Torchlight II Synergies Mod


Synergies is full conversion, balance and end game raid expansion mod for Torchlight 2 that won Editors Choice Best Overhaul: 2013 in the Moty Awards!


  • Towns in Synergies
  • Changes to the Balance of the Game
  • Crafting in Synergies
  • Synergies Legendary Items
  • Endgame Dungeons in Synergies
  • Custom Classes in Synergies
  • Other Changes
  • Future of Synergies
Synergies adds 2 Custom made towns ( Table Mountain and Selrock ) each one of them has it’s own specific vendors.

  • Reworked difficulty settings. Synergies is built around Veteran and Elite, but the MOD itself is much harder than the Vanilla version of the game, you will notice this from the start.
  • Random affixes on each monster that you encounter, making them unique.
  • Reworked Skill unlock Rate, they unlock at a earlier rate, but take longer to progress between points, ending at or above vanilla standards.
  • Reworked Fame Levels, a total of 50 to unlock!
  • Reworked Enchantment Stats, lower stat enchants allow for end game progression and better balance.
  • Vanilla Characters Skills have begun to be reworked to address the balance changes. We plan to continue tweaking them.
  • The ability to store gold and to transfer it between your characters through the money changer!
  • The ability to summon your Stashes everywhere.
  • Respec and Stat potions.
  • Gear is better, monsters are harder, all bosses are harder.
  • Green and Blue magical items have better affix rates, Unique’s have better base DPS and Armor.
  • Two handed and dual wielding have better bonus’s to bring them closer to the benefit of wearing a shield.
  • Monsters spawn more numerous throughout the game.

  • A whole new crafting system (Soulcrafting), only found in Synergies for end game armor!
  • Chaos Ember Crafting.
  • Craftable Damage absorption gems (up to 7% in DR).

Over 300 new Legendary equipment, 30 in general play through, 90 in tier0 content and 240+ in tier1 content!

    1. Derinkuyu Raid (Tier0)

      Derinkuyu is a custom dungeon only found in Synergies. In here you will find 18 Synergies exclusive Bosses that each drop a Synergies Legendary equipment.Getting to the bosses is really hard because you have to fight your way through hundreds of unique monsters. Each and every one of the portals is guarded by a Guardian Spirit, can you defeat him ?

    2. Or’ak Basin Zone (Tier 0.5)

      This is the Troll homeland. This place is filled with Ancient Trolls that try to kill you. In here you will find Synergies Legendary equipment and Legendary Skulls in order to make your character stronger, this zone is also subjected to a minor debuff making it harder to progress through without a end game load out.

    3. Darknessfalls Raid (Tier1)

      Darknessfalls is an outdoor raid dungeon that will sport all the newest and hardest boss encounters in the dungeon, and be the place where you collect all the highest end game items within synergies. The zone has a 30% debuff to the player allowing for more growth and longevity in the loot searching…

Alternative leveling dungeons

  1. Realms of Discord Leveling dungeon

    The Realms of Discord are a series of small dungeons all chained to each other. It is currently the best place to level up your characters because every monster scales to your level. In here you will find the following levels.Catacombs, Generic Cave, Desert Cave, Bandit Camp, Gorge, Ice Pass, Sewers, Dwarven Armory, The Nether, Crab Trap, levels and 6 Boss fights that have been reworked and added to for Synergies.

  2. The Unstable Embers (alternative leveling)

    The Unstable Embers are a portal scroll bought in Selrock. Going into the zone and destroying the Crystals you will get to fight a series of Monsters and Bosses. Can you Survive all the waves and make it through this dungeon alive?

  3. Clockwork series of swarm maps

    Can be bought from the Selrock vendors as well. Opening a portal to the Clockwork zone. You fight swarms of Champions, or boss monsters or community mercenaries depending on which one you enter. These scale to your level and can be a very interesting and fun alternative means to level.

Synergies offers currently 3 custom Classes, these are:

  1. The Necromancer – the spell casting, melee capable minion master is back at it in SynergiesMOD!
  2. The Paladin – The close in your face fighting style, being developed by Ghostblade!
  3. The Warlock – A duo charge bar using Melee capable spellcaster that is extremely unique in its design. Take on the Nether or Hell itself, play a warlock!
  4. The Ranger and more!

  • The ability to find and Summon Mercenaries in order to help you with your fights, found in end game dungeons.
  • New HP / Mana and Fame UI
  • New pets associated with the Necromancer, Paladin and Warlock
  • New Hero monsters
  • New Elite monsters
  • New Rare Dragons
  • New Ancient Trolls
  • New Roaming world bosses in the regular play through!
  • New avenging Angels

Our goal is to completely convert Torchlight 2’s balance into a more unforgiving and exciting experience. Ultimately we want to make an act 5 and likely act 6 for this game. Our Dev team is working on new Textures for models, maps, new classes, new sounds for the characters, and icons for the characters. Expect to be surprised by the quality of our releases and a dev team which is dedicated to being active both in development but community building. On top of that we the creator of this mod, Salan, has worked for over 13 months on this project, sometimes with excessively large updates on a weekly to daily basis.





