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What Does the Mod

Note: Achievements are DISABLED while using a Mod.

First and foremost the Paths mod replaces the default masteries, but it also changes monsters, bosses, items, combat and experience formulas and other mechanics. The changes are far too numerous to list.

Note on the difficulty: Paths was not designed for players new to Titan Quest, as you will probably find it too difficult/complicated (unless you’re a masochist). On the other hand, if you’re a TQ veteran you’ll probably find it too easy. Many abilities rely on your own skill and reflexes, moreso than just character stats. For example, Shield of Will massively reflects damage for about 1 second. If you’re just spamming it, you’ll die a lot. But in skilled hands it can be the most powerful ability in the game. The design is to challenge and reward skilled play and clever builds.

Paths Details


Path of the Berserker


Pursue a bloody goal, over the mangled bodies of slain foes and a neverending thirst for violence. Shamans, Amazonians, Barbarians, and particularly brutal Warriors are all likely followers.

Strengths: Speed and Power, High potential health, Melee AoE, Regeneration, Natural Chance to Dodge Melee
Weaknesses: Potentially fragile, Suffers from bleeding x4 longer, Natural 5% less Defensive Ability
Path Level: Natural Elemental Resistance, Health Regeneration Bonus, Less strength requirement on all weapons

Path of the Mind


Join mind and body to strike accurately, dominate enemies’ minds, and protect yourself. Monks, Samurai, Knights, and anyone seeking an edge in combat or magic are likely followers.

Strengths: Diversions, High Attributes, Strong Buffs, Powerful Single-Target Attack
Weaknesses: Lower armor effectiveness, Vulnerable to Vitality Damage
Path Level: Bonus Attribute Points, Bonus Health and Mana, Increased Casting Speed

Path of Tartarus


Gain the powers of summoning demons, dispelling them, demonic powers, burning spells, deals with the devil, and extensions of life. Cultists, Shamans, Mages, and anyone with a dark enough soul willing to sacrifice for great power walk this Path.

Strengths: Powerful Spells, Powerful Summons, Powerful Buffs, Powerful Curses
Weaknesses: Sacrifices are painful, Vulnerable to Shock Damage
Path Level: Natural Fire Resistance, Bonus Health and Mana, Reduced Damage from Demons, Reduced Freeze Duration

Path of the Venefici


Deal with magic in its purest form. Walls of force, shockwaves, beams of energy, tricks and incantations. Most of the spells require a great deal of study to unlock. This Path attracts Wizards, Sorcerers, and any manner of powerful magic users.

Strengths: Versatile Deadly Spells, Magical Enhancements, Potent Mana Recovery, Reduced Dexterity Requirement for Armor, Immune to Mana Burn
Weaknesses: Low Health, Vulnerable to Poison Damage
Path Level: Bonus Intelligence and Mana, Mana and Life Leech Resistance, Natural Mana Absorption

Path of the Dokkaebi


Trick and deceive your opponents, tormenting them while staying out of reach, assaulting their senses and minds. Do not mistake this path as harmless, many skills have a chance of painful chaotic damage. This Path attracts Shamans, Gypsies, Thieves, Spies, Illusionists, and anyone who takes delight in spreading chaos.

Strengths: Avoiding Damage, Curses and Diversions, Potent Kiting Ability, Natural 5% Dodge Melee, Lower requirement for staves.
Weaknesses: Fragile, Mediocre Damage
Path Level: Bonus Health and Mana, Lower Physical Damage resistance, Natural Total Speed increase

Path of Sekhmet


Walk in the footsteps of the Lioness Sekhmet, Daughter of Ra. The Egyptian Goddess was addicted to war. This path attracts a huge variety of Warriors, Rangers, Knights, and Kensei.

Strengths: Armor More Effective, Large Health Bonus, High Damage
Weaknesses: Weak AoE, Vulnerable to Cold Damage
Path Level: Small Armor Bonus, Bonus Health, Bonus Offensive and Defensive Ability

Path of Lichdom


Sacrifice in exchange for great power. Are you willing to give up your very life to become a Lich? Summoning undead, killing with a touch, and casting horrific spells are possible. Evil Warriors, Powerhungry Sorcerers, and anyone who craves immortality is lured to this path.

Strengths: Armies of Skeletons, Incredible Passive Abilities, Strong Enchantments
Weaknesses: Few skills harm Undead, Slightly lower running speed, Can never deflect projectiles
Path Level: Natural Armor, Bonus Intelligence and Mana, Natural Cold Resistance, Lower % Health

Path of Khloros


Become the vessel for the fourth horseman of the apocolypse. Skills involve plague, summoning beasts of the earth, and the sword. Messengers of Death, Plague-bringers, and any kind of sickened Warrior or Sorcerer can follow this path.

