sparkfist can also use it.
  • “enemy_shocknova” – this is a lightning nova I made for the mod.  Chance to stun is 20%. It’s only used by Stormtree and the Summoner.
  • “enemy_wirbelsprung” – Assailing Somersault, used by Izual.  15% chance to stun you if you’re near her jumping off point.
  • “enemy_brsrk_zerfetzen” – this is a special version of the bleeding hard hit that I made.  It additionally has life leech damage and 10% chance to stun you.  It’s used by werewolves, vampires, bats, Dragon Berserks, Blood Divers, Varmin, the Dark Seraphim, Szzark the Burning, Eyeback the Unleashed, Eldritch the Rectifier, Hephasto the Smith, and Andariel.

The best way to defend against being stunned is to use the item modifiers: ‘Block Chance: Stun‘ or ‘Chance to Reflect: Stun.’  The modifier also appears on a few combat arts:

  • Stun can be blocked by Natural Resistance (Barbarian), and Dodge (Amazon).
  • Stun can be reflected by Thorns (Paladin) and Helgrotha’s divine gift, Salvation.

Knockback Knockback has been removed from enemies in Diablo 2 Fallen, because it can cause a rare glitch that leaves your character permanently unable to move or take action.  The player still has the ability to cause knockback.

There are however also combat arts with a “push” ability, which always triggers and actually knocks you back much further than the standard knockback debuff.  These are:

  • “boss_krake_flutwelle” – this is the water spray attack used by the Octagolamus.  It’s also used by the smaller counterparts in the swamp, the Stygian Lurkers.
  • “boss_firedemon_wegschlagen” – the Carnach has a melee attack that pushes you back
  • “boss_auge_schockwelle” – this is the enemy version of Gust of Wind/Arctic Blast.  It’s used by the Abishai of Dissension.  In D2F it’s also used by the Ice Hydra, Snapchip Shatter, and Baal.
  • “enemy_cone_wind” – like a weaker gust of wind type attack, this spell is used by harpies, griffons, and Blood Divers in the Cursed Forest.

The “Block Chance: Knockback” modifier has been removed from the game.  To avoid being “pushed,” Block/Reflect the spell or attack that causes the effect.

CA Regen Penalty When you are hit by this debuff, you get a CA regeneration penalty for 10 seconds.  Spells that took 2 seconds to regenerate may now take 6 seconds.  This debuff only appears on one enemy combat art: Mind Strike, used by The Banshee (boss), The Evocator (boss), Scaron (boss), and elite Demonic Skulls in the Blood Forest.

Energy Annihilation Energy Annihilation is a debuff that disrupts your CA regeneration.  When you are hit by it, all your Combat Arts go on regeneration as if you had just cast them.  This can be a huge problem for spellcasters or melee characters who rely on combat arts.  Luckily there are only two ways to be debuffed like this.  One is a trap which you can avoid, the second is close-range buff that requires the enemy to be close to you.   It does no damage to you.

  • “boss_auge_traps_kk” – another of the Abishai’s traps, also used by Achmel the Cursed and elite Mechanical Hunters in the Wastelands.
  • “boss_phoenix_energytrap” – used by Narmul the ice phoenix, this is a similar trap to the Abishai’s, although this one is static and does not seek you out.
  • “enemy_aura_energyleech” – a buff that’s only used by Flying Eyes in the normal game.  In D2F, it’s also used by Witch Moon, Ancient Kaa the Soulless, Frozenstein, and Hierophants.

Life Leeched Per Hit Life Leech damage is serious business because there’s no resisting it, not to mention it will heal your opponent in addition to damaging you.  Attacks with this property inflict an additional flat amount of Life Leech damage with every hit.