Note: Be aware that Synergies BINDS your saves, back up your save before playing synergies if you intend to remove it.

How to manually install Synergies:

  1. Ensure you have the latest version of the game. If you are constantly connected in Internet, there shouldn’t be any problem because the game auto-patches. If you don’t, connect to the Internet and run the game so the game can be updated. (there is no manual patch installer)
  2. Download the latest Synergies mod from Downloads sections.
  3. Extract the SYNERGIES.MOD file from the archive. (This file isn’t a video file, Windows recognizes it as a video file but it is not!)
  4. Place it under your Mods folder which is in the Torchlight II main folder (if you don’t know where is it, right click on the Torchlight II shortcut -> properties -> target)
  5. Now run Torchlight II with mods (selecting “Manage mods and play Torchlight II with mods”), and then tick “Synergies”, you should be able to play Synergies!

Installing Synergies through Steam:

  1. Install Steam
  2. Buy Torchlight 2
  3. Download Torchlight 2
  4. Subscribe to synergies in the Workshop
  5. Add Synergies to your selected mods

Installing Synergies on a Mac:

First install Torchlight 2:

  1. Install the Mac Steam version and buy the Torchlight 2 game.
  2. Install the program PlayonMac.
  3. Install the Windows version of Steam through PlayonMac.
  4. Let Steam update the version.
  5. Through the Windows version of Steam install Torchlight 2.
  6. Now you hopefully have the latest version of Torchlight 2 on your computer. In order for it to work properly you have to disable all the shadows.

Then install SynergiesMod:

  1. Download the latest version of SynergiesMod
  2. Unzip the .pak files
  3. Now this step is the hard part, you have to locate your Torchlight 2 folder. In order to do that go to your “finder” and click on the right top of your screen to the “Go” option. Once you see all the available options press the “alt” key and the option “Library” will pop up.
  4. Now once you are on the Library folder you simply have to navigate through various folders in order to reach the Torchlight 2 files. The folder that we want should be Library/PlayonMac/wineprefix/Steam/drive_c/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Torchlight II/PAKS .
  5. Relocate the SynergiesMod .pak files to the PAKS folder and you are good to go.

Mod Details, Items, Everything

  • Synergies Difficulty Setting
  • Synergies Enchantments
  • Skill Unlock Rate
  • Random affixes on monsters
  • Skulls
  • Netherealm Weapons
  • Reworked Fame Levels
  • Other Changes
  • Reworked Vanilla Skills
  • Tiers in Synergies
  • Crafting in Synergies
  • Towns in Synergies
  • Synergies Raids
  • Synergies Bosses
  • Mercenaries
  • Tier0 Legendary Set Items
  • Tier0 Trash Drops
  • Tier0.5 Items
  • Tier1 Legendary Items
  • Tier1.5 DF Thrash Drops
  • Tier1 Legendary Skulls
  • Lower Level Legendary Items
  • Legendary Event Items
  • Classes in Synergies
  • Derinkuyu (Tier0 Raid) Guide
  • Derinkuyu Loot By Set
  • Derinkuyu Loot By Boss
  • How Does WEAPON DPS % Work?
Synergies is built around Veteran and Elite. Keep in mind that this mod is geared towards Softcore. Hardcore is extremely difficult, but that’s the challenge right?
Enchantments are greatly nerfed in synergies. Here is what Salan said about why he did it.

The reason I did that was so that the game itself would have longevity.

In v1.5x the enchants were vanilla, and the items were huge on enchants to step above the BIS single pieces. what ended up happening was the gap between sets became to much and everyone started hitting the caps. Looking back I could have changed the graphs to spread out the stat points and their bonus’s for the same effect, but the fall out would have likely been worse. Changing the enchants and doing a smaller stat tweak is likely a smarter move in the long run and where I went with it. The stats are very useful even with small gains, but taper at the top. And now I can make 2 to 3 more tiers before you will ever hit the caps the same.

Makes the game MUCH MUCH longer in potential.

The Normal mod will now use the following chart:


Each Individual monster in Synergies can spawn with a random affix, these are:

