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Below you will find a lot of guides originally written for but now defunct forums. If forums will be recovered is uncertain and i am including the work of the forums community in my site for preserving it and also for a convenient way to reach them. I have converted wayback machine links into blog format, restored most of the broken links with working ones, uploaded images here in case they get lost on image sharing sites. All respective authors of the guides is mentioned in titles.

Titan Quest Guides

Titan Quest – How to Install, Configure and Play Downloaded Maps and Mods
Titan Quest Immortal Throne Installation Guide with Most Popular Mods and Patches
Titan Quest Legion of Champions Mod
Titan Quest Diablo 2 Immortal Mod
Titan Quest Paths Mod
Titan Quest Destinies Mod
Titan Quest Masteries Mod
Titan Quest Asylums Mod
Titan Quest Tips and Advices For Newbies by Shadowshire
Titan Quest Mainstream TitanCalc Class Compendium by Irma2
Titan Quest SoulVizier Mod
Titan Quest Frozen World Mod
Titan Quest Lilith the Will of Demon – Battles of Jalavia Mod
Titan Quest Lilith the Will of Demon – Beginner Tutorial
Titan Quest Lilith the Will of Demon – How To’s
Titan Quest Lilith the Will of Demon – Secret Items and Places
Titan Quest Lilith the Will of Demon – Where to Find What
Titan Quest Lilith the Will of Demon – Where to Find Who
Titan Quest Lilith the Will of Demon – Places to Explore
Titan Quest Lilith the Will of Demon – One Time Quests
Titan Quest Lilith the Will of Demon – Debug Chests Locations
Titan Quest Lilith the Will of Demon – Act I Walkthrough
Titan Quest Lilith the Will of Demon – Act II Part 1 Walkthrough
Titan Quest Lilith the Will of Demon – Act II Part 2 Walkthrough
Titan Quest Lilith the Will of Demon – Act II Part 3 Walkthrough
Titan Quest Lilith the Will of Demon – Epic And Legendary Difficulty Tips
Titan Quest Lilith the Will of Demon – The Order of Blood Abbey Quest Walkthrough
Titan Quest List of Relics and Their Bonuses Guide From AG.RU by Посторонним_B
Titan Quest Wanderer Nature Mastery Guide by Tyr
Titan Quest How to Create a Custom Mastery Guide by Poinas
Titan Quest Bosses and Damage Types Guide by Poinas
Titan Quest All About Pet Damage by Violos
Titan Quest Monster Types That Cause Problems FAQ by Matseb2611
Titan Quest Pwning with Spirit Guide by Poinas
Titan Quest Arcane Formula Farming Data by ClosetChemist
Titan Quest Most Wanted Monster Infrequents and Chances to Get Them by kalyan
Titan Quest Attribute Points Guide by Poinas
Titan Quest XP Chart Guide by beissemj
Titan Quest XP Chart Guide by Arminia
Titan Quest Weapon Master Binary Slayer Guide by Warmonger Smurf
Titan Quest Shield Block Formula Guide by Xaece
Titan Quest Resistances Guide by apocalypse80
Titan Quest Relic-Charm Farming Guide by Darth Executor
Titan Quest OA and DA Guide by apocalypse80
Titan Quest Immortal Bow Haruspex Guide by Plutonium
Titan Quest Harbinger The Warrior Ultimate Guide by Madrush
Titan Quest Dmg Type and Resistances Guide by Whisk33
Titan Quest Attack Damage Converted to Health Guide by Whisk33
Titan Quest All Side Quests Complete Guide by Kalimon
Written by: Kirii

Titan Quest Patches Downloads

Fan Patch and Bugfix  for Fan Patch is a must for all Titan Quest installations if you don’t use the new Nordic Games Beta Patch:

Download “Titan Quest Official Patch 1.30r2” Titan_Quest_Official_Patch_1.30r2.7z – Downloaded 174 times – 10 MB

Download “FanPatch 1.17a” Fanpatch_1.17a.7z – Downloaded 226 times – 56 MB

Download “Patchfix 1.17c” Patchfix_1.17c.7z – Downloaded 973 times – 27 MB

Mod Creator: Spectre (Malgardian)

Titan Quest Mods Downloads

Custom Map Mods

Lilith mod gives you a whole new world map, a whole new quest series and music. Best and the largest custom map for Titan Quest.

