Titan Quest Legion Of Champions Mod

What is This Mod About?

If you have ever wanted to play the commander of a brutal horde in Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, this mod is for you! Summon a mighty army to defeat the forces of evil! Every mastery now has powerful minions each with their own skills, strengths and weaknesses! What are you waiting for? Go Out And Assemble Your Team!

Key Features

  • All Skill Masteries have been reworked and altered with a driving focus on summoning pets.
  • Improved enemies! Monsters have better AI, new skills and effects. They also learn new skills in Epic and Legendary, ensuring your play-through won’t grow stale as you advance.
  • Heroes, Champions and Bosses are generously buffed and new skills have been added or improved. All of them, especially bosses, have a special skill that makes them highly resistant to your pet’s damage. Get ready for some epic battles!
  • New enemies not found in vanilla TQ. Discover new monsters as you adventure forth ranging from Deep Mantids to Cursed Trees.
  • Huge Amount of changes to item Affixes and Suffixes. New ones have been added as well as improvements made to existing ones. Almost all now come with pet bonuses.
  • New recipes to create powerful armor, weapon and jewelry each with specific bonuses to your masteries!

How to Install

  1. Extract folder LegionOfChampions_v1.0 to your “documents/mygames/titan quest – Immortal Throne/custommaps” directory.
  2. Start Titan Quest Immortal Throne and select “Custom Maps”.
  3. Create a new character, do the “triple load trick“, (see Known Issues) and start playing!

Additional Game Changes

  • All Pets drastically improved. Pets have been strengthened, toughened and given new skills…. As have monsters!
  • All Pet controllers default to aggressive. Choose normal or defensive just like vanilla.
  • New Pets! Every Mastery now has at least One summonable Pet, and most have multiple.
  • Lots of new skills to try out. Many are geared toward buffing your pets and boosting their survivability.
  • Many Classic TQ builds are still viable! However, having pets around are quite beneficial for every type of character.
  • New recipes and relics! Find and collect Champion Hearts, a new relic/charm dropped by Champions, Heroes and Bosses and, if you don’t apply them to your equipment for the awesome bonuses, buy an Ordinance Schematic from your local Smith and create and awesome piece of armor, shield, weapon or jewelry tailored to your Masteries!
    • A Champion Heart Fragment has a damage bonus and petbonus relevant to that Mastery. Act as relics and attach to equipment based on mastery.
    • A completed Champion Heart grants +skills to random petskills of its Mastery.
    • Ordinance—New Arcane Formula shopped for in shops, maybe something to fill up the melee shop’s empty miscellaneous tab. Recipe ingredients consist of 2 completed hearts and a Stygian Totem. The completed “artifact” is an equippable item with oodles of benefits, and some have new skills.
    • Stygian Totems are an artifact created from a Writ of Damnation recipe dropped by Bosses and Heroes. They are minor artifacts that add modest useful bonuses, but they are best used in the Ordinance recipes.
  • A multitude of new particle effects and monster skills. Some are available as item skills.
  • A special surprise waiting for players near the end of Act 4. Let’s just say Hades might have hired a few extra guards for his prison.
  • Increased monster spawn rates PER ACT, gradually increasing the amount of trash incrementally but Champion spawns increase even more!
  • Almost all items now have pet bonuses attached. Extra chance of suffixes and prefixes to help your pets. All types of bonuses available for pets appear in game in varying degrees of rarity. Relics and Artifacts now have pet bonii, too. Also included are new powerful item affixes that are targeted to help certain pets. These affixes often boost their damage types, strengthen their weaknesses, and even add levels to individual summon skills. Tasty!
  • Weapon affixes that boost damage type to certain enemy types (e.g. Undead) now come as an aura activated upon equipping the weapon. Your pets now receive the bonus as well!
  • Alterations made to Act 4 mobs to slightly improve your summon’s survivability. Keeps the challenge but avoids hitting the dreaded late game “pet wall”
  • Stonebinder cuffs come in 9 varieties per difficulty now. Lost their elemental resist, but have a random damage modifier and pet bonus. Many new Gorgon heroes added to make farming a pain.
  • Added skill point reward to a couple quests. And with all the new skills added, you’re going to need em!
  • Added party potions. As one shot potions don’t allow for area of effect, they are based on the Scroll Template. Party potions have a small cooldown, but be careful if you use another scroll as all scrolls share a single cooldown timer.
  • Bleeding, Poison, and Life Leech have all been improved and made more viable as the focus of a build.
  • New damage type for Nature: Acid (physical damage over time). Is not boosted by Int or Str, but by +% to acid damage only.
  • Wands and Mage Shields are available.
  • Throwing Knives are an equippable weapon you can find or purchase. Anyone can throw knives now!
  • All LOC added skills now have a maximum level increased to +10 over their cap. (As opposed to Vanilla’s +4) Certain pets get a special Super Max Skill when 10 levels over the hard cap.
  • And of course, MUCH, MUCH MORE.