  • The Facetelleon has three different attacks with life leeched per hit.  A whirlwind aura similar to the Druid’s Hurricane, a blue nova explosion, and a temp buff that also slows your movement, attack, and stuns you.
  • “boss_auge_blutsturm” – this is a blood-cloud Area of Effect attack used by the Abishai.  In D2F it’s also used by the Banished (vampire mages) in the Whisperwood.
  • “boss_auge_traps_lifeleech” – the Abishai’s life leech seeking trap.  In D2F it’s also used by Varmin, the boss of the Druid’s class chain quest.
  • “witch_aura_lifeleech” – a life leech aura made for the CM Boss, Asmarael Queen of Spiders.  It’s also used by Varmin, the Countess, the Blood Lord, and Wyland Voidbringer.  It’s a temp buff only lasting 20 seconds. It originally had massive Leech Life %, which I removed completely because it was insanely overpowered.
  • “buff_aura_lifeleech” – this is a stronger and much longer-lasting life leech aura (still not as strong as Asmarael’s old buff).  It additionally has a small amount of LL%, and lasts 3 minutes (I would have just made a permanent buff but the mechanics didn’t allow for it). It’s only used by Mephisto.
  • “enemy_brsrk_zerfetzen” – the special bleeding/leeching hard hit used by several enemies (see list above under ‘Stun’).

Leech Life From Opponents % Generally more useful against enemies (especially those with high hitpoints like bosses), and much more dangerous to you, LL% is fairly rare for enemies to use.

  • “boss_krake_heranziehen” – this is the “pull” attack used by the Octagolamus, that draws you towards it and leeches your life.
  • “enemy_ghost_schock_1” – the infamous red lightning attack used by Flying Eyes, Draconic Dragonflies, and Crystal Traps.  It’s also used by the Banished, Diablo, Swamp Skeleton Mages, Elite Mummy Priests, Summoner Demons in the Wastelands, Rabbit Cultists, and one of Daloriel’s companions (Bergentar).
  • “buff_aura_lifeleech” – mentioned above, the life leech buff used by Mephisto.

Deadly Strike Formerly “death blow,” this modifier was renamed after the D2 equivalent ability. No enemy spells have this property, but some player combat arts do. It causes you to begin dealing double damage when the target’s hitpoints fall below a certain threshold.  The threshold is dependent on the combat art and can be raised by the modifier “opponent level for deadly strike.”  Not strictly a debuff, but worth mentioning to avoid confusion about the renaming.  As far as I know there are no enemies that can use Deadly Strike, and there’s no way to defend against it (in PVP), except for blocking/reflecting the attack that causes it.

Crushing Blow & Shattering Blow Crushing Blow was formerly known as Deep Wounds.  When triggered, a weapon hit reduces the target’s hitpoints by 8% for 10 seconds.  No enemy spells have this property, but all playable characters except Sorceress and Necromancer have at least one combat art that can be modified to inflict Crushing Blow.

There is also a stronger version (20% hp reduction) that only appears on items, called Shattering Blow (formerly Deadly Wounds).  These two debuffs were renamed after similar D2 modifiers because they don’t cause any bleeding damage like the 2 proper ‘wounds’ debuffs (Open Wounds and Mortal Wounds), and to simplify the terminology.

As far as I know, there are no enemies that can use Crushing Blow or Shattering Blow, and there’s no way to defend against it (in PVP), except for blocking/reflecting the attack that causes it.

Mortal Wounds Formerly ‘serious open wounds‘ this debuff is a combination of Open Wounds and Crushing Blow, reducing your hitpoints by 8% for 10 seconds and causing bleeding DOT.  Because of this extreme power it only appears on one enemy spell:

  • “boss_auge_traps_mortalstrike” – another of the Abishai’s seeking traps, in D2F it’s also used by Lachdanan, T-Mutant Orcs, and T-Mutant Dryads.

All playable characters except Sorceress and Druid have one melee combat art that can be modified to inflict Mortal Wounds.  Detrimental Magic Effects -X% WILL reduce the bleeding damage, it’s unknown if it affects the Crushing Blow effect.  As with all the debuffs listed in this installment, the best defense against it is to block/reflect the attack/spell that causes the effect.

If the source of the debuff is a spell, then Philios’ divine gift Redemption will provide protection, as it banishes almost all enemy spells and has a high chance to block any that slip through. This guide wraps up the series on debuffs.  If’s there anything else about the mod that people would like explained or want some guidance about, I’d probably be willing to write some more articles.


