Titan Quest Pwning with Spirit Guide by Poinas

So you want to have a good character who mows down any monster he faces with little effort. If that’s not your bag, then close this thread immediately.

Very well then. I had three requirements for this possibly the best character in the game.

1) Fully xmax proof. Dying very rarely, only because of the player’s severe mistake. Bosses x3 can’t be a problem.
2) Huge mounts of “real world” DPS. The character must be able to beat any and all monster types in the game under 5 seconds with end-game items. That includes Hydra, Typhon etc. it excludes Charon and Hades, for those each form has to be killed under 5 seconds.
3) Item farming kept to a minimum, until legendary.

The beginning is very easy, so just pick a stave and clear the early areas. As you level up, unlock Deathchill and put one point in it. Then unlock Ternion and Arcane Lore. Proceed to max Arcane Lore, Ternion and Deathchill in that order.

After maxing Arcane Lore you are most likely doing very satisfying DPS. Mana usage might seem a bit high, but just keep drinking those potions. Also remember that you can shoot lone monsters with normal staff attack (possibly LMB), only use Ternion (possibly RMB) against tough monsters or groups.

But that’s only for those who don’t want to drink potions all the time. I want to use Ternion all the time for maxx damage.

Maxing Spirit mastery and one point to Outsider and Death Ward are next. At that point you are about at the end of act 1 or in the beginning of act 2.

Lvl 20

At this point I want to discuss a bit about the basic tactics of this build, and spending attribute points.

You will want to face all monsters face to face. That’s right, even if you are a mage, you should go to a point-blank range, as close as you can. This will ensure that all projectiles hit the monster in front of you. Using ALT to shoot where you stand will be essential. If you are too far, one or two projectiles will miss, resulting in less damage done. You don’t want to be doing less damage…do you?

Titan Quest Spirit Close Combat Damage

Yeah baby, that’s what I’m talking about!

Arcane Lore has a blast radius spreading the love you send to the monsters in form of DPS. So it doesn’t really matter what stave you use, just upgrade it every now and then.

Then attribute points..I like to spend all quest reward attribute points to health. That results in 450 HP without any +% health bonuses. That’s 18 attribute points. It’s entirely up to you if you want to do the same, though I suggest it since Spirit doesn’t give you that much health.

Don’t put anything in energy, Spirit gives you plenty of that.

Put only enough int to meet stave requirements. We’re looking at 320 at the end of normal, 450 at the end of epic, and 550 at the end of legendary. We don’t need int to boost damage for us, we’ve got other means.

And that leaves us with more points in str and dex. Why dex?

Because you want to stay alive. Let’s face it. You’re a mage or hybrid, and you want to face all baddies half a feet from their face. You’ll need good mounts of DA. It’s crucial.

For str, for optimum build, which I’ll discuss later in this thread, you’ll need 493. That’s right, 493. It’s very high for a mage/hybrid, while trying to have 550 int and good amounts of dex. So high actually, that you may not reach it, unless you farm for good items and be at level 65+. So you may leave your str at base value, and focus on dex and health instead.

However doing that you miss some good melee items that can boost your DA.

Now let’s proceed to act 2. Nothing special here, except you should farm for Anubis’ Wrath relic and stick it in your stave. After you got one, preferably with attack speed completion bonus (though it is not that big in normal so don’t worry about it), stick in in your stave. Then max Necrosis, so you’ll convert lot of damage to health. After act 2 you should look something like this (only use Ravages of Time if you have the unofficial patch):

Lvl 28

Now, you may have noticed that I have not said anything about a secondary mastery. That’s only because it does not matter. You can choose whatever you like. Anything goes. Anything. But for optimum build (in my opinion) go with Dream. I will not discuss the secondary mastery until later in this guide.

In acts 3&4 just up your resistances, mainly pierce, but don’t foget the others. You should do just fine. Try to keep your DA high enough that you won’t get critted. 400 at the end on normal is decent amount, 500 would be good. Keep increasing int to keep up with the requirements that the merchants have for staves. You may have to throw some points into dex every now and then. You should save some attribute points for later use. Shop for a good ring, like Plato’s/Aristotele’s ring or Robust/Hale ring to increase your int or str. Try to have Demon’s blood with +% vitality resistance completion bonus in it. Great place to farm for one is in Wusao cave just before telkine #3, there are a lot of those little fire demons in there. Other good place is level 2 in Tower of Judgement, those Limos demons have high chance of dropping Demon’s Blood.

Either start boosting your Liche or secondary mastery in act 3. I recommend that you have at least some points in Liche.

