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Titan Quest – Lilith The Will of Demon : Battles of Jalavia Mod

  1. Intro
  2. General Information
  3. Requirements
  4. Thanking
  5. Gallery
  6. Story
  7. Critics
  8. Known Issues
  9. Installation
  10. Difficulty Changer
  11. Before Playing
  12. What is New in Lilith 1.1

Welcome to those who discover Lilith and the World of Jalavia for the first time 🙂

Jalavia’s continent has become hostile since Lilith’s armies invasion.
You will need to master the game before establishing yourself as the new Hero.

This game was designed for players who love fights and challenges.

Those who like easy and fast fights, without taking their character’s weaknesses into account, will be disappointed for sure.
I do not recommend them to try this adventure.

Those who love epic battles, art of war, living a real adventure, these ones will adore Lilith’s universe.

Attention has been focused on gameplay: global balance and each creature have been set so that Lilith offers excellent accessibility to all players from the beginning of the campaign, and then evolves into a stunning challenge.

There are also numerous subtleties, hiding places, and situations that will make you discover new things each time you will play the game again.

Information to those who already know Lilith 0.9x : I suggest them to forget all about previous version, and start this campaign as if it was their first time.

I strongly recommend all players to begin with a new character at the Normal level.

– It is better to have a preview before facing a greater difficulty. After a Normal experience, you will discover Epic in better conditions, with a lot more knowledges, and sagacity

– Discover the differences between the Difficulty levels. You will appreciate them fully if first you run Normal then Epic

– At last, I guarantee that if you like Lilith, you will really enjoy seeing your character’s evolution through the 3 difficulty levels. Your feat will be even greater!

Well, I hope that you will have as much pleasure to play this mod as I had during its development.

It’s up to you now! Report your experiences and raise high the flag of Victory and Liberty in:

” Lilith, The Will of Demon : Battles Of Jalavia “

General Information

Lilith 1.1 comes with:

17 navigation portals
+666 customized creatures
+250 monstrous bosses
+33 quests to accomplish
+45 NPC et merchants
+15 000 words of dialogues, quests and names
+110 mysterious, great and dangerous, adventures areas
+Dozen of immersing musics
+40 Respoints for faster navigation throughout the continent
+70 levels at the end of legendary mode
+150 hours of play
+2800 work hours

What’s new?

– A more complex campaign
– Lot of long new quests
– A game fully accessible for a level one (highly recommended)
– A game who match all players, as well a Casual gamer as a Hardcore players (or more) with a system of “Difficulty-Changer”
– A powerful system allowing a fast travel
– A significant increase of the Jalavia’s size
– Over-abundance of new challenging Bosses

– Lot of new creatures and graphic elements
– 100% custom creatures and some extremely customized!
– Optimizations and modifications in existing areas
– More loot and outstanding rewards after some quests
– Many original spells’ monster
– Numerous new ambient sound, music or sound effect

– A clear display of quests, text and dialogs
– A full normalization and visibility of creature’s resistance
– New nice panoramas and amazing landscapes
– A new mysterious zone
– Many secret paths
– More unforgettable epic battles!

– A full balance of all difficulties!
– A very, very long game!
– Countless changes between difficulties!
– An enjoyable rhythm of progression between levels
– More changing events between games
– A very high progression of your avatar

– A very nice and hard challenge for high Level players
– Fully multiplayer
– A stronger feeling of liberty
– Available in English, in French, in German and in Italian!

And much, much more!

Much more in Lilith

Lilith includes the very nice Mod from Lufe: AllSkins Mod

This means all players will be able to change their character skin directly in Lilith, also allowing them to share their looks with other connected players.

NOTE : Despite a good integration of the mod, I strongly suggest to download the file and to unzip it in the database folder of the game, this to avoid long texture.


– Normal : 1
– Epic : ~49 (Master gamers)
– Legendary : > 60 (Hardcore gamers)

Recommended configuration :
– Recent video card (256Mo or 512Mo)
– 1Go of ram or more
– X2 CPU or more, ideally any Core Duo


– Bidonvil « Artist golfer » for his hard work and his brilliant realizations until version 0.90. This mod wouldn’t be the same without him.

– Moukraine for the complete English translation of Lilith 0.9x and 1.0. and Lilith 1.1 Well done, this job was huge and was done the most seriously. He is also the author of the “Chapel” musical theme.

