Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Bloody Uber Diablo Xmax Compilation Mod

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  2. Main Changes
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  5. Xmax Modifications For Veteran Players
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What This Mod Is About

This mod merges Uber Mod, Xmax Mod, Diablo UI Mod and Blood Effects with the optional Floating Damage Text (not just the criticals, all damage), potions and scrolls stacking and other modifications.

Main Changes

  • Increased monster spawning
  • Increased hero and champion chance
  • Heroes and bosses have high chance to drop double-affixed items
  • No loot penalty for repeating any boss chest
  • Bosses no longer spawn on top of each other
  • Heroes and Champions now spawn with more frequency
  • Potions stack x500
  • Scrolls stack x20

There are some other undocumented changes.






Xmax Modifications For Veteran Players

spawnMin and spawnMax – The minimum and maximum number of monsters in the group (Total randomly determined). Scored in both points to 10.

spawnMinModifier and spawnMaxModifier – Modification as a percentage of previous values and spawnMin spawnMax. We put 300, it means that the previous 10 will be multiplied by 300%, in the end it will be 30.Also modifies default game spawn rate.

spawnMin and spawMax – If you want the boss 24, as in fashion m4bosses, then put both parameters at 8. We put 8, because we already have 3 bosses of gameengine.dbr – how to remember where we put spawnMin spawnMax and 10, but for the bosses the maximum number of in gameengine.dbr – 3. Troika with gameengine.dbr multiplied by eight and then turns 24 boss.

My personal favourite is spawnMinModifier and spawnMaxModifier


TQ AE Got Update 2
Database data has changed, updated mod to match the new changes.
New link added

Messed up Repeat loot tables drop for boss and chests.. fixed that now..

This is now Bounce XMAX MOD
Just extract it to
C:\My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest – Immortal Throne\custommaps\
So it should be :
C:\My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest – Immortal Throne\custommaps\Bloody Uber Diablo
And play from Custom mod

I am not super keen on blood, but a little blood is acceptable
Hence updated mod with death effect mod Blood !

Added Yellow drop filter
Made yellow drops to be common(white) only green and higher rarity will be shown when u turn on filter,yellow can still be seen if u press X, they will appear with white name but easily recognizable as most of them have prefix/suffix in their name
Increased move speed by 10%
Increased spawn even more of champions/heroes


Note: This is full database, which means that it can be used as game replace as well and played as single player/multiplayer.
But if are using this way instead of Bounce map you have to know that there is a bug in TQ: AE that prevents the last boss appearing.
So the Bounce method below is suggested.

  1. Open “My Documents/My Games/Titan Quest – Immortal Throne/”
  2. Create the directory “CustomMaps” if it does not exist.
  3. Extract the archive and copy “Bloody Uber Diablo XMax” folder to CustomMaps folder.
  4. Go to the “Bloody Uber Diablo XMax\1-NECESSARY-Extra fonts for install in windows” folder and install the custom fonts by right clicking and select to install them. This is necessary for Diablo fonts to appear correctly in game.
  5. Optionally, if you want floating damage text (not only criticals, all damage) go to your Titan Quest install directory.
  6. Back up the “Game.dll” first then, open the “Game.dll” with an HEX editor.
  7. Search for HEX values (not STRING) ‘0F 8A 4F 02 00 00
  8. Replace it with ‘90 90 90 90 90 90

How to Use It

  1. Click on “Play Custom Quest”.
  2. Create a placeholder character to use with a name you like. (can be “NOPLAY” for example)
  3. Select the Bloody Uber Diablo map
  4. You will be bounced back to the regular character select with the mod activated.
  5. Launch the game normally and play

Mod Creator


Violos and Kiri for Diablo UI
Munderbunny for Uber mod v1

This mod is based on those two!


If you like this mod please help the developer by reporting bugs, making suggestions, criticism or by telling anything you have in mind.


Download “Bloody Uber Diablo Xmax” Bloody_Uber_Diablo_Xmax.7z – Downloaded 308 times – 48 MB

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Mod is not working it only changes the map ui