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What the Mod is about

The Soulvizier mod aims at providing a more varied and difficult TQ:IT experience.
Instead of focusing on just a single aspect, the mod expands on just about everything in the game: New items, new monsters, new skills, new areas and more.
Built upon Munderbunny’s highly popular Underlord mod, it includes all his mastery reworks and new content.


  • 200+ New hero monsters.
  • 180+ Items.
  • New item types (Souls, Mercenary Scrolls, Orbs etc.)
  • 500+ Souls.
  • Elite monsters.
  • All bosses rebalanced.
  • Greatly increased difficulty.
  • New Merchant class “Alchemist”.
  • 200+ Item skills.
  • Map and AI enhancements.
  • Build upon Munderbunny’s Underlord mod.
  • Includes Kirii’s DiabloUI.

Thanks to Munderbunny, Swift and Kirii for allowing me to use their content <3

Titan Quest Soulvizier Mod Screen1

Titan Quest Soul Vizier Mod Screen4 Titan Quest Soul Vizier Mod Screen3 Titan Quest Soul Vizier Mod Screen2

Gameplay Changes

  • Base move/attack/cast speed increased.
  • Max level raised to 1000.
  • Epic and Legendary items are enchantable.
  • Changed XP formula to make late game leveling faster.


Souls are ring-slot items which inherit attributes and even sometimes abilites from their former owners. All heroes and bosses have their own soul which only they can drop.

Titan Quest Soul Vizier Souls Item

If you’ve played the Nez mod for D2 you will be familiar with the concept of souls.

Souls from bosses and hero monsters are especially powerful and their potential should not be overlooked.
Souls are quite rare and are used in various useful and powerful recipes and should therefore always be picked up, even if their bonus stats seem weak.

Mercenary Contracts

Mercenary Contracts are rare artifact-slot items which offer powerful summonable pets.
Each mercenary is specialized at a certain role and their power easily rivals that of other artifacts.

Hero Monsters

There’s two hundred new hero monsters and existing heroes have all been buffed both in terms of power and loot drops. All heroes have their own visuals and combinations of abilities, some of which can be obtained from their souls. A few very powerful uber heroes can also rarely be encountered.


Orbs are rare one-handed items, some act as shields others as weapons, often providing powerful elemental or spiritual bonuses at the cost of reduced physical protection.

Forge Formulas

Forge Formulas are recipes which are used at Enchanters in the same way as Arcane Formulas, however these formulas aren’t used to forge Artifacts, but can instead be used to create wide variety of powerful and specalized equipment.


Download “Soulvizier 0.90” Soulvizier_0.90.7z – Downloaded 718 times – 729 MB

Download “Soulvizier 0.96” Soulvizier_0.96.7z – Downloaded 541 times – 350 MB

Download “Soulvizier 0.98i” Soulvizier_0.98i.7z – Downloaded 805 times – 106 MB


First install the full version 0.90 base, then 0.96 patch and it then the 0.98i patch.
Extract all the files to your Titan Quest Immortal Throne install folder.

Note:The mod replaces the original game, so remember to take a backup of your folder if you want to remove the mod later.

Things you should be aware off:

  • Only English language files included, using other languages will result in missing text for the new content.
  • This is a beta release, expect some imbalances and unfinished content, though they are minor at this point.

As with all other mods, create a new character when playing, using old characters will screw up their skill trees.
You can use your Underlord characters for this, but be aware you won’t be able to use weapon masteries.


Q: Why does my game crash when I open chests?
A: Turn of any droprate modifiers in TQ Defiler.

Q: Why do all the new monsters and items show up as TagNotFound?
A: Only english language files are included, using any other languages will not work for the new content.

Q: I found an item that gives + to Bow/Blunt/Sword/Axe/Spear/Staff Mastery?
A: Weapon Masteries are passive skills all characters have regardless of their mastery selection, they boost attack damage of their respective weapon types.

Q: Do I need to install the fanpatch or Underlord?
A: No, both are included in the mod.

Q: Do I need to install the RNG fix?
A: No, it is included in the mod.

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