– FOE about his work for the German translation of Lilith 1.0 and Lilith 1.1. He is very perfectionist!

– ThePonz for the complete Italian translation of Lilith 1.1, just in time

– Congratulation to Ulysse86. He is te reincarnation of the Greek Hero!
He has done a lot for Lilith 1.0, with his ideas and his original creations. The enormous work he has done brought Lilith a step forward!
I salute you Sir, you are the Ace of Spade.

> Special thanks:

– I would like to thank Evil666 for his unfailing enthusiasm about Lilith since the very beginning. He always supported me more than anyone. He has always been there to provide help and animation. He gave his time and paid a great attention during the whole Beta test 1.0. He is the kindest “Evil” that could be met!

– Thank also to Kamide, his bravery, his pugnacity and his sharp eye have been helpfull during the tests 1.0. You would better treat her as allied than enemy!

Lilith 1.1:
– I thank ALTF4 for all time shared with me testing Lilith 1.1. His conscientious work and his abilities have permit to clean Lilith from nasty bugs. He is a modern Gladiator!

– Thank to Djinn who make an excellent test with Lilith 1.1. He is very sharp and his advices was precious, Lilith is glad about him. Is he really a Djinn ?

– Thank to ShadowLich who gave me a “nice record database” from Masteries!

> Specific thanks :

– PinkFrog who often helped me with his great knowledge about TQ and all his kindness. Like I said once, he is a priest in TQ !
– Madman for his precious advices and his generosity
– Toklidan for his excellent tutorials
– Rayek for his script
– Munderbunny for all reports and game advices
– I would like to thank also “wise Jo36”, “Pertinent Stilteg”, “Artist Ferrovipathe”, “Moviemaker Alan” and the “Enthusiast Alix” for all their contributions on the french forum
– Blizzard « The Master » for the Diablo series!
– The excellent FreeSound Project website and the terrific Audacity
– For their wonderful musics : Matt Uelman, Howard Shore, James Horner, Hans Zimmer and Carmina Burana

And the most respectful thank to Iron Lore for their great tools. I hope they will come back, full packed with new games soon.

And at last… Thanks to all players who tried Lilith, to all who wrote something about this quest, and who supported me, and of course, all who followed silently, but with the deepest interest. I thank you all !

The World of Jalavia:

Titan Quest Lilith Will Of Demon Jalavia Map


It was 430 years ago that Infernal Wars against The Darkness came to an end.
After years and years of battles, Armies of the Great Redemption emerged victorious.
Nevertheless, this was a bitter victory, flooded by blood and suffering.

Lilith, a cruel and inflexible Demon was leading the War for the Darkness.
Once defeated, she was confined in the entrails of the Mountain Of Order, from where no demon can escape.

It is a Human being that committed the unforgivable.
A man, Sartena-Bomi, betrayed Mankind by opening the Vault Of Eternity, in the heart of the Mountain of Order, and therefore freed Lilith.
In a short period of time, she built up a new army, stronger, greater, more terrifying than the one she led during the Infernal Wars.

Lilith’s power never stopped growing.
She is now able to corrupt souls by her own will.
During the night of the third new moon, Lilith extended her will to our world, modifying natural laws.
She took control of some power men’s minds, reducing them to mere slaves, to assist in fulfilling her evil plans.
She also hid her armies moves to take some Angerderre areas by surprise.
And shortly after the Night Of The Great Change, Lilith dispatched her Death Legions…


Critics :

I was very surprised to be contacted by a deutsch magazine. Here are the screenshots of PC ACTION in their very nice presentation of Lilith:



The best critics are these coming directly from the players, here are some examples from version 0.98:

06-05-2007, 06:21 PM
“Very impressed with your mod, great job!
I’m really enjoying exploring a new land, it’s very challenging…
…I think you did a fantastic job on the next areas (…deads) bot the music and the graphics really made the atmosphere and create a sense of limbo
Love the game!”

Lun 01 Oct, 2007 13:05
“J’ai joué un peu plus de 32 heures et je ne suis qu’au mode normal.
Ce mod est Excellent”

13 septembre 2007 à 20:22:56
“Je viens à d´arriver à Asteria
le niveau est haut, autant en gameplay qu´en design !”

05-07-2007, 01:51 AM
“A great mod! Almost as good as the original game itself.
…Oh, and the music is wonderful!
The plot is interesting and elaborate. In my opinion, it’s as good as the one of the original game or maybe even better.
Haven’t encountered any serious bugs so far.
In general, it’s a great mod that everyone should give a try.”