  • Commander Lothar (Defeat the Lich): Spinebender Bow
  • The Alchemist: Sweetie’s Ring
  • T-Energy Soldiers! (Daloriel the Depraved): Random Rare Energy Weapon and Energy Pistol
  • The Kobold Chieftain (Gahanka): Band of Dominion
  • The White Griffin: Wings of Death
  • Undead Legion: Boneslicer, Amulet of Discord


  • The Unholy Crusade: Star of Astaroth
  • By Order of the Crown: 2 Random Rare Daggers
  • Northland Expedition: Braggis’ Law
  • A New Hope: Disturbance in the Force
  • The Ghost Village (Evocator Boss): Shadow Weaver
  • The Dark Cult: Grunwald’s Protection
  • The Big Bad Werewolf (Defeat Bloodclaw): Samaur’s Chains
  • Monster in a Cave (Defeat Banshee): Elven Star
  • Gambling Den Owner (Shadow Path only): Bar’Tender’s Ring
  • Defeat Gar’Colossus: Herakion’s Ring


  • The Legend of Gronkor: Gronkor’s Medal
  • The Mad Ogre (Thranak): Snowstaff of the Ogre
  • Defeat Octagolamus: Jotun’s Maw
  • Ice Lord: Perfect Sapphire
  • 7 Days of Rainy Weather: 3 Attribute Points

Dragonsea Islands

  • The Dragon Cult: Waton’s Dreamblade
  • Ancient Secrets: Aeon Flux
  • Defeat Carnach: Carnach’s Scorching Stake
  • Flame Lord: Perfect Ruby

The Swamp

  • Mummy Priests (Defeat Dark Prince): Pirita’s Bone Staff
  • Studying the Past: Swampshield of the Leech
  • Defeat Mist of Miasma: Ring of Swirling Mist
  • The Bloodthirsty Mercenaries: 2 Skill Points


  • The Paralyzer (Defeat Holos): Bergonix’ Judge
  • Find El Leigh: Djed Amulet
  • Harpy Queen: Ring of Harpies
  • The New Book: Kernforce’s Cutlass
  • Defeat Garganthropod: Amulet of the Jade Scarab
  • Blinded: Nyarlathotep’s Creeping Madness
  • Bottle Fights: Djinn Slayer
  • Radament’s Lair: 2 Skill Points


  • The Impostor: Huntress of Light (Light), Dark Guardian (Shadow)
  • Defeat Khral: Khral’s Talisman
  • Earth Lord: Perfect Amethyst


  • The Ancestor’s Chambers: Amazonian Aegis
  • Defeat Facetteleon: Begulor’s Sparkles
  • Poison Lord: Perfect Emerald
  • The Ghost Banquet: Jugala’s Necklace


  • Narmul (Entry Conditions): Heridon’s Jade Saber
  • The Guardian (On the Trail): Glacial Defender
  • Abishai (The Cursed Forest): Magisil
  • Andariel (The Lost Crypt): Nitao’s Ring of Suffering
  • Nihlathak (The Missing General): Helmet of Insanity

Class Quest Rewards

  • Assassin: The Nemes Headgear, Plasma Energy Core
  • Necromancer: Wormskull, Rathma’s Hand
  • Barbarian: Helm of the Einherjer, Tyranny of the Condemned
  • Paladin: Valkyrie’s Profile, BFG (instead of Huntress of Light)
  • Amazon: Griffon’s Eye, Helgrotha’s Song
  • Druid: Jalal’s Mane, Wayfarer’s Staff (instead of Shadow Weaver)
  • Sorceress: Thylysian Galea, Merciless Avenger

God Quest Rewards

  • Convert Followers (Esu): Amulet of Esu (Amulet of Forens)
  • Parched Gods (Fiacla-Géar): Fiacla-Géar’s Wisdom (Forens’ Widsom)
  • Desecrated Gods (Philios): Philios’s Light (Lumen’s Light)
  • Torchlight Procession: Bul-Kathos’s Curse (Kuan’s Curse)
  • Green Gods (Helgrotha): Helgrotha’s Tear (Kybele’s Tear)
  • Desecrated Gods (Rathma): Rathma’s Darkness (Ker’s Chaos)

