Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Legion of Champions Mod


The Titan Quest world has changed.
Your enemies have changed. They have evolved.
Creatures have grown stronger, learned new skills, and recruited new allies to bolster their ranks. Massive hordes now roam the land terrorizing would-be heroes with vicious new powers and spells. Mere mortals cannot hope to tackle these new challenges alone.
In order to face down these new dangers our heroes must evolve as well.
And they have.

Ready for adventure?

If you have ever wanted to play the commander of a brutal horde in Titan Quest, this mod is for you!
Summon a mighty army to defeat the forces of evil!
Every mastery now has powerful minions each with their own skills, strengths and weaknesses!

What are you waiting for? Go Out And Assemble Your Team!


  • All Skill Masteries have been reworked and altered with a driving focus on summoning pets. Summon pets and you live, do not and die. Simple as that.
  • Monsters have better AI, skills, and effects. They also learn new skills in Epic and Legendary, ensuring your play-through won’t grow stale as you advance.
  • Heroes, Champions and Bosses are much more numerous and generously buffed and have new or improved skills. All of them, especially bosses, have a special skill that makes them highly resistant to your pet’s damage.
  • New enemies not found in vanilla TQ. Discover new monsters as you adventure forth ranging from Deep Mantids to cursed trees.
  • Huge Amount of changes to item Affixes and Suffixes. New ones have been added as well as improvements made to existing ones. Almost all now come with pet bonuses.
  • New recipes to create powerful armor, weapon and jewelry each with specific bonuses to your masteries!




  • Additional Game Changes
  • Champion Hearts and Champion Ordnance

  • All Pet controllers default to aggressive. Choose normal or defensive just like vanilla.
  • New Pets! Every Mastery now has at least One summonable Pet, and most have multiple. Vanilla pets have new skills.
  • Lots of new skills to try out. Many are geared toward buffing your pets and boosting their survivability.
  • A multitude of new particle effects and monster skills. Some are available as item skills.
  • Increased monster spawn rates PER ACT, gradually increasing the amount of trash incrementally but Champion spawns increase even more!
  • Almost all items, including Artifacts, now have pet bonuses attached. Extra chance of suffixes and prefixes to help your pets. All types of bonuses available for pets appear in game in varying degrees of rarity. Relics and Artifacts now have pet bonuses, too. Also included are new powerful item affixes that are targeted to help certain pets. These affixes often boost their damage types, strengthen their weaknesses, and even add levels to individual summon skills. Tasty!
  • Weapon affixes that boost damage type to certain enemy races now come as an aura activated upon equipping the weapon. Your pets and allies now receive the bonus as well!
  • Added Party Potions. As one shot potions don’t allow for area of effect, they are based on the Scroll Template. Party potions have a small cooldown, but be careful if you use another scroll as all scrolls share a single cooldown timer.
  • Wands and Mage Shields and Throwing Knives are available.
  • All player skills now have a maximum level increased to +10 over their cap. (As opposed to Vanilla’s +4) Certain skills get a special Super Max Skill when 10 levels over the hard cap.
  • Slow Physical Damage Over Time (wound damage in Vanilla) has been repurposed and is now called Acid Damage. It is now the specialty of the Nature Mastery.
  • And of course, MUCH, MUCH MORE.

Bosses and Heroes can sometimes drop Titanic Essences. Either a ring or amulet. Each comes with two random skill bonuses and some other tasty bonuses. Equip them, attach relics or charms to them or use them in recipes. Collect Champion Hearts, a new relic type, that drop from Champions, Heroes and Bosses. There are 9 types corresponding to each mastery and each Act has it’s own 9 types. Completed, they give a skill bonus and pet bonus – and a player penalty. Add them to their respective equipment for great bonuses. In each town’s melee equipment vendor, they carry Champion Ordnance Recipes. Collect Titanic Essences and Champion Hearts and build some of the most powerful equipment in the game.

Skill Descriptions

  • Defense Mastery
  • Warfare Mastery
  • Earth Mastery
  • Hunting Mastery
  • Rogue Mastery
  • Nature Mastery
  • Spirit Mastery
  • Storm Mastery
  • Dream Mastery

  • Equipment Handling ~ Reduces the strength requirement for both weapons and armor.
  • Heavy Weapon Handling ~ Increases physical damage and attack speed when using Axe or Club/Mace.
  • Summon Armored Spirit ~ 1 summon max. Adrenaline is now a radius buff cast by the Armored Spirit. His club slam skill is awesome. He gains many shield procs and shield charge as he increases levels. Very slow. His shield DOES block and the shields are the same damage as the basic attack of the same level. Strong against vitality damage. Weak to lightning damage.
  • Armored Spirit- Spirit of the Guardian ~ Big defense bonus for the Armored spirit. If he dies, dump a point or two in this skill.
  • Armored Spirit – Defensive Reaction ~ Same as in the vanilla TQIT adrenaline tree skill, but added to the adrenaline radius buff cast by the Armored Spirit to the whole party.
  • Armored Spirit – Curse of Anikêtos ~ AoE spell that reduces physical resistance. Awesome. No, really. Awesome.
  • Hammer of Anikêtos ~ Disembodied hammers float beside you and smite your enemies. One summon limit, two at level 5. Strong against vitality damage. Weak against lightning damage.
  • Hammer of Anikêtos ~ Colossus ~ The mighty hammers grow to enormous size and strength
  • Rally ~ AOE party buff restores health and grants life regeneration for a duration
  • Rally ~ Inspiration ~ Adds mana regeneration and total speed to the Rally buff
  • Rally ~ Defiance ~ Adds elemental resist and damage reflection to the Rally buff
  • Shield Smash ~ Shield proc skill that attacks with both weapon and shield and adds +50% physical damage
  • Disable ~ Shield proc skill that attacks with both weapon and shield that adds skill disruption and slows enemy attack speed
  • Pulverize ~ Shield proc skill that attacks 3 targets with both weapon and shield
  • Battle Awareness ~ Aura that adds armor, DA and increases total armor by a small percentage
  • Battle Awareness ~ Iron Will ~ Adds Petrify, Stun, Entrapment and Sleep resistance to Battle Awareness. Also provides Conversion resistance for pets.
  • Batter ~ Shield skill that attacks a single target in melee range
  • Batter ~ Rend Armor ~ Adds multiple targeting to Batter and reduces target’s armor by a flat amount
  • Quick Recovery ~ Passive skill that reduces shield block recovery and adds additional block chance
  • Shield Charge ~ Running attack that rushes the caster at an enemy
  • Shield Charge ~ Disruption ~ Adds multiple targets and skill disruption to Shield Charge
  • Concussive Blow ~ Requires axe or club/mace. %chance to proc attack with both shield and weapon and adds stun to attack
  • Concussive Blow ~ Shockwave ~ Adds area of effect to Concussive Blow attack.
  • Colossus Form ~ Grow into a giant and gain greater health and damage for a duration