07-26-2007, 12:07 PM
“I LOVED the way you recreated ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ scene at the cemetary!”

07-11-2007, 05:41 PM
“…a definite challenge.
Your excellent use of 3D maps is still quite good.”

2007-05-12 13:29:07
“I’m not finished yet, but, this is the best MOD I’ve ever played. Thanks for the great MOD.”

23 août 2007 à 20:00:50
“Je viens de jouer a Lilith en epique pendant une heure, ce mod est franchement fantastique!!!”

07-30-2007, 03:36 PM
“this mod is awesome !
…this mod was TRULY AMAZING !!
…Minimum, as good as the original solo campaign, and maybe better sometimes
areas are very intuitive and very good built.
very good job !!!”

2007-07-18 12:45:32
“I dont have words…
You do such a great job with the update.”

2007-07-15 21:29:40
“AWSOME mod. Might very well be the best mod I have ever seen short of the Awakening Mod for D2LoD”

05-14-2007, 06:17 PM
“Hi there Mostal, I’ve started this mod, and it is awesome!”

Lun 01 Oct, 2007 12:59
“…Je me joins aux autres, super travail de level design!”

Mar 25 Sep, 2007 19:05
“wahou !!!
la satisfaction que ton travail nous apporte mérite bien tout ça…”

05-25-2007, 10:52 PM
“I just started your mod and been playing for about 3 hrs with IT. The maps and music are great.”

06-07-2007, 05:58 PM
“Just started last night. So far I’m really impressed”

02 octobre 2007 à 18:59:36
“Pourquoi attendre !! La version courrante est déjà un Chef-d´Oeuvre !”

08-25-2007, 06:06 PM
“this is the best mod I ever seen”

“It has a better track record than many of the commercial game releases we see these days!”

Sancuary Denied
07-15-2007, 04:42 PM
“Absolutely incredible!
…The landscapes are impressive and change to keep things interesting.
The map is challenging, huge, and quite fun. This is exactly what I was hoping for when I first stared checking out custom maps. It’s like a free expansion. A must for all TQ/IT players.
Thank you very much for the best map yet, great job! Hopefully others will follow your lead.”

Lun 01 Oct, 2007 22:56
“…tout d’abord un grand bravo a cette campagne passionnante, magnifique (un peu trop d’ailleurs, les lags font mal parfois !) Je ne joue plus du tout au jeu original depuis que j’ai decouvert Lilith…
…Bref encore pour dire bravo et merci pour avoir relancé l’interet du jeu grace a Lilith.”

06-14-2007, 01:23 PM
“Loved the design of the cities and dungeons ( resembles a lot D1 and are a lot more realistc then Iron Lore campaign).
Loved it not being so damn linear as IL campaign is.”

“What can be said is not enough.
Superb job, the utmost quality from beginning to end.
Congratulations Mostal for a Titanic Thriump ! = )”

Dim 09 Mar, 2008
« Félicitations pour ce superbe MOD […] je me suis régalé. […]J’adore l’exploitation que tu fais de la 3D, je trouvais qu’elle n’était pas assez utilisée dans TQ-IT, me voila comblé.
Bref j’attend la 1.0 avec impatience maintenant ! »

“The mod is amazing, landscapes are awesome even the sountracks. I also like the animations”

“This is Awesome!
It feels like Titan Quest 3. I’m 2 hours into it and am so far very impressed.
Love the music and sound effects, enjoy the layout, excited to see what’s coming up next!”

Dj El Marriach
“I’m really having a blast with this mod actually really great stuff. i think i’ll be spending a lot of hours with this one. oh yes, and the droprate of epic items has been very satisfying too!”

Sam 01 Mar, 2008
« Voilà, j’ai fini Lilith, et je suis très ‘désappointé’, snifff c’est fini, c’est déjà fini, je ne peux même pas aller me frotter à l’armée de Lilith, a pu de monstres….
Bon , je recommence un autre perso ! »

“Your mod really brings back the “OLD” D1 feeling – walk past a corner and suddenly you get smashed by a horde of Monsters which is really great and challenging.”

“MY admiration and thanks for all the hard work that was put into this mod.”