Mod Creator: Mostal

For more info:

Classical Lilith is Lilith with the original Titan Quest skills:

Download “Lilith Classic” Lilith_Classic_1.1.7z – Downloaded 1196 times – 660 MB

Masteries Lilith is the Lilith map combined with Masteries Mod skills:

Download “Lilith Masteries” Lilith_Masteries_1.1.7z – Downloaded 681 times – 664 MB

D2 Lilith is the Lilith map combined with D2 Immortal Mod skills:

Download “Diablo2 Lilith Complete” Diablo2_Lilith_Complete_2.21.7z – Downloaded 310 times – 743 MB

Paths Lilith Full is the Lilith map combined with Paths Mod skills. Full indicates it is the stand-alone version that doesn’t need separate Lilith Mod.

Download “Lilith Paths Full” Lilith_Paths_Full_1.5.7z – Downloaded 479 times – 669 MB

Paths Lilith Basic is the Lilith map combined with Paths Mod skills. Basic indicates it is the basic version that needs files to be copied from Lilith Mod.

Download “Lilith Paths Basic” Lilith_Paths_Basic_1.5.7z – Downloaded 209 times – 51 MB

Destinies Lilith is the Lilith map combined with Destinies Mod skills:

Download “Lilith Destinies” Lilith_Destinies_1.04.7z – Downloaded 255 times – 80 MB

Asyluth is the Lilith map combined with Asylums Mod.

Download “Asyluth” Asyluth_1.1.7z – Downloaded 79 times – 90 MB

Frozen World is another big map project offering 3 acts and more open, unlinear (free) landscape. It was buggy when the original author left the project unfinished but after that another person took over and made a new patch for Frozen World. Newest patch included. For more info:


Download “Frozen World” Frozen_World_1.1.7z – Downloaded 331 times – 1 GB

Not much information about those custom maps. So much surprise 🙂

Download “Halloween 2012” Halloween_2012.7z – Downloaded 107 times – 4 MB

Mod Creator: Violos

Download “The Sixth Tablet” The_Sixth_Tablet.7z – Downloaded 98 times – 268 MB

Download “Gladiators Gods of the Arena” Gladiators_Gods_of_the_Arena.7z – Downloaded 57 times – 6 MB

Download “Gloom Army” Gloom_Army.7z – Downloaded 42 times – 11 MB

Download “Mortal Kombat” Mortal_Kombat.7z – Downloaded 39 times – 18 MB

Download “New Year's Map” New_Years_Map.7z – Downloaded 49 times – 49 MB

Download “Prince of Persia 3D” Prince_of_Persia_3D.7z – Downloaded 39 times – 207 MB

Download “The New Nightmare” The_New_Nightmare_1.0.7z – Downloaded 55 times – 41 MB

Total Conversion Mods

The Soulvizier mod aims at providing a more varied and difficult TQ:IT experience.
Instead of focusing on just a single aspect, the mod expands on just about everything in the game: New items, new monsters, new skills, new areas and more.
Built upon Munderbunny’s highly popular Underlord mod, it includes all his mastery reworks and new content.

Mod Creator: amgoz1

For more info:


Download “Soulvizier 0.90” Soulvizier_0.90.7z – Downloaded 613 times – 729 MB

Download “Soulvizier 0.96” Soulvizier_0.96.7z – Downloaded 460 times – 350 MB

Download “Soulvizier 0.98i” Soulvizier_0.98i.7z – Downloaded 694 times – 106 MB

Masteries Mods

Masteries Mod For Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Masteries Mod for Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Paths Mod For Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Paths Mod for Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Masteries Mod (Old Titan Quest Version) is one of the first custom mastery mods. It replaces the nine masteries of the original game plus the xpack with nine brand new masteries.

Mod Creator: PinkFrog

For more info:


Download “Masteries” Masteries_1.03.7z – Downloaded 126 times – 10 MB

Paths Mod (Old Titan Quest Version) offers 9 entirely new masteries called Paths. 24 complex skills per Path makes 216 brand new skills and this not including all of the hidden/linked skills and pet skills.

Mod Creator: Shadowflare

For more info:


Download “Paths” Paths_1.5.7z – Downloaded 49 times – 57 MB

D2 Immortal Mod is the the most advanced Titan Quest mod to date, Diablo 2 Immortal introduces unique new skill mechanics and elaborate balance systems to combine what people loved about Diablo 2 with the possibilities of Immortal Throne. Play as an Amazon, Barbarian, Sorceress, Necromancer, Assassin or Paladin – or any hybrid combination of them – to experience both games anew.