  • Weapon Training ~ Adds OA, attack speed to attacks with melee weapons. Also adds dexterity requirement for weapon reduction.
  • War Wind ~ Charging attack that hits up to 4 enemies. Adds increasing +%physical damage per level
  • War Wind ~ Lacerate ~ Adds additional targets and bleeding damage to War Wind
  • Dodge Attack ~ Passive skill that grants a chance to dodge melee attacks
  • Dual Weapon Training ~ Allows character to equip a weapon in each hand and adds a chance to attack with both at the same time
  • Dual Weapon Training ~ Crosscut ~ Grants a chance to attack two targets directly in front of the character with both weapons and adds bleeding damage to attack
  • Dual Weapon Training ~ Tumult ~ Grants a chance to attack 3 targets 360 degrees around character with both weapons and adds bleeding damage to attack
  • Onslaught ~ A linear charged up attack that gains power with each successful attack
  • Onslaught ~ Ignore Pain ~ Grants pierce and physical damage resistance to Onslaught
  • Onslaught ~ Hamstring ~ Greatly slows enemy’s run speed on successful hit
  • Onslaught ~ Ardor ~ Increases attack speed of Onslaught attack
  • Battle Rage ~ Alpha ~ Passive skill 12% chance to activate, adds +%OA and dodge attacks for 6 seconds
  • Battle Rage ~ Beta ~ Separate passive skill 11% chance to activate, adds even greater +%OA and dodge attacks that Alpha for 6 seconds. Adds +%physical damage to attacks.
  • Battle Rage ~ Gamma ~ Separate passive skill 10% chance to activate, adds even greater +%OA and dodge attacks that Beta for 6 seconds. Adds +%physical damage to attacks.
  • Battle Standard ~ Summons a banner that grants the party additional flat physical damage and OA. +1 to all skills, at level 15 +2 to all skills.
  • Battle Standard ~ Triumph ~ Reduces enemy’s physical damage and physical resistance within the area of effect
  • War Horn ~ Stuns nearby enemies
  • War Horn ~ Doom Horn ~ Removes a percent of enemy’s life and instills fear
  • Ancestral Horn ~ Summons spectral warriors. They are resistant to sleep and vitality damage but weaker against fire and lightning damage.
  • Ancestral Horn ~ Onslaught ~ Just like the player’s skill Onslaught but adds life regeneration. If the spectral warriors are fighting, then they are healing.
  • Ancestral Horn ~ Ignore Pain ~ Just like the player’s skill Onslaught ~ Ignore Pain but adds +%life regeneration.
  • Ancestral Horn ~ Ardor ~ Increases speed but also elemental resistance
  • Lochagos ~ Lochagos is Greek for Captain. Top tier passive petbonus that increases damage for all pets.

  • Volcanic Orb ~ Lobs a missile of physical and fire damage at enemies.
  • Volcanic Orb ~ Immolation ~ Adds an area of effect of burn damage to Volcanic Orb.
  • Volcanic Orb ~ Fragmentation ~ Adds fragments that erupt from the impact of Volcanic Orb that stun enemies.
  • Core Dweller ~ Summon a tanky Earth Elemental to fight your enemies. Buffed with a ring of burn damage, he increases his power every level. Has a small radius taunting effect that draws nearby enemies to him and not you. Vulnerable to cold damage.
  • Core Dweller ~ Earth Fury ~ Core Dweller slams the ground stunning and damaging nearby opponents
  • Core Dweller ~ Metamorphosis ~ Buffs Core Dweller with greater resistance and increased life.
  • Fire Sprite ~ Summon small but quick elemental sprites. Vulnerable to cold damage.
  • Fire Sprite ~ Flame Breath ~ Fire Sprites gain the ability to breathe fire on their foes.
  • Fire Sprite ~ Pyroclastic Burst ~ The Fire Sprites cast a curse on nearby enemies to burn for a duration, lowering their fire resistance.
  • Fire Enchantment ~ An aura that grants the caster and nearby allies fire damage and +%fire damage.
  • Fire Enchantment ~ Brimstone ~ Adds burn damage and +%burn damage to Fire Enchantment aura.
  • Fire Enchantment ~ Stone Skin ~ Adds flat armor value, physical resistance and pierce resistance to Fire Enchantment aura.
  • Volatility ~ 33% chance for added fire, burn and physical damage bonus
  • Stone Form ~ Become an invulnerable regenerating column of stone
  • Stone Form Molten Rock ~ Adds retaliation damage, increases regeneration and increases duration to Stone Form.
  • Ring of Flame ~ Surround yourself with a flaming aura that damages nearby enemies.
  • Ring of Flame ~ Soften Metal ~ Adds burn damage to Ring of Flame and reduces enemies physical damage and defensive ability.
  • Fire Burst ~ A charged linear attack that explodes on every fourth hit with fire damage. Add this skill to your left mouse button.
  • Fire Burst ~ Heatwave ~ Adds an area of effect to Fire Burst
  • Heat Shield ~ A timed party aura that absorbs fire damage by a percent and adds some physical resistance.
  • Heat Shield ~ Burning Rage ~ Adds fire and burn damage retaliation to Heat Shield along with a percent boost to life regeneration and some flat life regeneration.
  • Ifrit ~ Top tier timed summon of a dual sword wielding demon. Explodes on death.
  • Fire Wall ~ Top tier skill that creates a huge creeping wall of flame and burning. Kite enemies around to pass through it several times.
  • Eruption ~ Top tier skill that creates a volcano of slow grenade like fireballs that explode with fire and burn damage.

  • Art of the Hunt ~ Toggled aura that adds +%pierce and +%bleeding damage to you and your allies.
  • Art of the Hunt ~ Trail Blazing ~ Adds +%movement speed to Art of the Hunt aura.
  • Art of the Hunt ~ Find Cover ~ Adds a +%chance to deflect projectiles to Art of the Hunt aura.
  • Herbalism ~ Timed aura that grants poison resist and life regeneration for a duration to you and your party.
  • Ensnare ~ Launches a net at your enemies, entangling the target and sometimes foes nearby trapping them for a time and reducing their defensive ability.
  • Ensnare ~ Barbed Netting ~ Adds pierce and bleeding damage to the Ensnare skill and reduces enemy’s bleeding resistance.
  • Call of the Hunt ~ Timed party aura that adds bleeding damage to your attack and increases attack speed. Grants additional +%damage to Beasts and Beastmen.
  • Call of the Hunt ~ Exploit Weakness ~ Adds +%bleeding damage and +%pierce damage to the Call of the Hunt aura.
  • Take Down ~ A spear-only charging attack that adds pierce damage and reduces the enemy’s life by a percent.
  • Take Down ~ Eviscerate ~ Adds huge amounts of bleeding damage to Take Down.
  • Marksmanship ~ A bow-only skill that adds flat pierce damage and increases arrow velocity.
  • Marksmanship ~ Puncture Shot Arrows ~ Adds a chance for your arrows shot with Marksmanship skill to pass right through one enemy into another.
  • Marksmanship ~ Scatter Shot Arrows ~ Additional fragments explode from any enemy struck with a Marksmanship fired arrow hitting nearby enemies for flat pierce and bleeding damage
  • Gouge ~ A passive spear or bow only skill with an increasing percent chance to activate on attack striking the enemy with bleeding damage.
  • Volley ~ A passive spear or bow only skill with an increasing percent chance to activate on attack striking the enemy with 3 arrows or 3 times with a spear.
  • Call of the Wild ~ Summons vicious, intimidating wolves to fight alongside you.
  • Call of the Wild ~ Maul ~ Adds bleeding and pierce damage to the Wolf’s attack and draining the enemy’s life to feed to the Wolf.
  • Call of the Wild ~ Survival Instinct ~ When the Wolf is near death, it rallies to the fight with greater damage, life regeneration and damage absorption.
  • Falconry ~ Call a bird of prey to fight by your side.
  • Falconry ~ Study Prey ~ The keen eyes of the falcon point out your enemies weaknesses reducing their pierce and damage resistance.
  • Falconry ~ Study Prey ~ Flush Out ~ Adds -%elemental resistance and -%defensive ability to the Falcon’s Study Prey skill.
  • Piglet Lure ~ Flush out a frisky wild piglet to sow confusion among your enemies. Cooldown decreases by level so more piglets can be summoned.
  • Piglet Lure ~ Razorback ~ Adds pierce and bleeding retaliation and life regeneration to the summoned piglet.