  • There are now racial factions. Monsters of certain factions do more damage to monsters of their nemesis faction
    • Demons do more damage to beasts
    • Beasts do more damage to demons
    • Magical do more damage to Undead
    • Undead do more damage to Magical
    • Insects do more damage to plants
    • Constructs do more damage to Devices
  • Average 20% monster damage increase. This only applies to monsters in the world, not pets. Pets racial bonuses remain unchanged. I skipped Bosses, Heroes, Machae and Melinoe as they don’t need any boosts (and it would gimp Hunting in end game).
  • TAKE NOTE: SHRINE OF MASTERY IS NO MORE. Now they are Shrine of the Elements. Adds Elemental and a chance for burn, frostburn and electric burn. Also boosts all elemental damage for 45 seconds.

Important Notes

  • Legion of Champions is a *soft mod*, designed to play with the original TQ:IT database. Unlike Underlord and other mods, this mod does NOT replace the game database. If you want to play this mod OVER Underlord or any other mod like it, go ahead…but I can’t guarantee the results.
  • Remember to do the “triple load” trick with this mod, otherwise you may lose all skill points going from one difficulty to the next. This goes for LAN play as well. (When I go through the portal Persephone opens before advancing to the next difficulty, this doesn’t happen for me, but it is prudent)
  • This mod is not a difficulty mod per se, but more difficult to balance out your unstoppable horde so they can be stoppable a little.
  • If a skill is not mentioned in the skill section, it is because it has has not been altered, it is still vanilla.

Know Issues

  • Because this is a soft mod your skills will reset when changing difficulty for the first time! When starting a new character do the “triple load trick”, send him to each difficulty before beginning to play, and this prevent skill point loss!
  • Pets don’t show improvement in the skill display with +skills over their max level. This is an old TQ display bug, but fear not, it is just that. A display bug only. The pets do benefit from levels above the cap, and greatly appreciate when you give them + skills! (Pet skills refers to skills such as “Summon Core Dweller” or Summon Skeletons”)
  • Pet secondary skills have been limited so they cannot improve over their max level. This is due to a TQ bug that prevent pets from using their secondary skills if they go over the max level. Giving these skills a hard hard cap, allows pets to continue using their skills when they would otherwise stop. So if you have a lot of + skill items, go and buy back those skill points and put them to good use! (Pet secondary skills refers to skills such as “Metamorphosis” or “Revenant Rage”)
  • Most Relics upon completion give pet Bonii in addition to their standard bonus! This is shown in game. However, when attached to items in game, this bonus will appear to vanish. Don’t worry, it is still there! A display bug only, your pets are still getting the bonus.
  • Relics cannot be attached to wands. Fixable with the Relics in all mod.

How to Play Multiplayer Over LAN

Legion of Champions won’t play LAN at all unless you do this cool trick ASYLUM101 gifted to us:

  1. Go to your TQIT install folder.
  2. Go to resources.
  3. Look for levels.arc, the file should be about 500 mb + copy it.
  4. Now go to your custom maps directory, and find the mod of your choice (in this case, legionofchampions_v1.0)
  5. Go into resources folder.
  6. Paste the levels.arc file there, and rename it to maps.arc.
  7. The only difference is now you play through the custom quest menu, rather than the main quest.


Skill Changes


Player Skills Added %bleeding damage to mastery by level. I tried to calculate what the bleeding damage bonus would be based on DEX with the same calculation used to determine elemental boost from INT. Not perfect, but helps with bleed builds.

