Titan Quest Lilith the Will of Demon Mod Beginner Tutorial

  1. Introduction
  2. Important
  3. Tips and Tricks
  4. What Else You May Find In This Guide
  5. Credits


As I’m new when it becomes to gaming I decided to help others with and share my experiences on this wonderful TQ-mod made by Mostal. This is a guidens as i played it, you can play it as you like.
I also wanna say thanks to all the people who already posted some clues which I gratefully will use along in this tutorial.
I will not be held responsible for some info I used provided by others since I didn’t finished the game yet. If you only want some hints don’t look at the screenies they’re total spoilers.
I will constantly update as i’m progressing the game.


  • Create a unique charactername for this mod.
  • Never but never load it into eighter TQ/TQIT or any other mod or you will lose all your skillpoints and collected items.
  • Importing characters with normal TQ masteries will result in mastery loss if you play the Masteries Version.
  • This goes both ways.
  • For solutions see Tips And Tricks

Tips and Tricks

  • Before you start playing do this first:
    • Create a character and do the triple load trick, start the game and tip the base in the village, save game and quit. Don’t do it during your current game.
      • Start the game in Epic mode and do the same.
      • Also do this for Legendary mode.
      • This will prevent you of losing any item or points when entering other difficulties.
  • You can prevent of loosing your character totally whenever you did load it into an other mod by mistake, this by creating some kind of backup.
    • How to do this:
      • Method 1 Manually or with the Fileswitcher:
        1. Go to my documents/my games/titanquest immortal throne/savedata/user/lilithcharacter;
        2. Copy this in my documents/my games/titanquest immortal throne/savedata/main.
        3. Benefit of this is that now you can use TQDefiler and TQVault on it.
        4. Notice that unique Lilith items won’t appear in TQvault. (maybe if EJFUDD or BMAN have time, they will impliment it as i asked to)
        5. If you accidently add an item on top of non-visible items, both will show up in the game itself, if you remove the one that’s on top of it you reveal the second one, strange but true.
        6. Note to Mostal I found a way to expand that little storage room. 🙂
        7. Make this a habbit to do this each time you progress in the game.
        8. To restore your character in case of lost or made some changes with eighter TQDefiler or TQVault just copy your character from main to user and overwrite it..
        9. For those who do not want to do this manually i attached a text file in a zip, unzip it make the neccesary changes in it and save it as bat file(instructions inside).Piece of cake, no more fooling around with files.