  • Envenom Weapon ~ Adds poison damage over time to yours and your pet’s attacks.
  • Envenom Weapon ~ Nightshade ~ Increases poison damage by a percent and slows enemies.
  • Envenom Weapon ~ Toxin Distillation ~ Increases poison damage by a percent and increases its duration.
  • Envenom Weapon ~ Mandrake ~ Adds a chance for enemies to fumble attacks or become confused.
  • Sneak Attack ~ A charging invisible attack that strikes enemies with additional flat pierce damage and +%bleeding damage.
  • Sneak Attack ~ Lucky Hit ~ Adds 2 additional targets to the Sneak Attack skill and a chance to do bonus bleeding or poison damage.
  • Rogue’s Edge ~ A toggled party aura that grants a bonus to the amount of pierce damage your weapons can do and a chance to do bleeding damage.
  • Rogue’s Edge ~ Open Wound ~ Grants a +%bleeding damage and duration to the Rogue’s Edge aura. Chance for enemies to pass out from blood loss.
  • Rogue’s Edge ~ Anatomy ~ Adds bleeding damage to the Rogue’s Edge aura and grants the party bleeding damage resistance.
  • Throwing Knife Mastery ~ Requires a throwing knife equipped. Increases attack speed, adds pierce damage and buffs the pierce ratio of equipped throwing knife.
  • Throwing Knife Mastery ~ Flurry of Knives ~ Adds 4 additional projectiles and chance to pass through enemies to a throwing knife attack. At higher levels, the knives explode into fragments hitting nearby enemies.
  • Lethal Strike ~ A single deadly strike that greatly multiplies damage.
  • Lethal Strike ~ Mortal Wound ~ Adds poison and bleeding damage multiplier and adds stun to Lethal Strike.
  • Poison Gas Bomb ~ Lob an exploding gas bomb that poisons and slows enemies.
  • Poison Gas Bomb ~ Shrapnel ~ Adds a burst of piercing fragments to Poison Gas Bomb that cause bleeding damage.
  • Flash Powder ~ Cast a flashing explosion that cause nearby enemies to fumble their attacks and has a chance to confuse them.
  • Lay Trap ~ Toss a self-assembling piercing bolt trap.
  • Lay Trap ~ Rapid Construction ~ Reduces the time between castings of Lay Trap.
  • Lay Trap ~ Improved Firing Mechanism ~ Bolt traps gain the ability to fire multiple projectiles.
  • Hired Goons ~ 1 summon limit at level 1, 2 at level 5. Though they dodge attacks well, they are weak against physical and pierce. Fickle loyalties make them weak against confusion, conversion and fear. Develops a personal touch you can only get with hired goons.
  • Hired Goons ~ Flurry of Knives ~ The hired goons can throw a burst of sharp daggers into enemies.
  • Hired Goons ~ Pandora’s Jar ~ The hired goons can throw an exploding clay jay that contains all the world’s evils sowing confusion amongst your enemies.
  • Disarm Traps ~ A timed party aura that grants temporary bonus damage to and defense from Constructs and Devices.
  • Taiji Dao ~ The ancient art of wielding bladed weapons, grants the ability to wield a sword or axe in both hands.

  • Regrowth ~ Healing skill that restores a fixed amount of life to a single target.
  • Regrowth ~ Accelerated Growth ~ Reduces the time between casts of Regrowth.
  • Regrowth ~ Dissemination ~ Adds a chain to Regrowth to heal multiple targets.
  • Heart of Oak ~ Toggled party aura that increases health and speed.
  • Heart of Oak ~ Tranquility of Water ~ Adds %mana cost reduction, +%mana regeneration to Heart of Oak aura and helps your pets resist confusion.
  • Heart of Oak ~ Permanence of Stone ~ Adds pierce and elemental resist to Heart of Oak aura.
  • Refresh ~ Globally reduces the cooldown time of spells that are recharging.
  • Plague ~ Afflicts target with disease that reduces life and spreads to other enemies.
  • Plague ~ Fatigue ~ Slows enemies and reduces their physical damage.
  • Plague ~ Susceptibility ~ Reduces enemy’s physical, poison and elemental resistances.
  • Roots of Willow ~ Toggled party aura that adds acid (physical over time) damage to your attacks. Adds percentage boost damage to Insectoids.
  • Roots of Willow ~ Oxidation ~ Increases acid damage by a percent and adds %defense against Insectoids.
  • Roots of Willow ~ Erosion ~ Adds 33% chance to greatly increase acid damage and duration. Adds a chance to reduce an enemy’s total damage by a percent and reduce their armor.
  • Summon Bogdweller ~ Summon a mobile plant to fight your enemies. Immune to bleeding and poison damage but weak against fire and vitality damage. Absorbs spell energy.
  • Bogdweller ~ Swamp Gas ~ The bogdweller vomits a toxic cloud of poisonous gas that has a chance to confuse, stun, terrify or put to sleep an enemy.
  • Bogdweller ~ Swamp Gas ~ Virulence ~ The bogdweller’s gas becomes even more toxic and slows enemies. Reduces enemy’s resistances by a percent while in the cloud of gas.
  • Bogdweller ~ Spontaneous Regeneration ~ With a 12.5% chance to cast on being hit, the bogdweller gains the ability to spontaneously regrow from damage and resist new injuries for a time
  • Quillvine Thicket ~ Summon a ranged spine shooting flower.
  • Quillvine Thicket ~ Fertile Ground ~ Reduces the time between castings of Quillvine Thicket, allowing more to be summoned.
  • Quillvine Thicket ~ Sanctuary ~ Each Quillvine gains the ability to cast a soothing party aura, granting the party big life and mana regeneration and all-damage absorption.
  • Sylvan Nymph ~ Summon a mobile ranged Nymph to fight by your side. She gains the ability to summon her own friendly woodland spirits that pester enemies and cast beneficial buff to the party.
    • *Sylvan Nymph Pet ~ Fairy She is basically a little Piglet Swarm by herself. Her initial skill is a low radius taunt, instant cast so no time wasted. She has a passive chance to cause fumble and confusion and a good chance to randomly change targets. She does almost no damage and doesn’t last long but it is a fun flavor skill. Also Casts regrowth
    • **Sylvan Nymph Pet ~ Will O’ Wisp abilities: LEVEL = WISPS LEVEL. To see what level you can unlock a wisps ability via skill points in Sylvan Nymph add +4. (IE: Wisp will cast bramblethorn only if Nymph is at level 9). Wisp has 30 second life span
      • Level 1: Summer Rain: heal and grant health regeneration for a single ally
      • Level 1: Come At Me Bro! Short range taunt skill that does a token amount of pierce damage in a 3 meter radius. Taunt+Pierce should make the monsters mad enough, but the Wisp controller says Flee! So basically the Wisp runs up, casts taunt and runs Because the Nymph hangs so far back, don’t expect this to happen very often, though.
      • Level 1: Zephyr: The Will O’ Wisp grants slightly increased total speed and additional attack speed for a time. 10 to 18 second duration
      • Level 5: Bramblethorn: The Will O’ Wisp grants greater Acid and Pierce damage for a time. 10 to 18 second duration
      • Level 11: Autumn Grief: The Will O’ Wisp curses a single enemy with slightly lower physical resistance. 8 second duration
      • Level 15: Gaia’s Blessing: The Will O’ Wisp grants increased dexterity, strength and intelligence for a time. 8 second duration.
  • Sylvan Nymph ~ Nature’s Wrath ~ The Sylvan Nymph attacks with tremendous elemental and acid damage. Has a chance to hit multiple enemies.
  • Sylvan Nymph ~ Song of the Wood ~ The melodious voice of the Sylvan Nymph inspires your party to greater damage and protects the party from vitality damage for a time. Comforts and protects your pets from confusion and fear.
  • Gaea’s Avatar ~ A top tier timed self buff that increases total damage and greatly increases your strength, dexterity and intelligence for a time.