At the end of normal difficulty:

Lvl 37

Another build possibility is to max Psionic Immolation as soon as possible. It does tons of damage and has short cooldon. Lucid Dream will boost the damage even further.

When you reach epic, check the shops to get your hands on some staff (any will do) with ~of the Harrowing suffix. It is quite rare, but it is worth it. I guarantee that. It reduces health by 12-15%, and with Ternion, it will apply thrice. That’s a lot of health lost for the enemy. Necrosis will take care of lowering vitality resistance, so you’ll convert plenty of damage to health. You should get Plato’s/Socrate’s ring now at the latest. You can now go for any skill you like, increase the level of your secondary mastery to gain more hitpoints, and continue maxing Liche if it isn’t already. Just don’t touch Arcane Blast.

In act 2 farm for Anubis’ relic with +% as completion bonus. Act 3 gives you the awesome Monkey King’s relic. With it you can reduce resistances, have some skill disruption, elemental resistance and preferably pierce resistance as competon bonus. You might be using some yellow/green jewelry, one of those should have demons blood with vitality resistance completion bonus, and one of them could have Monkey King’s relic, though it isn’t absolutely necessary. At the end of act 4 you should have preferably 700 DA or more. Again focus your items on resistances and DA, not elemental damage. Your build should be doing very well.

In legendary get the same items, Anubis’ Wrath with +% as, Monkey King’s relic with +% piere res if you need that res. Demon’s Blood charm with +% vitality res. Shoot for as high DA as you can, you may want to keep some attribute points unspent, you never know what you might find. If you decide to go for 493 str, then shop for Hale rings with suffixes that give you +dex or +int. I’d try to get 2x of them. If you decide to not go with high str you can just use whatever you like. Maybe shop for higher base damage stave with ~of the Harrowing suffix. Try to get some +skills too. Focus on resistance and try to have over 1000 DA at the end of legendary. Remember that you get str/dex/int bonuses in act 4 to help with stat boosts. Keep some attribute points unspent until you find your final item setup.

There you have it. An awesome build that owns really hard, and demolishes everything on it’s path.

__________________________________________________ ___________

Now here’s my setup for this ultimate build:


If you choose Dream as your secondary mastery, you get +% defensive ability, +% chance to avoid projectiles, +% total speed, resistance reduction and good skill (Distort Reality/ Temporal Rift) to eliminate melee threats. You can trade Trance of Wrath for Trance of Convalesncence if you feel like you are taking too much damage.

Try out one point in Sleep and Enslave Spirit. They can help in some situations. Distortion Wave is another great one point skill to slow down fast monsters, helps agains those nasty machae archers.

For items I use:

Helmet: Visor of the Shadowlord.

This is what you need 493 str for. An excellent helmet just about everything youn need. Important secondary resistances, elemental resistance, +1 all skills, +200 DA etc. You can get it in act 4 epic and legendary.

Chest: Plouton’s Cornucopia.

Pierce resistance, +1 all skills, +250 DA etc. Act 4 legendary only.

Armbands: Stonebinder’s Cuffs.

+3 skills, elemental resistance. Enchnt with whatever you need, like Pristine Plumage for poison resistance. Farm the three gorgon sisters, or in Minoan Labyrinth. For more info, do a search.

Boots: Demonskin Walkers

Resists, +1 all skills, movement speed…act 4 legendary.

Rings: 2x Hale of Grace.

+% str, +dex. Enchanted with Demon’s blood and Monkey King’s

Relic (+% pierce res. comp. bonus).

Amulet: Blessing of the gods.

Resists, health, str, dex, int…epic&legendary.

Artifact: Star of Ishtar.

+% str, +% dex, elemental resistance, 15% physical resistance…act 4 legendary.

Stave: Scepter of the Liche King of Harrowing.

-25% energy cost, 14% health resuction. Dropped by the liches in Wusao Mountain. Very rare. Anybis’ Wrath relic with +35% as completion bonus. Remember that any staff of the Harrowing will do for this build. I found this whilee going through epic, and went through the rest of the game including legendary, under 400 DPS. Still owning everything.

Secondary Weapon slot: Sapros the Corrupter and Ancile.

I enter boss battles with Phantom Strike to spread -resistances. You can use whatevet you like in secondary slot, or nothing at all.

Titan Quest Spirit Compelete Build

There you have it. Maxed resists, good DA, +6 skills. Can convert over 2k health with one hit. Typhon, Hydra, all go down under 5 second when faced one on one. Dying isn’t going to happen unless I close my eyes.

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