Bonus Armor10%Armored
Bonus Armor20%Plated
Attack speed increase15%Quick
Attack speed increase30%Dervish
Player block debuff(when they hit you)30%Shield Breaking
player block debuff(when they hit you)60%Shield Destroying
Crit Chance15%Bullseye
Crit Chance30%Blademaster
Cast speed15%Nimble
Cast speed30%Quick Caster
Degrade armor(when they hit you)-2Armor Breaker
Degrade armor(when they hit you)-5Armor Destroyer
Bonus damage25%Brute
Bonus damage50%Giant
Damage reduction(less damage taken)10%Resistent
Damage reduction(less damage taken)15%Impervious
Damage reduction(less damage taken)30%Invulnerable
Fire Damage bonus15%Burning
Fire Damage bonus30%Blazing
Ice Damage bonus15%Cold
Ice Damage bonus30%Freezing
Poison Damage bonus15%Infected
Poison Damage bonus30%Plagued
MAX hitpoints25% bonusHealthy
MAX hitpoints50% bonusHardy
Knockback when hitting player15 forcePusher
Knockback when hitting player25 forceTackler
Monster Lifesteal on hit1(unsure of value in game)Leech
Monster Lifesteal on hit2(unsure of value in game)Leeching
Monster Lifesteal on hit25% of damage DoneVampire
Monster Lifesteal on hit50% of damage DoneVampiric(not active)
Missile reflection15% to reflect 15% dpsDeflecting
Missile reflection30% to reflect 20% dpsReflecting
Movement increase15%Fleet of foot
Movement increase25%Speedy
Damage reflect10(not sure of value in game yet)Spiny
Damage reflect20(not sure of value in game yet)Barbed
Weapon Damage bonus25% melee Damage bonusGladiator
Weapon Damage bonus50% melee Damage bonusDestroyer

Skulls have been reworked in Synergies. They now have no level restrictions plus some of the most usefull ones (Riechu, Lovantine etc) drop regardless of the players level.
Netherealm Weapons have been nerfed in Synergies. They now have only 2 Sockets, but they carry some extra mods that the player might find useful.
Fame has been reworked in Synergies, the new levels are:

Level 1Strange
Level 2Bloodied
Level 3Broken
Level 4Forgotten
Level 5Unrecognized
Level 6Barely Known
Level 7Recognized
Level 8Tolerated
Level 9Acknowledged
Level 10Respected
Level 11Well-Known
Level 12Liked
Level 13Memorable
Level 14Honored
Level 15Prominent
Level 16Local Hero
Level 17Widely Known
Level 18Remarkable
Level 19Ascendant
Level 20Distinguished
Level 21Prestigious
Level 22Eminent
Level 23Folk Hero
Level 24Famous
Level 25Acclaimed
Level 26Local Legend
Level 27Very Famous
Level 28Illustrious
Level 29Luminary
Level 30Renowned
Level 31Unsung
Level 32Celebrated
Level 33Lionized
Level 34Worshipped
Level 35Glorious
Level 36Magnificent
Level 37Legendary
Level 38Exalted
Level 39Fabled
Level 40Lethal
Level 41Spectacularly Lethal
Level 42Immortal
Level 43Mythical
Level 44Sephiroth
Level 45Harbringer
Level 46Transcended
Level 47Angelic
Level 48Demigod
Level 49Supreme Being

  • Reworked HP / Mana and Fame UI
  • New pets associated with the Necromancer, Paladin and Warlock
  • New Hero monsters
  • New Elite monsters
  • New Rare Dragons
  • New Ancient Trolls


Ice shield

Ice shield is getting a bit of a drop in its OP’ness, now that berserkers are not restricted from wearing other classes gear like in vanilla TL2, and there are a wealth of gear options to make up for this, this should also help you consider putting more then minimal points in the skill to get use of it.

  • Duration 10 seconds, Recast 10 seconds.
  • 1 skill point: 55% chance to reflect missiles for 30% missile dps.
  • Gain % chance to reflect per skill point spent for a maximum of 90% chance to reflect missiles
  • Gain 15% missile dps per tier for a maximum of 75%


  • Reducing the 100% immobilization to start at 45% and gain 2% per skill point for a maximum of 75% immobilization.
  • Duration starts at 1 second for 1 skillpoint, and gains a second for each tier invested, for a maximum of 4 seconds.


Prismatic Bolt

Mana cost reduced for lower level castings



Tiers are used to describe end game raids.

Tier0 is the Derinkuyu dungeon. The monsters are harder then anything in the base game. The gear there is 10-15% higher then the end game uniques in Tl2. Also there is tier0 trash legendaries which are slightly lower and kind of half tiered items.

Tier0.5 is found in the troll area, its not ‘better’ then 0 but more specialized and a bit harder to get, and the monsters that drop it are more varied and numerous.

Tier1 is Darknessfalls raid, 105. It’s currently work in progress. Its gear is not available yet. The gear here will be 10-25% higher then tier0. and the fights will be mostly impossible without gear from tier0.

You can find Tier 0 Legendary Items in the Tier 0 Dungeon and Tier 1 legendary items in the Tier 1 dungeon.

Soulcrafting Tier 0:

  • Minor Souls, Lesser Souls, Greater Souls drop in a range from Elite, Hero, Tier0 Trash, and Tier1 Trash monsters.
  • Magnificent Souls drop from ancient trolls and rare dragons
  • Angelic Souls need to be crafted
  • Soul Stones will drop from all tier0 bosses
  • Combine 10 minor souls to make a Lesser soul, 10 lesser souls to make a greater soul, 10 greater souls to make a magnificent soul and 5 magnificent souls to make a Angelic soul.
  • Combine a Angelic Soul, a Soul Stone and ANY tier0 armor piece (not rings nor weapons) and the item will be ‘soulbound’ and have a 5% damage reduction affix added to it. Be warned it destoys your previous item and replaces it with a new one, sockets/enchants will be lost.
  • Combine 2 Angelic Soul, 2 Soul Stones and any Tier0 SOULBOUND armor piece and the item will change to a second degree of soulbound, replacing in 8% damage reduction and a health increase. Again destroying the old armor and creating a new one.