  • Vision of Death ~ Causes fear and enemy attack fumbling in a radius.
  • Deathchill Aura ~ Surrounds the caster with a deathly aura that slows enemies and diminishes their life.
  • Deathchill Aura ~ Ravages of Time ~ Reduces enemies’ physical and pierce damage and reduces the effectiveness of their armor.
  • Deathchill Aura ~ Necrosis ~ Reduces enemies’ bleeding, vitality, life leech and, at higher levels, poison resistances.
  • Skeleton Warrior ~ From the depths of Hades, summon the skeletal remains of slain warriors. Each level summons from deeper in the pits of Tartarus resulting in more powerful minions. Immune to fear, strong against vitality damage and poison but vulnerable to fire. Innate bonus against Undead enemies.
  • Skeleton Warrior ~ Vampire Strike ~ Powerful blow that draws health from the victim and grants it to your minion.
  • Skeleton Warrior ~ Revenant Heart ~ Grants the Skeleton Warrior damage absorption, bonus life and a chance to leech life and mana from enemies.
  • Skeleton Warrior ~ Revenant Rage ~ Grants the Skeleton Warrior vitality damage and boosts their total damage.
  • Spirit Strike ~ A charged linear attack that procs on every 4th hit. Adds vitality damage and leeches a percent of the damage as life force from the enemy and gives it to the caster. Assign this skill to the left mouse button.
  • Spirit Strike ~ Cascade ~ Adds an area of effect bonus to Spirit Strike that leeches life from enemies. Has a chance to frighten.
  • Ternion ~ Requires a staff to be equipped. Adds two additional projectiles to a staff attack.
  • Ternion ~ Arcane Lore ~ Adds increasing explosion radius to Ternion impacts.
  • Dark Covenant ~ Timed party aura that increases mana regeneration and total speed at the expense of caster’s life energy.
  • Dark Covenant ~ Unearthly Power ~ Boosts elemental and vitality damage while under the efeect of Dark Covenant.
  • Summon Liche King ~ Summon an undead sorcerer and bind him to your will. Casts Death Ward aura that deals extra damage to and grants extra defense from Undead monsters.
  • Liche King ~ Death Nova ~ The Liche King explodes in a radius near him harming enemies and draining their life energy for himself.
  • Liche King ~ Wraith Shell ~ The Liche Kings surrounds himself with a glowing aura that shields him from all incoming damage.
  • Liche King ~ Soul Strike ~ The Liche King casts an arcing, powerful ball of dark energy at enemies that explodes in a radius doing vitality damage.
  • Spirit Totem ~ A deathly totem that grants power to all allies increasing cast speed and reducing the delay between casting spells.
  • Spirit Totem ~ Soul Touch ~ The Spirit Totem funnels dark energy to all allies granting them vitality damage to their attacks.
  • Enslave Spirit ~ Attempt to bend an enemy to your will and recruit him for yourself temporarily.
  • Skeletal Berzerker ~ Top tier skill. Summon a maddened and powerful undead monstrosity to attack your enemies. This being is so powerful, it can only be maintained for a time before returning to Tartarus.
  • Death Ward ~ Places a magical ward on the player that protects them from death by granting additional life, life regeneration and movement when their life gets dangerously low.

  • Ice Shard ~ Projects a deadly shard of ice at the target inflicting cold damage and temporarily slowing them.
  • Ice Shard ~ Velocity ~ Increased speed and damage of Ice Shard
  • Ice Shard ~ Torrent ~ Increases the number of shards cast and adds frostburn damage.
  • Lightning Bolt ~ Call forth a powerful bolt of lightning
  • Lightning Bolt ~ Chain Lightning ~ Causes electricity to leap from the target of your lightning bolt and strike additional enemies
  • Freezing Blast ~ Encases enemies in ice immobilizing them but making them 70% more difficult to damage. Adds frostburn damage.
  • Storm Nimbus ~ Toggled party aura that adds lightning, cold or frostburn damage to each attack.
  • Storm Nimbus ~ Heart of Frost ~ Boosts cold and frostburn damage and adds cold resistance to Storm Nimbus aura. Increases frostburn duration.
  • Storm Nimbus ~ Static Charge ~ Boosts lightning and electric burn damage, boosts any lightning retaliation damage and adds lightning resistance to Storm Nimbus aura.
  • Storm Sprite ~ Summons a storm enchanted demon to serve as a minion. Strong against ice and lightning but vulnerable to fire.
  • Storm Sprite ~ Storm Breath ~ The Storm Sprite gains the ability to breathe out blasts of thunderous energy, causing lightning and cold damage and a chance to freeze enemies in their tracks or stun them.
  • Storm Sprite ~ Frost Shield ~ A swirling mist of frost conceals the Storm Sprite making them more difficult to attack and has a chance of damaging an attacker.
  • Summon Wisp ~ Summon a wisp from out of the atmosphere to battle your enemies.
  • Wisp ~ Eye of the Storm ~ Timed party aura that boosts elemental damage.
  • Spellbreaker ~ Dispels negative effects from allies or positive effects from enemies and drains their energy.
  • Spellbreaker ~ Spell Shock ~ Disrupts enemy skills and causes the energy drain of Spellbreaker to do damage.
  • Storm Surge ~ A self buff that adds a chance when hit to attack everyone surrounding you with lightning damage and stun.
  • Thunderball ~ An arcing missile of pure lightning energy that explodes on impact.
  • Thunderball ~ Concussive Blast ~ Adds additional exploding fragments that burst from the impact of Thunderball
  • Energy Shield ~ A timed party aura that absorbs a percent of incoming lightning and cold damage and protects from energy leech.
  • Energy Shield ~ Reflection ~ Adds increasing chance to reflect an increasing percent of enemy damage. Adds an increasing chance to retaliate with cold or lightning damage.
  • Squall ~ Casts a whirling storm of cold, lightning or frostburn damage.
  • Squall ~ Obscured Visibility ~ Greatly reduces enemy projectile aim and reduces enemy resistances.
  • Storm Giant ~ Top tier timed summon skill that summons a huge Storm Giant to smash your foes

  • Trance of Terror ~ Toggled party aura that adds either +%physical, life leech or lightning burn to your attacks. Has an increasing chance to cause fear on attack.
  • Trance of Convalescence ~ Toggled party aura that adds increasing physical, pierce and elemental resistance and flat health and energy regeneration.
  • Trance of Wrath ~ A toggle aura that attacks nearby enemies with electric burn damage and reduces their resistance to all damage by a percent.
  • Distort Reality ~ Sends out a ripple of physical and vitality damage from the caster and stuns your enemies.
  • Distort Reality ~ Temporal Rift ~ Adds mana burn, lightning burn and petrifies enemies.
  • Distortion Wave ~ Sends a wave out from the caster that causes physical damage and slows enemies.
  • Distortion Wave ~ Chaotic Resonance ~ Adds bonus damage to Distortion Wave and reduces enemies’ armor.
  • Distortion Wave ~ Psionic Immolation ~ Adds electricburn damage to Distortion Wave and grants 50% extra damage to all Demons.
  • Psionic Touch ~ A charged linear skill that adds a bonus percent to physical and vitality damage and adds flat vitality damage on each 3rd hit. Assign this skill to your left mouse button.
  • Psionic Touch ~ Psionic Burn ~ Adds an area of effect to Psionic Touch that causes lighting burn and bonus damage to Demons.
  • Distortion Field ~ Passive skill with a 5% chance to activate when hit creating a field of energy that absorbs damage for 15 seconds.
  • Sands of Sleep ~ A chain of dream energy erupts form the caster hitting multiple enemies and putting them to sleep.
  • Nightmare ~ Calls forth a nightmarish phantasm from the dream world to serve as your familiar.
  • Nightmare ~ Static Field ~ The Nightmare emits a powerful energy that surrounds you and you allies imbuing them with greater electric burn, life leech and vitality damage and increasing the duration of all electric burn damage. Adds a bonus damage to Demons to all party members.
  • Nightmare ~ Master Mind ~ NIghtmare casts a timed party aura that boosts all pet damage and protects pets from conversion and fear.
  • Nightterrors ~ Summon forth smaller versions of Nightmares that attack enemies.
  • Nightterrors ~ Hypnotic Gaze ~ The Nightterrors stare into the souls of enemies, confusing them and reducing their resistance to damage.
  • Nightterrors ~ Singularity Field ~ When struck, Nightterrors have a chance to cast a field of energy that increases their speed, absorbs damage, regenerates life and makes them harder to hit.
  • Nightterrors ~ Synergy Bolt ~ Multiple Nightterrors pool their power to blast enemies with a powerful bolt of energy. Requires more than one summoned Nightterror to activate.
  • Lucid Dream ~ Passive skill that boosts physical, electric burn and vitality damage.
  • Lucid Dream ~ Premonition ~ Adds flat offensive and defensive ability to Lucid Dream skill.
  • Lucid Dream ~ Temporal Flux ~ Adds increased speed and an increasing chance to deflect projectile to Lucid Dream.
  • Phantom Strike ~ Vanish from the waking world and reappear before a target enemy to deliver a monstrous attack.
  • Phantom Strike ~ Adds an area of effect to Phantom Strike delivering massive physical damage, stealing energy and stunning enemies.


