Titan Quest – How to Install, Configure and Play Downloaded Maps and Mods

  1. What is the difference between Softmods and Hardmods?
  2. How to Install a SoftMod?
  3. The map/mod does not appear in the game and do not load properly.
  4. What is the Tripple-Load trick?
  5. When the Triple-Load trick is necessary?
  6. Do i need to reload the mod every time before playing?
  7. How do I distinguish my characters, if i play different mods?
  8. How do I know if the mod was loaded correctly?

What is the difference between Softmods and Hardmods?

Titan Quest has 2 versions of mods, called SoftMods and HardMods.
Before installing our mod let’s look at the difference between Soft and Hard Mods. You should also look to Triple-Load trick to not lose your skill points before starting to play your mod.

What is the difference between Softmods and Hardmods?

Softmod is mod type when you install the mod files in “Custom Maps” folder and then start the mod with “Custom Game”.

Hardmod type mods directly replaces your original Titan Quest Immortal Throne files with new ones in the install folder of Titan Quest Immortal Throne.

You should take a look in advance what files are overwritten and copy them beforehand. Therefore, be sure to make a backup of it in case you want to uninstall the mod!

For an example for Hardmod is the SoulvizierMod.

How to Install a SoftMod?

  • Backup your characters and saves. Your characters are at:
    C:\Users\<Your_User_Name>\MyDocuments\MyGames\TitanQuest – Immortal Throne\Save Data
  • Download the mod you want to play.
  • Then you unpack the archive. Some files archived with 7-zip which has the best compression rate. You can download the 7-zip from the official site:
  • When the unpacking is done, copy or move all the files (Except the Readme files – but if you move it doesn’t affect anything, just clutter) in the Titan Quest Custom Maps folder. It is in “My Documents” of the user account. For example:Windows XP:C:\My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest – Immortal Throne\CustomMapsWindows Vista and Win7:C:\Users\<Your_User_Name>\MyDocuments\My Games\Titan Quest – Immortal Throne\CustomMapsFor an alternative way to reach My Documents folder, hit CTRL + R and type %userprofile%\documents and hit ENTER.NOTE: If you can’t find the CustomMaps, just create a new empty folder named CustomMaps.The result should look like this:
    My Games
    + – Titan Quest – Immortal Throne
    + – Custom maps
    + – <Name of the Map / Mod>
    + – Database
    <File> .ARZ
    + – Resources
    <Files> .arc
  • Start Titan Quest Immortal Throne, select Custom Game, select the map/mod you want to play and click on “Start”.

The map/mod does not appear in the game and do not load properly.

Pay attention to the directory structure, there may be double folders when extracting your mod from archive. Also “CustomMaps” should be written correctly (case sensitive does not matter).

What is the Tripple-Load trick?

There is a Titan Quest bug when playing under “Custom Game” that you can lose all your skill points when you change the difficulty level. The trick is to trigger this bug before starting anything and get rid of it. How do you do this? Start a game on Normal difficuly and exit. Then start the game on Epic difficulty and exit. Finally do this for Legendary difficulty too. Then you can start the Map / Mod in Normal difficulty and start playing!

When the Triple-Load trick is necessary?

The Triple-Load trick is necessary only for the characters that are played directly from “Custom Game”. This concerns, for example any Lilith Mod characters. With the characters you play in the normal campaign, you can not start from a higher difficulty level at the beginning. That’s only possible with characters in “Custom Game”. So for the mods you do not play in “Custom Game” you don’t need the Triple-Load trick.

Do i need to reload the mod every time before playing?

Yes, a mod must be usually reloaded at all times – both to start the game and both when you return from the game menu. When you start the Titan Quest some of the changes that Mod made can remain (like the changing of the “Start” button) but it doesn’t mean the mod is loaded.  The only exception to this is the Allskins-Mod.
One must also pay attention when changing to the next level of difficulty. If you have defeated Hades and the game is finished and you return to the Character Select Screen you have to reload the mod again.

It is even advisable to restart Titan Quest Immortal Throne, especially when you change from a mod to other mods or to campaign!

How do I distinguish my characters, if i play different mods?

One way to easily identify its characters, it is especially marked. If the Mod you are playing is “D2 Immortal” it’s abbreviation is D2I , so your characters suffix will be “D2I”.

How do I know if the mod was loaded correctly?

Whether the right mod is loaded, can be easily recognized by the class name. Missing the class name, or having the wrong classname means that no mod is loaded. The same applies to items. Missing items are an indication that the mod was not loaded (see the picture below.). In addition, many mods (Masteries, Gods of Gar, etc.) is changing the Start button, so there is another name instead of “Start” like “Masteries”, “Gods of Gar” and so on.

Titan Quest Immortal Throne How To Distinquish Normal Characters And Mod Characters

Left: Character without D2I-Mod / Right: Character with D2I-Mod

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