Soulcrafting Tier 1:

Soul Crafting in Tier 1 is not yet implemented. It will probably look similar to this:

  • Rename soulstone to angelic soulstone
  • Expand Soulcrafting to Tier0.5 pieces
  • Introduce 4 new soulstones
  • Cuastic Soulstone will add 5% damage to poison damage
  • Atomic Soulstone will add 5% damage to electric damage
  • Frigid Soulstone will add 5% damage to ice damage
  • Inferno Soulstone will add 5% damage to Fire damage
  • Angelic Soulstone will add 5% damage absorb
  • Each tier 0, tier 0.5 and tier 1 piece of Armor will have two slots for Soulcrafting, and still require a Angelic Soul combined with the correct soulstone.
  • All armor will be able to craft the above list in the first slot.
  • IF craft Angelic soulstone in first slot, your second slot can be any of the elemental soulstones at 5% above, or the second layer of angelic soulstone at 8% DR and 500 health.
  • IF craft Elemental soulstone in first slot, your second slot can be Angelic Soulstone at 5% DR, or a second damage increase to any of the OTHER elemental damage types at 5%, or an increase of slot ones damage type at 10% extra, for 15% total of 1 element.

Chaos Ember Crafting:

Take any 3 chaos gems to a transmuter and receive a Chaotic scroll. Using the scroll may have adverse effects on your life expectancy, or reward you with some of the best loot you will ever find. It is use-able by lower level characters but the gear that drops is meant to help augment your character at end game, acquiring it early helps you plan, it is up to you to refrain from using it before you are ready to.

Damage absorption gems

Synergies introduced 2 new gems, combine them both in order to make a stronger gem.

Celindari’s eternal eye

5% damage reduction when applied to armor

Aberdokki’s eternal eye

3% damage reduction when applied to armor

Combine both gems together

Salan’s eternal eye 7% damage reduction when applied to armor

The celindari and aberdokki’s eyes are both available on every single boss in the normal play through, with a 5 and 10% chance to drop respectfully.

Other Crafting Recipes:

  • 1 Legendary and 1 Potion Catalyst now creates a Greater Soul
  • 1 Potion Catalyst and 3 socketables now create 1 better quality socketable (stops conflcits with transmutes)

Table Mountain

In table mountain you will find the following merchants:

  • Salan Witherwind offers you a great selection of unique armor and weapons. you can also buy the Jewelled sword, the PVP waypoint portal and the Znojmo Vault maps.
  • Aberdokki Witherwind offers you some rare and unique weapons and armor.
  • Celindari Witherwind offers you a great selection of rare items.
  • 7 enchanters that are named after users of this forum. Please note that the enchantments in Synergies are nerfed.
  • Kelintor merchant Through this merchant you can travel to Selrock
  • 2 Jewelier merchants
  • One crafting merchant


In Selrock you can find the following merchants: K’zor the trainer from this merchant you can buy the dummy scrolls (they summon a dummy) and the mimic stash scrolls (through this scrolls you can summon your stashes wherever you are)

Keira the traveler through the merchant you can buy various dungeon stashes. These are :

  • The Battlefield
  • The Blightlands
  • The desolate lands
  • The desert
  • The hills
  • The steppes
  • The clockwork citadel waypoint portal
  • The clockwork crucible waypoint portal
  • The clockwork castle waypoint portal

Through this merchant you can also buy the Unstable embers.

In Selrock you can also find the Kel Vault. In here you can deposit your gold in order to save it, or to change it between characters.


Please look below for Derinkuyu has its own section.

The Ember Steps

  • The Ember Steps provide an alternative* to leveling without having to progress through the vanilla Torchlight 2’s story line.
  • The portal entrance to the Ember Steps is located in the Estherian Enclave. Inside this hub area, Drek the Death Dealer awaits to bid you welcome and invite you to venture further by taking the Ember Steps and enter the Realms of Discord. He will give you The Ancient War Titan quest. It is hinted upon turning in this quest that he may have future work (anticipate further quests from Drek in the future.)
  • Khan Xul was present in the Ember Steps around Hallowe’en, and requested assistance in getting back his head (The Early Harvest quest). As the peak harvest time is now over, he has left the Ember Steps, but it is possible he may return again during harvest season next year.