Weapon Training: Adds Pet Bonus.
Dodge Attack: Added chance for %damage resistance like the “of Succor” item suffix. Adds similar passive Pet Bonus.
Lochagos: New skill. Lochagos is Greek for Captain. Top tier passive petbonus that increases damage for all pets. (MOVE YOU MAGGOTS! HUT! HUT! HUT!)
Completely reworked Battle Rage. All 3 levels are separate on-hit proc skills.


Ancestral Horn: 3 summons max (3 at level 14). Immune to Sleep and Vitality Damage. Strong against poison weak against fire and lightning.
Inherent petskills:

  • Level 6 ~ Jumpslash :50% damage with increasing chance to activate, and additional bleeding damage per level after
  • Level 11 ~ Crosscut: 2 target/ 90 degree arc with increasing chance to activate, and additional bleeding damage per level after
  • Level 16 ~ Tumult 3 target/ 360 degree arc. Adds +% damage, bleeding damage, stun, and reduces enemy offensive ability.
  • Level 21 ~ Warhorn: Smaller radius warhorn + doomhorn skills combined.
  • Level 24~ 3 summon limit

Ancestral Warrior – Onslaught: Just like the regular onslaught but adds life regen: if the spectral warriors are fighting, then they are healing.
Ancestral Warrior – Ignore Pain: Like the player skill, but adds %regen.
Ancestral Warrior – Ardor: Increases speed and elemental resistance.
Battle Standard Inherent Petskills:

  • Level 15~ +2 all skills
  • Level 20~ +4 all skills


Player Skills
Concussive Blow: Now a proc weapon attack like the dual wield skills from Warfare. Moved global stun damage bonus to Focus.
Concussive Blow – Shockwave : Multiple targets get whomped hard.
Battle Awareness: Added radius increase by level and %armor increase ala Munderbunny.
Battle Awareness – Focus: Adds global stun damage bonus.
Battle Awareness – Iron Will: Added petrification, slow and sleep resistance.
Armor Handling ~ now Equipment Handling, includes Pet Bonus.
Adrenaline has been replaced completely. See Summons below.

Armored Spiri
t : 1 summon max. Adrenaline is now a radius buff cast by the armored spirit. His club slam skill is awesome. He gains many shield procs and shield charge as he increases levels. Very slow. His shield DOES block and the shields are the same damage as the basic attack of the same level.
Inherent Petskills:

  • Level 1 ~ Adrenaline: Adds more health regen and radius per level after.
  • Level 1 ~ Ethereal Essence: Self buff that makes the Spirit less susceptible to a variety of damage types.
  • Level 1 ~ Club Slam: Wave attack that does physical damage and stuns
  • Level 1 ~ Shield Smash : Straight from Defense player skills
  • Level 1 ~ Taunt : Attack Radius spell cast often. Draws aggro and reduces defense ability
  • Level 5 ~ Disable : Straight from Defense player skills
  • Level 5 ~ Shield Charge : Straight from Defense player skills
  • Level 11 ~ Shield Charge – Disruption : Straight from Defense player skills
  • Level 11 ~ Pulverize: : Straight from Defense player skills
  • Level 11 ~ Spin attack: War Wind style attack. Great crowd control
  • Level 21~ Becomes Armored Colossus
  • Level 21~ Shield Clang: Large AOE Physical damage, armor debuff and stun (Replaces club slam)

Armored Spirit- Spirit of the Guardian: Big defense bonii for the Armored spirit. If he dies, dump a point or two in this skill.
Armored Spirit – Defensive Reaction: Same as the adrenaline tree skill, but added to the adrenaline radius buff cast by the Armored Spirit to the whole party.
Armored Spirit – Curse of Anikêtos: AoE spell that reduces physical resistance. Awesome. No, really. Awesome.