Mod Creator: Violos

For more info:


Download “Diablo 2 Immortal Enhanced Edition” Diablo_2_Immortal_Enhanced_Edition_Full_2.30.7z – Downloaded 257 times – 229 MB

Destinies Mod replaces the old masteries with 9 completely new ones named Shamanism, Purification, Chivalry, Prophecy, Metamorphosis, Depredation, Daemonism, Ruination, Training.

Mod Creator: Draeziel

For more info:


Download “Destinies” Destinies_1.04.7z – Downloaded 192 times – 19 MB

Asylums Mod is a mod for Titan Quest immortal throne which completely changes all the classes the player can choose. All masteries are redesigned with some form of sustainability and a unique flavor to each to give each path some originality. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg… there’s tons of new enemies (at least 30 or so), new weapons (lost count at 400+), and various other new items and things.

Mod Creator: Asylum

For more info:


Download “Asylum's Mod” Asylums_Mod_1.01.7z – Downloaded 102 times – 69 MB

Legion of Champions mod is for you if you have ever wanted to play the commander of a brutal horde in Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, this mod is for you! Summon a mighty army to defeat the forces of evil! Every mastery now has powerful minions each with their own skills, strengths and weaknesses! What are you waiting for? Go Out And Assemble Your Team!

Mod Creator: Bumbleguppy

For more info:


Download “Legion of Champions” Legion_of_Champions_1.0.7z – Downloaded 134 times – 57 MB

Clash of the Gods mod is a new mastery mod for Titanquest Immortal Throne. In this modification the 9 masteries, which are called Philosophies, are separated in 4 “good”, 4 “evil” and one “neutral”. For more info:


Download “Clash of the Gods” Clash_of_the_Gods_5.0.7z – Downloaded 170 times – 17 MB

Project X is a masteries mod, with many new skills, pets, effects, items and all that. For more info:


Download “ProjectX” ProjectX.7z – Downloaded 247 times – 7 MB

Monster Multiplier/Difficulty Changer Mods

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Xmax Mod

Monsters Xmax (Old Titan Quest Version) will increase the number of monsters in the main campaign by 2, 3, 4, or more.  Fighting more monsters at once is really fun, and can be a lot more challenging.  For me it brings back good memories of the Act II tombs in Diablo 2 that were packed to the brim with skeletons. Go raid the Egypt Sphinx, Giza Pyramids, or Valley of Kings Tombs with xMax mod and its the same experience!

Mod Creators: Originally created by MaDMaN, ported to IT by Orrus, ported to 1.2.2 and 1.2.3 Beta by epinter


Download “Monsters-xmax-x4-x3-x2” Monsters-xmax-x4-x3-x2_1.0.7z – Downloaded 85 times – 7 KB

Chuck Norris Mod changes the difficulty, so that even Chuck Norris would have problems.


Download “Chuck Norris Mod” Chuck_Norris_Mod_2.2.7z – Downloaded 31 times – 14 MB

Achilles Difficulty Mod increases the monster number, bosses have a lot of life and the number of heroes monsters is greatly increased.

Mod Creator: tqbummer


Download “Achilles Mod 4 Players” Achilles_Mod_4_Players_1.0.7z – Downloaded 58 times – 444 KB

Uber Mod increases the monster number, with more heroes and champions appear, and much more.

Mod Creator: Munderbunny


Download “Uber Mod Plain” Uber_Mod_Plain_1.0.7z – Downloaded 113 times – 28 MB

M4ssboss3s increases the monster number even more than XMax. Bosses are also multiplied and Champions occur frequently.

Mod Creator: Kir4


Download “M4ssboss3s” M4ssboss3s.7z – Downloaded 42 times – 2 MB

Heroisch Mod increases the number of monsters, champions and heroes considerably. Bosses have more life, but they are not multiplied.

Mod Creator: Beastmaster/Andreas


Download “Heroisch Mod” Heroisch_Mod.7z – Downloaded 44 times – 364 KB

PlayersX Mod increases the difficulty by making the game thinks you play online with X number of players.

Mod Creator: Mongoose and Amaran9th


Download “PlayersX” PlayersX.7z – Downloaded 43 times – 7 MB

PlayersX Soft Mod Version is the Soft-Mod conversion of the PlayersX mod. In Soft Mod Version each difficulty level (playersx2, playersx3, playersx4…) can be installed and played like XMax.