Super UniqueLocation
Bishibosh (Devilkin officer)In the devilkin camp in the Copper Mountains.
Bonesaw Breaker (crystal skeleton)Dungeon (second level) on Jail Island.
Bone Ash (fire skeleton)Dungeon (second level) on Jail Island.
Corpsefire (zombie elf warrior)Thylysium cemetary, east of the first horse dealer.
Dark Seraphim (boss)Enemy in the Paladin’s class chain quest.
Flamespike the Crawler (striped rat)In the centre of the Thylysium sewers.
Gharbad the Strong (goatman)At the entrance to the Legendary Pirate Treasure quest room.
Lord de Seis (lich)Thylysium Harbor (quest enemy for ‘The Lich’)
Mutated Dragon (boss)T-Energy Field, near the middle.
Pindleskin (zombie officer)Dragonmaw Pass dungeon, across the bridge.
Pitspawn Fouldog (tainted)South of Teardrop Hamlet on the road to the Desert, before the TE puddle.
Rakanishu (Devilkin hunter)Seraphim Valley, almost at the end. East of the monastery.
The Summoner (elf mage)In the second level dungeon @ Gargahok’s Destiny (not the mine).
Blood Raven (blood valkyrie warrior)(South)west of Artamark’s Gate (Arkenmark’s Refuge), in the cemetary.
Colenzo the Annhilator (goblin shaman)Before the Nor Plat border wall entrance.
Dark Elder (human zombie)Cemetary due west of Urthak’s Moxie, NE of ‘the Academy of Arcane Science’.
Eldritch the RectifierGrunwald, before the dungeon where the cult hides its secret machine, below the cult’s temple.
GriswoldDungeons beneath Fortress Reikenstein.
The Ancients (three Barbarians)Crag Rock Valley, in the southeast corner near the river.
The Bloodlord (undead vampire)The Last Watch cemetary, before the dungeon entrance.
The Countess (vampiress)Second level dungeon in Black Oaks (not the dungeon to Fortress Reikenstein).
Treehead WoodfistGrunwald, west of the temple, SSW of the portal.
Coldcrow (blood valkyrie champion)Stalks the road leading to the port of Bulutuz.
Hephasto the Smith (ogre)In the mines of Za’Zuruik, second level dungeon.
Kujin (boss)The Ruka arena (Nor Plat).
Orcish DragonOn the cliff north of Gronkor’s Outlook.
The ButcherThe former “Orc Cave” is now the Butcher’s lair.
Thresh SocketSoutheast Nor Plat, near road leading up into mountains.
Firewound the GrimIn the big room of the Dragon Caves with the lava cracks and dragon corpse.
Izual (boss)Near the Carnach cave.
Archbishop LazarusIn the swamp’s Undead Memorial Shrine (follow the road north from Hissil’Ta).
Creeping Feature (zombie ghoul)Due east of the Sethiaz, in the dungeon.
Father Dagon (boss)Skull Rock in the swamp (shadow path only).
Infector of Souls (poison demon)In the swamp fortress S’Suil.
Mother Hydra (boss)Swamp, southwest corner.
Skeleton King LeoricIn the Ruins of Gazath, near the final battle with the Mist of Miasma.
Stormtree (giant tree)In the Marigold fields, south of Sar’Thaz.
Achmel the Cursed (mummy priest)In the room of the Scroll of the Devil’s Fire.
BeetleburstEast desert, by the road leading up to the Desert Cantina.
Bloodwitch the Wild (sabre cat)On the way south from the Desert into the Jungle.
Duriel (boss)Desert, in small cave between El-Darrag and Sulinar.
Fire EyeSulinar (Du’Rach city in the desert).
Grand Vizier of Chaos (boss)Desert, large cave system in southwest corner.
Radament (mummy)The caves underneath Khorum.
Sszark the Burning (spider boss)Right in the middle of the desert, south-east of a desert settlement.
Witch Moon (daemon)Ruins west of the path to the Scorpion dungeon.
Council Members (group 1)In the Temple of Tears just before Mephisto.
Council Members (group 2)Around the temple of Ciria Delith (Jungle).
Fangskin (lizard warrior)Guarding the dungeon entrance on north Jungle Island.
Mephisto (boss)Temple of Tears, highest level.
Witch Doctor Endugu (flayer shaman)At east entrance path to Ceria Delith.
Ancient Kaa the SoullessSecond level dungeon – in the crypt wing of the Ancestor’s Chambers (Dyr Lain).
Battle Maid Sarina (blood valkyrie)Ancestor’s Chambers on Dyr Lain, in corridor just after the arena.
Diablo (boss)The lava room in the Gyrvim Caves (not far from the Gyrvim dragon).
Sharptooth SlayerLogaeiar, at the bottom of the ruined arena.
Baal (boss)In the long bridge room of the great machine, just before the exit.
Eyeback the Unleashed (armored demon)Before the last dungeon entry to the great machine (NW of the last blacksmith).
Malthael (angel)The bridge in the Great Machine (light path only).
Tyrael (angel)The bridge in the Great Machine (shadow path only).
Ventar the Unholy (balrog)Wastelands centre, north of the central portal, near a dragon skeleton.
Frozenstein (yeti hunter)Outside the southern entrance to the yeti cave on Christmas Island.
Andariel (boss)New boss at the end of the Lost Crypt quest in the Cursed Forest.
Blood Dragon (boss)Southeastern section of the Bloodwood, north of Halko’s Manor.
Dac Farren (demon imp)Bloodwood, before the first bridge across the Red River (to Derelict Estate).
Lachdanan (Oblivion Knight)On the southern path leading to the Field of Eternal Pain.
Nihlathak (boss)Quest enemy for ‘The Missing General’ (the Blood Forest)
Icehawk Riftwing (snow harpy)Crystal Plane, just after emerging from “The Portal” dungeon, before the first bridge.
Snapchip ShatterCrystal Plane, before the Bridge Spanning Nothing.