Player Skills
Flame Surge tree: REPLACED (see Summons below)
Earth Enchantment : Increased radius by level
Brimstone: Adds %burning damage bonus
Stone Skin: Added pierce damage resistance
Volativity :added pet bonus
Volcanic Orb – Immolation: Added radius per level
Heat Shield: Now an Aura. Reduced cooldown, physical damage resistance and radius increases by level.
Ring of Flame/Soften Metal: Removed physical, boosted fire, added burning.
Eruption: Added burning damage.
Firestorm. A creeping wave of burning death.Summons

Fire Sprite: Replaces Flame Surge skill. 2 summon limit. Fast and weak, most of their damage will come from fire.
Inherent Petskills:

  • Level 5 ~ Body Heat: Self buff that adds % chance for fire damage, burn damage, and burn retaliation
  • Level 16 ~ Flame Rush: Like shield smash for defense, Sprites charge forward and attack multiple enemies.
  • Level 18 ~ Burning Fuse: Sends out multiple slow moving fuses that explode
  • Level 21 ~ Become Elder Magma Sprites

Fire Sprite – Pyroclastic Burst:
A hot burst of volcanic ash and gasses burn and blind enemies and lowers their resistance to fire.

Core Dweller – Replaced Taunt with Ring of Flame aura. Gains Heat Metal aura as well at higher levels.
Inherent Petskills:

  • Level 1 ~ Volcanic Heat: Similar to Ring of Flame Improves radius and damage with levels
  • Level 1 ~ Inner Fire: Just like vanilla skill but you get it for free as Corey levels
  • Level 7 ~ Heat Metal: Ring of flame does physical damage and weakens enemies
  • Level 21~ Becomes Magma Dweller
  • Level 26 ~ Molten Boulder becomes Meteor Lob. Why throw a boulder when you can toss a meteor?
  • Level 26 ~ Rage of Gaea: 15% chance of activating. Grants a variety of HUGE bonuses. Look out world.

Core Dweller – Earth Fury: Now an attack area of effect centered on the Coredweller. Stuns enemies. Totally awesome.
Core Dweller – Metamorphosis: Passive bonuses for core dweller

Ifrit: Timed summon with extremely high attack speed and DPS. Extremely fragile and highly combustible. (15 second lifetime, will often die well before that)
Inherent Petskills:

  • Level 1 ~ Detonate: Upon death explodes in large radius doing huge damage and lowering enemy resistances.
  • Level 13~ Lifetime increased by 5 seconds
  • Level 18~ Gains 1000 health and 10 seconds to lifetime


Player Skills
Added %bleeding damage to mastery by level. I tried to calculate what the bleeding damage bonus would be based on DEX with the same calculation used to determine elemental boost from INT. Not perfect, but helps with bleed builds.
Ensnare: Added radius to ensnare multiple enemies.
Art of the Hunt: Chance to cause bleeding damage. %bonus to bleeding damage.
Woodlore: Includes Pet Bonus.
Herbal Remedy: Toggled Buff Aura
Study Prey: removed and added to Falcon summons

Summon Wolf: Transferred from Nature mastery. 2 summon limit. Natural Dodge Chance. Wolf – Strength of the Pack – Gone. Use Art of the Hunt and Call of the Hunt instead.
Inherent Petskills:

  • Level 1 ~ Sharpened Fang: Converts a % of their base damage to piercing. Adds chance of additional piercing and bleed damage.
  • Level 8 ~ Intimidate small radius AoE aura that weakens nearby enemies
  • Level 16 ~ Hemorrhagic Fever: Plague-like contagious spell that does bleeding damage and lowers bleed resist.
  • Level 21 ~ Becomes an Alpha Grizzled Wolf
  • Level 21 ~ Strength of the Pack: It’s back baby! Modified skill from Wolf skill line in Nature mastery.

Wolf – Maul: Bleeding and Pierce along with Damage Converted to Health
Wolf – Survival Instinct: Below 33% health Wolves have 8 seconds of damage absorb, boosted damage, health regen, and ActH

Piglet Lure – Summon an adorable little piglet, screaming and running through mobs, drawing your enemy’s attention. 20 second timed summon. A mobile version of Monster Lure. Cooldown decreases every level so you can eventually spam them.

Piglet Lure ~ Razorback – Massive damage reflection added to Piglet, bonus chance of pierce and bleeding damage retaliation to finish them off!

Falconry: Summon a quick falcon. High dodge ability. Pierce and bleeding damage.
Inherent Petskills:

  • Level 1 ~ Sharpened Talon: Attack that does piercing damage and has chance of bleed
  • Level 5 ~ Eye Gouge: Attack with Pierce and Bleed and chance of Fumble attacks and impaired aim
  • Level 9 ~ Stymphalian Feather: attack AoE bleeding and pierce. BAM!
  • Level 21~ Becomes a Phoenix, gaining raw elemental damage, bonus armor and spawns a new Phoenix on death!
  • Level 21~ Phoenix Flame: Small AoE aura that deals burning damage and lowers enemies fire resist.
  • Level 26 ~ Harpy Screech: AoE attack with lots of Stun and pierce

Falcon ~ Study Prey and Falcon ~ Flush out. You want to weaken your enemies? Better get a bird!


