The Witcher Perfect Blood Mod (Fix Included)


This mod changes the attack effects and resulting blood in The Witcher in many ways in order to make it much more realistic and believable in appearance.


  • First of all, if you do not already have visible wounds installed, this mod will do so. That means you will now be able to see wounds appear on your enemies each time that you slash them with a weapon. What this mod does to improve on all previous versions of visible wounds is to give you 3 different sizes of wounds determined by how much damange the hit did. Normal hits will now leave smaller gashes than critical hits, and so forth.
  • The actual texture resolution of the “cut” has been doubled, and also greatly improved to look much more realistic. Also, the coloring of the original wounds looked a bit off, which has been fixed.
  • The color of blood in the vanilla Witcher was far too dark for fresh blood, and instead had the coloring of blood that had been sitting for a while. There have been a few mods so far that changed the blood color, but most overshot and made the blood too bright so it would look cartoon-ish. With Perfect Blood, you get just that: perfect looking blood. I’ve done my best to find the right balancing in color between the blood flying through the air, laying on the ground, and on the bodies on living and dead characters.

About Included Fix

I have integrated the fix made by Bad213Boy to the Perfect Blood Mod.
The author never fixed the tables from attackeffects.2da file.
He must have used Notepade to edit the 2da file because Row 5 was shifted to the left by 1 column for each value. Always use TlkEdit2 if you’re going to edit 2da files.




  1. Create a folder named Override in “The Witcher Enhanced Edition/Data” folder and copy/paste files into it.
  2. You should always copy mod files to the Override directory loosely (meaning without their enclosing folders, just the files) unless the mod author tells otherwise.


The Perfect Blood mod was created by Roxtar.
Perfect Blood Fix by Bad213Boy.
Special thanks to MasterOfDarkness, whose work on blood mods gave me the know-how to create this. After looking at MoD’s work, I knew how to edit the blood properly.
Last but certainly not least, I want to thank witsw and Corylea for giving me the information I needed to learn how to mod this game, or I’d still be trying to figure out how to export the .DDS files!

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