“…and one more thing. those huge maps reminds me to the Sacred.
but this is great, i loved it”

Mar 19 Fév, 2008
« J’ai pu apprécier Lilith durant 4 jours de mes 2 semaines de vacances. 4 jours remplies de bonheur ou nous avons parcouru le monde de Lilith d’abord à 2 puis à 3.
Lilith rejoint le cercle très fermé des jeux ou j’ai passé + de 12h non stop (14H exactement) à jouer et aller jusqu’à nous commander des pizzas pour ne pas perdre 1 minute à déguster ce jeu. Nous sommes arrivé à 1jours et 11h de jeu en 3 jours quand meme.
…Que dire de plus sur Lilith… qu’il me fera acheter Immortal Throne pour la version 1.0 (car nous jouions en version 0.93) et que enfin, je place un jeu au dessus de Diablo 1. »

“The Map is awesome deserve to be called a TQII.”

Here are critics from beta testers about the 1.0 version:

Ulysse 03/23/08 :
“…sad that this adventure is over, it is great in intensity, in fights, in heroism, it is fascinating, you really have the sensation of having performed beautiful feats, crossed the world, it is so varied, never boring, TQ is nothing compared to this mod.”

“…triste que l’aventure soit fini, elle est énorme, en intensité, en combats, valeurs, elle est passionnante, ça nous lâche pas, là on a vraiment l’impression d’avoir accompli de beaux exploits, d’avoir parcouru le monde, c’est tellement varié et tout, on s’ennuie pas, TQ ça n’a rien à voir à coté.

Kamide 04/26/08 :
“Beside TQ, Lilith is much more difficult, but also much more pretty. Sceneries are gorgeous: Linlys Plateau, Asteria’s Cliffs, everywhere a view dominates an area, your screen looks like a beautiful postcard.

There is absolutely no boring passage; you are in the action at any time. The Citadel, with its ornaments, its fights, the music, the clamor, is a real delight.
Siran’s Mines are also one of the main parts: the Forbidden Mountain, various quests, small bosses everywhere, no easy kills…

Music is always superb and matches very well with all different places.
This is a game for the braves, who are not afraid of rummaging everywhere to find quests objects and caves entries, reading again the log book to keep the thread in mind. One can say it is a hard core game, a game for the gourmets, in fact, for the Chose Ones.”

« Par rapport à TQ, lilith est un jeu beaucoup plus difficile, mais aussi plus beau. Les décors sont magnifiques: le plateau de linlys, les falaises d’Astéria, partout ou l’on surplombe un site, de vraies cartes postales.

Aucun passage ne m’a déplu ou paru ennuyeux – on n’a pas le temps de s’ennuyer- c’est presque du xmax. La citadelle avec ses décors, ses combats, la musique, les clameurs, un vrai régal.
Les mines du Siran qui sont un gros morceau, la montagne interdite, les quêtes variées, des petits boss un peu partout -pas facile à tuer-

La musique est toujours très belle et bien adaptée aux passages du jeu.
C’est un jeu pour courageux, qui n’ont pas peur de fouiller partout pour trouver les objets de quêtes, les entrées de cavernes, relire régulièrement le journal pour ne pas perdre le fil du jeu. Je crois que l’on peut dire que ce n’est pas un jeu grand public, mais un jeu pour les gourmets voire les initiés. »

Evil666 05/26/08 :
“Lilith v1.0 overwhelms all that you can imagine. I even wonder if Iron Lore could have done better!!
Great class Mostal ! Epic Mode is stunning ! I am so addicted to it that my brand new XBox 360 can’t even compete!!!”

« Lilith v1.0 dépasse tout ce qu’on peut imaginer !! Je me demande même si Iron Lore aurait fait mieux !!
La grande classe Mostal !! Le mode Épique est sensas ! Je suis tellement accro que même ma belle XBox 360 toute neuve ne fait absolument pas le poids !! »

Known Issues

– Navigation portals might not appear if you load Lilith after another mod or after the original game. quit and launch the game again and load Lilith directly.

– In the Hel’Gon’s garden, some objects “don’t work”, and the avatar can walk through them.

– A map of Hel’Gon’s promenade disappears when walking over it (in map mode).

– If the game is loading again and again, some maps may come without texture. Quit the game as soon as possible, and restart it. To avoid heavy lags, quit from time to time to empty the cache.