Player Skills
Added %bleeding damage to mastery by level. I tried to calculate what the bleeding damage bonus would be based on DEX with the same calculation used to determine elemental boost from INT. Not perfect, but helps with bleed builds.
Envenom Weapon Tree: Player skill remains the same, but each tree skill adds a Pet Bonus.
Blade Honing: REPLACED – Now called Rogue’s Edge
Rogue’s Edge: Adds chance of bleeding damage and pierce ratio increase to party regardless of weapon. Yes, you can cause bleeding damage with Staves.
Open Wound: REPLACED – Now skill modifier for Rogue’s Edge aura.
Anatomy: REPLACED – Now skill modifier for Rogue’s Edge aura. Adds bleeding resistance.
Calculated Strike : REPLACED – Now called Sneak Attack. Like a watered down Phantom Strike with shorter cooldown and a movement bonus.
Lucky Hit: Adds +targets 120 degree arc modifier for Sneak Attack.
Disarm Traps: Now toggled Aura. Adds Construct to racial bonus.
Disarm Traps – Sabotage: Adds racial Damage% bonus to Disarm Traps aura.
Throwing Knife: Throwing Knives are now an equippable weapon you can find or purchace, so this skill has been changed to Throwing Knife Mastery and requires the new Throwing Knife weapon to be equipped.
Traps – Unchanged, though I did try, just too hard to balance for me. Other mods do this better. Though they DO get the bleeding damage from Rogue’s Edge aura and the damage from Disarm Traps…automatoi just melt. 3 summon burst at max levelHired Goons – 2 summon max. Though they dodge attacks well, they are weak against physical and pierce. Fickle loyalties make them weak against confusion, conversion and fear. Develops a personal touch you can only get with hired goons.
Inherent Petskills:

  • Level 1 ~ Secrets of the Ninja: Dodge, CtaP, and Chance of more bleed and poison damage
  • Level 1 ~ Sneak Attack: Disappears and reappears to attack multiple enemies. AdctH
  • Level 5 ~ Whirling Dervish: 360 Arc attack with bleeding
  • Level 16 ~ Septic Cloud: Self buff aura that lowers enemy movement, attackspeed, and poison resist. Sort of a mobile plague.
  • Level 21~Becomes Daemon Ninja: Congratulations, your fragile little webfooted goons just transformed into seething, bloodthirsty, marauding whirlwinds of death.
  • Level 21~ Summon Mirror Image: Creates an exact copy of themselves for 15 seconds. The more the merrier.
  • Level 26~ 3 Summon Limit

Hired Goons ~ Flurry of Knives
: Like a combined version of Rogue’s Throwing knife/Flurry of Knives in one skill.
Hired Goons ~ Pandora’s Jar: Projectile AoE sowing confusion fear and poison.


Player Skills
Heart of Oak: Total speed increases by level
Heart of Oak – Tranquility of Water: Removed %chance and made a flat %mana cost reduction per level. Mana Leech protection. Mana %regen.
Heart of Oak – Permanence of Stone: Added vitality damage resistance.
Plague: Susceptibility now lowers poison resist and elemental resist.
*new skills*
Gaea’s Avatar: Toggled buff with big Strength, Dex and Int bonus plus healthy damage bonus
Roots of Willow: Party buff aura that adds acid damage to attacks. begins with very small radius that improves with levels.
Roots of Willow ~ Oxidation: Massively increases the acid damage done by aura
Roots of Willow ~ Erosion: Chance to decrease enemy Offensive Ability and armor for a time
Bogdweller: Calls forth a bogdweller from out of the swamps to fight by your side. 2 summon limit.
Inherent Petskills:

  • Level 1 ~ Vine Whip: 360 Arc 2 target max, Poison + Pierce with chance of stun, Max targets increase with levels.
  • Level 1 ~ Bog Rage: Like Psionic touch but with Pierce and Poison
  • Level 1 ~ Prickly Hide: Passive Pierce + Bleed resist Chance of retaliation
  • Level 5 ~ Seed Burst: AoE Projectile Spell Pierce + Poison. Chance to fumble attacks and adds slow
  • Level 16 ~ On death casts large seed burst
  • Level 21~ Becomes Bogdweller Elder
  • Level 21~ Summer Vine: Big Crowd Control 360 Arc attack 8 target max. Lots of damage and elemental damage.