Legion of Champions Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Legion of Champions Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

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Installation:Open "My Documents/My Games/Titan Quest - Immortal Throne/" Create the directory "CustomMaps" if it does not exist. Copy all the directories inside the archive to "CustomMaps" folder.How...



November 20, 2016 Hotfix

  • Fixed lightning config effect file for Liche King and Nightmare ultimate level basic attack skill

November 19, 2016 Update



  • Fixed broken file path for Act 4 acid wands
  • Fixed broken skill bonus on Tunic of the Silver Bow
  • Reworked flat acid damage wands in act 4…were pretty screwed up compared to act 3. Whatever, it’s fixed now.
  • Fixed looping particle effect on Quillvine Caustic Seed projectile impact
  • Fixed act 4 mystery shrine loot tables
  • Fixed quest reward for Euridice and Orpheus quest giving duplicate affixes (NOTE: If you have already completed this quest, this change will screw up your journal regarding this quest. The game will still register it as complete in the game mechanics in that you can’t redo it, but it will not show that you have started the quest in your journal)
  • Adjusted Keres proxy spawn distribution distance to prevent spawning inside cliff face near Plains of Judgement city entrance
  • Fixed broken skill file path for Enforcer Bracer MI dropped by Satyr Brutes
  • Fixed name of Jackalman wand
  • Fixed Harpy MI missing set item registry
  • Fixed typo in Hoe of Destruction racial damage bonus race and added Beastman




  • Global Insect properties now include a Total Speed boost of 15% in Epic and 20% in Legendary. Deflect Projectiles by 5%, 10% and 15%.
  • Adjusted proxy spawn extents in the Upper War camp for some skeleton proxies in an attempt to prevent them from spawning in an inaccessible area.
  • Lowered the “timeBeforeRoam” values in monster skeleton controllers so they don’t remain bunched up when they first spawn.
  • ALL demon type creatures now have natural resistances: 15% fire and vitality absorb, 20% fear and petrify resist, 20% Life Leech resist, 25% life leech duration reduction
  • Nerfed Quillvine’s ultimate skill “Caustic Seed” and gave it increasing damage based on game difficulty. At max level it could one-shot Troglodytes in act 4. Too OP, better balanced now.
  • Reduced Quillvine summon limit for levels over 20 to 3 with total 4 at ultimate level 26
  • Reduce total speed for Wraith Boss in Tegea tomb in Epic and Legendary
  • Nerfed Nature’s Root of Willow +%damage to Insectoids: 10% up to 200% at level 26
  • Updated unique gear resists to resemble Nordic latest patch
  • Wizard Hat has only +1 to all skills now instead of +2
  • Davy Jones’ Key item skill fires more often and has shorter cooldown


New Content


  • New Snowlion hero
  • New Winterwolf hero
  • New Satyr Necro hero
  • New lightning based Hydra in the Pythian caves
  • New Medusa-based enemy appearing with Euronymus in Egypt and early Orient
  • New Pale Arachnos appearing with albino spiders in Act 4
  • the Hydra boss now has an additional lightning breath attack
  • New Act 2 Charm – Flaming Carapace: dropped by fire beetles and fire scorpions, adds fire resist and fire retaliation to shields
  • New Hulking Ratmen champions in act 1 & 3
  • rare +%acid damage suffix added to weapon suffix randomizer tables
  • New rare suffix that adds chance to reduce armor by both flat amount AND percent and also adds +%acid and +skills to Nature’s Root of Willow modifiers
  • “Defiled/Profaned” suffix now adds +skills to Rogue’s Envenom Weapon modifiers and increased +%poison
  • Added Piglets to Boar spawns in early act 1 and gave boars a more aggressive controller in epic and legendary
  • New act 2 Relic: The Sting of Serqet. Grants acid and poison damage and pierce and poison resists.
  • New bleeding dart chest trap
  • New unique mage armor: Wizard Robe. Completes new set with Wizard Hat. Both drop in act 4 normal and act 1 and 2 epic.
  • New textures for ultimate level Quillvines
  • Hades 3rd form has new elemental damage skill


October 26, 2016 Update



  • Updated Giant Yeti petbonus quest reward UI text description to match the reward in this mod and not the vanilla reward
  • Fixed bug in Defense’s Armored Spirit summons having only his level 1 shield in normal difficulty. Now his shield scales with his level so he should be more tanky in normal difficulty like he was supposed to be.
  • Fixed bug where Ifrit and Marid MI rings could spawn without a skill bonus
  • Fixed caged shades in Hades. They were disappearing but the new spawns didn’t. So I turned the NPC map objects into proxies. Worked a treat. Fighting shades get new skills in epic and legendary and all difficulties get the new ghost resistances to physical and pierce.
  • Fixed bug in skill affix table for old skill in Rogue skill affixes to correct skill
  • Fixed bug in Gigantes MI set having plain helm in set config instead of MI one.
  • Fixed bug in Dragonian MI set having plain armor in set config instead of MI one.
  • Updated quest “Tourist Trap” and the init – set up all acts.qst file to spawn the Delphi MI Merchant rather than “show” him as the quest command “hide” doesn’t hide a merchant in the mini-map. I actually changed the NPC creature/npc/greece/delphi/male_002.dbr into a QuestLocation template in the mod that I then use to determine where to spawn the merchant using the quest commands.
  • Added missing animations for Dragonian breath attacks for one-handed and spear wielders
  • Fixed oversaturated texture for the big, purple scarabaeus beetles.
  • Fixed bug where Hammer’s passive buff max level was still set to 1 instead of 26. My maxxed out Hammers are getting one-shotted in Epic for crying out loud and my non-maxxed Fire Sprites are only vulnerable to cold like they should be. Also buffed their health by 10%.
  • Fixed cold wand suffix randomizer in legendary




  • Armor absorption has been globally increased from 66% to 69%
  • All Champion Heart Ordnance equipment set bonuses now negate the resistance penalty and, with all 3 pieces, buff them.
  • Increased scale of Hydradon champs and reworked texture for fire based champ
  • Reworked Spirit’s Liche Lord and Dream’s Nightmare uber levels basic attack. Instead of vanilla attack and a chain modifier, I just changed the basic attack to an attack chain template so the lightning effect of the skill looks the same between targets.
  • Reworked Defense mastery’s Armored Spirit and Armored Colossus look completely.
  • Drastically lowered int and dex requirement for Ordnance for Dream mage builds.
  • Remade the textures for the new Ao Ch’in relic and fixed the pet bonus
  • Buffed Skeleton Berzerker’s Circle of Anguish, gave him a total damage modifier and increased his overall skill usage past level 20.
  • Lowered volume on buzzing insect sound effect
  • Nerfed int and elemental bonuses and life penalty on Thoth relic in act 2
  • Gaia Sprites in act 3 are more annoying and got a new skin.
  • Lowered spawn count of corrupted champions in epic
  • Removed Fragmentation skill from Satyr Fire Magi and replaced with Immolation.
  • Increased scale a bit for Defense’s Hammer summons past level 20
  • Modified Defense’s Hammer’s mesh so the auras and spell effects show up on the actual hammer and not the invisible wielder.
  • Scarbaeus’ beetle spawn projectiles now release toxic gas, I mean some really toxic gas on impact. Epic and Legendary casts area of effect poison gas spell. For some reason, the Scarabaeus mesh won’t allow self buff spells, even after testing all the animations available. Oh well.
  • Added acid resist to Rigid Carapace charm
  • Increased vitality and pierce resistance on Deep Carapace charm
  • All Artifact skills have had their cooldowns reduced by 30 seconds for most. Those that were 240 are now 180.
  • Since Nordic seems to have fixed the multiplayer pet equipment bug, I have reverted the Armored Spirit back to my original concept mesh and armor. Huzzah!
  • Decreased chance of white-only weapons in shops
  • Nerfed item skill for Zombie Bone by 5%
  • Arcane Formula from Lighthouse quest in Rhodes now worth getting in normal and epic.
  • Added petbonus to acid damage affix
  • Acid wands no longer have an inherent +%acid bonus
  • Restored Tegea Black Widow boss treasure chest in Normal difficulty. Also restored Boss buff to normal difficulty.
  • Wands never spawn as “broken”
  • Monsters and chests no longer spawn “white” or “broken” throwing knives.
  • Reverted text color of Basic Monster Equipment back to yellow/white, the beige color was confusing to this old timer. MI’s remain that olive green color.
  • Rebalanced Acid wands and Staff damages so the poison and acid together do about the same damage as an elemental based staff. They were too powerful.
  • Acid wands and staffs no longer do flat poison damage