          Download “File Switcher” Fileswitcher_0.1.7z – Downloaded 16 times – 635 B

        10. Warning: be sure not to copy an old version from main to user, always start to copy your latest version of user to main!!!
      • Method 2 Map.dat Method:
        • If you already started a Lilith campaign, but did not first visit epic and legendary before playing normal, just go to your custom Lilith character’s savedata folder and copy the map.dat from the normal folder into an epic and legendary one Your character can now enter epic and legendary without losing anything, and you won’t have to replay quests and all that. Here’s an explicit step-by-step:
          1. The file we want to copy is called “map.dat”. For e.g. a lilith character named “LTEST” on your Windows XP machine, this file is located in “C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest – Immortal Throne\SaveData\User\_LTEST\\Normal\map.dat”
          2. Start in your character’s folder where you will see a folder named “Normal”. If you have already entered the game on Epic, you will also see a folder named “Epic”.
          3. Create a new folder for each missing difficulty (so, create one named “Epic” if it doesn’t exist and create one named “Legendary” if it doesn’t exist.)
          4. Copy the map.dat file from the “Normal” folder into the “Epic” and “Legendary” folders.
        • With the map.dat already in an existing epic and legendary folder, the game will not supercede the custom resources to create those folders and files, and thus will not cause custom items to be deleted.
        • As far as I know, the map.dat method will _not_ let you restore the items and bonuses you lost from going to another difficulty level. It’s for characters that haven’t visited epic or legendary, but have already progressed through the game enough to collect character bonuses and items they don’t want to lose when going to the next difficulty.
      • Method 3 Player.chr Method:
        • Make a backup of your player.chr file (found here: C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest – Immortal Throne\SaveData\User\_LilithCharacter\player .chr). Then, load that character into epic and legendary. Then, restore the player.chr file, and you should be able to play the game normally without any problem.
        • However, I have not tested and confirmed this method, so I can’t vouch for it. Make a backup of the savedata folder before trying this method.
        • If the method doesn’t work, then you can use the map.dat method, but be aware that if you use this method, your character will respawn in epic and legendary at the last health fountain you touched in normal. This is only a problem for characters that have made it to the final dungeon, as there are no other health fountains in the game.
      • Method 4 Bonus Recover Method:
        • If You really don’t know what you’re doing, skip this, else there’s a way to recover your bonuses .
        • First, there’re some things you need to know. The first time you visit a difficulty, and only the first time, you’ll lose all your rewards. When I’m talking about rewards, I mean life powder reward, Gauvain’s letter reward, Fulia’s reward and Cain’s reward, nothing else since you’ve kept every other reward. Another thing you need to know is, if you’re in epic difficulty and you’ve kept, for example, life powder reward from normal, you won’t get the reward from epic. In other words, rewards do not pile up. This also applies if you take twice the same reward from Cain.
        • This is the way to recover the rewards you’ve earned in normal and that you’ve lost in epic. I warn you, this method can take some time to apply.
          1. Make your character visit each difficulty, including legendary even if you’re in epic. This way, you’re character won’t lose again the rewards that you’ll recover. However, if you’ve already earn one of those rewards in epic, you’ll lose it by visiting legendary if it’s the first time. Even so, do it or you’ll lose everything again by visiting legendary the first time.
          2. Make a security copy of your character somewhere else on your computer.
          3. Make a blank character. Make him visit every difficulty, this won’t hurt anyone.
          4. Copy the «normal» folder except the sub-folder «fow» of your blank character.
          5. Paste it over the contents of the character which you wish to recover your reward. By doing this, you’ll reinitialize all your quests and, sadly, all of your restpoints. But do not worry, you won’t lose anything by doing this. Hopefully, you’ll keep your portals.
          6. Now it’s the boring part. You have to do the same quests you did initially in normal if you wish to recover the rewards. That means: Saving Gauvain and visiting his brother in Linlys, obtaining Leopoldina quest near Mistol, killing Hecate, saving the sailors in the jail, recovering the 3 ingredients on the red-eye island, taking Shara’s eye and reading the scroll near it, going to the forbidden mountains, recovering the life powder, visiting Fulia, recovering each virtue and, finally, go to Fulia again. This should take you between one and two hours to complete. However, if you haven’t done yet Gauvain, Fulia or life powder quests in epic difficulty, skip them in normal and just do them in epic since rewards do not pile up. Simply do Leopoldina quest and take a different reward at each difficulty.
          7. Visit epic and legendary difficulties. You should notice that you still have your bonus.
          8. Copy the «normal» folder of your security copy (including or not the sub-folder «fow», it doesn’t matter).
          9. Paste it over over the «normal» folder of the character who has recovered his rewards. By doing that, your normal difficulty will become what it was before all of this except that you’ll still have your reward..
          10. If you have to recover some epic reward too, simply do the same thing with the epic folder.
          11. If you weren’t able to recover your rewards, simply take back your security copy. Whether you try again or not is up to you.
  • Explore always all areas in full and try to kill every monster so you will never mis a thing. Sometimes monsters drops items which grants you a skill. Be patient and don’t rush through the game to complete it as soon as possible. Gain XP points and level up by quiting the game and replay. The explored areas will be populated again with monsters. If you proceed to a thougher area to soon you’ll die alot.
  • Talk to every person with a yellow square or exclamation mark above it by clicking on the person itself. Keep clicking until it repeats itself because some quests or sidequest aren’t activated immediately until that person has finished its speech.
  • Most (side) quest require that you return to speak with the person who gave you that task.
  • Be sure to activate all portals and restpoints.
  • Restpoints will add a griffion to a portal which gives you more destinations.They replace tho original Rebirth Fountains of TQ but the benefit of them is they always stay activated.
    • Note :When you want to play Lilith after playing the original TQ: IT, you must exit the game and restart or the portails won’t work correctly. The same goes if you want to play TQ: IT after playing Lilith.
  • Use the portals and griffions for faster travelling, if there isn’t one nearby create one yourself.
  • If you have difficulties to enter a portal, move your cursor to the outerside circle of the portal, when the flames light up just click and the map will appear.
  • Don’t use any chest multipliers, the game can crash otherwise.
  • What to do if Mordak is not showing up:
    1. If you’re not in Echoes Village, go to it.
    2. Tip the Base, save game and quit.
    3. Mordak should be there if you re-enter the game.
  • If your character has a pet, set it to agressive , it’ll find logs before you do. Also aura’s will do the same. Note that logs aren’t shown with ALT, they only light up when you mouseover. E.g. log: Zara’s Turtle
  • For some lost items you’ll find Debug Chests which will return a specific item, you can’t open them if you didn’t posessed that item earlier.
  • You can use TQDEfiler and use the potion stacking option as the’re isn’t much room in your inventory.
  • Unfortunatly there’s a less stable area in the game: The area were the Moose are in The Forbidden mountains. If you’re game crashes you can eighter try the following:
    • Quit and lower your graphics for playing that area.
    • Portal to The Village or Asteria and put the key you found in the storagearea of your caravan.

What Else May You find Here In This Guide

  • How To’s:
    • Some explanations about some quests.
    • Tips and tricks to defeat bosses.
  • Secret Items and Places
    • A list of longterm quests which are spread over the whole game. When printed out it comes in very handy as a quick reminder were you should look to finally obtain the quest.
  • Where To Find What:
    • A chronolized list of all items you should find and its according finding place.
  • Places To Explore:
    • A chronolized list of area’s and their subarea’s you should have explored.
  • Onetime Quests:
    • A list of quests/sidequests and farmarea’s you only have one shot at. Read it and be prepared!
  • Debug Chests:
    • This is a nice little build in feature by Mostal, they give you the ability to recover some lost quest items.

Check the Complete Guide and Mod List:
Titan Quest Guides, Patches, Mods and Utilities List


Special thanks to Mostal for giving us TQ2.
Another to PinkFrog for his Masteries and Fathersquid & Lufe for the All Skin Mod.
And a 3rd one to Ferrovipathe for his maps.
Finally a specific thanks to Spaceace from 101uses to get out of the errors i made and get me a descend start how to work with wiki, introducing me to CSS-stuff and backup for encountered probs with this site.

Posters of hints, tips and spoilers:
Hydro_gen, Munderbunny(or is it Murderbunny :-)), Jiaco, Knivel, Frozenking, The Ponz, Popsthegreat, TQ mod, Painkiller 1983, shebbi, Ragnos, Andyww, Handballfreak, Closetchemist, Kel ava, Headless Chicken, Windreaver, Mr. Scetch, Kalyan, And1, Evil666, JO_36, Sidewinder, aioria2, grndr, Abysmal, Alt4, Alain, Albator.

This guide is originally written by Stekel and taken from his site at:

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