Bogdweller ~ Swamp Gas: Duration area of effect, chance for fumbled attacks, impaired aim, stun, sleep fear and confusion. Ultimate crowd control.
Bogdweller ~ Swamp Surge: Wave attack that inundates enemies with toxic, acidic swamp water.
Bogdweller ~ Spontaneous Regrowth: Big regen, damage absorb, but procs on hit instead of life meter…makes a little different gameplay as you never know if it will proc when they are in trouble. Of course, that’s what Regrowth is for…

Sylvan Nymph: Excellent support pet, high chance to dodge and boosts your allies while bombarding the enemy with her super fast bow.

  • Level 1 ~ Bow Attack: Chance to pass through enemies, deals piercing and % of enemy health
  • Level 1 ~ Volley: Similar to bow attack but launches 3 arrows!
  • Level 1~ Summon Fairy*: See Below
  • Level 5 ~ Plague Arrow: Area of effect explosion. Chance to pass through enemies.
  • Level 5 ~ Summon Wisp Pet**: See Below
  • Level 21 Becomes Forest Nymph: Basic attack is now a 3-projectile burst every shot, life and dex boost

*Sylvan Nymph Pet ~ Fairy
She is basically a little Piglet Swarm by herself. Her initial skill is a low radius taunt, instant cast so no time wasted. She has a passive chance to cause fumble and confusion and a good chance to randomly change targets. She does almost no damage and doesn’t last long but it is a fun flavor skill. Also Casts regrowth

**Sylvan Nymph Pet ~ Will O’ Wisp abilities: LEVEL = WISPS LEVEL. To see what level you can unlock a wisps ability via skill points in Sylvan Nymph add +4. (IE: Wisp will cast bramblethorn only if Nymph is at level 9)

  • Level 1: Summer Rain: heal and regen single ally
  • Level 1: Come At Me Bro! Short range taunt skill that does a token amount of pierce damage in a 3 meter radius. Taunt+Pierce should make the monsters mad enough, but the Wisp controller says Flee! So basically the Wisp runs up, casts taunt and runs Because the Nymph hangs so far back, don’t expect this to happen very often, though.
  • Level 1: Zephyr: The Will O’ Wisp grants slightly increased total speed and additional attack speed for a time. 10 to 18 second duration
  • Level 5: Bramblethorn: The Will O’ Wisp grants greater Acid and Pierce damage for a time. 10 to 18 second duration
  • Level 11: Autumn Grief: The Will O’ Wisp curses a single enemy with slightly lower physical resistance. 8 second duration
  • Level 15: Gaia’s Blessing: The Will O’ Wisp grants increased dexterity, strength and intelligence for a time. 8 second duration.
  • Wisp has 30 second life span

Sylvan Nymph ~ Nature’s Wrath: Moved down a level to open up sooner
Sylvan Nymph ~ Song of the Wood: Duration aura boosts damage and adds damage absorb. Big, big radius.

Quillvine Thicket ~ Summon quillvines that spawn their own briarwards. Excellent for enemy distraction. Has a LONG cooldown period. (Refresh, anyone?) Start with one, 2 at level 10, 3 at level 21. At 21 they get an acid AoE grenade skill. Stinging Nettle has a chance to do Acid or Poison damage now.
Quillvine Thicket ~ Vile Thorns: Boost damage, attack speed, and adds poison to your Quillvines.
Quillvine Thicket ~ Sanctuary: Each Quillvine casts Sanctuary as the original Nature skill