– The Chapel’s map is not entirely visible (superposition)

NEVER USE YOUR LILITH CHARACTER IN ANOTHER QUEST OR IN THE ORIGINAL GAME. You would automatically lose all your special items!

– Music or Sounds might not start when entering a new area. Come back in previous one and enter again.

– Using some mods that boost loots may crash the game with some Lilith’s chests. Please disable this kind of mod if you meet a crash problem.

– For Lan Party : If you summon a pet in a different territory than your other party member, and portal to that member (or the member portals to you), they can kill your pet. So, make sure to summon your pet with other party member. However, if they die, when they portal to rejoin you, they’ll be able to kill your pet again, which means having to disband it and resummon it

– There is a “Tag not found” on the Evil Shield but this message will disappear after a quest during the game.

– I noticed it could be possible to have – strangely – 2 “turtles” or Ssamyr stone – don’t care.

– Strangely a white texture might appear in The Level of The Dead. That is not a long phenomena

– Unhappily it is possible to have a crash game in the Forbidden Mountain, it is very randomly.

Do not hesitate to report any bug you may encounter. Thanks !

Installation of Lilith for Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

A graphical interface will guide you to install Lilith easily.

– Download the file
– Unzip the file
– Double click the Classical_Lilith_11.exe and read the messages

Note : Language selection will automatically setup Lilith in French, in English, in German and in Italian
All others language will install Lilith in English.

– Choose your difficulty : 1 is easiest and 10 hardest (see below for more explanation).

– Lilith will be automatically installed in “My Documents/My Games/Titan Quest ‘ Immortal Throne / CustomMaps” folder

–  Unzip in the Database folder from TQIT (the game) : [drive letter]:\[path where TQIT is installed]\Database
(after unzip you will have [tqfolder]\database\Creatures\pc -> with male and female folder inside)

– Launch TQ-IT >> Custom Quest and choose Lilith ~ Jalavia

– Enjoy 🙂

Note : If you have a Lilith (0.9x or 1.0) folder, remove it.

Difficulty Changer

Lilith bring a new dimension in this game: Play how do you like with the Difficulty Changer!

Lilith is really seriously balanced for all 3 difficulties but we are all different.
Some of us may only play a few hours in a week or less, other are good gamer but do what they can for surviving, and at least, we have very good players like “Hardcore Gamer”.

It is very difficult to make a game that pleases immediately anyone with the difficulty. Each of us wants to play exactly how we like, at start.

So, it is the function of the Difficulty Changer.

Lilith offer 9 difficulties, just choose yours during the install or later.

Let’s see:

First we have:
Discovery Lilith
-> You are a casual gamer ? You do like when everything work well ? This difficulty is for you!

Creatures (From “Excellent Lilith”) (read “-” as minus):
-40% HP
-25% Attack Speed
-20% Move Speed

Secondary choice:
Piece of Cake Lilith
-> You like a bit difficulties but not too much? You don’t like dying to often? Choose this one!

Creatures (From “Excellent Lilith”) (read “-” as minus):
-20% HP
-15% Attack Speed

Third choice :
Fast Lilith
-> You like challenge but you don’t have any much time ? Don’t look futher, take this difficulty!

Creatures (From “Excellent Lilith”) (read “-” as minus):
-40% HP

Max Fast Lilith
-> You do like when there are many many creatures ? You have a very good Mouse ? You’ll enjoy this difficulty!

Creatures (From “Excellent Lilith”) :
-40% HP
+50/100% additional creatures

Original Lilith:
Excellent Lilith
-> You do like strong, nervous and without concession H’n’S ? This is THE version par excellence!

6: Harder choice:
Heroic Lilith
-> Your character is the reincarnation of Achill? You are as smart as Ulysses? This difficulty put you to the test!

Creatures (From “Excellent Lilith”) :
+15% HP
+15% Attack Speed
+10% Move Speed
+15% XP (Bonus monster)

MAX Heroic Lilith
-> Do you want more ? Do you want really more ? Do you want to kill kill and kill again monsters or Die ? All right, here is what you need:

Creatures (From “Excellent Lilith”) :
+15% HP
+15% Attack Speed
+10% Move Speed
+15% XP (Bonus monster)
+50/100% additional creatures

8: Be warn, from here the Death is smiling
Insane Lilith
-> You have all the time a feeling that you are unbreakable? You are a Master among Masters ? Here you’ll find a right taste of the blood!