Strengths: Nearly Invincible Pets, Strong Passive Abilities, AoE, Strong vs. Physical Damage, Natural Poison Resistance, Resistance to % Life Loss
Weaknesses: Few skills harm Undead, Poor Kiting Ability, Fire Damage Vulnerability
Path Level: Natural Physical Damage Resistance, Bonus Health, Lower running Speed

Path of Poseidon


Walking this Path is to pursue becoming the Avatar of Poseidon. Powers over oceans and storms, the blessings of horses, and many skills relating to Poseidon’s children are gifted to a devoted follower. Religious Warriors, Cultists, Priests, Fanatics, Sea Druids and Wizards are just a few of those who swear fealty to Poseidon.

Strengths: Very strong Pet, Incredible AoE, Strong Weapon Enchantment, Natural Burning Resistance, Most skills deal significantly more damage vs. ‘Magical’ foes
Weaknesses: Skills are not versatile, High Mana cost for skills with small Mana pool
Path Level: Bonus % to Strength, Bonus Health, Natural Vitality and Shock Damage Resistance


Lichdom = Lich
Khloros = Fallen
Dokkaebi = Trickster
Sekhmet = Warrior
Venefici = Veneficus
Tartarus = Cultist
Mind = Cerebralist
Berserker = Berserker
Poseidon = Avatar
Berserker + Lich = Gatekeeper
Berserker + Khloros = Thracian
Berserker + Dokkaebi = Vandal
Berserker + Sekhmet = Vanguard
Berserker + Venefici = Scythian
Berserker + Tartarus = Hellthirst
Berserker + Mind = Fury
Mind + Lich = Shade
Mind + Khloros = Vasal
Mind + Dokkaebi = Illusionist
Mind + Sekhmet = Vizier
Mind + Venefici = Prophet
Mind + Tartarus = Possessed
Tartarus + Lich = Infernalist
Tartarus + Khloros = Extispicist
Tartarus + Dokkaebi = Imp
Tartarus + Sekhmet = Flamekeeper
Tartarus + Venefici = Heretic
Venefici + Lich = Archmage
Venefici + Khloros = Harbinger
Venefici + Dokkaebi = Shaman
Venefici + Sekhmet = Warmage
Sekhmet + Lich = Undead Knight
Sekhmet + Khloros = Sethite
Sekhmet + Dokkaebi = Jinn
Dokkaebi + Lich = Dybbuk
Dokkaebi + Khloros = Koschei
Lich + Khloros = Decayer
Poseidon + Berserker = Leviathan
Poseidon + Mind = Votary
Poseidon + Tartarus = Bathyal
Poseidon + Venefici = Mystic
Poseidon + Sekhmet = Temple Guard
Poseidon + Dokkaebi = Kobalos
Poseidon + Khloros = Tiamati
Poseidon + Lich = Reanimator













  • You gain 16 attribute points per level, but they don’t increase your stats as much. Additionally, most Paths don’t grant HP per level, so you should allocate some points into health/mana too.
  • Compared to vanilla, you gain much more exp for killing monsters that are stronger than you, and much less when they are weaker. This is to discourage grinding and you to push your build as far as you can handle.
  • If you plan to be a magic-user, note that you have a much lower base mana regen in Paths, close to zero. Staffs are very handy for a good base mana regen.
  • Bows are much slower and more powerful than before, and can be quite deadly. But shields now have a 100% block rate for projectiles (still limited by their cooldown rate).


  1. Open “My Documents/My Games/Titan Quest – Immortal Throne/”
  2. Create the directory “CustomMaps” if it does not exist.
  3. Copy all the directories inside the archive to “CustomMaps” folder.

How to Use It

WARNING!: Be careful when using your existing characters! Your normal masteries can be overwritten and became messed up!

  1. Click on “Play Custom Quest”.
  2. Select your preferred map  you want to play.
  3. Launch in singleplayer or multiplayer and start playing.

Can You Translate Paths into My Language?

No, I cannot! But I would be happy to make a version for that language if someone translates it. The text is available for anyone here:

Mod Creator

Anniversary Edition Version

Original Mod Creator
ShadowLance (RinValak)


If you are using Steam subscribe to the workshop to get auto-updates.

Also if you like this mod please help the developer by reporting bugs, making suggestions, criticism or by telling anything you have in mind.


Download “Paths Titan Quest Anniversary Edition” Paths_Titan_Quest_Anniversary_Edition_06_12_2016.7z – Downloaded 1541 times – 53 MB


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