The Realms of Discord

  • Taking the Ember Steps down from the hub will eject you into the Realms of Discord. Uncertainty, reward, or possibly death await. Each realm is relatively small (this was done on purpose to reduce lag and frame rate issues, I believe), and expect to run into normal trash mobs, Elites, Heroes, Champions, and the occasional (sometimes not so occasional!) random World Boss.
  • The Realms consist of multiple levels, accessed at random, comprised of two different types – regular and boss levels. When the Ember Steps were introduced, it contained the hub level, four regular levels, and one boss level. It has since expanded by several levels, and likely to continue to grow 🙂
  • There is no predictable order to go through the individual realms. To go from one Realm of Discord to another, it is necessary to find and slay Dingir Xul the Amelatu. Upon his death, a phase portal will spawn near his corpse that can be taken to enter another Realm (possibly the same one as well, but repopulated). There usually is more than one Dingur Xul in each Realm.
  • Dingir Xul does not appear on the boss levels. Instead, a portal is provided to return to the hub (not confirmed for the Three Sisters). Nor does he appear on the Pirate Cove level. Instead, hub portals are located at the beginning and the end of the level.

Current Levels:


  • Catacombs
  • Generic Cave
  • Desert Cave
  • Bandit Camp
  • Gorge
  • Ice Pass
  • Sewers
  • Dwarven Armory
  • The Nether
  • Pirate Cove
  • Crab Trap
  • Swarm Point Hive – Temporarily removed for retuning


  • Peake’s Hideout
  • The War Titan
  • Cacklespit
  • Three Sisters
  • Frozen Peak
  • Bloatfang – Temporarily removed for retuning
  • Dragon Tower – This fight has been moved to Darkness Falls


The Early Harvest

This quest is no longer available, but it was a rousing good fight to kill that monster Peake and get the Helm of Harvest as a reward.

Quest-giver: Khan Xul

Reward: Helm of the Harvest.

The Ancient War Titan

Quest-giver: Drex

Reward: Magnificent Soul


Darkness falls is currently under construction. This is what Salan had to say about DF:

Darknessfalls will be based on the sawmill and blightbogs.

I am taking the sawmill and adding in a huge portion of bogs around it. The land will be accessible by a quest chain through Tablemountain.

Its population, a currently un-named race of humans that have been trapped in this desolate bog since the ancient trolls and dragons receded from the world, taking their parcel of land with them. In the time that passed they became dark and powerful, worshiping demons as their only way to survive the two ancient races while trapped the way they have been. The dungeon trash will be humanoids in retextured armor and new weapons. Soldiers, guards, mages and generals currently make up their roster. A range of player skills will be tied to them, they will NOT be push overs.

Their loot will be a range of legendary socketables, tags, collars, and maybe even a 1.5 tier of their own retextured armor sets after the fact.

The zone itself will house the entrances to all the boss fights, but will require quests in having them unlocked and accessible. There will be times where marauding trolls will enter the zone, or rampaging dragons.. maybe a netherim assault or a raging demon of some sort breaking loose.

All in all it will be MUCH more then dk hub was ever.

Tier0 Bosses

Tarnitha the Green Dragon

General Gnarlfang

Vaarrk the Firstborn

Legendary items that drop from this Boss:

  • Assassin’s Shoulders
  • Burning Blood Ring
  • The Frozen Touch (Frozen North Mace)
  • Adamant Amulet


Legendary items that drop from this Boss:

  • Assassin’s Boots
  • Burning Blood Helmet
  • Nightshaper (Witchhunter pistol)
  • Juggernaut Ring
  • Adamant Pants
  • Potion of Greater Strength

The Beast

Legendary items that drop from this Boss:

  • Assassin’s Gloves
  • Frozen North Amulet
  • The Eternal Eye (Eternal Eye Shield)
  • Adamant Belt
  • Juggernaut Ring
  • Potion of Greater Vitality


Legendary items that drop from this Boss:

  • Assassin’s Helmet
  • Burning Blood Pants
  • Frozen North Boots
  • Eternal Eye Ring
  • Jabberwocky’s Vorpal Sword (Juggernaut Greatsword)
  • Potion of Greater Statistics (+5 stat points)

Morg the Murderer


Kite the Blue Dragon

Kane the Red Dragon

Mandark the White Dragon

Galkor the Unseen

Kashysh the Plague Bearer

The Fairy Queen

Legendary items that drop from this Boss:

  • Burning Blood Boots
  • Frozen North Pants
  • Assassin’s Tunic
  • Eternal Eye Amulet
  • Zalkorn (Witchhunter Bow)

The Fallen God

Legendary items that drop from this Boss:

  • Torihojo’s Wakizashi (Assassin Sword)
  • Frozen North Ring
  • Adamant Ring
  • Juggernaut Belt

Golsmag the Sludgemaster

Laeroth the Black Dragon

Burning Beard

Tier1 Bosses

Troll King

Skeleton Pirate


Elemental Dungeon Bosses

Mercenaries come in the form of scrolls that you can summon for a limited period of time. The mercenaries all wear tier1 armor / weapon sets and some lower tier weapons.