Creatures (From “Excellent Lilith”) :
+25% HP
+20% Attack Speed
+15% Move Speed
Normal : + 5 * level in OA et en DA
Epic : + 10 * level in OA et en DA
Legendary : + 15 * level in OA et en DA
+25% XP (Bonus monster)

Max Insane Lilith
-> -> You do like when there are many many creatures and you are really unbreakable? Don’t wait anymore, choose this powerful difficulty!

Creatures (From “Excellent Lilith”) :
+25% HP
+20% Attack Speed
+15% Move Speed
Normal : + 5 * level in OA et en DA
Epic : + 10 * level in OA et en DA
Legendary : + 15 * level in OA et en DA
+25% XP (Bonus monster)
+50/100% additional creatures

10: Hardest choice, don’t even try!
Infinite Lilith
-> You are not Human ? Good! Not Lilith neither!

Creatures (From “Excellent Lilith”) :
+50% HP
+25% Attack Speed
+25% Move Speed
Normal : + 10 * level in OA et en DA
Epic : + 15 * level in OA et en DA
Legendary: + 20 * level in OA et en DA
+35% XP (Bonus monster)

As you see, everyone, I hope, will find his happiness.

With the Difficulty Changer you can change when you want the difficulty.

-> Your character is weak from enemies somewhere for the campaign and you have no miracle item with you yet? Choose an easier difficulty at this moment.
-> You are feeling your character a little bit stronger for fun? Change for a harder difficulty on the fly.

I hope every player could play Lilith as wished, just Play how do you like!

Before Playing

Please, start with a brand new character, thanks.
Before playing :
Triple-Load trick: If you have a brand new character, the easiest way is to simply load the character into normal, epic, and legendary before playing normal.
Really, it’s just that simple. Make your new character, and load the game on normal. Once the game has loaded and you see your character standing in the village, exit the game, and start a new game on epic difficulty.
Then again on legendary. Once you’ve loaded the village on all 3 difficulties,
you may return to normal to begin your adventure.

=> This trick is to keep all your Bonus when you change to another difficulty

=> Don’t do it during your current game, you’ll lose all what you have done during your game and could reset some quest or your Masteries (in the Masteries Edition).
If you have a game on the way Just wait the end of your current difficulty to do this trick.

What’s new in Lilith 1.1

– Minor bugs fix sound
– Several minor graphic changes
– Minor bugs fix in quests
– Several fix about rewards
– Accumulation reward is now possible between all difficulties
– Different rewards between difficulties
– Some change about thieves in the Mausoleum of the Ancestors
– Revision of estimate XP points from all creatures (math formula)
– Minor change of creatures balancing
– Minor visual change
– Change on custom items
– Creatures have now a chance to be disrupt in Epic and Legendary
– Many creatures are now stronger against Mana attack
– Fix many text mistakes (French)
– Color change on the quest map
– 3 more quests
– Add a new area (only for Epic and Legendary – NEED A “Normal” Objet (Ssamyr stone) for Epic or an “Epic” object for Legendary) + new music
– Lag optimization in Siran
– A new panoramic scene in Siran
– Add a new item
– 2 more languages in the setup file (German and Italian)
– Add a difficulty changer with 10 difficulties
– More life regeneration for bosses in Legendary
– Add new creatures and Bosses
– Add a new Secret Path
– Add some “Base”
– Increase XP point for Legendary (Quest reward)
– Lilith form now a family: Classical Lilith and Lilith Masteries Edition (see Masteries thread)


Download “Lilith Classic” Lilith_Classic_1.1.7z – Downloaded 26 times – 660 MB

Download “Lilith Destinies” Lilith_Destinies_1.04.7z – Downloaded 16 times – 80 MB

Download “Lilith Masteries” Lilith_Masteries_1.1.7z – Downloaded 164 times – 664 MB

Download “Diablo2 Lilith Complete” Diablo2_Lilith_Complete_2.21.7z – Downloaded 31 times – 743 MB

Download “Lilith Paths Basic” Lilith_Paths_Basic_1.5.7z – Downloaded 13 times – 51 MB

Download “Lilith Paths Full” Lilith_Paths_Full_1.5.7z – Downloaded 31 times – 669 MB

Check the Complete Guide and Mod List:
Titan Quest Guides, Patches, Mods and Utilities List

Pinhan Pain
Founder of the Kırmızı Perfect. Old-school gamer. Arch Linux fan.

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