Titan Quest Anniversary Edition ShopMi Mod

  1. What Does the Mod
  2. Screenshots
  3. Available Monster Infrequent Items
  4. Test Dummy
  5. Installation
  6. How to Use It
  7. Mod Creator and Credits
  8. Source

What Does the Mod

This mod allows dedicated shopping for most popular green items including:

  • Monster Infrequents from TQ
  • Monster Infrequents from IT
  • Weapons and Staffs
  • Amulets and Rings

Item versions for each difficulty included (Normal/Epic/Legendary).

All items are fully legit and can be dropped in game (see exceptions below).
Items are generated using exactly the same affix tables as in main quest,
so no wrong affixes on items here (like sacred rings, etc).

Chances for getting powerful/useful affixes are increased, so most of the items is high quality. They also have high price, sometimes more than 200 mln.

Mod has 73 merchants. 1500+ dbr’s were edited to make it.







Available Monster Infrequent Items

100 MI items available:

Accursed Bracers
Alcynoneus’ Breastplate
Alcynoneus’ Gauntlets
Alcynoneus’ Legplates
Alcynoneus’ Mask
Anaplekte’s Cuirass
Anaplekte’s Skullcap
Bai Hu’s Coronal
Bai Hu’s Mantle
Bandari’s Corselet
Bandari’s Greaves
Bandari’s Helm
Batrachos Breastplate
Batrachos Greaves
Bloodborn Armbands
Bloodborn Girdle
Bloodborn Leggings
Bloodborn Visor
Bramblewood Bow
Brigand’s Bow
Ch’kra’s Crown
Ch’kra’s Leggings
Ch’kra’s Vestment
Coil of Ker
Crown of the Liche King
Deathweaver’s Legtip
Eldritch’s Bow
Etheral Cage
Ethereal Clasps
Ethereal Leggings
Head Hunter’s Axe
Ichthian Harpoon
Ichthian Whomper
Ismene’s Bracers
Ismene’s Cuirass
Ismene’s Helm*
Ker’s Fetish
Khthonion Razor
Khthonion Spike
Leggings of Ker
Marauder’s Bone Axe
Mbuti’s Advocate
Megalesios’ Seal
Megalesios’ Veil
Myrmidon’s Chitin
Myrmidon’s Legplate
Myrmidon’s Skullplate
Myrmidon’s Sting
Myrmigki Crown
Myrmigki Leggings
Myrmigki Vestment
Outrider’s Buckler
Overseer’s Crest
Overseer’s Mantle
Polyphemus’ Tenderizer
Prowler’s Cuffs
Prowler’s Cuirass
Prowler’s Legguards
Revenant Crown
Revenant Gauntlets
Revenant Greaves*
Revenant Plate
Scepter of the Liche King
Schlilsh’s Skinner
Sentinel’s Armbands
Sentinel’s Cuirass
Sentinel’s Helm
Shaman’s Headdress
Shaman’s Leggings
Shroud of Ker
Soldier’s Unyielding Will
Staff of the Magi
Stonebinder’s Crown
Stonebinder’s Cuffs
Stonebinder’s Sash
Stone Hammer
The Night Mistress’s Bracelet
The Night Mistress’s Clutch
The Night Mistress’s Corselet
The Night Mistress’s Crown
The Night Mistress’s Leggings
Tiger Claw
Trapper’s Spear
Vestment of Ker
Windswept Pack
Witch Doctor’s Bracelet

* AFAIK Revenant Greaves and Ismene’s Helm can’t be dropped in game due to
developer’s mistake. They exist in database though, so decide for yourself are they legit or not.

Merchants also carry Veteran, Tyrant, Relentless and of the Betrayer
axes/swords/clubs/spears/bows, rare fire/cold/lightning staffs, rare amulets and rings, including Sacred, Hale, Sacrificial and much else. If affix can’t appear on Normal difficulty of main quest, then it also won’t appear on Normal difficulty of ShopMI.

Betrayer suffix isn’t drops in game since IT, so it’s not legit. Though some players use weapons of the Betrayer from pre-IT time. Decide for yourself if you need such items or not.

Test Dummy

As a bonus I’ve made a Test Dummy for DPS measuring:


It’s harmless, but has lots of hitpoints.
Usage is simple – attack Dummy and use your hand watch (or in-game watch) to measure how long does it takes to kill it.
For example, Conqueror can kill Legendary Dummy in 17 seconds, third number in Dummy description is HP at Legendary – 2063K.
So it’s 2063K / 17 secs = 121K DPS.
Easy and much more accurate than DPS meter at character screen.

Attention: Due to Dummy high HP it will be considered “Greatest Monster Killed” in character screen. Test DPS separately and don’t import tested char back to Main Quest to prevent this.
Thanks to quiong for pointing this out.


  1. Open “My Documents/My Games/Titan Quest – Immortal Throne/”
  2. Create the directory “CustomMaps” if it does not exist.
  3. Copy all the directory or directories inside the archive to “CustomMaps” folder.

How to Use It

  1. Click on “Play Custom Quest”.
  2. Create a placeholder character to use.
  3. Select the ShopMi map
  4. You will be launched back to the regular character select with the mod activated.
  5. Launch in singleplayer or multiplayer and start playing in your new form.
  6. You can import Main Quest character to ShopMI using “Import” button.
  7. To get character back to Main Quest use TQDefiler (Character -> Copy to Main Quest).
  8. You can find TQDefiler in the downloads section below.

Mod Creator and Credits

Original Creator:
Comments, ideas and bug reports are welcomed.
Drop me PM here
or e-mail: [email protected]

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Version:
Kirby Mew GG


If you are using Steam subscribe to the workshop to get auto-updates.

Also if you like this mod please help the developer by reporting bugs, making suggestions, criticism or by telling anything you have in mind.


Download “ShopMi Titan Quest Anniversary Edition” ShopMI_3.0_Titan_Quest_Anniversary_Edition_01_10_2016.7z – Downloaded 294 times – 3 MB

Download “TQ Defiler” TQ_Defiler_1.3.9.7z – Downloaded 1136 times – 362 KB

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