Short300 Yieryal Skitl Psypher StrUkt0 Sparrownutz Quake Killerrob Monstermash scubbaSteve mindwork Bananagrams dreams Taran

Roks – 2 reversed Wak’s JoeChip – 2 forward facing wak’s WhiteSparrow – 1 reversed wak, 1 katana HughManatee – 2 kunai Grinder – 2 forward Ninjato’s Xercules -Nodachi Miothan – Reversed Tanto and Wak LordofGORE – 1 forward facing wak, 1 katana

Synaphix Ytdulu DeathGuard Senteliks Arixal Babbegibs Supaty Tsuelue ReliableAcorn RaymondLi Potterman Freykin

Salan Ghostblade MFS88 Stormchaser

Celindari Bloodlotus Valdir Atcqk

Thanks to Kerrick for all of these Pictures.

The tier0.5 Legendary sets are each directed to a specific element for damage output. These items have been recolored by Cy. There are currently 4 Tier0.5 sets. Thanks to Kerrick for all of these pictures.

Frigid Caustic Inferno Atomic

Weapons and Armor

These Items have been all added by Strukto.

There are currently 3 classes available in Synergies. These are:

The Necromancer

Necromancer Summon Skills: The Master minion and Horde spells are now affected by a stat as an added bonus, you lose nothing that you already have, this ADDS to what is there already. Fury, DeathDolls: 1% of Dexterity Shade, Spores: 1% of Focus Dragon, Skeletons: 1% of Strength Zombies: 1% of Vitality

The Paladin (Currently in early beta stages)

The Warlock

The warlock is a duo resource character. Casting spells from the HellFire page generate HellFire and spells from the NetherVoid page generate NetherEssence. Both resources give a generalized damage bonus to their damage types, as well as each resource alters the individual spells strength!

HellFire Warlocks cast melee striking Burning blade, Fire Shield and the HellFire Passive proc in order to generate resources!

Where their Conflagration, Eruption, Meteor Storm spells burn and melt their opponents further!

The HellFire warlock can also surround themselves with a blurring barrier of blades, causing great damage through weapon, and spell, procs!

All for the greatness of summoning a death Dealing red dragon as a pet!

NetherVoid warlocks cast ranged Netherbolts, Nethershields and high ranked melee Ranged NetherSlash’s in order to generate NetherEssence!

StoneLeap and Shout from Below allow the NetherVoid warlock closing moves and debuffs!

NetherSpikes turn the player into a large Netherbeast smashing the ground and electrocuting enemies in a large arc!

All for the power of summoning a large NetherWarrior to fight by your side…

ManaBurned Warlocks are far from damageless, they top out with a fast cating ManaMissile, multiple missile hitting ManaStorm and a earlier pet that adds to your advantage, the Manaburned Werewolf!

Luckily for warlocks the ManaBurned page adds both HellFire and NetherEssence without also subtracting the opposite, but only in the end tiers of its survival built skills Mana Shield, SoulSeeker, and ManaField.

ManaBurned also holds the key to a massive spell proc that will generate both resources each time it goes off, Frozen Hatred, and the reflective damage proc ManaBurned!

The warlock is a 98% finalized class within Synergies. In the coming days it will recieve its last minor alterations. It is likely one of the most challenging and fun classes you will find in Torchlight 2, and the only class to use two distinctive different charge mechanics! Most spells revolve around a polymorph of the player into one monster type of another, and there have been many many new sounds created for the Warlock by Greatname as well as some very unique summoning circles!

1. Getting to Derinkuyu

The portal to DK is on Table Mountain, near the training dummy.

2. Derinkuyu Map

Thanks to dimster and sinergistic for this picture.

3. Opening the Portals

Once you locate a portal, you have to click on it. Simply click on the “The Gatekeeper is the key, KILL HIM !!!

Simply wait for a few seconds and the portal will disappear. Once the portal disappears , you will know that you have spawned “The Gatekeeper”

4. Finding the Gatekeeper

Here is a quote from Salan on how to locate the gatekeeper.

Actually he’ll spawn in exactly the same place every single time for each individual portal, its just that each portals spawn is distinctively set.

They will always spawn in the same chunk but you can’t see where the chunks change in game, basically it will be close by, but not right next to the portal you are clicking, usually around a corner.

What i usually do is trying to listen for him. I run around the map and once i hear his laugh, i know that he is close by.

5. Entering the Boss room

Once you kill the Gatekeeper, the portal that you clicked on will reappear and you can finally enter the room.