Player Skills
Storm Nimbus: Toggled Aura
Storm Nimbus – Heart of Frost: +%frostburn
Squall – Cold and Lightning damage
Squall – Obscured Visibility: Added frostburn, moved all projectile fumble from Squall
Lightning Bolt: Shortened cooldown, increased lightning damage
Chain Lightning: Increased lightning damage
Freezing Blast: Added frostburn, though the damage reduction of the debuff nerfs it for the most part. Oh well.
Energy Shield: Reduced cooldown
Energy Shield – Reflection: No longer only reflects, but also adds retaliation damage.
Thunder Storm: Light version of Scroll of Sky’s Rage
Storm Sprite: Like firesprite in that they do little physical damage, but they are pretty fast, 2 summon limit. Strong against ice and lightning, weak against fire.
Inherent Petskills:

  • Level 1 ~ Static discharge: Psionic touch style attack. Does Lightning damage and has chances of a variety of effects.
  • Level 9 ~ Static Discharge Arc. Static Discharge spreads to other enemies!
  • Level 21 ~ Become Snow Daemon
  • Level 21 ~ Big Chilldriver: AoE Stomp attack that may result in frostbite.

Storm Sprite ~ Storm Breath: Wave attack doing lightning and cold with chance of frostburn, freeze and stun
Storm Sprite ~ Frost Shield: Adds dodging attacks and projectiles, retaliation and health regen.
Wisp: Similar to Vanilla TQ. High Dodge. Boosts other pets with eye of the storm.

  • Level 1 ~ Plasma burn: 2 target attack that does lightning damage. Max targets increase with level
  • Level 5 ~ Thunderclap: AoE attack causing stun and dealing lightning and electrical burn
  • Level 16 ~ Lightning Blast: High damage chaining lightning attack.
  • Level 21 ~ Becomes Thunder Wisp
  • Level 24 ~ Lightning Blast: Big Zap
  • Level 24 ~ Chain Lightning: Zap Zap Zap Zap Zap Zap

Wisp ~ Eye of the Storm: Party buff spell: Adds elemental and frostburn damage as well as light and cold resists. Gains duration with levels.


Player Skills
Ternion: Pretty much copied from Munderbunny’s original Occult mod. Changes the drift of the three projectiles.
Ternion – Arcane Lore: Reduced the explosion radius. Big elemental, vitality and bleeding damage boost.
Life Drain/ Cascade: Changed to Spirit Strike and Spirit Strike ~ Cascade: Charged finale left-mouse-button skill, %life damage, ADCtH and Life Leech over time damage.
Death Ward: Added life regen and movement bonus for duration of spell. Heel-n-toe!
Spirit Ward: REMOVED I copied Munderbunny’s idea by adapting the skill to the Liche King and boosting the damge versus undead.
Summon Skeleton Warriors – Bonus damage to Undead inherently. Equipment is only for show, shields do not block. NO LIFE REGEN. Max 2 summon limit. Strong against vitality damage and poison, weak against fire. Also kicks the buttocks of any undead.
Inherent Petskills:

  • Level 1 ~ Hand of Thanatos: Flat bonus damage to undead and, %Damage reduction and Flat Damage reduction from undead.
  • Level 11 ~ Leaching Vortexk: 360 arc Attack: Does less damage than normal but has large life leech and %chance of fear.
  • Level 16 ~ Circle of Anguish: AoE spell causing Fear, Slow, and dealing Vitality Decay.
  • Level 25 ~ 3 summon limit
  • Level 26~ Chill of the Grave. Aura that Reduces speed, cold resist and Life Leech resist of enemies. Also has a chance of scaring anyone that comes near

Skeleton Warriors ~ Vampire Strike: Main source of healing, big ADCtH and Life Leech over time. Adds 3 seconds of fear.
Skeleton Warriors ~ Revenant Heart: Toggled Self-Buff. Big damage absorption and Chance for Life leech and life leech retaliation.
Skeleton Warriors ~ Revenant Rage: Big damage boost, and boost to Life leech

Liche King
Inherent Petskills:

  • Level 1 ~ Spectral Bolt: Zaps enemies at range. Deals Elemental damage, % reduction to health and Vitality damage. Also has a flat bonus to undead.
  • Level 1 ~ Spirit Ward. Party Aura buff. %Bonus damage to undead, Flat damage to undead, and % reduction to damage from undead. Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS
  • Level 5 ~ Soul Blight: Sends a projectile that explodes in a radius injuring and debuffing enemies.
  • Level 13 ~ Spectral Energy Bolt – Cascade: Your Liche now zaps multiple enemies.
  • Level 16 ~ Soul Jar: Deals Life and Energy leach and Petrifies enemies for 8(!) seconds
  • Level 21~ Becomes Liche Lord
  • Level 21~ Soul Jar gains a radius.
  • Level 26~ Soulblight produces fragments on impact (like Volcanic Orb: Fragmentation), all hits reduce all resistances by 75%. Main projectile velocity increased for better chance to hit moving targets.