New Content


  • New Spirit Player Skill ~ Rigor Mortis – Surrender part of your life and energy and become like the undead. Adds poison, bleeding and vitality absorption. (Not resistance, resistance can be lowered). Also some pierce resistance.
  • Several new unique Throwing Knives
  • Jiang-Shi (wusao zombies) drop a new charm that adds ADCtH to weapons. Rare drop.
  • Added Warrior and Rogue prefix to bows and spears, relatively more rare than Hunting though.
  • Made set from Gigantes Porphyrion items and added new MI club to set.
  • Added minions to Scarabeus spawn pool in epic and legendary
  • Miniboss before Rhakotis Library now has second form in epic and legendary
  • Jackalman Sword Thief now has a second form in epic and legendary
  • Chromatic Dragons in Wusao have a new breath attack
  • New monster skill: Chromatic Curse. Lowers physical and elemental resistances
  • Storm’s Storm Giant gets a multi target lightning bolt at level 5
  • Rogues will be happy to note that +%poison suffix is now added to Axe, Bow, Spear and Sword rare suffix randomizer table
  • Added new elemental +%damage suffixes that slip between the originals so there is a more visceral gradient of improvement per act when they spawn.
  • Added poison/acid wands to shops in act 1 – 3
  • Added acid damage to Poison staffs and added them to shops
  • Added 2 new skins for Elder Bogdweller summons
  • New Keres dagger thrower
  • Reworked Quillvine Summons’ spawn effect and animations. They spawn faster and buff themselves faster now.
  • new Black Colossal Scorpions in Egypt, bleeding damage based


Update: Oct 9 2016


  • Fixed template for Yeti cold debuff aura
  • Fixed cyclops animation in Wusao
  • Fixed Typhon’s immortality bug


  • Nerfed new Orc set a little
  • Reworked new artifact Juggernaut’s Charge so it isn’t so much like Molten Orb
  • Reworked Artifact skill for Effigy of Sky Fire so it’s a an effigy of skyfire and not a lame wave and reduced cooldown.
  • Reworked Storm Wisp uber skill to a multi-target lightning bolt instead of lightning bolt + chain lightning.
  • Reworked sarcophagus lightning bolt to multitargeting

New Content

  • New monster skills
  • Reworked Bandari Monster Infrequent meshes for fun
  • Added Ghost spawns to Terra Cotta in the Bandari tomb only
  • Added Ghost mini-bosses to both of the Spirit of our Ancestor quests ghost spawns

Update: Oct 7 2016

  • Fixed quest reward bug for the Necromantieon in Act 4
  • Totally spaced out on artifacts using Scroll of the Storm Witches and Scroll of the Breaking Wheel as ingredients when I removed them. Now they use unbreakable alliance and ice nova instead.
  • Fixed act 1 poison Zombies spawning a zombie on death instead of a green skeleton.


  • Added bigger Champion pool and golden chest to the top of the Athens stairway in Normal Difficulty.
  • Increased Slow Resistance and added Mana Leech Resistance to Khonsu’s Guardianship relic in Act 2
  • Added Mana Leech resistance to Hecate’s Crescent relic
  • Changed Starheart Artifact’s 4% (that’s right…4 measly, stinking percent) to 12% elemental damage. Removed useless burn damage and changed it to raw elemental flat damage. Increased summon skills bonuses to +2.
  • Reduced placement extents on hydrodon proxy in Medea’s marsh so hopefully they won’t spawn in inaccessible area beside the bridge. But without the map in the mod, there’s too many copies of the same proxy scattered around to do much more than that.
  • Insects are immune to fear.
  • Gigantes are immune to fear
  • Reworked boarman trash mob skins so they are less green.
  • Boarman Enforcer always uses a spear now.
  • Increased the guardian statue spawn for the Telkine at the end of act 1 in epic to 6 and 8 in legendary. Also lowered their health by 25%.
  • Tweaked inventory texture for new Athena relic to make the completed one more yellow.
  • Updated pools for Athens stairway battle ratmen to include new Juggy and fat warriors and consolidate the different ratman files.

New Content

  • New Monster Infrequent Set: Drops form Ratmen in Act 1, Magician based but bonus is in elemental so others might find some pieces useful. Has MI throwing knife in set.
  • New Ratmen Juggernaut champs in Act 1
  • New Ratmen trash warriors, a little bit stronger than the regular scrawny Ratmen
  • New Artifact: Juggernaut’s Charge ~ +2 to Coredweller and Armored Spirit, bonus +%fire, physical and burn damage, movement speed and stun resist
  • New vendor appears 50/50 instead of Minotaur vendor in Parnassus or Labyrinth and sells charms and relics. Reduced the spawn rate of both vendors so they aren’t always there.
  • Reworked Orc set pieces to support Juggernaut. Added club to set
  • Reworked Boarman set to support Slayer build and added helmet and spear to set.

Update: Oct 4 2016

  • Fixed Swamp Sprite champ’s run speed, it was pretty silly looking
  • Fixed Ice Skeleton spawn animation particle effect. I had archived a specific animation and everything, just missed one character in the file path. Oh well, fixed.
  • Fixed one mageshield texture and inventory icon in act 4 normal
  • Buffed Typhon a little. I consider this a bug as messing with his monster file screws up the portal after defeating him so I removed it from the mod. I do have the boss_conversion.dbr file to fool with, but after absolutely owning him on normal (after struggling with Cyclops for crying out loud), I am not even sure that file is unlocked to edit anymore. But we will see. It’s frustrating.
  • Fixed animation bug in Swamp Croc miniboss on Rhodes shore making him visible
  • Added Female animations to female skeletons so their hair doesn’t stick straight out from their heads.
  • Fixed Machae trash Guards having only normal difficulty swords in their left hand slot in epic and legendary.
  • Fixed loot table for act 4 mystery money shrine


  • Increased base damage for all pet bonus random affixes to more align with vanilla’s values
  • Finally gave up on changing the Yeti animations for the Sasquatch near the Jade Palace. Just couldn’t get the walk and run animations to synthesize with the mesh.
  • Reworked unique helmet Ao Chi’n’s Red Cap to reflect the namesake Chinese Dragon God of the sea. Now it boosts cold, frostburn, physical damages and has a new item skill.
  • Reworked skeleton warrior and other undead pet’s resistances to reflect the new template abilities it didn’t have before.
  • Save the Shepherd quest near Helos now always rewards a pet bonus ring in all difficulties.
  • Tigerman Sorcerers in Epic and Lendary now cast Spellbreaker
  • Yerren Chieftains have the full Warfare dual weapon tree skills and Onslaught
  • Fire sprites, Nightterrors, Storm Sprites and Wolves increase their size/scale by level now. If you want them bigger, you will have to put more points into the skill though. Uber level pets are still bigger that non-uber pets.
  • Changed the Orc Monster Infrequent set to Defense/Hunting based. Changed Orc axe to spear and added spear animations to the Boarman animation file.
  • Greatly increased damage of Storm’s Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning spells. I don’t think I have ever used that spell except for the stun, in fact, I have never put a point in it since I started this mod.
  • Decreased cooldown by 2 seconds and decremented cooldown of Storm’s Lightning Bolt after level 12 by 0.2 seconds per point.
  • Replaced Skeletal Wand equipment skill with a self-only Dark Covenant+Unearthly Power skill.
  • Re-added physical damage component to Earth Mastery’s Eruption spell. Incrementally decreased cooldown after max level.
  • Improved fire damage and added chance of +%physical damage for Earth Mastery’s Fireburst weapon skill
  • Improved burn damage and added physical damage to Earth Mastery’s Fireburst ~ Heatwave weapon skill
  • Buffed Coredweller’s Inner Fire and Metamorphosis pet skills a little bit.
  • Updated quest file so the old Abandoned Goods quest giver is only highlighted with the diamond over his head for info and not the exclamation point of a quest giver.
  • Improved item skill for Davy Jones’s Key amulet
  • Changed Boss Ammit skin and skill set from Avenger based to Haruspex based to more align with Egyptian mythology as “the devourer of souls”
  • Nerfed drop rate of Reptilian MI weapons
  • Hunting’s Wolves, Storm’s Storm Sprites, Defense’s Hammers, Earth’s Fire Sprites and Nature’s Bogdwellers now can have 3 summons at max level.