Eternal Eye Set

  • Helmet – Mandark (9)
  • Shoulders – Laeroth (10)
  • Chest – Tarnitha (1)
  • Gloves – Kane (7)
  • Belt – Tarnitha (1)
  • Pants – Golsmag (17)
  • Boots – Kite (2), Kane (7)
  • Amulet – The Faerie Queen (16)
  • Ring – Sherock (12), Zicarax ( 8 )
  • Weapon 1h – Morg (4) (Mace)
  • Weapon 2h – Burning Beard (15) (Staff)
  • Shield – The Beast (18)

Witch Hunter Set

  • Helmet – General Gnarlfang (3)
  • Shoulders – Burning Beard (15)
  • Chest – Morg (4)
  • Gloves – Sherock (12)
  • Belt – Kashysh (6)
  • Pants – Kite (2)
  • Boots – Golsmag (17)
  • Amulet – Tarnitha (1)
  • Ring – Kane (7), Mandark (9)
  • Weapon 1h – Korvax (11) (Pistol)
  • Weapon 2h – The Faerie Queen (16) (Bow)

Frozen North Set

  • Helmet – Burning Beard (15)
  • Shoulders – Galkor (13)
  • Chest – Morg (3)
  • Gloves – General Gnarlfang (4)
  • Belt – Laeroth (10)
  • Pants – The Faerie Queen (16)
  • Boots – Zicarax ( 8 )
  • Amulet – The Beast (18)
  • Ring – Tarnitha (1), The Fallen God (5)
  • Weapon 1h – Vaarrk (14) (Mace)
  • Weapon 2h – Sherock (12) (Staff)
  • Shield – Mandark (9)

Burning Blood Set

  • Helmet – Korvax (11)
  • Shoulders – General Gnarlfang (3)
  • Chest – Kashysh (6)
  • Gloves – Morg (4)
  • Belt – Morg (4)
  • Pants – Zicarax ( 8 )
  • Boots – The Faerie Queen (16)
  • Amulet – Mandark (9)
  • Ring – Laeroth (10), Vaarrk (14)
  • Weapon 1h – Kite (2) (Wand)
  • Weapon 2h – Galkor (13) (Cannon)
  • Shield – Burning Beard (15)

Juggernaut Set

  • Helmet – Kane (7)
  • Shoulders – Burning Beard (15)
  • Chest – Golsmag (17)
  • Gloves – General Gnarlfang (3)
  • Belt – The Fallen God (5)
  • Pants – Kashysh (6)
  • Boots – Galkor (13)
  • Amulet – Vaarrk (14)
  • Ring – Korvax (11), The Beast (18)
  • Weapon 2h – Zicarax ( 8 ) (Great Sword)
  • Weapon 2h – Kashysh (6) (Polearm)

Adamant Set

  • Helmet – Galkor (13)
  • Shoulders – Kite (2)
  • Chest – Kashysh (6)
  • Gloves – Golsmag (17)
  • Belt – The Beast (18)
  • Pants – Korvax (11)
  • Boots – Sherock (12)
  • Amulet – Vaarrk (14)
  • Ring – Laeroth (10), The Fallen God (5)
  • Weapon 1h – Kane (7) (Mace)
  • Weapon 1h – Laeroth (10) (Sword)
  • Shield – Tarnitha (1)

Assassin Set

  • Helmet – Zicarax ( 8 )
  • Shoulders – Vaarrk (14)
  • Chest – The Faerie Queen (16)
  • Gloves – The Beast (18)
  • Belt – Galkor (13)
  • Pants – Mandark (9)
  • Boots – Korvax (11)
  • Amulet – General Gnarlfang (3)
  • Ring – Kite (2), Sherock (12)
  • Weapon – Golsmag (17) (Sword)
  • Weapon – The Fallen God (5) (Sword)


  • Eternal Eye Ring
  • Adamant Boots
  • Assassin’s Ring
  • Frostbite Staff (Frozen North Set)

General Gnarlfang

  • Assassin’s Necklace
  • Frozen North Gloves
  • Burning Blood Shoulders
  • Witch Hunter Helmet
  • Juggernaut Gloves

Vaarrk the Firstborn

  • Juggernaut Necklace
  • The Frozen Touch (Frozen North Set)
  • Adamant Necklace
  • Assassin’s Shoulders


  • Burning Blood Helmet
  • Adamant Pants
  • Juggernaut Ring

The Beast

  • Juggernaut Ring
  • Eternal Eye Shield
  • Assassin’s Gloves


  • Jabberwocky’s Vorpal Sword (Juggernaut Set)
  • Frozen North Boots
  • Assassin’s Helmet
  • Burning Blood Pants
  • Eternal Eye Ring

Morg the Murderer

  • Frozen North Tunic
  • Eternal Eye Mace
  • Witch Hunter Armor

Tarnitha the Green Dragon

  • Eternal Eye Belt
  • Witch Hunter Amulet
  • Eternal Eye Tunic
  • Adamant Shield
  • Frozen North Ring

Kite the Blue Dragon

  • The Phoenix (Burning Blood Set)
  • Adamant Shoulders
  • Eternal Eye Boots
  • Witch Hunter Pants
  • Assassin’s Ring

Kane the Red Dragon

  • Eternal Eye Boots
  • Adamant Mace
  • Eternal Eye Gloves
  • Juggernaut Helmet

Mandark the White Dragon

  • Burning Blood Necklace
  • Assassin’s Pants
  • Witch Hunter Ring
  • Eternal Eye Helmet

