Titan Quest Immortal Throne Installation Guide with Most Popular Mods and Patches

  1. Nordic Games New Beta Patch
  2. Official Patch
  3. Fanpatch 1.17a (Bugfix Patch 1.17a)
  4. Spectre’s Patchfix for Fanpatch 1.17a
  5. Camera Mod Collection 3.2
  6. AllSkins Mod and How to Use It
  7. TQ Vault
  8. TQ Defiler

1. Nordic Games New Beta Patch

If you have Steam version of Titan Quest and Immortal Throne you can use the Nordic Games’ new Beta Patch. According to people use Beta Patch, it does everything Fan Patch does and it even adds more. You could play LAN games on old patch too but the new patch also brings the Internet Multiplayer back. But there are ways to play multiplayer over internet with the old patch too. The problem here is most mods out there isn’t compatible with the new patch. So you have to decide.

To Install Nordic Games’ new Beta Patch:

1. Right click to Immortal Throne on your Steam game list.

2. Select Properties

3. Click on the Betas tab.

4. Enter nordictqitbeta password to the section 4 you see in the image below.

5. Click check the code.

6. Select nordictqitbeta option from the section 6 you see in the image below.

7. Wait for Steam to install then patch and launch the game.

Görsel adresinden alınmıştır.

You can visit the link below for details and news of new Beta Patch:

2. Official Patch

This step is only for gamers who bought the boxed game. If you have Steam, Gamersgate or any other digital version of the game you can skip this step.

The patch below is only for Titan Quest and it must be installed before installing Immortal Throne expansion pack.

After installing Titan Quest, download the patch below and install:

Download “Titan Quest Official Patch 1.30r2” Titan_Quest_Official_Patch_1.30r2.7z – Downloaded 108 times – 10 MB

You can now install Immortal Throne expansion pack.

3. Fanpatch 1.17a (Bugfix Patch 1.17a)

Download the Fan Patch below:

Download “FanPatch 1.17a” Fanpatch_1.17a.7z – Downloaded 233 times – 56 MB

This patch fixes tons of bugs in game and on top of that installs AllSkins mod which let you change the apperance of your character and Camera Mod which enables grnats you better a camera in game.

4. Spectre’s Patchfix for Fanpatch 1.17a

It is continuation of the Fan Patch which fixes even more bugs created by member Spectre.

Download the patch below:

Download “Patchfix 1.17c” Patchfix_1.17c.7z – Downloaded 318 times – 27 MB

Extract the patchfix_en archive and double click to PF_install_en.exe.

Click to Include Slowcastfix ve Include RNG-fix options. If you want also click to Include CameraMod option, but below we will install CameraMod manually plus Camera Rotation Mod which let you rotate the camera. Check if the Titan Quest and Immortal Throne directory paths are correct and click Install.

Installer will tell you that it will backup 500 mb sized files to a directory. Take note of the directory path somewhere. For Windows 7 it is:


Note: You can also reach the AppData directory using the %appdata% system variable. Hit Ctrl + R on keyboard and write %appdata% to program launcher, then hit ENTER and you are there.

If you return to installer, continue clicking OK. In the specified location, a directory named Titan Quest Patchfix will be created. If you want to remove Bugfix Patch in future the installer will need that files. But you can safely move that directory to somewhere in you need more space for now. When you want to uninstall just put back the directory in the same place.

After successfuly installing the Bugfix Patch the game version will be 1.17c.

5. Camera Mod Collection

Camera Mod Collection contains two mods. Distance Mod gives the game a better camera angle and more zoom-in and zoom-out capabilities while Rotation Mod let’s you rotate the game camera.

You can watch the video below to see how great the difference after:

Download the Camera Mod Collection:

Download “Camera Mod Collection” IT_Camera_Mod_Collection_3.2.7z – Downloaded 131 times – 6 MB

5.1 Distance Mod

  1. Go to the Titan Quest Immortal Throne directory where the game installed. Open the Database directory and copy all the files that ends with .arz(database_ISOMETRIC.arz ve database_TOPDOWN.arz) from archive.
  2. Backup your original database.arz to somewhere and delete the original file in Database directory or just change its name.
  3. Choose one from the Isometric or Topdown Views and change one’s name from database_ISOMETRIC.arz or database_TOPDOWN.arz to database.arz (database_ISOMETRIC.arz is suggested)
  4. Mod is installed. Start the game.

Rotation Mod

  1. Open the and extract the archive(TitanCamModIT.dll, TitanCamModIT.exe and TitanCamModIT.ini files) to the Titan Quest Immortal Throne install directory.
  2. Launch the TitanCamModIT.exe’yi from the game install directory.
  3. Every time you want to use Rotation Mod you have to start the game from TitanCamModIT.exe. This could get tedious quickly. So we will create a shortcut. Make shortcut for TitanCamModIT.exe at the desktop. Right click to .exe and select Properties. From there enter Change Icon and select the Titan Quest icon from Titan Quest Immortal Throne install directory. Now you can use launch the gam with Rotation Mod support from Desktop and with original Titan Quest icon.