New Content

  • New Quest: Tourist Trap. Once you have gathered all ten of the Sacred Olive Sprigs and returned tehm to the quest giver for Wreath for Apollo, a new quest opens up. He wants tem MORE sprigs to open up a new shop. Find them and return them to him and he will become a vendor for Monster Infequents.
  • Amazons ~ Women warriors taking the place of Anourans around Rhodes.
  • Added two Dark Obelisk Heroes to Egypt and Orient pools
  • New Relic in Act 3, The Aegis of Ao Ch’in: Cold resist for player and pets and player cold, frostburn and slowed attack retaliation. Can enchant helmets and shields.
  • Nargil the Collector of Monster Infrequents (from Act 1) and pet bonus rings, a merchant, is hanging out in the far reaches of the Labyrinth as he is a Minotaur.
  • New Karkinos champion: Broodmaw – summons small karkinos and spits mud balls
  • Added Ichthian miniboss to the quest pools right outside Babylon Outskirts. Always spawns in Epic and legendary. Only a chance to spawn in Normal difficulty.
  • Added champions and archers to the Drowned Sailor pools and increased the spawn numbers along the Megara coastline.
  • Added a new chest mesh for undead heroes and bosses for fun.
  • New Boarman hero
  • New Cyclops under Wusao Mt.
  • New Cyclops in Epic and Legendary snow area appearing with Ice Pengs
  • Re-skinned Tigerman Warlords to a golden hue with brown stripes
  • Added a couple new unique throwing knives
  • Added new equipment skill for Bite of Anubis sword and Anubis’ Kiss unique throwing knife.
  • Caged Shades in Hades, when freed, will drop a random treasure chest…or viciously attack you.
  • Added new mesh for Euronymus boss in Egypt tomb
  • Tomb Guardian fodder that appear with the boss in the quest Lost Brother in Egypt are now ambushing
  • Caged shades in act 4 now either float away, or attack you…either way they have a 60% chance of dropping a random treasure chest. It’s pretty buggy…and I don’t know why. The non-attacking shades show up if I test spawn them, but won’t when in-game for some reason, they remain invisible. Oh well.

Update: Sep 29 2016

  • Finally found the bug in the top tier Spirit pet modifier Soul Touch and fixed it


  • Swapped out proxy pools that were Raptors for Yerren in the area leading to the Jade Palace in Act 3
  • Removed the low-tier affix tables from MI equipment tables in Act 1 normal. They will have a little better prefixes/affixes when they spawn. Not uber, but better than before.
  • Updated the AI for some of the miniboss casters so they don’t all run into a corner and become paralyzed
  • Updated the mesh on Neanderthal skelly summons as the particle effect was appearing at their feet lol

New Content

  • New Golden Boar champs in Act 1. Not as tough as Monstrous, but they can charge and stun.

Update: Sep 28 2016


  • Took the ludicrous act 3 boss chests out of the monster spawns in the crypt NE of Tegea. Too late to cash in! Ha ha!
  • Fixed corrupted champion name tags for peng and alpine centaurs


  • Added fear immunity to Storm’s Storm Giant, Spirit’s Skeleton Berzerker, Hunting’s Piglet Lure, Hired Goon’s Mirror Image, and Earth’s Ifrit skill pets.
  • Added conversion immunity/status immunity to Champion Ordnance summons.
  • Nerfed the weapon damage from Dark Obelisk skeleton spawns (a little bit)
  • Updated particle effect on hero flame wave skill
  • Fixed Neanderthal caster AI so they will cast their healing spells on allies more
  • Added 50% Elemental resistance to the Shrine of the Elements buff (the yellow one)
  • Nerfed the Act 4 passive monster skill that adds flat +phys by 25%
  • Slightly reduced Ichthian Harpooner spawn chance in Normal difficulty act 1
  • Increased Slow Resistance on Epic and Legendary Khnosu’s Guardianship relic from Act 2
  • Added Energy Leech resistance to Storm’s Energy Shield skill
  • Reverted trash boarman soldiers to the vanilla boarman mesh
  • Gave the Orc monster infrequent set items and skins to trash boarman soldiers
  • Increased size/scale of all Satyr heroes

New Content

  • Added new monster skill in Egypt: Obelisk Wall. Like briar ward but with attackable little stone obelisks
  • New equipment skills for several legendary armor pieces. I really want it to be a surprise.
  • Added bleed and vitality resistance to several legendary armors
  • Added new bitmap for the new Athena’s Shield relic to distinguish it from Medusa’s relic that I was already using.
  • Added petrify reist to Medusa relic.
  • Reskinned the new zombie boss in the crypt NE of Tegea and tweaked the zombie proxies a little.
  • Added the Tegea zombies to the regular zombie/skeleton pools around Tegea so it’s more thematic.
  • Hero Ascocaphus always drop a Sacred Olive Sprig
  • Snuuk the Neanderthal miniboss has a few new skills
  • Added Neandethal Corrupted Champs (finally)
  • New Neanderthal Hero
  • Added Shadowstalker and Outsider Corrupted Champs
  • New Neanderthal Mounted Archers
  • New Neanderthal Mounted Archer champ
  • Shadowstalkers and Outsider champions now have a manaburn projectile skill
  • Boarmen can now drop Boar’s Hide charms
  • Resistance Potions:
    I added resistance potions to the mod for this update. Fire, Cold, Lightning, Poison, Bleeding and Vitality/Life Leech resistance of 60% and 20% absorption of same. They behave just like potions in your inventory the same as party potions do. You can stack them and assign them to hotkeys.I tried to use a quest file and quest skills in the XPack quest skill tree…you know, the buggy tree that the devs and fanpatch had to move the quest skills to the vanilla quest skill tree file? Yeah, that one. Needless to say, I couldn’t get it to work. I wanted to just monitor if the player used the item (potion with no stats), it would fire the quest skill in the player’s xpack quest skill tree.

    Since that didn’t work, I made them scrolls with zero cooldown. Naturally, you won’t be able to use a resistance potion if the shared global scroll cooldown is still counting down from having used a scroll or party potion, so be careful.

    Also, since I couldn’t use the player’s QuestSkillTree file to add the potion buff skills, I was forced to use both of the ScrollSkillTree files. In order to do so, I removed all three versions of both Scroll of the Breaking Wheel and Scroll of the Storm Witches. Some of you may be upset by this, but it is already done. <ducks>

    Since they have no cooldown, you could very easily imbibe more than one. If you imbibe say, 3 fire resist potions, it’s like casting Heat Shield three times in succession…it’s only one skill so it just resets the timer, it doesn’t stack.

    However, you could drink for example, a cold resist and then a fire resist in quick succession, since they are different skills they would stack.

Update: Sep 24 2016


  • Finally tracked down the culprit for the Doaist Mage chest spawning sprigs…I had placed a monster skill in the chest that spawned them, I had totally forgot about that. Removed. Now the only sprigs are dropped by the boss himself.
  • Fixed missing animation bug from vanilla that was in the Life Drain Ward summoned by Lost Soul casters in act 4. Now they should use their enemy healing skills.
  • Fixed quest reward text for Wreath of Apollo stating “+3% resistance” when it should have said “+1 player and pet” for quite awhile now.
  • Fixed proxy in Egypt tomb that spawned boss Dark Obelisk. Should only spawn one now.