Galkor the Unseen

  • Assassin’s Belt
  • Frozen North Shoulders

Kashysh the Plague Bearer

  • Witch Hunter Belt

The Fairy Queen

  • Assassin’s Chest Piece
  • Eternal Eye Necklace
  • Frozen North Pants
  • Witch Hunter Bow (2H)

The Fallen God

  • Frozen North Ring
  • Juggernaut Belt
  • Adamant Ring

Golsmag the Sludgemaster

  • Eternal Eye Pants
  • Witch Hunter Boots
  • Kimotoson’s Kunai (Assassin’s Set)

Laeroth the Black Dragon

  • Frozen North Belt
  • Adamant Sword
  • Eternal Eye Shoulders
  • Adamant Ring
  • Burning Blood Ring

Burning Beard

  • Eternal Eye Staff

Derinkuyu Trash

  • Otak’s Talen (Bone Collector’s Shield)
  • Jerry’s Gun (The Axis Pistol)
  • Atropos’s Lament (Grinder’s Gift Mace)
  • Tommy’s Gun (The Axis Pistol)
  • Vajra
  • Tuasna’s Touch (Bone Collector’s Staff)
  • Oathbreaker (Greatsword)

  • Attack Speed increases the damage of Skull Barrage, but +Cast Speed does not.
  • If that’s the case, then Skull Barrage is affected by Focus, Strength *and* +Poison % Gear.
  • Simplified just a little bit, skills that do “X% Weapon DPS” do: (((A * B * C * D * E) + F) – G) * H damage where:
  • A is the “X% Weapon DPS” value from the skill
  • B is the sum base damage on your right-hand weapon, plus flat +X damage bonuses located on the right-hand weapon (vellique skulls, enchantments, etc.)
  • C is 1 / the weapon’s attack period, where the weapon’s attack period is already modified by increased attack speed bonuses
  • D is the sum 1 plus of all the following:
  • 0.5% * Strength
  • 0.5% Focus (applied **only** to the elemental components of your weapon’s damage)
  • “+X% all damage” bonuses; “+X% damage” bonuses (each applied **only** to the corresponding elemental component of your weapon’s damage, if there is one); “+X% ranged/melee weapon/wand & staff damage” bonuses (whichever matches your weapon); “+X% damage while dual wielding” bonuses (if dual wielding); etc.
  • E is J * K where:
  • J is your total chance to crit from both Dexterity and other chance-to-crit bonuses
  • K is 1 plus your total critical damage bonus from both Strength and other critical damage bonuses
  • F is flat +X damage bonuses located on armor
  • G is a random number between 50% of the monster’s armor value and 100% of the monster’s armor value, where monster armor is already reduced by armor degradation effects
  • H is 1 plus the % value for helper skills like Hailstorm that inflict the “monsters take X% more damage” status
  • That’s damage per hit. DPS is going to also care about the spell’s cycle time, which is going to be improved by faster cast speed bonuses, unless it’s got a fixed cooldown.
  • Improving any of these variables is going to improve the damage you deal with skills that do “X% Weapon DPS.”
  • Skills that do “X% Weapon Damage” work exactly the same except that C always equals 1.
  • Skills that do “X% Weapon DPS as ” work exactly the same except that you ignore the original damage types on your weapon and pretend that they are all damage from the start.


SynergiesMOD adds or changes 18000+ files and is updated in an aggressively active manner.

This mod is known to conflict with other large conversions, or compilation mods.

Combining use of two large mods seems to work generally in Singleplayer but can cause SYNC issues with Multiplayer where the host of the game crashes to desktop.

This is purely a mod conflict. Mods known to conflict with synergies and NOT work in the Multiplayer environment: TL2 Essentials (which shares close to 1200+ files with synergies).

Useful Links

Hey just so people know where to look for synergies, here are a few really handy places where I regularly post updates!!

Steam Workshop:





and of course the Steam Group that started it all:


The current Dev team of Synergies:
Salan – All encompassing mod creator and developer, does everything.
Ghostblade – Class developer, Paladin, then something new.
Strukto – Item developer, currently adding low to mid level legendaries to the general playthrough
Kelintor – Selrock zone developer, reworking his quest hubs and zones
Greatname – Sound Developer, working on spell effects and quest voice overs
MFS88 – Model and texture artist responsible for almost all of the unique models and textures
Hermundure – Artist working on Icons throughout the game
Hampton – Artist that did the portraits for the classes within synergies
Joe Chip – Forum moderator and documentor of all things synergies (like this post)
Rimbaldi – Quest Developer, working on quests, Skill descriptions and over all grammar.
FluffyDough – Website design and programmer

Currently awol Dev members of Synergies:
Soryuu, Cy, Nursury, SupercolidingButton, Stormchaser, Catdog

Also art work allowed to be used by Attackgorrilla from Team Torcher includes the 5 rare dragon skins and Drek’s skin:

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