Soft Mod Conversion: Malgardian/Spectre


Download “PlayersX Soft Mod” PlayersX_SoftMod.7z – Downloaded 33 times – 18 KB

Camera Mods

Download “Camera Mod Collection” IT_Camera_Mod_Collection_3.2.7z – Downloaded 197 times – 6 MB

Skin Mods

AllSkins Mod For Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Download “AllSkins Pack” AllSkins_Pack_0.8c.7z – Downloaded 367 times – 94 MB

Mod Creator: Lufe and Fathersquid

Download “Wolf Skin” Wolf_Skin_0.1.7z – Downloaded 50 times – 4 MB

Download “Tigerman Skin” Tigerman_Skin_1.10.7z – Downloaded 44 times – 3 MB

Download “Jackalmen Are Stealing Our Women” Jackalmen_Are_Stealing_Our_Women_1.0.7z – Downloaded 67 times – 17 MB

UI Mods

TQIT_User_Interface_Reskins contains Barbaric UI, Arctic UI and Immortal UI for Titan Quest Immortal Throne. The mods does not contain any type of game fixes or additions. It’s a replacement for the game’s UI only. The UI mods is compatible with the FanPatch.

Mod Creator: JMD

For more info:


Download “TQIT User Interface ReSkins” TQIT_User_Interface_ReSkins.7z – Downloaded 68 times – 42 MB

For more info:


Download “Big Bars UI” BigBarsUI.7z – Downloaded 63 times – 205 KB

Download “Big Bars UI FanPatch Compatible” BigBarsUI_Fan_Patch_1.17a_Compatible.7z – Downloaded 59 times – 205 KB

Download “Diablo UI Mod” DiabloUI_Mod_v01.11.7z – Downloaded 69 times – 13 MB

Mods Creator: Kirii

Download “Transparent UI” TransparentUI_v1.1.7z – Downloaded 49 times – 7 MB

Visual Effect Mods

Download “Death Effects Mod” Death_Effects_Mod_1.17.7z – Downloaded 111 times – 23 MB

Mod Creator: i.n.s.a.n.e, update 1.17 by tatar.spirit

Sound Mods

Download “Your Friendly Sound Mod” Your_Friendly_Sound_Mod.7z – Downloaded 46 times – 68 MB

Titan Quest Tools Downloads

Download “TQ Vault” TQ_Vault_2. – Downloaded 305 times – 4 MB

Download “TQ Defiler” TQ_Defiler_1.3.9.7z – Downloaded 445 times – 362 KB

Tool Creator: SoulSeekor, bman654, Raven

Download “Texture Viewer” Texture_Viewer_1.1.7z – Downloaded 61 times – 274 KB

Download “Arc Explorer” Arc_Explorer_1.0.7z – Downloaded 78 times – 214 KB

Download “ARZ Explorer” ARZ_Explorer_1. – Downloaded 94 times – 59 KB

TQ Collector

Download “Mesh Parse” Mesh_Parse_1.0.7z – Downloaded 31 times – 48 KB

Download “Mesh View” Mesh_View_1.12.7z – Downloaded 35 times – 298 KB

Download “Mod Merge” Mod_Merge_1.0.7z – Downloaded 63 times – 63 KB

Download “Texture Tools” Texture_Tools_1.0.7z – Downloaded 38 times – 8 KB

Titan Quest Resources Downloads

Titan Quest Skill Calculator
Titan Quest Masteries Mod Skill Calculator
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Item Database

Download “Titan Quest Unique Items Database” Titan_Quest_Unique_Items_Database.7z – Downloaded 84 times – 31 KB

Download “TQ Templates” TQ_Templates.7z – Downloaded 76 times – 63 KB

Download “TQ Vaults” TQ_Vaults.7z – Downloaded 80 times – 32 KB

Download “TQ Item Database Extended” TQ_Item_Database_Extended_2.0.7z – Downloaded 71 times – 23 MB

Download “Modding the Titan Quest UI” Modding_the_Titan_Quest_UI.7z – Downloaded 40 times – 3 MB

Download “TQ Artifacts” TQ_Artifacts.7z – Downloaded 57 times – 9 KB

Download “DiabloUI Mod Source Files” DiabloUI_Mod_Source_Files.7z – Downloaded 33 times – 952 KB

Download “TransparentUI 1.1 DBRecords” TransparentUI_1.1_DBRecords.7z – Downloaded 31 times – 1 KB


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