  • There is a pre-existing bug in Sacred 2 where party buffs begin to stack their effects infinitely upward on your party members. This is most noticeable with the Paladin or Barbarian party buffs. The game seems to be coded this way and there’s nothing I can do about it except to remove all party effects, which would ruin a lot of fun.
  • The bug only triggers in certain circumstances, so it can be avoided.
  • The infinite climbing of buff effects of party members happens only when a buffed character joins them – when they invite the buffed character to the party, or teleport to a new location ahead of him/her.
  • When the buffed character disables her buff and re-casts it after joining the party no glitch happens. When the group transitions zones by walking and not teleporting no glitch happens, no matter who goes first. When a party member runs away from the Paladin, sees the buff drop, then returns and gets buffed again no glitch happens (provided the buff was not glitching before this party member ran off).
  • So basically, the glitch is easy to avoid by following a simple rule: – take the party buffs off before changing the party or teleporting and re-apply them after. Taking party buffs off while re-assembling the party or teleporting has always been a general recommendation for party play in Sacred 2, and it’s even more important in this mod with all its party buffs.

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Mod Creator

Thanks to:

  • Pesmontis for all his ideas and helping me import countless new monster and item designs.
  • Silver Fox for scripting advice, and work on textures, new items, god statues, and the Druid’s quest.
  • VAMPIRE for making the French translation.
  • Wardust for hundreds of ideas on changing textures of the landscape, enemies, and the characters.
  • steinerrr for ideas on how to increase the power and challenge of monsters.
  • SX255 for some Sabre Cat textures.
  • jordan0422 and Tharkun who did testing and provided lots of valuable feedback for Beta 7
  • The CM Patch team and all the modders who came before me, made modding tools, and showed me the way.
  • Everyone who played the mod, posted feedback, and gave support.
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