Liche King – Death Nova and Wraith Shell
: Pretty much the same
Liche King ~ Soul Strike: Replaces arcane blast. Powerful sphere that deals Vitality damage and decay, energy leech and can cause fear.

Summon Spirit Totem: Summon a skeletal totem that attracts enemies and lowers their resistances.

Skeleton Berserker – Summon a dual-wielding giant skeleton to deal amssive damage to foes. Boss killer!


Player Skills
Distortion Wave: Removed Physical damage and replaced with vitality damage
Chaotic Resonance: Removed physical damage boost replaced with vitality damage boost.
Distort Reality: Removed physical damage, replaced with vitality damage
Distort Reality – Temporal Rift: Boosted electrical burn
Lucid Dream: Added chance of electrical burn damage to attacks.
Trance of Empathy: REMOVED
Trance of Terror: New skill replace trance of empathy. Adds chance of fear, petrify. Adds vitality damage and electric burn damage to attacks. Chance of ADCtH.SummonsNightterrors: Smaller versions of Nightmare. 2 summons to start, 3 summon limit @ lvl 16. Synergized Melee attackers. Strong against vitality and lightning, weak against poison and pierce. All Nightterror Special Attacks require 2 summoned Nightterrors to activate! (note: summoned doesn’t necessarily mean alive, they will synergize with the corpse of a fallen comrade)
Inherent Petskills:

  • Level 1 ~ Negative Energy Locus: Chance of life leech and causes extra damage to demons.
  • Level 5 ~ Terror Surge: Short wave attack that causes electrical burn vitality damage and chance of fear.
  • Level 21 ~ Become Ethereal Nightterrors
  • Level 26 ~ 4 summon limit

Nightterrors ~ Hypnotic Gaze: Moved from Nightmare, added electrical burn damage.
Nightterrors ~ Singularity Field: On hit chance to activate, increases total speed and adds dodge for a duration.
Nightterrors ~ Synergy Bolt: Big vitality and lightning burn damage with ADCtH and chance to petrify. Big.

Inherent Petskills

  • Level 1 ~ Dreamdeath Detonation: Large Radius dealing electric burn and vitality damage when your nightmare dies.
  • Level 1 ~ Psionic Beam: Pew Pew Pew. Deals Electric Burn, and Vitality damage. Along with %reduction to enemy health and a chance of slow.
  • Level 5 ~ Dream Surge: Fires 10 projectiles dealing, you guessed it, electric burn and vitality damage.
  • Level 11 ~ Psionic Chain. Psionic Beam hits multiple enemies.
  • Level 21 ~ Becomes Ethereal Nightmare
  • Level 21 ~ Eye of Hypnos. Monster lure with a big taunt aura then a 3 meter Sleep aura. Monsters run up and…bam: asleep.
  • Level 26 ~ Nightmare Surge: Replaces Dream Surge with 18 projectiles that have a greater range, additional physial damage, shorter cooldown. Bang!

Nightmare ~ Static Field: Party aura that adds vitality and electric burn % boost for a duration.
Nightmare ~ Master Mind: Added Fear and Conversion resistance.


Download “Legion of Champions” Legion_of_Champions_1.0.7z – Downloaded 242 times – 57 MB


I want to thank Poinas for his custom skills tutorial, Munderbunny as I outright stole many of his ideas and concepts and his tutorials have helped me a lot. ASYLUM101 for being helpful when I asked questions. Shadowlance, too, though he may not ever read this. Soulseekkor for Defiler and bman654 for TQVault, without which I could never have extracted all those .arz files. Tamchi for the ModMerge utility. Violos for the painstaking testing and results that made the mysteries of Titan Quest more manageable.
BIG THANKS to all who participated in the original Summoner’s Delight mod thread over the years! You know who you are!

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Founder of the Kırmızı Perfect. Old-school gamer. Arch Linux fan.

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