Default Keyboard Shortcuts

Rotate Camera Right(decCameraYaw) = “[” (LBRACKET)

Rotate Camera Left(incCameraYaw) = “]” (RBRACKET)

Reset Camera(resetCameraYaw) = “\” (BSLASH)

Changing Default Shortucts

  1. Go to the Titan Quest Immortal Throne install directory.
  2. Open TitanCamModIT.ini and find the [Hotkeys] section.
  3. All we need is 3 values. These in their respective order are decCameraYaw(rotate camera right), incCameraYaw(rotate camera left) ve resetCameraYaw(reset the camera to its default). The numbers next to them is function numbers that does the actual work.

decCameraYaw 1001
incCameraYaw 1002
resetCameraYaw 1003

3.Now we know the function numbers, all we need to do is assign these numbers to our new keyboard shortcuts.

If you scroll a bit more below on the file you will see keyboard key names. If you don’t want to use default shortcuts which are LBRACKET, RBRACKET and BSLASH change the values next to them with 0. Then find the shortcut keys you want to use and give them 1001, 1002 and 1003 values respectively. For example i will use INSERT for right rotation, DELETE for left rotation and HOME for camera reset.

INSERT = 1001
HOME = 1003
DELETE = 1002

Changing the camera rotation speed

  1. Go to the Titan Quest Immortal Throne installation directory.
  2. Open the TitanCamModIT.ini file.
  3. Increase the CameraYawInc variable’s values.

Know Issues and Fixes

Game Slow Launch Problem Fix

If game starts slower after installing the mod, mod could have difficulties to find the game launcher.

  1. Go to the Titan Quest Immortal Throne installation directory.
  2. Open the TitanCamModIT.ini file.
  3. Increase the value of FindTimeout ve FindDelay variables.
Fix to Rotation Mod Problems with Steam
  1. Go to the Titan Quest Immortal Throne installation directory.
  2. Change the Titan Quest tqit.exe file to tqit2.exe
  3. Change the TitanCamModIT.exe file as tqit.exe
  4. Open the TitanCamModIT.ini file and find the Game = “tqit.exe” section and change it to tqit2.exe like the example below:

Game = “tqit.exe”
Mod = “TitanCamModIT.dll”

change to this:

Game = “tqit2.exe”
Mod = “TitanCamModIT.dll”

Launch the game on Steam.

AllSkins Mod

AllSkins mod as i mentioned before lets you change the appearance of your character with many skins. For me it is a very important mod because without it your character only have one default skin.(except things like weapon and armor of course).

You don’t need to do extra thing for installing it. Because it comes with Fanpatch 1.17. Stand-alone AllSkins mod includes even more skins and you can install it on top of Fanpatch 1.17. But the included AllSkins Mod skins is plenty already.

If you want a seperate AllSkins Mod download it here:

Download “AllSkins Pack” AllSkins_Pack_0.8c.7z – Downloaded 240 times – 94 MB

How to use AllSkins Mod:

  1. Enter a game with your character or create a new one.
  2. Hit ESC in game and select Unlock Content
  3. Input the number 123 here and hit ENTER. Two artifacts will fall to the ground. One for male and one for female characters.
  4. Hit I key from keyboard and open your inventory. If you put the one of the artifacts on your character’s artifact slot in inventory, it will summon the Skin Vendor where you stand.
  5. Buy the skin bottle you want from the Vendor and close the barter screen. Open inventory again and right-click to the bottle to wear the skin you just bought.

There is also 3 more vendors for female characters besides the ones we summoned. These are Skirtless Mesh Vendor, Dress Mesh Vendor and Adult Vendor.

But in our current situation we can only use the Adult Vendor. For Skirtless and Mesh Vendors skins function properly we need to install the suitable Mesh first. And that means to install AllSkins Mod separately. The reason for this is default female character model in Titan Quest is created with skirt. If you want to make a skin without a skirt(for example a trousers), first you have to create a new model, a new Mesh.

If you want to see these vendors anyway, just write 12345 to the Unlock Content and hit ENTER.

TQ Vault

For collecting items without storage constraint our next program is TQ Vault. It is vault, you stash as many items as you want using this program. We will prefer previous version of TQ Vault which is Because the latest version have bugs we will use the stable one. Download TQ Vault below:

Download “TQ Vault” TQ_Vault_2. – Downloaded 220 times – 4 MB

Don’t ever use TQVault while the game is running. Otherwise you can damage your character and items.

TQ Defiler

TQ Defiler is a character editing program. You can do a lot of things with it. Some of them are:

  • Infinite Potion Stacking mod.
  • Rename your character.
  • Edit your character by modifying stats, skills, waypoints, and other attributes.
  • Put relics in purple and blue items.
  • And much more…

Download the TQ Defiler:

Download “TQ Defiler” TQ_Defiler_1.3.9.7z – Downloaded 1135 times – 362 KB

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