  • Wreath for Apollo quest reward now includes bleeding resist bonus. This is retroactive and should show in your secondary resists if you have done the quest.
  • Added new Nordic relic.
  • Added bleed and vitality resist rellic and charm completion bonuses from Nordic’s changes (with pet bonus of course, unless the petbonus is already a clone of the relic’s innate bonus)
  • Nerfed the scale of the corrupted champ deep scarab, though it was funny
  • Changed Hunting’s Wolves’ vitality penalty to -12 total for all difficulties instead of -20. Buffed their poison resist a little.
  • Nerfed vitality resistance for Falcon and Piglet Swarm Piglets a little so it is zero across all difficulties.
  • Buffed Wolves’ Petskill Maul’s bleeding damage to align with Nordic changes.
  • Added buff for creeping slimes to absorb pierce damage
  • Added Takedown to Sstheno’s skill set and updated the controllers for the Gorgon Queens to align with Nordic changes.
  • Nerfed Sepulchral Wyrm’s breath attack in Normal and buffed it in Legendary.
  • Added Second Form to new Zombie Hero and buffed his skills in Tegea crypt. Good luck.
  • Changed his generic zombie summons to the two-form poison zombies found around Tegea to be more thematic and dangerous.
  • Updated range of Limos Life Leech skill to align with Nordic changes
  • Updated Bor’s Hide charm to have bleed resist aligning with Nordic changes
  • Added poison resist prefix availability for amulets to align with Nordic changes
  • Increased the range distance the rubble projectiles travel when Guardian Statues die.
  • Added new type of Titanic Essencs amulet: cooldown reduction and pet confusion, conversion and fear resist
  • Nerfed Typhons Thorn skill reflect from 33% to 25% and reduced the bleed retaliation by 30%. I hate bleed retaliation.
  • Nerfed Typhon’s Meteor skill damage
  • Nerfed Typhon’s Life Leech skill %current life down to 33% from 55%

Update: Sep 23 2016
New Monsters:

  • Daughters of Bast: Maenad like creatures in Egypt.
  • Jackalman ~ Dreamwalker: Dream skilled mage champion
  • Festering Aerie: Trees that appear in Greece and Egypt. They spawn Crows or Vultures.
  • Zombie ~ Dessicated Husk: Replaces some of the green poison Zombies in Egypt. Their sandstorm buff decreases physical and pierce damage significantly.
  • Anouran ~ Phyloobate: Bleeding damage based Anourans that only appear with the Graeae as archer backup.
  • Psais Beast ~ Voice of Anubis: Champion creatures that appear with Mummy spawns in Egypt casting a damage reducing buff and summoning more Mummies.
  • Corinthian Lamia: Replaces regular Lamia outside of Epirus.


  • Fixed bug in Wreath for Apollo quest where the 6th sprig didn’t advance the quest.
  • Fixed typo in Cryptworm name
  • Fixed some cryptworm’s mana

Other Stuff

  • Removed “light” prefix from all weapon affix randomizer tables so more good green prefxes should appear.
  • Loaded the quest reward randomizer table for rings with oodles better afixes like +to master skills.
  • Added Defense mastery prefix to Axe randomizer tables for prefix.
  • Added Warfare mastery to randomizer tables for prefix on swords.
  • Reskinned the Hydrodon Scorcher champ.
  • Increased Coredweller’s Taunt in his rig o’ fire skill. It’s still not a very big radius, but it should grab more attention and help keep critters he’s in range of from switching targets to you more often.
  • Liche King’s Soul Blight and Soul Strike skill’s projectiles now carry all additional damage bonuses, e.g. Earth’s Fire Enchantment will add fire to those attacks. This may make these skills to powerful, so the skill damages on the Liche King may have to be nerfed to balance later.
  • Added a new “Taunt Resist” skill to certain monsters. A Hill Giant isn’t impressed by a squealing piglet, for example.
  • Finally gave up on having a breath skill for the Orient Raptor quest miniboss. So I replaced it with other, more terrifying skills.
  • Liche Queen in Vally of the Kings tomb was a little tender, so I buffed her against pets.

Update: Sep 21 2016

Stealth Mastery Changes

  • Throwing Knife Mastery ~ Flurry of Knives is now a tier 5 skill moved down from a tier 6 skill
  • New skill Bladestorm removed
  • Replaced Bladestorm with new tier one skill: Taiji Dao ~ Dual wield swords or axes. Adds bonus pierce ratio modification along with +%poison and bleeding. Passive chance skill, 15% chance to activate increasing chance by level. Used an unused dual wield animation both for female and male PC models. Not too fancy, but unique to this skill.


  • All unique gear now adds a pet bonus (I think that’s all of them anyway)
  • Many higher level uniques also add + to skills now. A couple have new equipment skills as well.
  • New champion creature guarding the exit from Paseron and the entrance to Hades. Also appears randomly with Melinoe.
  • Added more corrupt champions.
  • Hopefully the FINAL update to the Wreath for Apollo quest. Sorry, like all quest updates it screws up existing characters. Added dialog and journal entries to indicate how many sprigs you have found. Also changed the text color of sprigs to lime green.
  • Nerfed Harpy miniboss dodging aura.
  • Added 100% chance to drop Titanic essence from one quest monster in each act.
  • Nerfed the casting of the Tegea Fire liche skills
  • Bonepiles in Act 1 can now spawn a bunch of tiny spiders.
  • Shadow dragons now have a breath skill
  • New Shadow Dragon mini-boss just north of the stairs down on level two of the Temple of Marduk. In epic and legendary.
  • New charm: goblin ear. Drops from Kallikantzeroi around Knossos.
  • Fixed animation bug with new Arachnos miniboss.
  • Buffed both Fire Sprite’s and Storm Sprite’s breath attack by exteding the range and width of the wave dimensions.
  • Added a new sound effect to chest acid trap skill.

Update: Sep 18 2016


  • Couldn’t figure out why the Doaist Mage chest dropped 3 sprigs after hours of investigation. So I removed the sprig from the chest and added it to the Hero that guards them as “perPartyMemberItem” drop when you defeat it.
  • Fixed Vaudville-esque animations for Jinghe Yeti’s run animation
  • Changed Burning Dead skeleton battlemage classification to Champion and added some more skills
  • Fixed proxy pool in Naiad Forest of the Ancients pool still had the original Ichthians from copy-n-pasting
  • Fixed monster Volcanic Orb Fan skill so it doesn’t launch a fixed distance
  • Fixed Salamander non-mi armband name
  • Fixed bug where Shadow Monster Shrines didn’t summon minions
  • Fixed Ratman animation table bug where BuffSelf for Spear was set to death animation
  • Fixed animation on chests for Admetus quest in act 4
  • Fixed undead proxies in Act 3 so they support spawn rates in Epic and Legendary and fixed some typos that prevented zombie spawns
  • Fixed Quillvine’s balking when spawned, now buffs and attacks as soon as possible
  • Fixed Bogdweller’s mesh so the weapon effect appears on the end or their vine-arms instead of at their feet
  • Fixed Nymph mesh so the weapon effects appear on both right and left wrists instead of left wrist and ground
  • Fixed bug in animation file for Snow Lion spell attack
  • Fixed bug in Tigerman Shadow Mage helmet loot table so now they can drop their MI helmets
  • Fixed Tigerman Champ set mixup with torso, now correct torso has set entry
  • Fixed typo in undead proxies in Orient for difficultyLimitFile entry
  • Fixed goblin pool set to legendary in normal difficulty near Knossos
  • Fixed Fire Sprite detonate not working (not sure if new bug that wasn’t in last version)
  • Fixed animation in Minoan Bulls so they can buff



I want to thank Poinas for his custom skills tutorial, Munderbunny as I outright stole many of his ideas and concepts and his tutorials have helped me a lot. ASYLUM101 for being helpful when I asked questions. Shadowlance, too, though he may not ever read this. Soulseekor for Defiler and bman654 for TQVault, without which I could never have extracted all those .arz files. Tamchi for the ModMerge utility.

Pinhan Pain

Founder of the Kırmızı Perfect. Old-school gamer. Arch Linux fan.

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